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  1. Yes it will be bumpy by mid day. Lots of traffic up here on the weekends
  2. Haliburton and KLSC are out grooming tonight. With the cold temps it should be good.
  3. Yes this is why we lose trails. Idiots
  4. We also rode from Kinmount to Haliburton. The KLSC trails remain closed still but they were groomed. More snow coming this week so conditions will improve.
  5. Very sad. Condolences to their families.
  6. I would go the extra hour to Kirkland Lake and ride into Quebec from there.
  7. Yes I saw that also. With the amount of sleds running the railbed now it will need a grooming. Lol
  8. Yes they might be rideable but the KLSC groomers haven’t been seen in a week or so. I am not sure if they were out last night but will check in the morning
  9. Great pics and video guys. I was up there and I think you guys were at the micro motel the same time I was there. ( the guy in the orange Klim jacket). The trails were mint. R7
  10. The rail trail was groomed last night. It should be good for a bit but I am sure it's going to be busy.
  11. Groomers are out tonight on the Fenelon side of things. Trails should be good in the morning.
  12. We got a couple of inches of know here in fenelon falls over night. If we are getting the snow that is predicted this week things should be back to normal by the weekend.
  13. B103 in fenelon is icy a rough. We need more snow.
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