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  1. Sorry to say but I think you bought the gift card using your postal code and it has to all match up with the permit purchase. I did 2 gift cards for my self this year and seem to recall this. Good luck though hope for the best
  2. that is too bad because the locals should not lose that if you live there and are in the health unit you should be able to ride just dont post any pics to rub it in to the trailering guys
  3. x2 LIKE was out of them oh sorry maybe I wasnt
  4. yup thats what happened now we lost our groomer captain in dundee was one of the nicest guys and family that you could ever meet so that groomer is moved too
  5. please let us know how I think this is realistic
  6. Hey SF where is the groomer located that does your area ?
  7. Here is the info re the potential $50 credit for next year permit There is still time for the trails to be opened and closed this year so the credit wont be an issue
  8. We cancelled 2 trips sucks for the businesses big time too they are also losing out big time
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