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  1. Has been for sake for years to the right buyer. They're not going to give it away.
  2. Read into it in more detail. Some smart moves being made from what I've read. Too bad CTV decided to frame it in the manner they have.
  3. Yeah chances are large swaths of the province go untouched by this though. Will be interesting to see.
  4. This gets interesting if there is an outbreak in Belleville. Technically Bancroft is in the same health unit despite being 1.5 hours away. Do we close trails in and out of Bancroft due to an outbreak in Belleville? Hopefully we don't get to those scenarios, but will be interesting to see how it plays out. Similar if Timmins has a run of it does Hearst have to close things up to connect to Wawa? Timmins and Hearst are in the same health unit district. Wawa is part of the Algoma health unit. As for enforcement can't see it being anything other than the honour system.
  5. I'm not on the inside on this one, but yes that's pretty much the issue from what I hear.
  6. It's government owned land. To accept being kicked out is not a solution and sets a terrible precedent. The conservation authority needs to bend and start playing ball. OFSC has more than enough coverage. The other trail users need to step up to the plate with their own insurance and if that doesn't occur then it's on the conservation authority to provide coverage for them or stop their use. Not the OFSC's issue to solve.
  7. Grand River Conservation Authority take notice. This is how it should be. If the coverage is good enough (which it is) for the city of Ottawa it's good enough for your organization. Congrats to the Upper Canada snowmobile region.
  8. Pack a garbage bag for your helmet. Wrap it up when you go in and toss the bag on your way out. Skipping the lunch stop seems like a good solution.
  9. Yeah I guess they could charge everyone the $20 s and h and that would be it. Not my first choice but it is an option is this became a major problem.
  10. I didn't pay for tracked shipping either. Did get the shipping e-mail today. That said the issue here with your theory is the OFSC will present your cc company with the contract you signed (waiving tracked shipping) and proof that they shipped from the fulfillment contractor that distributes permits. You will loose the case and visa will make you pay regardless of whether you got the permit in the mail or not. Why go through this?
  11. Anyone own one of the new expedition sleds? How do you find it vs a traditional trail sled. Is there many sacrifices going to these utility sleds for trail riding? Do they push in corners? Big loss in suspension performance? For someone that is 90% trail riding and 10% utility (move a cord of firewood a year, pull the sleigh into the cottage breaking trail, etc.) is this the way to go? Or better to just add a sleigh hitch to a renegade? For years the answer was clear, but given the improvements recently made to the sport utility market has this changed?
  12. The warning is off of the 511 site now. Anyone been through the area lately?
  13. Everyone keeps talking about dripping helmets. Wouldn't carrying a couple small garbage bags solve this? Bag things up when you pull the lid off outside and then put a mask on. Seems like a simple solution. Restaurants that are proactive could just leave a box of bags at the door next to the hand sanitizer.
  14. You're supposed to get an e-mail when they ship notifying you it's in the mail.
  15. Sounds like things are booming in this area with mining and with the east west connector transmission line being built. Umber prices must be helpibg the softwood lumber mills as well. Wonder if this will help the cause in getting these loops re-opened. Anyone heard any updates?
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