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  1. signfan


    Agreed. That's either going to be an excellent lower cost option to the Oxygen. Or it'll fog terrible and be a flop. Will be interesting to see.
  2. signfan


    No experience with CKX, but I wouldn't consider anything but an Oxygen. Tried a Mission helmet on out of curiosity at a dealer one day after owning the Oxygen for half a season. No way. It just felt claustrophobic after getting used to the openness of the Oxygen. Don't ever see myself going back to a helmet that has a mask stuck to my face. For sizing measure your head and reference this chart. https://skidoogear.com/sizing-chart/
  3. If you don't mind the drive go to Saguenay. Lots of options in all directions.
  4. https://www.polaris.com/en-ca/recalls/off-road/polaris-issues-stop-ride-stop-sale-some-2022-2023-matrix-rmk-khaos-and-pro-snowmobiles/
  5. It's been done in other locations. If they've posted about a lack of fuel and have a plan for the operators why not. Most people pack fuel caddies. This can work imo.
  6. Yeah I'm surprised the OFSC hasn't. published more on this topic. Police will have a hay day this winter with these.
  7. It's been done lots in other area. 200 litre skid tank solves the groomer fuel issue. It's operator accommodations when they get into 12 plus hour trips that need to be overcome. Also sled fuel. Good to hear a plan is in the works.
  8. Nice to have the ITG up again. Just noticing some big gaps south of sudbury on D104, C, D and D111. Is there a common denominator here? Railroad land use agreements again?
  9. This is a huge opportunity for another vendor or vendors. Wonder what the true cause of the decision not to attend is. I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't make money with the traffic their booth saw. Every second person at the show was leaving with a royal bag and something they'd purchased.
  10. Will the same app I have from last year work? Or do I need to download it again?
  11. That's awesome. Well done by the town and club making this available.
  12. Thats all fine, but customers are going to push back / stop buying. The increases that have occurred over the past couple years aren't sustainable. Wages are not coming close to keeping up with what market prices have done.
  13. 100% agree. The silliness is coming to an end in all industries. Can't happen soon enough.
  14. To each their own. Unless we're talking plus 5 or more I figure use the vents when needed in my normal suit. Can pull the layers off under it. Above that (which is rare) pack the jacket and wear a good Hoodie.
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