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  2. Hey 02sled it’s a Rev Arc ramp that we used. Pretty good ramp with an additional traction section that folds out so no spinning out on icy parking lots.
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  4. as others have mentioned, they are fold down wheels that I use on bare pavement (Gas stations, restaurants, motels, etc) or to move around in the shop. The ones I have on are Rouskis, which have served me well for 3 years. If I had to replace them I would go for the hydraulic ones. PITA to have to dismount to engage/disengage them!
  5. One of the best things I have done for the trailer is use a piece of 2" black plastic plumbing pipe to fill the gap between the ramp and the floor of the trailer. The skis ride up and over the gap going in or out.
  6. China doesn't have a lot of legacy manufacturing plants. Most are relatively new and equipped with new or recent technology. They will build whatever the customer wants. If the customer wants high end quality, that's what they will build. If the customer wants mid level or mediocre quality that's what they will build. It all comes down to what the customer wants and is willing to pay for. You get what you pay for.
  7. I don't think so. Not by me, at least...but the Snowtrax boys put the first 300 miles on the machine, before I bought it from Byers Equipment in Atherley.
  8. The people that came to pick up the sled I sold loaded it easily into the back of their pickup using a trifold ramp that looks about the same. There's straps to hold it in place. They folded it up and put it on edge beside the sled.
  9. Bahahahahaha. I even looked at the date and saw Nov 22 which was this past week. Did not see the 2018, good one!
  10. At least I can follow the revelstoke club on Instagram .... their trails are open !!
  11. Yes....here is a link: https://www.snowtracker.com/index.php/en/products/wheeltracker-en Beaucoup d' argent.
  12. 21 cms of the white stuff gone in less than a week.....ugh not unexpected just disappointing
  13. they also make hydrolic wheels the deploy with the press of a button. Every sled in quebec seems to have whhels of some sort on the skis, the venture we just bought does as well. Those and the snow trackers are very popular there.
  14. She has been riding for 20 plus years. She took a 5 year break since we returned to Southern Ontario. Hoping she enjoys the big comfy couch and wants to ride more. Thanks.
  15. I was watching some vids of ladder ramps the other day, and one brand that appears to be "name brand" (I don't recall what it was) appeared to have forked tangs for at the tailgate so that it doesn't come up on you when loading. My ramps don't have that - and we have eaten the back of my truck a few times over the last 20 years, but that has always been in a spot where the bottom of the ramp did not set level, and generally was actually on ice (even melt water the one time - boy my chum was pissed! LOL!) I have seen on some of them that there is a strap from the upper middle that will hook to your ball hitch to help keep it from jumping up on you. This could be added to your ramp as well. Blake - has that snowflap been clipped? Ramsomair - The devil is in the details. (post dates) .
  16. I installed RollerSkis on my 2016 buzzard with the ts pilot skis. In comparison to Rouskis which I have installed on my renegade, I would prefer the Rouskis for the ease of putting them down and in place. However, Rouskis, who I now think are owned by Kimpex, were very slow to put a model for pilot ts skis on the market (not sure if they are out yet to be honest) so I went with Rollerskis. I made up a little jig about a foot long with 5/8 inch holes on either end out of a used slider to pressure down the wheel while holding the ski tip up, as I find the method of using your foot to push down the wheels not very serviceable. (if you have a prominent lower stomach, this could get in the way) The tool works great. This being said, no complaints about how the engaged wheels work - probably a bit better than the Rouskis. Please find attached the installation instructions - there is also a very good video (in French only) for which I will try to find the link. rollerski installation -b-2006-rev-a.PDF The one thing I would watch out for is make sure your carbides are re-installed in the correct direction - a little slant is evident toward the front. In all the excitement, one might forget. And have to take everything apart again. Here's the video: About 14 minutes long. Good description. There are other shorter ones, but this video is the most comprehensive.
  17. I see there are a few manufactures Roulski , RollerSki and perhaps another one, Can anyone comment on these wheels for the ski-doo pilot TS ski on a 2016 Blizzard 900. All seem to be the same price $389+
  18. That truck had an eight foot box. As for it being easy, I was always more comfortable using the ramp with a two stroke sled as opposed to a four stroke. Many times the ramp was merely coming along "just in case" I wasn't able to find a suitable snowbank for loading. It worked best to unload as in the video, and then move the truck (if I could find a suitable snowbank) for reloading after the ride.
  19. All the guys in our riding group have ski wheels. They work perfectly loading and unloading the trailer as long as you have put a filler between the ramp and the trailer floor. We also use them when we have to ride on bare gas station lots and on longer bare bridge crossings. They sure save from marking up my concrete driveway at home as well. If you would like to see more info about them google ski wheelz or rollerski
  20. Fish: OK, so what's the wheels on the skis? They don't look like they are going to carry the front end into the trailer - doo they? Or maybe some ice scratcher of sorts?
  21. You make it look easy. What size is box on your truck?
  22. Last year was my 1st season using 1. I found it easier to use than the 'lock & roll' type ramps. No need to push or pull any dead weight.
  23. No the flyer is from Princess Auto.
  24. Sad to hear for sure, been a lot of years since we met at (IIRC) the first OC get together at the Jolly Roger, but he was an easy guy to meet and since I was an early adopter of gps(geek) , easy to talk to as well. R.I.P SJ!
  25. Do you still have vmax that your dad bought you? I remember him posting a pic of you on it, with a sold sign. He Seemed so happy to have you joining in on your own snowmobile. Hopefully you got in some good rides and memories like I did with my dad. Sorry for your loss and hopefully see you and your brother on trails in future too.
  26. Ms SJ. My condolences to you, your Mom and brother. I had the privilege to meet your Dad and ride with him a few times. The sport we all love has lost a great ambassador. RIP Dave Glenn
  27. Solid purchase Craig. I haven't seen you post to much about your wife snowmobiling. Is she new to the sport or coming back to riding? Regardless, its nice to share the same quality time together, enjoy it!
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