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  1. ive known Jeff my whole life, was quite the adventure back in those days
  2. When you buy your snowmobile trail permit for the upcoming season, it will cost you $5.00 more than last year. It’s the first time in three years that the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has raised the price. CEO Ryan Eickmeier says the number of permits sold last year increased by about 15%. “And the increased demand on the trail network obviously demands increased grooming, increased infrastructure and trail maintenance,” he adds. Those three years without an increase occurred while costs kept climbing. “We’re conservatively looking at about a $400,000 in revenue
  3. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get cancelled
  4. A Arctic Cat and Yamaha Class Action Settlement If you purchased or leased a snowmobile with a 7000 or 1049cc engine of certain models for the years 2014 to 2018, you may be eligible for benefits from this class action settlement. What is this Class Action about? A national class action lawsuit was commenced in Québec (the “Class Action”) against Arctic Cat and Yamaha (the “Defendants”). The Plaintiff in the Class Action alleges that the starter installed in the Affected Snowmobiles was deficient and seeks damages from the De
  5. I sat through a webinar last week with hybrid power designs for the "future".........some nuclear with wind, solar and natural gas back up as a top up. Everyone wants zero C02 yet they want to still have diesel or natural gas as a backup/top up......seems foolish IMO So in theory on nights where there is no wind you would be using nuclear and the fossil fuel generators.....why not use a bigger nuclear power source and drop the generator?? >50% of Ontario is CANADIAN nuclear power, it is disappointing they don't build more of the same proven technology. Other countries seem m
  6. Darlington shouldn’t be shut down anytime soon we just refurbished unit 2 and now starting unit 3 unit 2 is back online making power for another 25-30 yrs Pickering keeps getting extended but will be decommissioned eventually We are also starting the refurbishment of unit 6 at Bruce Power. both Darlington and Bruce have expressed interest in new builds ontario knows it need to replace the power from Pickering but no clear direction yet
  7. was going to wait until I had it to share colour pic but everyone is posting build pics so here is my new one.
  8. We have used Rickwards, Performance Recreation and mostly Deboers Equipment for Polaris and never a problem.
  9. Thank you Snowtrax tv for showing my snow check order on the snow...... it looks pretty sweet IMO
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