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Polaris FYI


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On 9/7/2022 at 10:58 AM, stoney said:


Hey now, be kind :)


All of my cats have got me home - even towed a few others (Cat, Doo & Poo) along the way....:tongue:

I do not think I have towed a Yami yet though.....

I had to tow a yamaha warrior up oh crap hill with my cat....my belt was not happy.

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My chum had to tow my Pol the last 1000' up Mt. Antero with his Cat. 

Scramblers don't have a low gear... :oops:

The air gits thin @ 14,000', and I couldn't find a "high altitude" clutch kit for it, so I ground the weights (?) down as much as I could.


(weekend after Katrina)





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Went by Polaris dealer this week and sat on my new sled. Made vroom vroom noises..   They are stacked up on built sleds waiting for recall. No release until recall completed.  

And He told me not to bring in my 2019 for service as he would not be allowed to release until recall complete.  Or maybe he doesn’t have the space to hold it. 


Polaris has promised to release a fix by end of month.  And then it will be chaos for dealers with an extra 1 1/2 hours on each sled.  

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