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  1. Looking for recomendations for accomadations in Timmins for a week in Feb or March, Air BNB hotels or resorts or cottages. Thanks
  2. Yes Try RP trailers in Newmarket. RP Trailers Mfgs & Sales Ltd - 4-1251 Gorham St, Newmarket, ON
  3. Yes Farmers are needed greatly, as they are always outstanding in thier field! If you ate today, thank a farmer, if you were lucky enough to snowmobile across their land thank them twice! It is more difficult for farmers to survive each year, the small family farms are becoming athing of the past.
  4. Sold sign on the Sprucedale hotel now.
  5. Just posted on thier FB page , all please phone the contact number provided to voice your concerns. Were heading to Elk lake on Saturday, hoping to complete a Timmins loop before they close the trails.
  6. That is Priceless Spider Man! Memmories for you and your son!
  7. Thanks for all the great work! Heading to Elk Lake end of Feb!
  8. Glad to hear all are safe and no injuries. Maybe one of the clubs from the South will relocate to the aera to help out.
  9. Hey BP, 3 of my frieds I ride with have all installed the Kat heaters as welll as the other modifications you have posted in regards to the AC chassis and drive train.
  10. Best thing I ever did was install a Kat heater on my ZR 7000 Thanks BP!
  11. Try Cerka in Milton or Miska in Flambrough .
  12. Spoke with a BRP dealer we use through work,he says new sleds are being shipped incomplete from factory and dealers will have to complete.No worries though, Im sure they will be ready for when the snow arrives!
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