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  1. Hi everyone, use this area to post updates, observations, trail conditions, etc. for the Haliburton area. Note, this is not an "official" HCSA discussion. Happy trails!
  2. Rip Dave, you were a giant in the sledding community. Glad to have had the opportunity to meet you and ride with you. Tina and Paul (aka Livin')
  3. Hi everybody, the 2018 season is around the corner, time for a new thread...and time to start exercising the throttle thumb. Think snow!!
  4. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. As members of the Haliburton community we hope for the best. We will continue to stay in touch on this forum, especially now that we have our life back!
  5. This is what happens on the B112 during the summer. Keep this in mind when you are wondering why the trail isn't open yet. They did the same thing to the #9, it took $100k to fix the trail!!
  6. Hi everyone, Due to water damage issues at the HCSA clubhouse, McKecks Tap and Grill has generously offered to host the general monthly meeting on February 6, 2017: McKecks Tap and Grill 207 Highland Street Time: 7:00pm Please consider this your personal invitation to attend and show your support!
  7. Website was fixed as of late afternoon. From what I can gather, Microsoft made some changes on the Office365 platform that caused the website to revert to the old site, although nobody is admitting to anything. It would have been addressed earlier but it's tricky getting tech support in between meetings at this crazy thing called a day job.
  8. x2. They are thick and durable and they work. We also put them down on one of our garage bays so we can ride right in without scarring the floor.
  9. Hi everyone, HCSA's driver training pre-registration is now open. Dates: Saturday, December 3, 2016 - 9:00am to 4:00pm Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 9:00am to 4:00pm Please visit the Driver Training page for details. Thanks! Teener
  10. Background HCSA's website had been hosted with Microsoft since January, 2014. Microsoft recently discontinued its website hosting services, necessitating a move to another website provider. New website is ready! I am pleased to announce that http://www.hcsa.ca has been successfully rebuilt with a new provider with a refreshed look and feel. Website highlights Dynamic home page content Blog with comments - visitors can comment with valid Facebook account Event registration using EventBrite (e.g., Driver Training) 'Contact Us' form security fea
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