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  1. Nice ride back from Kap - Except A trail out of SR. a least this am you could skip across - tonight was a solid 30km of standing doing 50-60km/hr max
  2. We did loop - from cochrane up, then down east side to smoothrock. great except A trail out of smoothrock to cochrane.. Note:the A trail for 30km out of smoothrock was even WORSE this evening.
  3. Man - boy can my 13 year old ride! home sweet and sound (well to the thrift lodge at least) - 560.0km for the day!
  4. Back in Kap at 4:45pm for early small dinner of wings at Chucks . 410 km thus far. my son, I think , had the 900 ACE to the bar for a fair bit of the 40 km coming in and out of Hearst on A trail. think we are going to break up ride back to cochrane for some great Quebec style poutine in smoothrock(also know as “no groomers” or “bumpy ride”.) the A trail to Hearst was great, I softened up my front , and with the extra traffic ride back was awesome.
  5. Made it to Hearst for fuel - 282 km. now time to turn around !!!
  6. Just stopped for a soup and coffee in kap - 150 km from cochrane. chilly start in the am. First 40 km perfect, next 60 to moonbeam hadn’t been groomed in a while..... stuck.... moonbeam to kap perfect - except for the OPP stop. All good.
  7. Stayed in New liskeard last night then continued trailering to cochrane this am. parked at Thrift lodge (staying next two nights) and headed out up to do the abitibi loop. on the trail 10am ish after filling up sleds, gas caddy and 2 extra empty 4l jugs of oil with hi test - as was really worried abilitbi camp would be packed , potentially run out of fuel , and wasn’t wanting to stop in today (As cochrane is packed...) First 40 km out of town was a little bumpy for cochrane - but flat white carpet mostly after that. ice road still at 100cm! Saw two gr
  8. Yep.... 650 Vr1 137” and either an 850 assault or 850 XCR 136” (if assault can’t fit in trailer....)
  9. Tc11, 127” deck with couple extra inches for ski tips at front. Should “fit” if clearance for body/windshield
  10. Agreed - but I think even with G4 hood being so far forward I think it would hit next before skis hit front (if I removed the medium shield) Hoping Polaris is not the same.
  11. Any fellow OC’rs going to be at cochrane thrift lodge south this weekend and riding a 2021 Polaris matryk platform ? im in need of some measurements to see if an assault will fit or not in my trailer. Length it will fit if the hood /windshield allows sled to go all the way to the front. my XS chassis can go all the way, but G4 (with more forward cockpit and higher stance) wont allow to park all the way in as windshield profile starts to hit.
  12. If possible , anyone riding cochrane tomorrow can they confirm if scratchers are needed or the little snow dusting Thursday/Friday will be enough to keep things cool? I have one on my machine , but none in the 900 Ace - but may be able to steal one off my fathers machine if needed. thanks in advance.
  13. you can’t miss us with our jackets ! Ha ha!
  14. I’m all loaded up ready to go with both machines and truck packed..... though can’t leave till 3:10pm tomorrow when little one gets out of school..... will make it to new liskeard for Friday night, then trailer in early am to cochrane and start riding Saturday. May do canyon loop sat aft, then Hearst and back Sunday, then putt around Monday (maybe hydrolines) till noon and then load up and back home
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