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  2. Wow. What a beauty of a day. Trailered to Mt forest meet up with some old friends. left 9:00am, lunch in Blyth on bench outside of Timmys. Only really bad trails were Blyth/Seaforth - but see they are red on ITG. 269 km for the day. Had not ridden Mitchel / Listowel / B111 for a couple of years - forgot how open and fast the fields were. bush and road running are taking a beating. wonderful last day in D9 for me I suspect .
  3. I assume it is the Shell in town that people might be complaining about.....MTH is really not that far down the trail as plan B for fuel.
  4. Props to all involved to make it happen! We combined over 8000 miles on the old fleet on our home club trails in D5 and all around D9 riding from the back yard.
  5. D9 was the best I’ve seen it in a few years, although we had some reroute it still came together pretty well. Hopefully next year will even be better for snow. Thanks to all the volunteers and operators and landowners for making this available and happen and to all the folks behind the scenes like the mechanics that fix the equipment to keep the trails table top
  6. Gotta chime in for the D9 peeps as well. None of this happens without district/ofsc support, or permit money. Had an issue with our shared groomer. Didn't turn left worth a crap. Emailed the district, they got the Shop Industrial guys down and worked on our groomer, fixed the issue. That ain't free. Don't ride with jerks who didn't buy a permit.
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  8. Sounds like you guys have your stuff together Good for you guys/gals, and a job well done...Congrats.. Team work on all fronts..
  9. They may be trying to save a decent frozen snow base. If the base gets torn up by sleds and exposes the ground to the sun, it's game over, even if it snows at this time of year. Especially on winter wheat. That's a hard stop for us. We can not afford to destroy land owners crops and wreck that relationship. It's warm and sunny where I am. Our groomer went out and did 18 hours straight, yesterday/today. The temperatures dictated the best time to go. Two operators, two different grooming areas as our next door club's groomer has been down for over a week. We
  10. Congrats to them. Hoping to ride it soon..
  11. UPDATE FROM TIMMINS S C FACEBOOK PAGE ON A111C RE-ROUTE: Good News, we have successfully re-routed the closed section of the A111C and have been able to get land use permissions. Please use caution on this new section of trail and follow all posted signage. Big thank you to all the landowners who were able to quickly grant us permission for this re-route. The ITG is getting updated to reflect this change in the trail. Refer to the ITG for trail updates.
  12. Weird they were rough but fine otherwise


    Rode yesterday Very brownish at lindsay , 4 miles south of fenlon it gets alot better. Also glenarm rd. trail very good ,congrats heart of ont.
  14. North Huron trails closed this morning Clinton-Blyth.
  15. Not much to groom with freezing and thawing temps turning base to ice. Listowel and north might survive weekend if it doesn’t rain much. I had scratchers down for first hour yesterday morning and they make a huge difference. After I got abit north trails weren’t as icy so I put them up. Road crossing will kill them in south no doubt.
  16. Remember north of Kirkland, the trails listed as closed for health boundaries, but has been rode. From Hwy 11, theres lots of tracks.
  17. New Liskeard is low on snow. Although Trails Monday looked decent on our drive south. New liskeard, Kirkland Lake, Iroquois Falls and Cochrane groom regularly.
  18. My mindset was a discount would be nice to see, but was not affecting if I was buying.... that was happening for sure.
  19. There won't be any "deals" when there is limited numbers and people are buying - I mean the margins are small all the time anyway.
  20. How is the condition of this section of trail? Lots of yellow bits north of New Liskeard. Have the clubs kept up with grooming? Thanks MS
  21. How is lake rosseau from the bottom up to the town ?
  22. Sold the wife's sabercat on Monday and got exactly what i paid for it 7 years ago, i wish i had a doz more to sell.
  23. That’s about what I was quoted by three dealers, two were the same, one was slightly higher. I was just a guy off the street, no past history.
  24. All about the same to report from yesterday aft and evening. Rough around Blyth. Grooming is pretty much going to be over with out more snow. Get out and ride today and enjoy it while it lasts!
  25. Trail to the Super 8 was groomed yesterday (Thursday Feb. 25) Tough start to the day... but trails all round in good condition. Motel parking lots are empty - where is everyone?
  26. This is the hood off the young lads Alpine. This club amalgamated with 2 or 3 others, making up the club next to us. Wouldn't catch me doing 12 hour shift on that. It's still grooming though, just woodlot trails.
  27. Change in plans for me now. Heading to OS tomorrow aft/eve after work. Do a little night run and then hoping to run up to Tobermory and back on Saturday. Looking pretty warm on Sunday
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