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  2. That is the only time we had issues, but like you said, give the logging trucks their space. It must have a been quick thaw and freeze the day before or maybe some freezing rain, it was crazy how fast we went sideways, zero time to react, even the guy behind us saw it all happen and he could not believe it......seeing the cruiser up side down and the officer fall down made us both feel better. After we went back for a another vehicle and carried on again, zero issues.
  3. I think if you drive to the conditions, any driver is good to go.
  4. I've traveled 144 100's if times for work and even the sultan road many times, never a problem.
  5. I have been lucky. The worst I have done so far is get over too far to the right and the snowbank sucked me into the ditch. It was -40 that night though. Dam that was a cold night.
  6. You might have three sleds by the time all is said and done!! Lots of variety for you and Mrs. TD to choose from!!! Lol 😁
  7. One of our trips through we were lucky enough to encounter that.....our truck into a rock wall and OPP coming out to do his report flipped his truck onto the roof on his way to us, then when another OPP finally made it to us, fell flat on his a$$ when he stepped out of his vehicle. That road trip was a great one!
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  9. Thank the lord I snowchecked a Polaris 850 in a flavor, just in case Doo doesn't deliver.
  10. Don’t know about that Revrnd. Never been that direction and the only time I was close to shining tree was by airplane.
  11. I think I the 70s you needed a permit for it. Is there not another EB Eddy road (private) that runs south down to Nairn Centre?
  12. Usually in the fall it is rough. If there had been a lot of rain, it is really bad. When the loggers are coming with those big trucks in either direction, you are far better to give them right of way even if they don’t have it. I pull right over and nearly stop and let them go. In the cold of winter, the road is really good except when they have a thaw and a refreeze. Then the road is glare ice but smooth. You can still navigate it all right though. it is not a public road but the company allows the general public on it. That is why you get out of their way!
  13. I'd be fine with the ACE T 130 in my REN X. If they want to substitute and credit me back, all good. To this day, I don't know what the top end of my Yamaha Apex was, I just know that pushing thru 160KM\hr was as fast as I was going to go on snow, and I backed off. The Vector is 120HP, can do 130KM\hr give or take, so good enough to pass on the highway, when needed.
  14. If my dealer is expecting a 20% default with lack of financing approval, and he sold over 300 sleds, I think lots of Mach Z's available in the fall. Actually, my riding buddy also ordered a Polaris Indy XC Matryx 850, so looks like he is walking from his Mach Z deposit. He says a REN X 850 is now the BRP if Polaris doesn't deliver in time.
  15. LOL....modern day road updates on f/book, that is funny, yet very useful. I am pretty sure when we frequented that road, f/plant was not around or at least neither of us that were driving were a member.
  16. https://www.facebook.com/groups/392421867491316 (Sultan Road Updates) An old neighbour had posted a video of her son on a fishing trip in the Wawa area last year, they used the Sultan Road. I asked her about the road & she mentioned the Faceplant page. I checked it out & it sounds like it was a mess when the frost was coming out of the road. Not sure if the truckers on it use CBs to call out the mileage, but I have seen it on some roads in my travels. I was driving on 560 back in the 90s & saw a sign (in French) I did pick out CH #12 (or somethin
  17. revrnd seems to be a pretty good fabricator, he might be able to whip you up a custom hitch for that fancy new vehicle of yours....
  18. People who didn't get their orders last year got priority - if they wished so - which makes sense. We have been told the day the 2022 are released - order. We'll be following that directive. My kids dirt bike is being held on deposit - supposed to deliver by end of May. No VIN # yet...... If it's not here by end of July - I'll push my deposit to next year and get the next size bike ordered. Still can't get a trailer hitch for my 2021 vehicle either. All in all - 2021 sucks lol
  19. ill trade you two sheets of 3/4 inch OSB plywood and 2 2x4's.........................
  20. If anyone missed the the snow check for a 2022 Mach Z, I have one for sale!
  21. Agreed, although I do not know if Sultan falls into the same category as the other highways.....more of a logging road that is used as a short cut by locals, Hydro, Bell and of course loggers. Not sure if the road has changed in the last decade or two, but I know it used to be a very rough road.
  22. I used to run that road and the road to Sultan every year for moose hunting. Once to go to Wawa. You need to be careful but no different than any other northern Ontario road.
  23. Damn! I have to learn to resd all the posts!
  24. If I had a sled on order and it wasn't coming before x-mas can't say I'd put up with it. This will all pass in a years time. Guess hanging onto what we have was a good call for another season.
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