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  2. Partially true. Single axles come in 2 flavours, 2,000 lb and 3500 lb. Pretty sure Signfan knows this. Mfg's plate or sticker should tell you this, or Google it. Also check tire ratings and inflation spec's. Always check pressures outside in the ambient they will be used in. That temp difference can be very significant in winter. My Lightning hybrid came with load range E tires not C. Can't buy replacements at the big box stores like CTC or Royal D.
  3. Shouldn’t max out trailer. Normally single axles are good for 2000 pounds of pay load. My trailer guy said they build a safety factor of 20 percent in net pay load number too. I think mines good for 2200 pounds with 20 percent or 2000 without. 800 pounds of total safety factor, if both my speed weighed 700 pounds. Always clean out some of the snow before loading. It’s not that hard to do.
  4. It will be very very close. If it does fit, you will be taking the windshield off for sure. My Backcountry 146 was pretty tight in an 11 ft Triton clam shell.
  5. Will a newer expedition with the 154" long track fit insude an 11' clamshell tilt and load trailer? Also any issues with weight on these trailers with two expeditions? At over 700 lbs dry I could see the total weight wet getting up near that 3500 lbs mark for the single axle by the time you add in fuel, snow and the weight of the trailer itself.
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  7. Go ahead just buy Quebec permit. That ensure your small town gets snowed in for days like 80’s.
  8. Did you ask if they could check to see if payment was issued? "Claimed" to me at least, means your request for refund was made but not that it was processed or paid. The last time we claimed the refund (pre Covid) I thought the refund was $46 and change.
  9. I have bought 2 permits lately, and if Ontario went to $230 and Quebec went to $440 ($670 total), that "may" be the tipping point for me to buy both Ontario and Quebec. The crazy part is that I rode less than 80kms in Ontario last season so just buying the Quebec permit may not sound as crazy as one might think??
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  11. Its around that much. I never got mine back last year. Called 2-3x and they said that it was claimed but I never got the cheque.
  12. Some. I think its only $500,000 worth. Still good pricing for that.
  13. Edit, new price 300 or best offer
  14. Great deal if you're a Quebec resident as it includes liability does it not?
  15. I think the replacement cost of equipment is arguably the biggest concern right now for these organizations. It's ridiculous how much msrp went up in the last 3 years.
  16. Pretty certain all Ontario groomers use only coloured fuel when available. I know ours have used coloured fuel since it was first made available. Groomers don't use fuel in the summer so current prices mean didely squat.
  17. Shouldn’t go up too much. Died diesel is way down about 1.05 Litre on my last fill. Road diesel approx 50 cents more now. I seen some pictures of Cochrane groomer filling up with road diesel. Not sure if that’s a common practise but ofsc could save 1/3 off it’s fuel bill by using coloured diesel.
  18. Translating that it says proposal. I'm wondering if the final pricing decision has actually been made yet for QC.
  19. Typically around $40 yes. Buy the permit with insurance. Then go on the insurers website and claim your refunds. Cheque will arrive in a months time. You get it all back this way. If you select no insurance when buying they charge an admin fee of like $20. So you lose half the refund.
  20. $35 increase. Quite a bit. If you get out and ride its still the cheapest part. Only seems expensive if they sit in the garage and don't move. Ontario will be going up for sure. No word yet on how much.
  21. What is / if any, liability insurance back if purchasing a yearly pass this year ? ($37.49?)
  22. Ontario historically sets prices in the fall. https://www.ofsc.on.ca/2022/09/29/ontario-snowmobile-trail-permit-fee-increase/ Thanks for the Quebec update. Found their trails hit or miss ( and when they're moguls, it's bumpy for miles and miles). Not a one off - spoke to riders in northern Ontario with broken mirrors. Pourqoui? I asked. Quebec trails shook them to pieces. They still go back. Diehards. Sticking to Ontario myself. And hey, there's a stretch north of our cottage ( between Six Mile Lake and Bala...hydro line ) that was historically bad. Same thing, moguls, tough returning Sunday night. Not saying one is better than the other. It's just nice knowing what to expect - Ontario offers me that.
  23. $440 to buy one early this year. Ouch. Has anyone heard what the OFSC is talking about for next season?
  24. Anyone have a spare linq adapter kit they are wanting to part with ? bought a 17l sport bag for the Assault coming this fall - but didn’t realize they don’t come with linq adapters anyone! before I go by a set for $50 - thought I’d ask. E
  25. Selling a Brp Oxygen helmet size Medium in good condition, comes with 2 sets of electric shield cords. Located in Muskoka but can meet in Barrie or in between. $400
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  27. I'm Washago, although I'm working Thunder Bay for a couple more weeks .I'd take all of them; how much $ are you thinking ? Thanks Clint
  28. west end GTA or i can bring it to muskoka
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