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  1. Most of them are on a strict testing cycle of once per day. One of the ladies who is doing testing at my work now mentioned she was testing all the maple leaf players in the previous nhl bubble everyday. test is apparently 98% accurate - so “risk” of any transmittal is “low” - though I agree doesn’t look good for others to look at/emulate.
  2. I skied two days at Blue over Christmas (24/25) and sledded up north in Cochrane for four days after that over this past Christmas holidays. I could honestly say skiing and village was crazy, even though masks, etc. just a lot of people. Up north, for 4 days of 1300 km sledding I interacted with almost no one except check in at motel (masks and plexiglass) and Tim’s drive thru (plexiglass) and Guys at Abitibi canyon had masks on (and I helmet) and purchased gas out of gas cans there (meter was down) last Saturday I trailered our sleds to Durham to sled 300km for the day and again interacted with no one (except son) and getting a coffee from Tim’s in the am (went in store with mask and them masks/plexiglass - to pick up , as had trailer) so I can totally see the difference in skiing and sledding.
  3. Yes , but the province has made a conscious decision to include snowmobiling as acceptable , unlike downhill skiing for example. they must have used some sense in thinking that the number of sledders and large groups together is minimal with restaurants indoor seating closed, minimal contact at gas stations/tap n go, etc. will help keep economy going somewhat and mental health of some , with minimal risk..... ps the 50 trucks is nothing compared to Blue mountain parking lot every weekend - and 50% their aren’t skiing it seems these days! fingers crossed.
  4. So if skating rinks (and I suspect Zamboni’s will be running?) are open and limited to 25 people - would groomers not also be operating to maintain trails as snowmobiling is approved activity? asking for a friend.
  5. My Fit bit app said I did 42,437 steps on Saturday when I was out riding (trails were really bumpy for the 297 Km’s!) :)
  6. Unfortunately I agree with you Scotty, but honestly do you think sledding the last couple of weeks and the trailering in southern Ontario actually increased / or spread any significant Covid cases?
  7. Wow. I’m sooooo glad I didn’t stay home today. Think I’m over 1600km this season so far! My 13 year old son and I trailered out to Durham - on trail 8:00am Freshly groomed and first tracks for 15 km. Made it to markdale B111, then rail line to gas in owen sound (90km). Headed back down to Dundalk - trail bumpy South of markdale. Quick gas stop in Dundalk then headed east to terra nova - fields open and fast! Turned around and back to Dundalk - then north of markdale to take a different loop (north side) into Durham . Rail trail had been beaten up pretty good . The new Trail back into Durham had just opened up I think - and lots of road running - would be avoiding it until we get lots of more snow. Some trails were 9.5/10 Some were 1/10 We avoided / around any major mud holes - and sleds still “clean enough” Water, Trail side beef jerky and granola bars throughout the day. Back at truck 3:30pm with 297 km. Another great day riding with mot son !!!!!! The clubs appear to be doing their best grooming with what Mother Nature has given us thus far - thanks !!!
  8. ecarnell


    On a side note - how is the handling of the Poo 850 compared to the XRS?
  9. ecarnell


    Thanks . Will let you know tomorrow !!!! Eric
  10. ecarnell


    Black star - did you happen to run b111? Durham to markdale - if so how was it? thanks Eric
  11. ecarnell


    I figured that much - but reading people “may” have ridden from orangeville/shelburne to owen sound (which can only be done via this section of trails I think) if so , how, any detours / signage/ etc. Asking for a friend.
  12. ecarnell


    What , if any, is protocol for the red section in Dundalk? Signed trail closed? Reroute , or mums the word? Think this section is just the continuous rail bed correct ? asking for a friend.
  13. ecarnell


    So home safe and sound 3:30 pm (left at 5:30am) - 830 km in the truck. Average 20l/100km - running 95-105km/hr. So onto our review of the Chimo.... as all other hotels booked up for the original 3 night we were looking at -( we extended it a extra night a week or so ago) booked into the Chimo for my son and I - $125 a night for a two bedroom with kitchenette. My 13 year old sons review : Old and dirty. I would have to agree , and no way would I’d stay with my dad sledding or my wife/daughter. the massive propane heater, painted concrete block walls, dated everything. Wasn’t cleanest either (probably 30 years old and never updated????) that being said - my son and I are very easy going , we brought all our own cooking (pot , cookie sheet, 2 sets of plates, bowls, cutlery and enough food for 4 days). Being Covid and all - have a home base for breakfast and dinner was great. The Fridge stove , microwave, toaster was handy. With us able to cook everything, the only interaction with Cochrane personnel was at check in , coffee order at Tim’s one morning and when the cleaning lady knocked on the door one morning asking if we needed anything. Gas was tap n go at Petro two doors down. The beds were old - but both of us actually had a wonderful sleep each night. The center common area was great for us to sit and chat, eat, watch TV, play chess in the evening. Given no “dinning in “at resultants that we’d normally visit - this was a great alternative. And much better than sitting on beds all evening in a normal hotel room. another benefit is that it wasn’t packed - unlike West way across the street. Never had any partiers near us. Easy to park truck and trailer in front of room every night. For the price you really got what you paid for. if I was heading up again for a couple of days , with current Covid restriction on food/dinning and needed a home base - I probably go back again (with my son). Any other time , I’d search for other alternatives. Eric
  14. ecarnell


    Well day 4 of 4 in the books. best day thus far for weather and trails and stories! (Son agreed it was the best day). had a big breakfast of cereal and bagels once again then headed west. Trailered to moonbeam again - on trail 10:30am back at truck 5:12pm. 313km for the day. i think we did 85% of the trails open around Moombeam/Kap. spent a fair bit of time playing in the powered on the power lines - both Ryerson’s and I got the 900 stuck once each. Got to use the new small shovel - worked really well (compared to hands!) Had a trail side lunch of juice boxes , beef jerky and granola bars. think son rode the 850 more than I did today!!!!!!!! The bad: L125 took a belt from me this afternoon.... 4700 on original belt so not complaining! I caught it just in time before she fully exploded. The good: the new OFSC app worked well - when we mistakenly got onto Remi Lake - pulled it up and knew exactly where we were - and chose to run it it’s length. Lots of ice fishing going on!!! Previously I’d be looking on my GPS and comparing to a paper map to figure out where we were WRT trail. Overall a wonderful start of the riding season. talked to two groups of sleders on the trail today (from a distance) and that was are only interaction we people today! heading back home early in the am
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