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  1. We came down the 93 from La Sarre to Rouyn today we actually be were north of La Sarre from Amos. All good even yellow trails. The way south off and on some rough thin spots still was good running and as we got closer to Rouyn lots of stones and icy and thin. Traffic was heavy as well and now the warm up. Go east lol they can survive a warm up
  2. I've been busy having motel meetings with the gang LoL. It's a short 3 day ride but 2 days and it's been great tomorrow we are still thinking about Amos to rouyan. Cold today for the mattagami ride but it was just an awesome
  3. That is crazy funny LoL. Nice meeting you we took your advice and ordered the pizza with delivery the ride yesterday to Quevillon was sweet. And even better to mattagami and to Amos. the motel de lac is an excellent place to spend the night pics are going to be on Stoneys thread LoL
  4. Quick question. Anybody know conditions in la Sarre ?
  5. Was talking to 2 very nice people at the one warm up shack yesterday. Riding 2 850s. There trip appeared similiar to yours LoL. They said they were from Sarnia.
  6. Heading that way Wed am any reports are very appreciated the group wants to launch from Rouyn hoping for the best
  7. well its getting closer cant see why I wouldn't go
  8. Ya. What a beautiful March day. 6 degrees. Sun shining snow melting. Water running. Oh it's January. Don't have 5k on the sled wtf. Just stupid weather
  9. Look at what happens when you go away 🤣🤣
  10. volunteer2


    Well look at me Figured it out all by myself Didn't need the kids help lol
  11. volunteer2


    Buddy sent them to me by text I'll see if I can make something work LOL
  12. volunteer2


    well the verdict is in LOL pics look good report is lots of snow and lots of sleds
  13. volunteer2


    A buddy just texted me he's heading there Mon am. Should be interesting what he says
  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone. Hoping for a great sledding season for everyone
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