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  1. Cash only last time i was through. With starlink it would be easy to get debit and visa. They won't though not wanting to loose a cut of the $5 / litre gas.
  2. Whats is this trail like that runs out towards Georgian Bay? Is it worth the trip out and back? Also what is the C trail and C101D like to the south / east?
  3. Trail 111 and 170 just added to the ITG. Will have to go check them out this winter. Wonder if there is plans to connect to Palmer Rapids. Would complete / add a new loop.
  4. Always good practice to run a lien search. Also a CPIC search to ensure it hasn't been reported stolen.
  5. Thanks everyone. Think I'm sold on Sand Dam rd.
  6. Is that where A102Q meets the A/D trail? Is there a maintained lot there? Is there anyone to check in with or pay before parking there? Overnight stays allowed? Looks like a good solution.
  7. Any good public parking spots in North Bay that people use to stage from? Ive used the portage in the past, but found they discourage anything longterm (overnight). Hotels are an option, but if were driving up in the morning and riding out I wouldn't be stayong there overnight. The ITG shows lakeside dr as an option. I believe its directing us to Armstrong park. Anyone parked there? Other options???
  8. I'm thinking just the gen 4 sleds then and probably only certain years. With 25,000 and 30,000 km on our sleds probably no concern with this issue unless we run into a spell of bad gas somewhere. Changing these socks is probably on some maintenance interval recommendation. That'll be how they're getting around the recall. If you follow the schedule this is addressed before its ever an issue to you.
  9. If its plastic then clearly a manufacturing issue. Should be a recall, but wont happen. What is involved in changing them for us folks that do our own work? Is this a one time thing after the sleds been through a cpl thousand km? Or a re-occuring maintenance item? Seems like once its done and tank is clean wouldn't be needed again unless you get into bad gas.
  10. They behave differently on an XS chassis vs gen 4 or 5. Better on the xs chassis.
  11. Enough to cover the grass in Ptbo this morning. All gone now.
  12. Another interesting one. These guys have their crap figured out. East coast up to Nain looks pretty interesting.
  13. Some of their issues are self inflicted. If your gear is failing before you start out on a trip like that might be worth addressing. Not quite the right toboggan setup either. Still pretty cool.
  14. Find something new everyday. These folks are pretty resourceful. Find it hilarious that the dog comes and gets its own ride. Some beautiful country they're traveling in.
  15. Would eat up a ton of floor space too when not in use. Other issue I see is you have to drive 6' across your garage before you get on it. So you're still gonna have carbide damage to your floors vs independent wheels where you can put them on at the slab edge. To each their own. Would be perfect for some peoples applications I'm sure.
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