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  2. Maybe researching crime rates or checking websites to find out how dangerous the city you are planning to visit is and enjoy your holidays is a good idea, especially if you're unfamiliar with the area. Does anyone have a favourite resource they use to research travel safety? Or maybe any tips for staying safe on a road trip in general? Hearing from folks who've done the Gaspe trip before would be especially helpful! Thanks!
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  4. Ah! I forgot that the Hornepayne / Hearst trail goes to Mooseland first these days. I haven't been on the new trail yet. .
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  6. Blue bird day today. River ice is breaking apart, lots of warm temps coming. Apple friiters are being made in Batchawana at the Voyager now... Smelt and spring are coming. Ski
  7. With all that said, your best bet unless dead set on Longlac is... Wawa to Hearst, and over night. Then stay in the Hearst area a few days riding the local loops (they have a bunch of good day riding), then back to Wawa the same way. Without Halfway Haven it is really a fuel mileage crapshoot if you can loop from Hearst to Timmins (225 miles), Timmins to Chapleau 175 miles, Chapleau to where Halfway was (60 miles), with no fuel, services and back to Wawa from there (75-80 trail miles). Keep us posted on your trip, many of us can help you decide, and give info. Good luck! Ski
  8. Wawa to Dubreuilville is roughly 55-60 miles depending on route. Dub to Hornepayne is 100 miles. Hornepayne to Hwy 11 (where Mooseland/Bambino's Truck Stop was) is approx 60 miles no services). You can then go East into Hearst about 40 miles (The opposite way to Longlac area), and overnight. Or Head west to Longlac which would be approx 107 miles at the hwy11 corner. From Hearst to Longlac is 162 miles. This year as Nunz stated, there was a new place to get fuel at the Pagawa River. Once in Longlac, you can go to Geraldton and the Greenstone loop or, you will have to deadhead back the way you came, as the trail goes to Caramat but, does not go to Manitouwadge any longer. You cant go from Wawa to Dub, to White river, then to Manitouwadge to Longlac like we used to (pre 2008ish). The trail system is broken up, further to the west and north. Not everything is connected. Depending on the snow, and the condition of the roads, you could possibly make it from Caramat to Manitouwadge but, you would be at the mercy of the Industrial road, which depending on the status, could be plowed tight, and sanded, or could have 3 feet of powder on it. If it is not plowed, it could eat a lot of fuel before you got to Mani. The last time we did that route, we went Geraldton to Hillsport (105 miles), then on to Mani (another 40). Without the detour to Hillsport it is approx 60 miles from Caramat to Mani. So, approx 90-100 miles of road/trail, no fuel, no services, no trail, plan accordingly. The trail has been taken back over by nature, from Caramat to Mani, that isnt even an option now. If they open the new motel in Hornepayne this fall, you "could" ride wawa to Hornepayne, and over night. then Hornepayne to Longlac, and over night. Do the greenstone loop, and over night, then head back. If the motel doesnt open, you could ride wawa to hearst (approx 250 miles), and over night, then on to Longlac the next day. Good luck. Ski
  9. Trail stops in Manitouwadge. They haven't re opened rest yet. Hopefully in near future it would make a nice loop again for riders in wawa, dub hornepayne area's. On bucket list if it ever re opens 😎.
  10. There’s a person selling gas at the big river on the A trail on west side of the bridge. Limited hours though. West of Mooseland
  11. Thanks for the replays. We would be coming up from Wawa. Is there gas between Hornepayne & Longlac? Thanks Yamirider
  12. Doo you mean Hearst to longlac? Yeah, that's 150 miles or so. Otherwise Manitouwadge is in the middle, so no issue. I think that you can make it from Manitouwadge up to Longlac on one tank. We was able to git gas in Caramat as we were headed back east to Hearst and I don't think that we have ever been on the short stretch east of Longlac? Hard to say if Caramat is open anymore tho. ??? .
  13. According to the ITG it is 249 km. You can use the trip plan feature on the top left of the map to find that type of info. out.
  14. There a lot good information in this thread can’t really think of anything to add done this trip 4 times by sled but never in the summer . We are planning a trip for the end of July with our SXS this summer starting in Amqui but haven’t done much planning yet probably 7 days to do the loop . As far as safety I don’t really think there will be many issues in the summer .
  15. I haven’t done it myself but I think it’s around 155 miles
  16. Hello-can someone tell me how far it is by trail from Hornepayne to Longlac? Would like to head there next season. Thanks.
  17. This Gaspe trip thread is getting me excited for summer road trips! Planning a trip out east myself, and trying to figure out the best route.While soaking up all the tips on places to stay and things to see, it got me thinking about safety too. I always like to "forewarned is forearmed" before a trip, you know?
  18. I remember for a while near the end there other dealers refused to service a sled bought at Coffeys. They turned em out for a time
  19. Don Coffey Sales tried that about 30 years ago and it put them out of business.
  20. Maybe they come up with one monthly payment and you can trade sled in April and get a new atv. Come late fall they take atv back and give you a new sled. Would be a clever idea.
  21. However, needing and wanting are two very different things lol.
  22. Well, its un-realistic to think people need new sleds every year - and given the last few winters - even every few - and 1st time buyers I bet you could count on one hand - so that doesn't surprise me at all.
  23. I know and its not my place to say, but they are not as bad as people are saying. I know of several dealers that were down 80-90% from last years #s.
  24. How bad are the St. Once Numbers?
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    I want to hear that story
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