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  2. Ya, agreed. The renting would be the exception for sure due to certain circumstances. I’ve rented long ago before I got into sledding, it wasn’t a comfortable feeling being on something that wasn’t yours and the potential damage situation. Friends have rented a few times last few years and this worries them. I actually ended up buying my current sled mostly due to a rental my brother had due to breakdown of his sled on a trip that I rode for a bit….so there’s one good point..lol
  3. Got our two. sooo nice not having to worry this year of having sleds arrive before the snow flys (both did NOT last year).
  4. Equal to purchase price of new snowmobile maybe if you can lock down a plane load of riders 2 or3 times. That's quite an issue in itself. The part you did not mention is that you do have equity in a year old snowmobile at the end of the season.
  5. Both wife and I ordered ours this morning. Good omen is that it was -3 in Timmins this morning!
  6. We used Val D'or airport once to pick up a buddy who couldnt get out of a work thing. We drove up and sledded for a day. He flew up and joined in on the trip.
  7. Depends how much you ride. I was thinking no insurance no permit this winter and flying and renting once in March. If it turned out ok. I might just get rid of snowmobile and fly and rent. I could go two or three times to be equal to owning a new snowmobile.
  8. I think most of the guys on OC at least, have their sleds equipped to their liking and want to ride them when they go north. It doesn't make sense to own an expensive sled with associated costs and leave it sitting at home. In a lot of cases there are there are 2-4 people going north together and sharing the costs of fuel and rooms so its likely still much cheaper than flying and renting. In our groups case, the trip up and home gives us a chance to enjoy the conversations and being with friends.
  9. always wanted to be a pilot, thinking about getting my private license and plane share. See they come up from time to time 😎.
  10. Owned and operated year round by the Town of Cochrane, the Cochrane Airport offers a 4500 foot asphalt runway complete with markers and lighting licensed for public day and night flights. seems they just getting cargo flights and private charters thru the winter. Maybe it’s a back up to Timmins airport if weather is bad there they can go to Cochrane 🤷🏽‍♂️. If we got about 10 snowmobiler’s together we could get a charter flight to Cochrane, I bet out of one of smaller airports in Toronto. I don’t know any commercial pilots any more. With price of fuel and time renting would make sense. To squeeze a weekend in far north. I
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  12. I would guess you are right in your thinking that the runway maintenance in the wintertime might be too much for the use it would get. The issue with flying into Timmins to rent and ride is that I don't think there is any place to rent a sled right in Timmins.
  13. When it was mentioned first about flying into Cochrane I was curious if that was even possible since I thought it would be odd, so did a quick search and I’m sure something popped up from Toronto, which surprised me. Than I wondered if winter was an option so entered Jan date and all that I came up with was Timmins. Perhaps added expense in winter for up keep do not make it worth while…. Did not look any further….than saw comments on here about same thing and I guess I wasn’t the only person wondering the same thing…lol
  14. I didn't find any flights in the current timeline either. I didn't check July. What would be different between the [summer] Holidays to make it worthwhile then? .
  15. Going to state the same, no Cochrane in the winter, but looks like you can other times of the year. Timmins to Cochrane isn’t far on sled, so close enough!
  16. Look at you guys, early bird gets the worm…or perhaps something else..lol.
  17. So, by all evidence that we can find, there are no commercial flights out of Cochran. So, you have a private plane as well? .
  18. Got my permit ordered. It opened at 9 AM. I have received my confirmation email but can't decipher permit # from the coding.
  19. Just tried myself, still not available as of 8:15 am. Guess the website is having issues or someone forgot to press the "GO" button
  20. not for sale yet and here I wanted to get two of the early ones
  21. You can fly to Timmins from Toronto Island every day. My buddy bought a new C8 from the Chevy Dealer in Timmins and flew up there to pick it up and drive it home. It was around $150 to fly 1 way and he was there in 90 mins. I have a client who has his own plane and has a cabin outside of Timmins. He flies up every weekend to sled.
  22. Probably only Timmins. And Val D’OR if you prefer QC.
  23. Is there any if so when is the Quebec free weekend ?
  24. All that pops up on Search is flights to Timmins. ??? .
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