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  1. signfan

    Kids Sleds - Ownership and Insurance

    The 300 cc sno skoot is different from a 120 isnt it? I believe it is actually trail legal where as a 120 would not be. Not sure if this has a bearing on things?
  2. Just looking for some info on the 120 cc sleds. Do they come with an ownership? Do you have to pay taxes on a used purchase? And are they tough to get insurance for with the kids being the drivers?
  3. signfan

    New ofsc mobile app.

    Would be nice if groomer delay was shown like Quebec and New Brunswick.
  4. signfan

    Top 5 Ontario Trails

    Yeah the entire hydro line is still rideable. You just have the head for Kennisis Lake. You know what I meant.
  5. signfan

    Top 5 Ontario Trails

    Ok something to pass the time (also to give me some new riding areas to check out next season). List your top 5 and the reasons why. 1. Top A - Petawawa to Mattawa Golf and Ski - Awesome pipeline running. Big wide and open. Well looked after by three clubs. 2. Trail 960 in Old Hastings maze. Big wide logging road. And well the rest of the maze is awesome too. Just don't get lost. Minimal traffic on great roads with consistent grooming. 3. Top B whitney to Eagle lake. What can you say. The hydro line road just rolls. Nice and open. One of only a few trails in Algonquin park. Just be careful on an overcast day as it can be tough to tell where the trail runs when the snow and the sky are the same colour. Has a real remote feel despite being in central ontario. 4. NB308. Not too far from civilization. Again those big open roads with little traffic. Lookout off NB304 is worth checking out as well 5. A111C outside Timmins. Just a good wide club trail. Running by the mines and the hull trucks is interesting to see while on a tour. Anyways that's mine. What trails are on your Ontario favourites list?
  6. Yep they probably lied. Most likely said they were coming for essential work.
  7. signfan

    Haydays Cancelled

    This could go either way for the sledding season. I'm predicting a banner season with above average sled and permit sales. Not too many folks going south this winter. Let's be honest anyone reading this forum in July is buying a permit in October. We all have too much interest in the sport to risk sitting out for a season. Only thing I'm second guessing is buying Quenec permits. May just go the day pass route again this winter for la belle province riding. No one likes the early end last year, but it was the third week in March. Not many trips were lost over it. OFSC made the right call for the time. No one has more interest in keeping the majority of the trails open than OFSC.
  8. signfan

    Haydays Cancelled

    Yeah big east show in new york was just cancelled as well. Tough to say what will occur in Ontario. In some ways different situation here. In other ways no different at all.
  9. signfan

    Haydays Cancelled

    Not that it effects us much in Ontario, but they just called it today. Postponed to 2021.
  10. signfan

    Hotel/ resort rentals this winter.

    Yeah so you have the leave your helmet on your sled. Not the end of the world. Buy a bike lock and lock it to your handlebars if you're worried about theft. There's solutions to every problem. I'll be riding and I'm sure the restaurants will want to see us still. Very good point though. One to think about for sure.
  11. signfan

    Hotel/ resort rentals this winter.

    I think the closure will hurt the Quebec system more than Ontario. They seem to see a lot more american sledders. It's definately not what we are wishing for. It is the reality though. This works both ways. Lot's of canadians that own property in Arizona and Florida that aren't visiting their properties. Terrible situation, but given where things stand I'm 100% sure the US would have the same border closed policy if the trends were reversed in the two countries. Wait Trump did try to cut our supply of PPE off to serve American interests didn't he?? The idea of allowing property owners in has merit. Like everyone stated it only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for all of us.
  12. signfan

    Hotel/ resort rentals this winter.

    Will the trails be rideable in 2 weeks? Lol. Need a crystal ball to predict this one. I'm on the optimistic side that we will get to stage three nation wide in Canada. Keep the border closed and the resorts will have to suffer through not having American tourists up here. Hopefully sledding will see a surge in use like boating has this summer because there is no international travel options. Who knows though. To soon to predict.
  13. It never occured that I'm aware of. Was suggested by OFSC and turned down by the fcmq. Insurance would be one issue to overcome. Never hurts to ask again. I would buy on I'm sure.
  14. OFSC approached the fcmq on this about 10 years ago. The answer from the fcmq was no thanks.
  15. Any tips on when and where to buy a tek vest. Do they typically go on sale at a certain vendor? Or at the sled shows?