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  1. I hope it doesn't turn into a Thelma and Louise
  2. The girls should be arriving shortly. They may be asking questions about that sauce LoL
  3. Thanks so much. We will send someone out. Got the Ranger game you know. Lol. 40 Creek right ?
  4. Is there a pre-order available or first come first served ? Pls thx
  5. My wife was just saying she read a lightning trailer and 2 ski doos stolen from a Conestoga lake cottage Prob was on twitter
  6. Hadn't been in the Belle province for quite a bit. Was there in 2020 for 4 days of riding. Valcourt to chibougamou. No one checking for pemits
  7. Great news all complete ? DESS, correct gauges, ice ripper, skis, shocks
  8. I saw these wheels at my buddy's place they seemed pretty strong my other buddy had two sets one from Royal and one from Canadian Tire I did a quick check on pricing I paid 1/3 of what the others are I cant believe the ones I have will bend but I don't go far with them and only on the smooth driveway and garage https://www.royaldistributing.com/maxx-surface-saver-ski-dolly.html https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-snowmobile-drive-on-dollies-0260548p.html?rrec=true#spc
  9. We did it in 07 we were 6 so 4 on the flat deck wrecker towing a 2 bed trailer will never forget 6 of us in the mini van taxi and Coldfinger says well thats not good we are going this way and the sleds are going the other way we did meet up with the wrecker of course and all worked out cant remember but I think it was 20 bucks after New Brunswick we took a tour into Maine was a wirl wind
  10. 504 bills ??? You had me go to Urban Dictionary Almost lost sleep thanks for the clarification HA ha And here I thought you were going to comment on our trip with the shuttle service
  11. They are steel they don't flex the skis may have a bit of tension since they attach to the loop I pull them off after use I have home made wooden dollies on casters then the sled sits on in the garage I can move the sleds on the dollys 360 degrees real easy then
  12. You grab the ski loop and lift the ski then slip the wheels with the open end under the ski at the ski leg there is a hook at the top ( pic doesn't show it ) and hook the ski loop I know they have them at Royal and Canadian Tire but these came from our buddy at KW Surplus Prob need to order from him they work really good
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