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  1. My 2 are ordered + 1 for the FIL
  2. Raing In sudbury since 4 ish
  3. From what I have heard ongoing renovations have not gone as planned. They are serving chilli and toast downstairs.
  4. They have an announced that the restaurant will be closed this season, gas bar still open
  5. You are correct on the south end. Better off to do the moose loop Thursday and wolf Friday. Majority of moose loop is done Wednesday and wolf on Thursday.
  6. The wolf loop is very good, moose loop is good as well. Where are you staging out of
  7. As of Friday Robert was fine, he was out to the stp garage to inspect a trooper with a broken frame
  8. The groomer will be towed to a road accessible location tomorrow, loaded on a float and brought to the stp shop for repairs. The hydraulic leak is in the right hydrostatic drive somewhere.
  9. Was just getting ready for bed when I got a call saying that a groomer had broken down on C trail north. Our operations manager said the groomer was still running but couldn't move due to a hydraulic leak and the operator was stranded. With it being -30 and the operator alone and stranded it was go time. Made a call to another club member to assist me, didn't want to go alone. By the time I got the trailer and sleds loaded it was midnight and still -30. For those that know C trail north he was stranded at the outhouse. By the time I got home it was 3:30 and frozen.
  10. I hear ya. The entitled are ruining the sport for the rest of us.
  11. Imagine how Mrs Turbo doo feels
  12. Finally some good news for ya
  13. I'd say we a close to 10 cm in sudbury
  14. Calling for 10 to 15 here in sudbury
  15. It's about the same here in sudbury
  16. Sudbury is nowhere close to being able to groom anything
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