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  2. Respect doesn't exist when you dictate how people act and speak. Especially in a place that is supposed to be Carte Blanche.
  3. What you do owe OC is too back up your statement with facts. This is an accusation that we offend all females and races. You state that the money barrel offends you. I merely wanted to help you and make it better if I could. But as I suspected its nothing but smearing OC without backing it up. So please you can even tell me in private if you wish. If you don't want to that's fine but please retract your statement or please let me know how I can help.
  4. Sure, must’ve been a woman 🙄 Hilarious.
  5. All they are is distribution/retail - not much you can really strip down other than change up the companies you do business with and control mark-up and where that goes.
  6. Did you get her name? 😈☺️
  7. Actually, the Administrator that created the Monkey Barrel clearly stated that the first rule of the new forum is that you can't get offended. "Poking the bear" is another way of saying troll". It a place where no one cares about your feeling (within reason). Just to clear things up. All I want is for everyone to get along. Some of us have spend 20 years and alot of time/money to supply a safe-informative-fun place to hangout on the internet with new and old friends. A little respect isn't too much to ask imo.
  8. I didn’t make any accusation-a moderator of this forum stated that “no one gets offended”. I merely stated that I am occasionally offended so the statement is untrue. I don’t owe it to you guys to retrain you to be more likeable.
  9. Just seen so many Cdn companies purchased by American firms, then they slowly demise as the profitable sections get moved to the US leaving the rest behind. Then the parent company says the Cdn branch isn't profitable and they are closing them down. This being a retail store, I doubt it will follow the trends of a manufacturing business, but who knows. Look how crappy Tim Hortons has become now that they have been sold several times.....now owned by a Brazilian firm I think.
  10. Doubt it means much other than behind the scenes - business as usual I suspect
  11. Well you made an accusation and if we can help then thats what we will do. If your not willing to expand on what you said I ask that you take that comment back. We would prefer to work with you if you wish.
  12. I forgot about Pier 17 ( and I was born in Blind River ! Raised in Elliot Lake ) thats a great convenient restaurant !
  13. Having done the big loop once, a second trip that we had to abort at Matane, when I rolled in a snow storm. Keep in mind that the weather there can shut the trails down for a day or two. South side of the big loop is sparse on fuel stops, but faster than the north portion. Check the Sunday hours on small town fuel stations. Some of my videos from our first trip and 2nd trip, if you look up apexltx56 youtube user. (Our 2nd trip was going to only be the North side and down to Murdochville and back type of thing.) Also great that you don't have to carry beer, just get some at the gas station at the end of the day.
  14. A couple of others to add: Pier 17 in Blind River. You can sled right to it. Pretty nice place to enjoy right along the river. Back Home Bistro in Massey.
  15. A route is now available from NL to Cochrane, and with still almost 2 weeks to go, should all be Green by the 12th. I will cancel the backup hotels at KL. Thanks
  16. @UsedtoSkidoo and @oldslowsledder I don’t have the time, nor do I care to argue. It is hustle season. Working all day and then rushing around trying to get trails open every evening and weekend. The car is loaded for work part 2 today. Opened a little trail last night and hope for more tonight 🤞🏻
  17. It is kind of sad the way this is going. I have been on here since way back when my farm neighbor Adam K. was helping with the sight IT. He and a buddy stickered my sled one night with an OC sticker. That is how i found my way here, The sticker still on my tool box some 25 years later! I have always enjoyed popping in and out. Check the trail reports, accommodation/restaurant reports, sled brand banter and all such things that snowmobilers talk about. I don't post a lot, but I have always enjoyed sharing a trail report, some humor, and talking to like minded people. We are a shrinking group of enthusiasts and sometimes we are our own worst enemies in many different ways. Last week we went to Sudbury with friends, to meet and ride with friends that we have met there snowmobiling, and met more new passionate sledders and friends. This is a big thing that my wife and I enjoy about the sport. There are not many places in Ontario that we haven't made some tracks, and have always enjoyed the comradery where ever we have gone. Respect others, help the sport when you can, Be it in the Clubhouse, on the side of trail, or on a Snowmobile Forum. Hammer down!
  18. Looks like you are good to go from Matheson through Val Gagne now. Seems like about 800 km. per day is opening up now according to the ITG.
  19. Yep, saw that too and kind of went , uh.
  20. Weird that they get smog warnings in the winter? Apparently it’s from all the wood stoves.
  21. We are more than happy to look into anything "offensive" that has been posted. Please also include how and why it offended you and what harms it may have inflicted. Thank you!
  22. I post a lot of Meme's and if any are offensive to you I apologize, but I truly believe laughter is the best medicine. I try to post any of the 'raunchier' type in The Monkey Barrel forum, personal choice if you want to go in there.
  23. Trail ESP7 runs right behind the Pinewood Motor Inn which is on the main drag at 2nd Ave. Its quite a big motel that looks good from the road but I've never stayed there. There's fuel on the D on the south side of town. The motel did have a Bar and restaurant but I don't think the restaurant is open for breakfast. You would need to check.
  24. Please send us the posts that are "offensive" to women or whatever types of humans your talking about and we will investigate.
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