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  1. signfan

    2021 Polaris Release

    How about a 120 hp four stroke for the touring market. Time they got with the program.
  2. signfan

    Bewdley to Hiawatha

    Yep that was kinda my point.
  3. signfan

    Bewdley to Hiawatha

    How much ice is there in the middle of the lake?
  4. signfan

    2021 Doo Release

    This new gauge package does look interesting. Connects to your phone through an app so it can run navigation. I think they are onto something. Will be interesting to see how it works with the ITG and imotoneige apps.
  5. signfan

    706 trail in Glen Alda closed?

    No it crosses on the bridge which explains why it's closed. I expect it won't open this winter
  6. signfan

    Barry's Bay - Golden Lake Yellow

    I was through there on the 5th and it was a mogul field at that point.
  7. signfan

    706 trail in Glen Alda closed?

    That bridge makes sense. It will be closed all winter.
  8. signfan

    706 trail in Glen Alda closed?

    It's an old Hastings trail. Not Paudash. Probably best to call the club. I doubt there is any ice issues. The stake line is in from what I know. Chandos is late to freeze, but once its froze it is very safe to ride.
  9. signfan

    Avoiding Road Running on Paudash TB #615

    We always ran further up the lake to the Rabbitt trail. Never that close to the bridge / open water. Is the stake line installed where you have it marked?
  10. signfan

    Misleading Trail Signage

    IMO OFSC has not pushed to get destination signage right in this province. Not even close. There are good pockets here and there, but nowhere near as good as it should be. It's a corporate policy change that is needed. Clubs and districts aren't making it a priority. Needs to be looked at from a higher level in the organization with some proper thought put into it like has been done in Quebec or New Brunswick.
  11. signfan

    Ride Your Side

    I havent seen many of these signs actually installed yet though. Which clubs besides missing link actually have them?
  12. signfan

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    Coverage is not limited by time. It's for "normal operations of a snowmobile club" 365 days a year. Volunteers working on trails in the off season is normal use. Providing coverage for a landowner for a hiker accessing their property with the landowners permission is not normal use (regardless of time of year). This is the issue. Municipalities/ gov't owned agencies trying to push this liability on the clubs. It's more complicated than this when you start running possible scenario's, but that's the heart of the issue at hand. Glad to see things have been dealt with in Ottawa.
  13. signfan

    2021 Doo Release

    So 2020 lineup with new colour choices?? That will be a disappointment.
  14. signfan

    E 208 - Peterborough

    No that's a big screw up. No parking there ever.
  15. signfan

    2021 Doo Release

    Mxz with a taiga driveline in it? Electric is coming sooner than later. Maybe 2021 is the year.