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  2. Was a big crowd at Elora cruise nite... All the car shows have been well attended again
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  4. The official motorcycle of the Lesbian Community. LOL
  5. Last week
  6. Gawd no. I did one of those test rides once. I was bored in 5 minutes. If I'm spending time on asphalt, I'd rather drive one of my trucks. I'd like to try the SXS thing sometime though. I haven't made it to a Cruise Night yet this year but maybe I'll get to Elora tomorrow.
  7. I picked up a side by side . getting the itch scratched weekly.
  8. When are the trails going to reopen? I need to go for a ride.
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  10. Condolences to his friends and family.
  11. My neighbour has a hunt camp in Pointe au Baril, and said Paul was a great friend.
  12. RIP Paul. Thank you for your dedication to maintaining our trails.
  13. I remember him well. Used to be an all day affair to get from Orrville to Larry's and back in those good ole days. RIP
  14. Suddenly and Sadly our neighbor and friend Paul Penfold passed away Friday morning. Many of you who sledded in the Parry Sound/Pointe au Baril area will remember him as the owner of Larry's Tavern, a very popular sledding destination back in the days we had winters. After the Tavern was bought out by the Ministry and demolished in anticipation of the new highway Paul continued on heavily involved in the North East Georgian bay Snowmobile Club, running the groomer for decades until his wonky knees couldn't operated it any more. A gruff exterior he was a softy at heart, and will be sadly missed. RIP Paul, and thank you for taking such good care of our trails over the years
  15. Saw a flatbed of Doos today on the way home
  16. Lots of variables. I use to go out of my way to buy new from a good dealer that do pdi properly and not have to do it myself is worth piece of mind for sure. I had that happen with new skidoo around here. Never did pdi on it. Had to take it back out of trailer and after I discovered shipping track clips locked track in place I couldn't move it a few feet to get door closed. They put it in with fork lift. The odometer was in miles too. I asked for pdi sheet never had one . 🤣 Lucky I noticed before I got home or I be even more pissed.
  17. So how many would buy a sled this year from a dealer that’s been good to you over the years to help keep a small business going?
  18. I heard some dealers have tripple digits in yard from last year 😳
  19. Yikes, that’s a lot of inventory. Forced too I am sure!
  20. Sales are going to be slow this fall too after the last few winters I think. Take some good incentives to get sleds moving early 🙏.
  21. Saw 40 2024 crates at a dealer yesterday too, not good.
  22. Skidoo production officially began last week. Base model Summits are always the 1st machines on/off the line.
  23. Can't ride it in the winter either!
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