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  1. After being first on schene to a sled accident two years ago where a guy had to be air lifted out I fitted our whole family last winter with tek vests. They are a touch bulky and take some getting used to, but nothing u won't overcome after a few rides. We won't ride without them now (you just don't know who the idiot coming at you around the next corner is going to be). Good quality product and the history they have in the industry speaks for itself. They are designed for trail riding and are cut properly so you have good movement in them. Unless you want to spend really big money on motorcycle vests that deploy when needed I think tek vest is the way to go. As an added bonus they do add an insulation layer which is nice. My kids wear them over their jackets. My wife and I wear ours under our jackets. The kids vests have the arm and shoulder protection. The adult vests we have are the super sport which is just your core body protection.
  2. In Chibougamau Quebec last week. Lol.
  3. Should e-mail the councilors. Ridiculous how much pull staff seem to have. Why only for 2 years if this solves the issue? Is there another plan being worked on? Or did staff just arbitrarily come up with that time frame?
  4. Yes. Probably best to check with your accommodations and see if they'd print it, but that's the idea. I think most hotels front desks would. It's just a PDF file. As stated the police can check the system to confirm vin #'s match, etc. Lots will go the phone route. I'd be hesitant to do that without a printed backup. Phone batteries die at the most opportune moments.
  5. I'm 99% sure you get a downloadable temp permit you can print off when you buy your permit. For 1, 3 and 7 day passes I'm not certain they even bother mailing you anything anymore. It's all downloadable. I know when I bought my Quebec season pass it came with a temp permit I could print off that had an expiry on it (something like 6 weeks out from date of purchase) to use until the season pass arrived in the mail. Definitely wouldn't let that issue stop you from heading to Quebec. Ontario does the same thing with their 3 and 7 day passes.
  6. If you can postpone a week to let the x-mas rush subside. Or carry on to Kapuskasing to get away from the bulk of the traffic. Cochrane is becoming a place to avoid at x-mas and the last weeks of the season. We're trying Lanaudiere for x-mas if the weather co-operates. I'm hoping it isn't a zoo.
  7. According to their website construction carries through this winter as well with completion in the spring. Not sure whether they'd string with trucks or helicopters. My guess is they will need road access regardless over some parts of the line.
  8. Is the east west tie project completed? Or will they have portions of the trail around Wawa and out towards Marathon plowed?
  9. The way the quarantine rules worked here you weren't allowed to go for a drive or go into any public space until your quarantineperiod was over. At the border you needed a plan on how to get from the border crossing to the quarantine residence with no stops. You are basically required to stay on your own property with someone else bringing you supplies of needed. I think you're gonna find he's not allowed in unless vaccinated, so it's a mute point. If you have a legit medical exemption (the conditions considered legit is very small) you might get around it, but definitely need to do your homework on it.
  10. Who knows what the rules will be by next summer though. I suspect most of the testing will be gone, but mandatory vaccinations for non Canadian citizens will remain in place. It's really just a guess at this point. They're will be a separate set of rules for US residents on their return you'd want to look into as well.
  11. Canadian or US citizen? If a US citizen I believe they would need to be vaccinated to gain entry. If a Canadian citizen if vaccinated no quarantine. If unvaccinated would be subject to quarantine.
  12. Legally yes. Practically it depends what spot checks you go through.
  13. I think the issue will be how often the Polaris guages get over the air updates. With BRP go its on your phone, so you won't go too long without service. If Polaris requires a more complex update process it could be problematic. On all other fronts Polaris has BRP beat on the Guage, but this could be a critical item in attaining ofsc trail data.
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