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  1. Sledguy74

    Elmira trails

    Another 74 miles this morning before it got too warm and slushy all trails were groomed recently and weather was perfect
  2. Sledguy74

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Some nice running down south this morning, things are starting to warm up traffic not that bad and all the clubs groomed Friday
  3. Sledguy74

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

    Beautiful day up the rail line from Shelburne Dundalk to Markdale was really rough and drifted north and south of that section was good less snow in Owen sound than last time I was there still managed a quick 107 miles
  4. Sledguy74

    2021 Manufactures Sneak Peek Shows- Ottawa/Barrie

    I’ll drive up Saturday
  5. Sledguy74


    x2, I also dropped an exhaust valve on my 2004 XC 800, luckily I was able to nurse the sled back to the cottage
  6. Sledguy74

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Instagram saying March 9 @ 12 pm
  7. nice little show in Listowel today
  8. Sledguy74


    Put on some nice miles yesterday and this morning right around home clubs did a great job getting things into shape traffic seemed lighter than expected this morning towards Drayton
  9. Sledguy74

    Elmira trails

    Another 98.4 groomed miles today from district 5 wind picked up from when I left around 8:30 not as many out as I would have expected Again the clubs did a great job
  10. Sledguy74

    Elmira trails

    pITrails were open and groomed up to Arthur and over to Teviotdale down to St Clements Club House and then back home plowed fields are just minimum coverage clubs did a great job with little snow Nice sunny 86 miles of going nowhere
  11. Sledguy74

    Elmira trails

    Coverage is minimal in the Bush as expected but fields are decent and crisp in these temps trying my new kimpex muffs
  12. Sledguy74

    Elmira trails

    Not a bad start
  13. Sledguy74

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

  14. Sledguy74

    Elmira trails

    Will give it a try
  15. Sledguy74

    Elmira trails

    Can’t believe it the Elmira trails are open into town, guess I won’t have to trailer tomorrow and can ride from town !