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  1. The Elmira cruise night last night was the first one. It kinda replaces the Elora cruise night cause the guy with the food trailer moved it. I am going to try and get there .
  2. Krown for us too. Did 4 in May. Scratch card discount for CAA have been doing it with different vehicles since 98. April is probably the best deal with the salt eliminator then spray and can of product. I switched to Elmira at Savage auto body. Really knowledgeable guy spraying. 5 stars lol
  3. Then you can bring them to the car show lol. Thursday night Elmira Canadian Tire
  4. What are you driving now ?
  5. My BIL had a seasonal foe 2020 and if I remember he said he paid for the permit and applied for the rebate at the same time When the permit arrived a check arrived as well I was looking permit information over for 2022 and thats where I noticed the processing fee and it looked like after that you got maybe 20 bucks or so back
  6. And isn't there a processing fee so you won't get the full 40 back ?
  7. My preferred demo day.






  8. Any idea of the value pls I guess our District is mailing them to us We normally go out in the fall with our District gloves which I hope will continue since they go over well Will be nice to give a little extra
  9. Just checking if anyone knows what this is all about ? OFSC issued ?
  10. Ya. You guys got me nervous now lol. Switch from Bow Tie to Ram and no theft lol
  11. Went thru one on the Gaspe trip Not sure where but looking at the map it may have been in the Saint Henri area on the 5. was a busy area I remember but going thru was easy
  12. This doesn't sound right. Did you check your credit card online to see if it's been charged ?
  13. And now the story of your Avatar lol pls
  14. The first time we went up in 04 or 05 there was no trail on the west side We went up and back on the same trail We had a machine go down at the canyon and it was brought back on the trailer after the drums of fuel were unloaded I thought the fuel truck for base camp and the generating station just used the 579
  15. Is the road to base camp the one that crosses the ice bridge where the ferry is ? Does that road start in Cochrane or smooth rock. I haven't been up there in a long time. I remember they were bringing fuel in 45 gallon barrels on a trailer that day
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