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  1. Smart to get your projects in now. Once the feds announce the interest rate drop construction will take off again. I'd say this is the calm before the storm. For major infrastructure in the GTA we are booking jobs 2 - 3 years out still as they know finding the trades will be an issue again.
  2. signfan


    I'll second that. Great tire!!!
  3. Thank you for the report. Not what I wanted but the truth.
  4. Anyone on here ride Hearst to Greenstone this past weekend? If so how was it? Worth the trip next week? Also how was Kap to Hearst?
  5. What fleet customer buys 400 units? That's a huge order.
  6. Put it on the trailer and head north this weekend. Lol. Season ain't over yer.
  7. Need a technilogical disruption in snowmaking to bring the cost and effort of it down. It still get cold here lots. Its finding a way to weather the swings that needs to happen. Local ski hills are still open today.
  8. I'm not very impressed with the 2025 release. 4 strokes get a new brake. Expedition gets new paint. The electric offerings were extended to the Expedition, but with no driveline improvements.which make the offering useless to 99% of the market. Nothing else. There is very little in this release for anyone, but the 2 stroke crowd.
  9. It opened last season. I crossed it in March.
  10. No real knowledge on current conditions. I can tell you this. Haliburton Lake has some currents in it and is typically one of the later lakes to be safe. I cut holes in Skootamattta Lake yesterday. Its is one of the earlier lakes to freeze and is a similar distance north with similar weather patterns. We have 7" in the area the stake line runs. Typically for 3rd week of February that would be well over 16". I've seen over 24" some years. So no good data, but my guess is the later lakes to freeze like Muskoka, Haliburton, Chandos, Mazinaw etc may not get there this year. Could be wrong, but thats my 2 cents. If in doubt, don't go or go check yourself before crossing. Not worth the risk. Hopefully someone who is local and on that lake can give you some better info.
  11. signfan


    Bancroft is where to go. Base was there and got a good topping this week. Get out now while you can.
  12. Oh I hope that's correct. Pick all the Yamaha guys up overnight. I just hope they offer it on the lower hp sleds.
  13. signfan


    Snowing along the highway 60 corridor today. Snow covered roads on the 511 webcam east of Dwight and over east of Whitney. Hopefully it keeps up and extends over a larger distance. https://511on.ca/
  14. What part of the province were you riding?
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