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  1. It was reported that they were getting evicted but then there were some talks and hoped an agreement could be made. Sounds sorta positive. Hopefully any trails in the area can continue too
  2. yup same here but thats all we knew about the throttles I never had an SDI or etec but did ride a few here and there really spoiled now with the Ace throttles
  3. Was reading this in the paper it will effect 65000 acres and 76 hunt camps article also talked about the status of snowmobile and other recreational trails are unclear its in the Bancroft area Limerick township just an FYI if new news
  4. Ya landowner gifts have been an interesting topic. There was talk along time ago that maybe the landowners could get a tax credit from the province not sure if they were thinking on the income tax side or property tax side since that is the municipality. It never happened. But my point sorta is that would it be possible that every land owner in the province gets the same gift ? Like those gloves. I know every club has different ideas and they probably work for them but I do hope that every landowner is visited every year and something can be given to them
  5. I actually had the opportunity to ride a 600 carb this last season. It wasn't long I already had a sore thumb. I know I'm a suck
  6. We have talked about this as well at the garage meetings. Costco hoses are extra long 8 litres your thinking ? We are thinking at least 2 litres for the Canadian Tire pumps.
  7. saw this in the current Princess Auto flyer https://www.brx800.net/services
  8. What is the latest news on the chips ? I hadn't really thought about this potentially affecting sleds. But there is alot of auto production halted
  9. Just like the 71 Sno Cruiser. It has a primer and a warm up. ( choke ) control. .
  10. take the stickers off ? or change carbides ? you got the TX skis ?
  11. Ha ha the first thing I took off saying that I change carbides a bit so I take skis off to do that
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