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  1. Baked and Battered is a HCSA Club Sponsor. Please thank them when your visiting.
  2. I had a great day yesterday at the Kawartha Lakes Snowmobile - Family Fun Run. I won one of the door prizes. Unfortunately, it's too small for me and I don't ride a Arctic Cat. $250
  3. Good luck to all riding the Kelly Shires Snow Run for Breast Cancer. Great event for a great cause.
  4. Martin, good job getting this back to the owner.
  5. Baked and Battered is a HCSA sponsor. Let them know your appreciation.
  6. Driving north on 35, they park on the right (East) side of TBR.
  7. Agreed, no riding in Lindsay, Fenelon or Kinmount until we get some more snow. Everything is ice. Hope for better conditions next week.
  8. Thank you jrhz06 for helping HCSA get another groomer up and running. Let's hope that we get some snow to groom...
  9. You're welcome johnsazzr! I agree, conditions were perfect. Thanks to Twin Mountain - we even pasted a groomer. Let's do it again soon. Maybe others will want to join us. BTW, 4 hrs included a long stop at the Club House and a number of stops to chat and explain were we where. Cheers
  10. Great question Blake. I too keep breaking the small "cheater" that I use. This small cable stays connect to my helmet and I plug the long one from my sled to this "cheater". This way the main cable stays with the sled and you don't have the long cable hanging from you helmet. You can use any standard RCA cable - it works.
  11. What about Monday? Any rides planned? I too wish I was available Friday.
  12. Nuns, great option. I would think that this would be the safest option.
  13. Livin, do you have someone that you can check with to confirm if overnight parking is allowed at the spot noted by Blake? Do you know of another suitable overnight (multi night) spot. Darcy may be the same person asking on our FB page.
  14. Sorry - LEFT turn after the bridge heading north.
  15. You can park your truck/trailer in Kinmount. Heading north, make a right immediately after the bridge into Kinmount. You can park around the Old Railroad Station.
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