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  1. I got a couple asshats that go by my place at full tilt with non stock exhausts
  2. I rode gravenhurst this year on a 137 and had no issues
  3. We got nothing here, was definitely not warm though, 6 c
  4. We got 3" + in sudbury and still snowing
  5. Who is responsible for removing the bridge, club, town, ??
  6. soupkids

    AJ Lester

    My heart goes out the the little girl and her family.
  7. Got both of mine done, loaded in the trailer heading to camp for storage Wednesday. My routine. Grease what can be greased. Spray ball joints with rust proofing spray. Drain fuel and run dry. Remove belt, disconnect battery. Put covers on ( yes in an enclosed trailer). Take them to camp for summer storage. I wanted to do all the drive and skid bearings before storage but my dealer is closed, going to have to wait till fall I guess.
  8. Got both sleds summarized and in the trailer ready for summer storage at camp (wednesday).
  9. Self isolation day today, going ice fishing.
  10. Up here we also call the lake stakes, down south field markers.
  11. Heading out tomorrow to try to get the pickets off the lake again, attempt 1 was a failure.
  12. I've sunk a quad a few times !!
  13. Frustrated hunters seem to like them. We only pick up the destination signs and lake markets.
  14. Had a beautiful ride on the C206D loop today. Had to pick up destination signs. 80 mile round trip.
  15. After seeing the one on nunz's helmet I bought one as well. Very bright up out of the snow dust.
  16. I was out today and was very surprised how good the trails were, bare spots starting to show with some surface water. North of garson the trails excellent.
  17. This year I will do all the drive bearings as my sled has over 6000 miles on the clock.
  18. I did pretty much the same ride Saturday
  19. 213 miles today. Sudbury to killarney to little current to whitefish falls to espanola back to sudbury. Never rode the big water before, very cool. 90% of the trails where 10/10 the rest 8/10. One ride off my bucket list
  20. Conditions in sudbury are still great, any road running not so much.
  21. You have gotten taller since I saw you last !!
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