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  1. Arctic Cat To Unveil New Chassis Platform At Hay Days July 14, 2022 By John Prusak Screenshot from the Arctic Cat teaser video. It’s official: At long last, Arctic Cat is officially going to take the wraps off of a new snowmobile chassis platform, with the full unveiling coming at the Hay Days Grass Drags & Swap Meet event the second weekend of September near North Branch, Minnesota. The wait is almost over. Before that, though, Arctic Cat has released a sneak-peek video showing flashes of blurry components. The company is inviting snowmobile enthusiasts to help name this new platform. Considering at this point, folks don’t really know what the platform entails or looks like, asking consumers to help name it seems like an odd venture. We’re going to submit the name “Bob” with our entry, just because then, if the folks at the Textron headquarters go with our suggestion, we’ll be able to refer to Arctic Cat’s new Bob Sled in print for years to come!! But seriously, marketing gimmick aside, the news that Cat is coming with “A Revolutionary New Platform,” according to their video, has to considered great news for those who have eagerly awaited the next big step from Team Green, as the brand moves beyond the ProCross/ProClimb chassis platform it originally released for model year 2012. It’s also fabulous news to those who were fearing doom-and-gloom as far as the future of Arctic Cat: You don’t unveil a new chassis if you’re going away! What We Know Here’s all that Arctic Cat officials will say publicly right now: “You’ve waited for it and now you can name it! Starting today through July 28, enthusiasts can submit names for Arctic Cat’s revolutionary new snowmobile platform, which will launch at Hay Days and be available for pre-order beginning in 2023,” Cat’s statement said. “The platform is designed to give everyone the ride of their life, with more centralized weight distribution, a lightweight yet strong design and improved ergonomics,” the statement continues. “The platform will span the two-stroke mountain, crossover and trail sled families. Find more information on Arctic Cat’s website and be part of history.” All of the buzz words are certainly interesting – more centralized, lighter, stronger, improved ergos: Check, check, check and check! It’s also interesting that the statement singles out two-strokes as the powerplant of choice when the platform is launched. It also name-checks all the prime categories for most enthusiasts. We guess the utility and 2-Up touring crowd will have to wait, because Cat is starting with the trail gunners, powder runners and those who like to have a snowmobile that can do both. Based on close inspection of the Arctic Cat teaser video that was released, all we can really confirm is that it has a new headlight. It will also have a handlebar with hooked ends, a windshield and a snow flap: big news there, right?! We’re very confident that there’s a lot more to this new platform than that! Your Role Clearly the video was released at this point to create some summer energy around the Arctic Cat snowmobile brand and build anticipation for a product release in eight weeks (Hay Days is September 10-11). It also comes just before the brand’s big 60th anniversary celebration in Thief River Falls this coming weekend (July 15-17). Given that Cat’s statement says that the pre-order doesn’t doesn’t begin until the calendar turns to 2023, it’s a safe bet that we’re talking about model year 2024 snowmobiles.
  2. We had a sticky throttle cable on a indy 500 one time, turns out when the reverse kit was installed at the factory the throttle cable had been pinched a bit, luckily when it did stick we didn’t hit anything and no one got hurt
  3. yes the S4 is a new 998 twin 4-stroker in their adventure and utility sleds the new 1000cc ProStar S4 engine is in the “under 100 horsepower
  4. the difference between a voyager 650 2-stroke and S4 4-stroke is 5 lbs not sure where you are seeing the 100 lb difference.............certainly hope its a typo will be very interesting on the S4 fuel mileage, being we will all be paying $2.00/L soon haven't had much time to ride what I got so no need to upgrade for a few years anyway, the 650 works great
  5. The 7s does work well, glad I got it on mine
  6. Two new engines, nice looking lineup 998 twin 4-stroker S4 900cc non turbo 2-stroker 9R
  7. Yes the mid range performance is excellent I’m very happy I picked it, just wish I had better weather and more time to ride it lol
  8. My 650 impresses up to 90mph then you notice it go flat but I’m also 250 lbs and sled is studless I would love to see a new big bore twin turbo for the trail but I always prepare for disappointment……..just like with this weather
  9. Better be 2-stroke I’m guessing the mountain boost engine for the trail , unlikely larger displacement but one never knows what is in store
  10. It’s shocking how some treat volunteers, doesn’t matter the organization. Those who complain will never appreciate the effort others put in!
  11. More snow and lots of wind this morning
  12. No freezing rain, switched right back to snow
  13. Still raining here in KW this morning
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