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  2. OFSC app is working as today. Has a cool new feature where it tracks positioning. Can’t wait to use it. But first I’m off to eastern Quebec on private land to scratch the itch on Monday. Ripp’n & Gripp’n.
  3. No input on Thunder Bay. But the last comment ( Corolla...gas ) made me think about an article I read about EVs and northwestern Ontario. Apparently, they need many more metered ( public ) EV chargers. Folks pull up to what should be a working EV charger - not. Call a tow truck. No other choice vFlatheads did a good business hauling EVs ( summer ). Tough in a car. I'd imagine some great planning necessary for sledding up there. Email the District. Good luck. And really hoping someone here has input. Bucket list destination.
  4. Hi Ski, we were 30 minutes north of the city. Fresh powder video.
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  6. Looks like a decent amount of snow there. how far out of town were you? Nice job Dan! Ski
  7. 1st ride of the season for us in Sault Ste. Marie. A good start to winter and very close to last year's timeline.
  8. Collision is first party coverage only. the only exposure on that coverage is your own.
  9. I do have 5 million lib on my lawn mower it’s covered too. Have an umbrella policy covers me no matter what I am driving here as long as it’s registered on insurance list 😎.
  10. I have had many new sleds and never put collision on one,personal choice
  11. You should carry more insurance on your lawn mower than your sled.. Just a observation from your knowledge posts...
  12. Starlink wifi will be great for calling for a flat bed/trailer up there for broken sleds. Lets hope they still keep the chili fresh with a ladel full of the hot dog water. Thats a really special touch you cant get just anywhere 👌
  13. On a sled you should run collodion and comp, if you have any assets. I wouldn’t ride without it.
  14. Last week
  15. Early yet mid December is earliest anything seems to be open. It’s a start for sure. Let’s see if forest opens trails soon for a first ride 😎
  16. I sure that I was told a few years ago that groomers are not to start grooming snow until Dec.1 but I'm old with a bad memory so..... I guess if that is correct, they could at least start packing without the drag before that.
  17. I remember someone on here saying due to ofsc insurance regulations or something like that that you wont see any open trails until after December 1 if they are even ready by then!
  18. Figured with snow covered lawn here in the Steel City there might be some yellow in the nord. Just checked - all red I think areas are getting close though - i see rinks frozen and being used in northern and northwestern ontario. Can't wait
  19. Cash only last time i was through. With starlink it would be easy to get debit and visa. They won't though not wanting to loose a cut of the $5 / litre gas.
  20. I am sure someone weill comment, I think the last time we were there, I am sure we paid cash. This is noted on the website, so they might have interact based on interent connecttion, but I would go with the assumuption cash and consider interact as a bonus. "We do NOT have cell phone service, but we do have Starlink Wi-Fi. We have no hydro and rely on generators and an oil heater"
  21. i assume you have to pay cash for fuel and food up there, is that correct ?? No credit cards taken ?
  22. Forecast looks like no above freezing temps for the near future. No real big snows forecast but, that can change, with the big lake machine. Hwy was closed last night. We got a bit more. It's a start. Maybe riding by Christmas. Town looks peaceful, decked out in fresh snow. Ski
  23. Not sure either. My guess is you would have to use your insurance first until used up then Quebec liability would cover rest. Kind of like health insurance you always use your own policy first then your wife’s kicks in. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  24. Earlier this month I got two cheques back for $37.49 by filling out 2 separate forms online via their website for our sleds this year . Cheques came before passes arrived. NO extra charges. https://snowmobile.intact.ca/intact-forms/intactformsdb/webdrrcmotoneiges.do?action=web&lang=en
  25. We rode up there last year in 3rd week of January. I am not sure it it was new management or old but despite all of the hype I had read I thought we were treated and received fairly well by staff. No we could not get a hotdog as the fuel man was only employee there that day and he was busy running pump and cashing out guys. Food girl was on a supply run and not there yet. Coffee and hot chocolate was free that day I think And do not really care if it was $2 or more It was hot. I imagine some people might have been upset with the service But our group of 5 had no issues. And yes we spent a pile on gas Probably $500 for the group. But we had a blast on way up and down. And we needed the gas as a couple guys were right empty when we hit Cochrane
  26. If you’re on FB go to the Quebec Rider group. There is a good recent post there explaining how to do it. There is two different ways, the one they charge you a $23.00 service charge so you net $12.00. The other method you will get something like $37.00 back.
  27. If you buy the Quebec pass and keep the insurance portion will that portion cover you before your Ontario sled insurance? i have a QC permit and was wondering how a liability claim would work?
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