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  2. If that was case enphase would have wanted them back.
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  4. Yes I upgraded the inverters. They are 10 years old. Be ok for a net metering system. I keep them but they are useless on new larger panels. Only good for someone that has a similar system and needs spares.
  5. I have 52 enphase micro inverters. Just came off roof today and enphase doesn’t want them back and said I can sell them. If anyone has M190’s and looking for good spares, pm me. I can look at map and just give you good ones.
  6. yup. sold my 1200 for that reason. didnt like the weight
  7. Having owned 1200s for the past 11 years, ! was use to killing my back when I had to shift the first sled over when loading the trailer. I shifted the 900 and started praising the sled gods. What a difference! I can only imagine how that will make a huge difference riding this winter. True stories, the last two times the 1200 got stuck, I winched it with an Argo the first time and pulled it out with my truck next. Great engine, loved it, but dam they are heavy for an old guy.
  8. its a sickness. Im actually surprised at how quiet the 900 is and the throttle pull is non existant. Should be a good family sled.
  9. I must be an idiot also. I bought one in June and one in July!
  10. apparently only idiots........................Thanks again
  11. I have a Pioneer 500 and have had it for a couple years now. It works well and is only 50 inches wide. I found it a little tippy so added 2 inch wheel spacers so now it’s 54 wide but much more stable. It’s built like a tank and isn’t fast but it will go almost anywhere my King Quad 750 would go. I plow snow with it and also use it for moving aggregate dirt rocks etc with a dump trailer and it has a surprising amount of low end power and it’s not belt drive.
  12. Not sure if you check in Rev but miss your posts, hope you and your family are well 👍
  13. Yeah Couldn’t have been much inventory in that warehouse anyway’s. All dealers show rooms are empty. My dealer says he gets one or two atv’s trickle in every few weeks. So imagine they are regularly shipping them out and not storing much I would believe.
  14. Doesn't appear the factory burnt, just inventory outside? Suppose that's better.
  15. Someone is likely answering pointy questions about the real costs of outsourcing manufacturing to 3rd world countries... Or not.
  16. Just saw on a news feed that the plant in Mexico has had a big fire. Hope no one is waiting on a quad or s x s
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  18. I suspect trails will be fine.
  19. My friend has one. Nice unit. Can take whole family out in it. A little big for my liking, depends where you are going to go though. He spends more time digging and pushing that thing out of mud holes, then actually riding it. An obstacle that a normal atv can handle, that thing gets right stuck, mostly from weight of extra passengers and width, frame gets caught. Good news is he always has lots of help to get out of mud holes with it. Lol. If you are going to ride by yourself in it, I get something else. One day it took two atv’s to pull it out of a deep mud crossing. Weighs a ton, When it ge
  20. Anyone on here own one? What are your thoughts on them? Do the flip up rear seats work well?
  21. Clubs could do some sort of fund raiser (raffle etc) to raise money for the Land Owners. A Land Owners Appreciation Raffle comes to mind. We raised tons of money through our hockey teams like that. Just a thought.
  22. Usually now is time to buy them to re sell in December. What you have is what you can afford so no one is really winning, unless you using money to buy a boat now. I wanted to order a new atv but once I seen waiti list, why bother. Might not show up until November if I ordered in March. never got zero turn I order in October. Ended up getting a refund and then bought a different machine that was similar to one I had ordered from a different dealer for almost 2k more. 😂
  23. It's crazy! Who buys sleds in July? I don't expect I will have any for sale after this weekend.
  24. Maybe I should list my snowmobile, then I can buy two new ones in a few years when covid is no longer an issue. Hummm very tempting
  25. good news! Im guessing sooner has become sooner rather than later? lol
  26. 2012 Ski-doo GSX SE 1200 eTEC. 13000km (8000miles) Fully loaded, heated seat, Medium windshield, mirrors, tunnel bag, adjustable air suspension, studded 1.25” track, dual carbide skis, BRP 1+1 passenger seat, engine temp gauge, tilt steering, electronic reverse, 12v plug, heated visor plug. Brass oil-lite bushings, PB80 clutch. $8500
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