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  1. What is the latest news on the chips ? I hadn't really thought about this potentially affecting sleds. But there is alot of auto production halted
  2. Just like the 71 Sno Cruiser. It has a primer and a warm up. ( choke ) control. .
  3. take the stickers off ? or change carbides ? you got the TX skis ?
  4. Ha ha the first thing I took off saying that I change carbides a bit so I take skis off to do that
  5. What a good lookin sled did you trade because there are those weird stickers on the skis ? thats what I run the mirrors on the med windshield is real good you can see whats behind you fairly decent when running roads you can see any traffic too buddy runs skidoo muffs and work with guards but I took guards off and run muffs
  6. Oh and I think I posted earlier. 2022 Renne 600 Acer for the girls to fight over since we are keeping the 600 Acer mxz shorty. My sled did get more ks on then I ever thought 6100km but its perfect and gonna run it next year again and really looking forward already.
  7. Ya I hear you. No payments here. I got a red plastic Ferrari too mine doesn't have that many miles on it though
  8. Thanks. We have been treated real good over the years. The sled deal I consider a purchase like a car etc where a certified cheque or bank draft is needed If I recall I was able to pay with a personal check now the process has changed which I understand. With the accessories there is probably a different markup and incentive on the sales. Just assuming We use our cards alot to get the best incentives but with MA's and PA's try and do cash or debit or checks. Now it's e-transfers little or no service fees for them. The Costco MasterCard has real good incentives
  9. I have never even thought to pay with a credit card my dealer was taking them so he must have a low rate maybe ? I did actually ask last year just for fun and they did stop the practice so e-transfers it was. Regular purchases of parts and accessories on the card
  10. Is that mow wow or now ? cause wow does work
  11. OMG Slomo Thanks for the info Not sure how I got Kennedy axles Its Lippert and I knew that but forgot The Lipperts lived beside the Kennedys in our little town when we growing up so I got a little confused LOL hoping the Lippert axels are as good as the Dexter I have and had I did have my older sled trailer homemade enclosed real heavy had a Dexter axle no problems for 20 plus yrs
  12. The axels are Kennedy from what I saw. Are they made in America ? The other torsion is the Dexter I have a couple United trailers with the Dexter's one is an 06 and no issues. Just wondering about the Kenedy unit and quality. I know a bit late now to ask
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