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  2. I don't understand this, but their facebook page is all over the place as far as post dates, so even if there is news there, it may be burried. ???
  3. After reviewing what everyone is using and finding out what works with the TS ski and what doesn't, I may have to resort to putting the Rouski wheels back on. But before doing that I need to figure out some way to keep them in the retracted position as the spring preload is not enough when conditions are rough, such as going across a ploughed field at speed. The stutter bumps as I call them have caught me twice, where an oscillation sets up causing the wheel to eventual bounce into the engaged position. When that happens that ski catches and almost flips the sled.
  4. I hear ya!! As hard as I try to put on as many miles as possible…..it’s the simple things in life that get in the way!!…..either way,,, buy a permit, support the clubs and enjoy as much as you can!!
  5. Thankfully, still in good (enough) physical shape to use the old school ones......one under each ski and made up a piece of plywood with wheels for the track. For the skis you do not really have to lift up so much as pull up on the ski loop so it tilts the ski & slide dolly under each ski, one at a time. Driveway is still gravel, so no worries with that.....used primarily in the garage for moving around or unloading from the trailer.
  6. I saw these wheels at my buddy's place they seemed pretty strong my other buddy had two sets one from Royal and one from Canadian Tire I did a quick check on pricing I paid 1/3 of what the others are I cant believe the ones I have will bend but I don't go far with them and only on the smooth driveway and garage https://www.royaldistributing.com/maxx-surface-saver-ski-dolly.html https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-snowmobile-drive-on-dollies-0260548p.html?rrec=true#spc
  7. We did it in 07 we were 6 so 4 on the flat deck wrecker towing a 2 bed trailer will never forget 6 of us in the mini van taxi and Coldfinger says well thats not good we are going this way and the sleds are going the other way we did meet up with the wrecker of course and all worked out cant remember but I think it was 20 bucks after New Brunswick we took a tour into Maine was a wirl wind
  8. 504 bills ??? You had me go to Urban Dictionary Almost lost sleep thanks for the clarification HA ha And here I thought you were going to comment on our trip with the shuttle service
  9. I was told by a local up there that it will be re-opening. I cant get into any more details but the guy who told me will know the truth.
  10. Any word on this. Is halfway going to be open?
  11. We were at the Campbellton Hotel by the bridge, they had a tow truck operator with a tilting flatbed. He was bringing across four to five sleds at a time, I saw a lot of 504 bills changing hands. We didn't take the shuttle as we backtracked through moose valley and the took the trail north into the Matapedia Valley. That was probably one of the best trails I have ever been on. The only other tracks were moose tracks.The bumps on the trail were moose crap. That was in February 2019. We plan to be back there this February to finish this journey.
  12. From a Polar Bear Riders F/B post regarding a notification for the Base Camp : The phone number 647-822-4189 is no longer connected to the Base Camp or Extreme tours. 705-331-9787 is the number to call Thank you
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  14. I imagine that there are nicer places to stay, but The Smedts family has supported the club more than any other, and the whole trail from Searchmont to Wawa was at the very least signed by Marc and Willy. For many years - the only signs on the 180 miles was "Bristol Motel ->" signs at every turn. I think that there may still be a few standing yet, but not many. Willy had the gas in the bush. The second time that we came up the D trail (first time we ran out of gas doo to blizzard dump and spent 3 days in bush) they sent Marc to meet us out in the bush, and he met us
  15. If you look on the Quebec trail map there are a local trail that run down towards the river west of the bridge. Back in the late 90's there was a marked trail from that area across the river in a south west direction when it was properly frozen. It landed near Atholville (I'm not kidding LOL) which is almost like a suburb of Campbellton. You could go left on a trail along the river to the hotel at the bridge or if you went straight you would be on a multi use railbed that headed southwest into New Brunswick towards Kedgwick. Not sure if thats the AC+YA We used that crossing once but the n
  16. My permit has been a donation the last several years due to hockey consuming every minute of my free time. I still have a sled - still put a permit on it every year - if I get out for 50 miles or 500 miles - I'll take whatever I can get.
  17. OFSC permit arrived today. Still on the fence about buying a full season Quebec permit. 60/40 that I will.
  18. Two OFSC permits and two FCMQ permits ordered last week. No plans to donate. I plan to hold myself accountable and ensure I get my value out of both provinces permits .
  19. Should be making my donation soon
  20. There was a dashed line shown on a local paper map we got from the club guy who sold us all a single-day New Brunswick trail pass because the passes we had expired while we were stuck for an additional "storm" day. He confirmed the crossing as he had used it that season on a Gaspe tour. That was 2019 so I cannot confirm there is still a tree line or local trail north of the river. My guess is that locals still use it even if not, but weather will certainly be a factor. We were told that the tow truck flatbed can always be called to cross, but plan on ah hour for each crossing
  21. Ok. I was wondering if the river froze there. Nothing for a trail shown on either the New Brunswick or Quebec trail guides.
  22. If you are on Fb try Don Caron https://www.facebook.com/Niagara-Powersports-Salvage-274680239332761 Or even Bayou Park Recreation. https://www.facebook.com/Bayou-Park-Recreation-482941992198857 Hope this helps
  23. Ordered our 2 gift cards this am as no VIN numbers yet for the sleds.
  24. I bought these from Royal a couple of years ago and they were garbage, mine were the orange ones, had them replaced and they still bent when under load. Went back to the old style that goes under the skiis with wheels and the one under the track, If I was looking at them again would likely buy the ones made by Caliber, they seem to be higher quality.
  25. The "lightly lift skis up" doesn't work for me anymore. It's been years since my arm and shoulder had to be fixed and I prefer using the lever action to lift my sleds. I'm 66 now and feel this will work for me well into my 70's. Plus it can be driven and reversed using the machine's own power. I have all the dollies from swivels to steerable. Sometimes I put the swivels under my track and just push and steer it into a tight spot for storage. I just don't like lifting the skis by myself anymore even though I still can do it. This is much faster and easier. It does cost more though.
  26. I use simple dollies for under the skiis and one under the track. We move them around on concrete all the time. Lightly lift the skii's up - slide underneath - velcro straps down - lift track, slide under - roll around where ever you want.
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