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    18 rene 17 mxzx 850 13 mxz 08 mxz 03 mxz 02 legend 99 mxz 84 moto doo 79 bliz 5500 76 sonic 72 moto ski capri with such rare options as go anywhere 18 bogie wheels,4 bed springs, non carbide skis for powerfull bank to bank road turning, 6 stops to a gallon, fleur de lis trim over hemi orange , dual headlights sometimes, 336 jello motor with carb open to gut for quick choke when cold or hot, slim foot runners for quick action sliding down of boots for extra stopping power, easily seats 3
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    2020 SRX
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  1. Having worked in the fire industry for a number of years Adjusters have a fiduciary duty to their company and as such do not work for you.Not sure what you consider good adjusters but my experience is they give you the lowest amount of coin for your loss as a starting settlement and unless your aware/educated most people accept.Im sure there are some good stories here on OC with insurance company offers
  2. au contraire never except a insurance companies first offer as in my experience and experience in the market may decide your final offer
  3. au contraire never except a insurance companies first offer as in my experience and experience in the market may decide your final offer
  4. yes the trailer is insured however as you know negotiations with insurance companies begin with education, due diligence and who would likely have experienced such matters as OC members
  5. Thanks guys for the tips seems parts and/or panels are chickens teeth called many inc trailers plus and triton which has stopped making clamshells .Its too bad as I had a triton and actually preferred the Easton like wright said
  6. Like the headline states front and top of corrugated aluminum and framing took the blow shearing the metal and top frame any repair ,replacement ideas from OC members .Trailer is 12 foot Easton clamshell luckily covered by insurance
  7. lol Ive never heard it however there are some rumours
  8. the over the hill gang rides again leaving uxbridge saturday morning returning wed morning ,can meet roughly east to ottawa or 401 heading for and staging north of Mont Tremblant up to 100 lakes resort and back .200-300 km days
  9. Thats right its a big club and you and I are not in it.However if your interested in riding vaxed or unvaxed and are nor paranoid for either condition and you like to travel to north bay, kirkland lake Kawarthas or any place in quebec that has early, middle or late snow let me know.Lets get that spirit of sledding back and talk politics over a drink after riding
  10. plus one for gadget mans memory of young st drive 70s circa ...69 nova ss 396 now that was trouble and fun depending on your luck
  11. They should call you td scout nice work
  12. Nice looks like Sag area shaping up nice contact there says 2 feet of snow in higher elevations forecast looks solid
  13. in my opinion hands down doo muffs in the coldest weather no matter the sled with your choice of gloves ,with out -leather one piece ,leather crab claw, heated gloves may be interesting never tried- dual klim cold hands for me in moderate conditions
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