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  1. You nailed it Blackstar dammed if we do dammed if we don't.. We got so overrun we had to turn people away, was brutal as we hate turning sledders away from our area. All 3 local drop zones were flooded but our awesome groomer operators are doing the best they can to deal with the traffic and reset the trails this week!
  2. Sorry for the late response folks been really busy, our trails are open at LIMITED Status, get out and enjoy but PLEASE I BEG YOU stay between the stake lines. Once again we are having huge issues with Trespassers going wherever they dam well feel like and we are in jeopardy of losing trails within the 1st 48 hrs of opening FFS. Our parking lot in Orangeville (Mono Plaza) was full yesterday by 11 am and I had to turn away 24 trucks & trailers so get there early or keep going North to Super Burger or our Groomer shed on Hwy 10 north of Shelburne. Get out and ride, stay safe and keep the rubber side down!
  3. A little birdie told me we may start to see some Groomer Ops here in this south this week. This does NOT mean we are close to opening just with these cold temps we are gonna try and pack some trail. Keep your eyes on the OFSC ITG and keep that snow dance happening peeps we need more snow!
  4. Next time your dropping at the Groomer Shed give me a shout, I can almost throw a rock at it from my place, will take ya on a tour
  5. This was suppose to not happen the last I heard from our Gov at our club meeting so who ever pulled that rabbit out of you know where deserves a HUGE thank you! Remember that this is a HUGE Multi-Use trail so try and keep your speeds down especially approaching and or leaving the towns and villages..
  6. Well sled heads the snow finally hit the south, keep your snow dances up cause its working. The below pics were taken today (ON PRIVATE TRAILS), all local trails remain closed at this time! Remember to keep your eyes on the Interactive Trail Guide for local conditions, I will do my best to keep this section up to date with realtime local trail info. Keep the rubber side down!
  7. Gotcha, wonder if they are an OC member as I saw it on FB as well, lol
  8. Don't quote me on this but almost any Trail Patroller I know does NOT ask to see the paperwork for the permit itself, we only care that you have one... The OPP is another issue but again I highly doubt there would be an issue seeing as how the permit was registered to that sled, its not like it came from a different windshield or sled.. How ya been banana breath, hope all is well in Kashe Land!
  9. How goes Rabbit long time no see! JD Customs in the Sault https://www.jdcustoms.ca/
  10. Holy CRAP Turbo you guys got dumped on up there, i'm just south of ya in Melancthon and only got 5 inches
  11. Thanks buddy much appreciated .. and yesssssss Viper is back
  12. It was nice meeting you and the wife Tom, thanks for buying tickets and supporting the cause, hope to see you on the trails!
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