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  1. Looking to replace my 15 year old leather brp gloves this year (finally wore one too many holes in them). What does everyone recommend for gloves? Looking for a 5 finger mitt with decent insulation that will wick moisture and stay dry. I do run the brp muffs a lot of the time, but would still prefer a pair that I could run without muffs on. Am thinking I'll avoid the electric heated versions, but other than that looking for top of the line that will last me another 15 years.
  2. Interesting read. Wonder why they are not looking to Quebec hydro power as part of the solution? Hydro Quebec is having a tough time getting connections approved into the new England area. Ontario is a logical partner and potential customer.
  3. Wonder if it will be a copy of the rev XS chassis.
  4. If the infrastructure gets built and the battery performance is there this isn't trouble. It's progress.
  5. Depends how you go about it. If you elect not to pay the insurance cost at the time of purchase you get charged an admin fee of around $20. End of story and you just pay about $20 less up front. If you pay the full pop and then apply for the rebate (submitting a form and proof of other insurance coverage to intact) and wait you get the full refund which last year was just shy of $40. A cheque eventually arrives several weeks after you apply for it. You do need to apply right away. If you wait it slowly gets cut back over time. Last year we got full rebates back on two seasonal permits. In years past I bought 3 day permits and got rebates back as well. Not sure if the rebate is still available for 3 and 7 day permits or not. I had heard it changed some.
  6. $40 is pretty accurate for seasonal permits. There is a rebate on three day and 7 days permits as well, but you have to complete the paperwork when you purchase your permit. I'm pretty sure OFSC has the ability to go to MTO in Sept right after AGM for increases. It has been done in recent years.
  7. Yes all of the prices include insurance which you can get back. With fuel I can't see how Ontario can't follow suit with an increase of $10 - $20.
  8. Anyone familiar with the new process for sled renewals? https://www.cp24.com/mobile/news/brampton-driver-warns-people-about-licence-plate-renewal-rule-after-receiving-hefty-fine-1.5898832
  9. No doubt. If there was a way for them to make another buck they will do it every time.
  10. Better have an alternative vehicle available that fills the need before this is ever considered.
  11. Yeah it's open now. Naturally aspirated 900 aces will make it. Same with that new polaris 4 stroke and probaby a few of the Yamaha 4 strokes. With everyone carrying caddies why not keep it open. Hopefully halfway is open next year so it's a mute point. Nice to see the clubs going the extra mile. I'm sure this makes for a much more difficult grooming session.
  12. Looks like the clubs came up with a solution with halfway closed (minor re-route on a different road I'm guessing??). Cuts Wawa out of the equation, but proves a link to Chapleau can be maintained. 260 km gas stop to gas stop it looks like.
  13. Great report. Can't stress enough how much the weather can make or break a gaspe trip. Looks like you were on top of that. We learned the hard way two weeks ago. Stuck 6 times in one day. It made 250 kms feel like 500. We loved the scenery and the experience. Blown in trails not so much.
  14. Nope it's hwy 634 from Smooth Rock. I drove it last winter with work. It is a paved plowed well maintained highway to within 10 miles of base camp. Then it's good gov't maintained gravel road right to there door. No doubt it's is a challenge for the clubs to groom due to the distance involved. Base Camp is a remote gas station that has to cover overheads in a short season (3 - 4 months). No one is saying fuel shouldn't collect a premium. But not anywhere even close to what they're charging. And the way they deal with ppl is not ok. Just my opinion.
  15. La Reine is right on the border. The trail on the Quebec side is still open. Why would the Quebec club need to help? Ontario looks after Ontario and the Quebec side looks to still be operational.
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