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  1. I did hear the other day the fuel at the Wolf is advertised as E free. Big signs apparently
  2. Tonight in Fergus. Canadian Tire. These look like new stickers LoL
  3. Anyone going ? Anyone know whats going on ?
  4. Man I don't go on the forum for a couple days and look at all the fun I missed Glad Coldfinger is on this quick He knows the area real good and has alot of tips Even for the short days LOL
  5. I can't seem to find TFC in the urban dictionary LOL Too Fn Close ?
  6. Yup saw that the other day what about this
  7. Yup thats the way I look at it
  8. Did a bit of testing the lower line is 500ml water and you can see after the fuel gets added the "water" amount gets greater. The fuel is from the reservation near Sauble beach and second Costco regular. Third is ethanol free gas.
  9. I've been trying to figure out this ethanol issue too. I don't want to put ethanol fuel in our 64 Chevelle. Have been purposely putting in premium Costco and Canadian Tire the pumps said ethanol free I never did any testing though. But now the ethanol stickers are on the pumps. There are additives that I'm looking into now there is also ethanol free gas available in Rockford. Just south of Owen sound. It's at macdonell fuels BIL says so. It's an idea for the small 2 strokes since I m up there during the summer a bit but not for the Chevelle. I've been advised by 2 mechanics this is a good product
  10. Hey  V 2 just a conversation starter  I'm staying in as long as you are.

    1. volunteer2


      Okie dokie. Great to hear. I figured you were stiring the pot

  11. I see the old orders are spreading sh!t stakes are vulnerable 🤣
  12. So Happy Easter BTW and any updates ?
  13. That sled was on a track stand to record that I had 2 of those motors and I know what they do and they dont doooo that
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