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  2. slomo good to see you around again. Cheers
  3. Hubbing is going to be the way things go for the foreseeable future imo. I actually like staying in one spot for a few days.
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  5. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-vacation-rentals-ontario/calabogie-lake-5-bedroom-cottage-safe-secluded-fall-dates/1524698652?undefined Place in Calabogie
  6. I'll see if I can find the info, ones at the south end of Lower Mazinaw Lake and the one in Calabogie is walking distance to the ski hill.
  7. That has been eliminated this year.
  8. Great helmet. Need to change mouth piece every 4 or so years, since I find silicone losses it shape and won’t seal properly. I carry an extra one with me, especially valves. Had ice and water, damage one, one time.
  9. doesn't the district still get an up front payment based on permit sales that are chosen for that district ? It used to be 30% then lowered to 10% but is it 12% now ?
  10. Every year at this time there is a general pent up urge to spend on snowmobiling stuff. For someone with merchandise, email contacts, and a large barn, might be a good opportunity for one of those new-fangled pop up stores....with the proper pandemic procedures in place of course.
  11. Would you mind sharing these places? We stayed in a cabin at this place last year and liked the trails very much: https://www.mazinawlakesideresort.com Cabin was OK for the guys and as ms. slomo and I have put up with much worse in the NWT, she could put up with it as well. Should we return to the area, would appreciate a bit more upscale next time. Sadly, one of the owners died while we were there so a report on the place seemed unfair. Just for fun, here's another good place for a base for tours right across the road from the trail in Hawkesbury - a little run down, but lots of parking (around back) and conveniences. https://www.choicehotels.com/ontario/hawkesbury/quality-inn-hotels/cna52?mc=llyxcncnnbl&pmf=canada BTW- if on your way to destinations in Quebec north of the St. Lawrence river, this is a good place to keep in mind. Leave work from Toronto or points west, stay here over night, cross over into Quebec, follow highway 50 or 148 east to hwy 15 to hwy 158 and avoid the multi lane mess around Montreal. You can go south to highway 40 once past or continue on 158. It is a two lane highway that moves pretty quickly in most places.
  12. zoso


    bought a new goretex pro shell last year to replace the Valdez pro shell. This year I picked up a left over klimate insulated for a change. Good deals at klim.com right now. Go to non current section . $311.00 delivered tax in for this jacket.
  13. Shhh. There isn't good riding in this area.
  14. We have rented a cottages in both Cloyne & Calabogie for a week. Both places are high end with pool table & hot tube. Perfect set up with 4 guys. Great area for day trips in many directions. Only issue is weather the snow cooperates.
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  16. Peterborough show will probably also be cancelled. I know it gets very crowded and i will not take a chance. Maybe they do an entire outdoor show. That would be a fridged blast!
  17. My 2017 gt has the same rack. I love rack too and it will hold 2, 2 gallon fuel cans. I bungee them down too. Real handy when riding with non skidoo buddies.
  18. I put this rack on my sled that is for a Grand Touring, and I really like it! I just toss an ATV bag in and go. The bag isn't tied down, it just fits like a glove, but I doo have bungees holding the shovel on, so ... I got new aftermarket muffs as well as my old (and I mean OLD!) Doo muffs were long wasted. I wouldn't want these for trail riding tho I don't think. These light weight ones like to blow up off your hands, but for what we doo - they are the cats meow. I have a set of the old, real heavy muffs with the wool (?) inside that go quite a ways up your fore-arm, and are plenty stiff to not move an inch, but those don't go off-trail werth a hoot. Still sporting the 1990's Doo tank bag. Is there anything out there that is anywhere near what that is these days? Oh yeah, my '90's helmet too. LOL! I hated the newer ones that I tried on. So I stock up on the model that I like whenever one the right size and condition come up on ebay. I would really like to build a perminent gas tank on this yet, but just not gotten a plan together that I liked yet, so I just toss a 2 gal jerry on the back and go, but it's not that nice...
  19. wait til you see where we put the battery pack! kiddind aside , i had too!
  20. klim arctic balaclava for cold days, klim glacier balaclava for warmer, or days when we play hard, and are sweating. leatt dual axis knee guards. ever take a cheese grater running board edge to the shin? if so, you'll know why i where knee/shin guards. also, for you fisherman, or trappers... the guards keep you off the snow and ice, and warmer. last but, definitely not least, a set of SENA 20s communicators. WAY BETTER THAN THE COLLETTS, WE REPLACED. Ski
  21. Have fun! Waking up to the sweet smell of someone emptying "black water" not the best way to start the day! Just happened to be there one day checking out the place and this occurred. Made a note of it in my "vacation" files. BTW - just for fun, here is a link to the trans-Newfoundland ATV tour in case you need something else to add to your bucket list: https://www.crossingnewfoundlandbyatv.com The guy provides a printable day by day tour book and a map which will open in the free version of Locus. (you also get 3 free maps with Locus) Something to kick around with your gang when you get back in the evening.
  22. Thanks Slomo, We have a 3 bedroom cabin booked, can't wait to disappear for a few days and do some exploring and fishing. Hope all is well with you and good to see you back here on the forum.
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