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  1. If I had a sled on order and it wasn't coming before x-mas can't say I'd put up with it. This will all pass in a years time. Guess hanging onto what we have was a good call for another season.
  2. Snowmobiling.org is ran by the international snowmobilers association (ISMA). It's an organization owned and operated by the 4 sled manufacturers. From the site We are an organization representing the four snowmobile manufacturers. We coordinate committees within the industry to handle concerns such as snowmobile safety, the promotion of the lifestyle activity of snowmobiling, keeping accurate statistics, reporting the growth of the industry and the positive economic impact snowmobiling has throughout the world. There are four major manufacturers that build snowmobil
  3. True enough. Still it's no secret. Should be published by ofsc once a year to all permit holders.
  4. It was 911 and mainly US department of homeland security rules that got us to a point where passports are needed. Once covid ends I suspect you will see a big push from OFSC to market state side. It was in the plans before Covid hit. That said the rules at the border will not change to allow more touring snowmobilers to enter with less hassle. Just the world we are in. Add needing proof of immunization to the list of needed docs that will be coming. I personally welcome the US sledders. That said the system here will survive with or without them.
  5. It's released to the clubs and districts. I don't think it's any big secret. US sales would be off, but the surge in Ontario riders more than made up for it. Sales were up, but I haven't seen the final figures. Being a government permit freedom of information would obligate the province to release the numbers if one asked. I'm sure there's easier ways to attain it though.
  6. Bummer that sucks. I'd call it an average season for me. Definitely different with covid, but I got out.
  7. DO you have inside info on the manitowadge loop re-opening? Is it a tie to Hornepayne? Or heading further north out of Manitowadge towards Greenstone? Is this happening or just speculation?
  8. Swisha to Temiscaming - TQ43 - 215 km station to station. If its only 225 to 235 Chapleau to Wawa that might be ok. Grooming is the tougher point. The temiscaming club has an outfitter building part way in the operators stay at and groom the trail over a three day period. Not ideal, but they seem to make it work.
  9. Hopefully the map is wrong. It would be a shame to see C101D closed again.
  10. Just running off what the Algoma trail plan map says. 24 kms wawa town site to top D / wawa 5. 112.1 km top d / wawa 5 to Halfway 15.7 halfway to the chapleau turn 110.9 chapleau turn to chapleau According to the map running north up wawa 5 and then down the lake to town is 26 km. My math comes out over the 260 km mark. Whether this all makes sense or not I don't know. It's what's on the map. Even if it's out by 10 km you're still up near 250 km.
  11. 326 km wawa to black creek 317 km wawa to Golais river 263 Km wawa to chapleau 285 Km chapleau to black creek 276 Km chapleau to golais river All based on the Algoma Trail Plan map. You see 200 km between fuel stations in Quebec and it works. I think that's getting near the max though. At these distances I think you'd see a lot of ppl getting into trouble. Detouring through Chapleau helps, but still some big distance many sleds won't make. For comparison what are you Cochrane to Abitibi Base Camp and then down to Smooth Rock. 250 km??? Most con
  12. Ministry of tourism would be a better source for funding. OFSC getting into fuel sales / operations would be a long stretch for the organization. They would have the same issues finding staff.
  13. Around 275 km Goulais River to Chapleau. Risky without a Jerry can on a 4 stroke. Probably out of question for the 2 stroke crowd even with a jerry can. Can't see the clubs maintaining it for only a portion of the sledders that would use it. This sucks. That trip was on the bucket list.
  14. Never been. Do they have a grid connection? Or does the place run off a generator? Wonder if there would be a way to put an unmaned fuel station in there like what is in Elk Lake. Not ideal but between that and a warming hut the trail could remain open. In downtown Toronto there is unmanned pizza machines. Plug your credit card in and you get a hot meal. Pair that with a pop machine and you have two of the three services being maintained. Not the same, but it would do. Would be interesting to see the math behind the operations. Too bad to hear this. It's a critical trail link. Thi
  15. Cutting the options down and simplifying production. Makes sense. Smart move by BRP. If you want mechanical reverse its still offered on a 600 ace, but that's about it as you said. I guess mechanical reverse is also available on the sport utility sleds as well.
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