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  1. Ageed , I use OEM kits and oil, just putting it out there for whom choose to do otherwise, one of my riding buddies just picked up a new 24 Turbo R doo, just over 27K out the door, No point in cheaping out on iol and filters!
  2. Most manufactures you may look up online for part numbers per your application. Filters can be cross referenced. Do your home work on filters, some low quality, some very good. Just because its a brand name and company has a good marketing progam does not neccessary make it a quality item. If your in warranty I would use OEM filter. I would think gaskets have to come from dealer? My old Artic Cat sled had a spin on filter. New Doo I think is a cartridge type that will require gasket or o ring?
  3. Has anyone bought from this website that has a sale on FXR clothing seems to be to low of prices to be true which never works out. They advertise on FB https://www.topodesignsworld.vip/
  4. Sleeding sure does pump money into the local communities. When the Hotel in Sprucedale closed, traffic and customers dropped of at the gas station.
  5. Cant beat the black and gold from the late 70s but im old school cool !
  6. We use Yamaha outboards on our boats at work, not as high tech as Mercs, but very reliable.
  7. So, go rid of my Cat in late winter,looking to purchase a gently used Turbo Doo. As I have been on a Cat since 1987, not familair with a Doo. Any issues I should be aware of when looking at used sled? At what KM do the clutches need maintaneace? Anyoone thing of selling ? Thanks.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1198999070793688/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A386f5532-bb5d-44b4-8e2a-f3aa10
  9. I seen one for sale but cant remeber where, FB market place, Sled JIJI or Kijji, sorry short memory.LOL!
  10. 2016 Arctic Cat ZR 7000 137 Snow Pro,well maintained,CVT 80 primary clutch, shaft saver, 96 woodies studs,4th wheel kit, fuse panel relocated, mid height windshield,low windshield, google bag, midsize tail bag,engine heater,Arctic Cat canvass cover. 15000km. Asking $7000.
  11. We buy Weber Lane trailers for work, quality trailer for a great price. I would recommend them any day.
  12. Has anyone stayed at the Pinestone Inn between Haliburton and Minden recently? Was there a few years ago and was not a great experiance. I need to book a room in January for work and there is limited places in the area to stay. Hoping that things have improved.
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