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  1. Anyone on here own one? What are your thoughts on them? Do the flip up rear seats work well?
  2. What a load of crap. Nothing wrong with the doo throttles. They work great. Can actually still feel my thumb after a 500 km day. As stated wear your tether. It's there for a reason.
  3. Yeah I was always a big fan of torsion axles. You start reading about the downsides of them in multi axle configurations though and it has me taking a second look. With the weights involved in sled trailers its probably not a large issue, but something to consider.
  4. Yeah I'm thinking that is a key difference. Are the torsion axles on your rig mounted right to the trailer frame? Or are they mounted to a walking beam to dissipate load between both axles? https://www.synthx.com/torsion-axle-walking-beam-suspension/
  5. Does Neo run torsion axles or leaf springs?
  6. When we say fit abd finish what are the differences? Wiring, trim, door seals, something else?
  7. Middle of the summer. Might as well have another trailer thread. How do these two manufacturers compare when looking at comparable units?
  8. Why is that? Seems a shame that this can't be kept consistently good. Cross border riding could be awesome hoping back and forth is the connections were prioritized.
  9. A cat wouldn't have a computer chip in it. Technology isn't that advanced yet. Lol
  10. The lodge for overnight stays was only open Saturday nights. They were open for food and fuel 7 days a week still. I believe they were housing loggers through the week.
  11. It's temporary, but will depend on next years logging plan. They had no choice but to close this year with something like 150km of plowed road that is usually the trail. I'm really hoping the logging is done next season. Probably won't hear anything official on it till the fall. Pavillon La VĂ©rendry is up for sale as well. Not likely to cause an issue, but who knows.
  12. I had a yamaha phazer that had failing relay issues. Yamaha put out a fix which was a solid state relay. It worked well.
  13. I've had one frozen relay after running up the highway one morning with the sled in the back of the truck. Threw the relay on the dash heater in the truck for 5 mins and then popped it back in and away we went. I don't carry any spare fuses or relays (a good idea, but haven't bothered). No booster pack either. Do carry booster cables and a standard emergency kit (tow rope, first aid kit, candle, axe, brush saw, etc. I have stratchers that come on some trips. These sleds are more reliable than anything else, not less.
  14. Gotta be more to this story. They own their own engine manufacturing plant. Are they having troubles sourcing parts (bearings, pistons, etc??).
  15. Good point. The trucking industry is kinda like construction though. Slow to embrace change.
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