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    Seems today anywhere we rode, we found what i like to refer to as NCDN White Pavement.. ....I spent more time at the C note, then ever before..
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    As an ambassador for one of the brands, In no way would I claim to be an expert, just a trail rider that happens to love the brand I represent, Any of my impressions are purely subjective based on my experience of riding the new models that were shown to us and had a chance to ride. I personally like that they sent a bunch of us to ride them and give real feedback on them. I think all of the OEM's are building great sleds and do well in the markets they compete in for sure. Are they all perfect absolutely not and do they all have issues, absolutely yes they do. I ride quite a few miles every year and on trails all over Ontario and Quebec and so yes I think my opinions or impressions of a sled are valid and not based on "wining and dining" as mentioned.
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    Rode north bay down to Bonfeild today - 18 and sunny start to the day .might be the last one for the year
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    Even though this turned out to be Timmins, Hearst, Wawa, Chapleau loop ride (not Searchmont) I thought I would add some pictures here. Between Dubreuilville and Foleyet, Friday and Saturday, we removed five or six spruce trees from the trail, 3 of which required our saws.
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    When we were up there - the parking lots were full. There are still quite a few up there on saddlebag trips. We started ours 10 days ago just before it started getting crazy....we just returned yesterday and our friends coming home today from a trip they started on the 8th. Those of us that were up there when it was declared a state of emergency decided to just stay put as things were nuts back home and we believed we were safer there behind our helmets and out on the trail social distancing than coming home. We sanitized our room ( as we always do when we travel with Lysol wipes) and always carry our hand sanitizer as we are "travellers" and have done this for years anyway - nothing really new for us. But - what we were doing was "social distancing" when in restaurants, etc. Always handling the gas pump handles with gloves on etc. Those that are now heading up with all the warnings in place and risking the spread of the virus as irresponsible IMO...and if it was me I certainly would not go at this time if I hadn't already been there and risk bringing the virus to the north from the city. The hospitals up there are not equipped to deal with this as most only have 2 ICU beds and don't have the equipment to deal with it as the bigger hospitals in the city. Stay home! Stay safe!
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    Just completed the rap tour for my first time in 25 years of riding. What an experience and lessons learned. Here are some pics and places we stayed of our trip DAY 1 Stayed at Casewell Motel in Sunbridge this place is a dirty hole and scam if said better, i have seen hunt camps in better condition, and the lady who runs could care a less about there customers very sad. My wife actually slept in her riding gear as there stained box springs and mattresses. She made it sound like they were sold out except for the last 4 lake front cottages. when we arrived we were told by workers that the lodge rooms were way worse, and basically we were the only people there. We had booked our last night there as well but cancelled once we saw how bad it was and she kept out deposits. Approx 120 miles files... Insert other media Uploaded Images Day 2 We stayed with Mike and Brenda at Mattawa Golf and Ski, per recommended of others who have stayed there. Outstanding people pure amazement and nothing but first class!!! Food and hospitality was also first class!!!! Approx 120 miles Day 3 Stayed at the holiday inn Express in Pembroke, all good and great ride. Approx 70 miles Day 4 Stayed at Spectacle Lake with Sharon as recommended, first class place, food and hospitality was beyond amazing. Approx 75 miles Day 5 Stayed at Lake View Motel in Halibuton this was an OK spot as well. Had to taxi into town. This was a long day at 138 miles back to the dump "casewell Motel" to load up and leave 20200227_124947_resized.jpg 1.3 mb · Done
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    Started at the bottom of the D201F and rode up to Hafway on Friday. Up to the north warm-up shack @ Crossover Rd (that no-one knows aboot anymore) and back on Sat. And then back to the truck on Sunday. Made it home by 12:30 AM new time! Pic 1 - Our playground Pic 2 - Little finches (?) on my sled. Thought that it was cute 'till I found that one of them Schidt on my helmet. (!!!) Pic 3 - Our playground - low hanging warrs. Pic 4 - Never seen another track on this hill. Pic 5 - Never seen this big'a waste flame @ Algoma Steel before. We could see the skyline several miles from the south.
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    I'm loving this thread. I think the ambassadors are providing a worthwhile function in terms of feedback to their manufacturers and in terms of spreading the gospel to fellow enthusiasts. I am a little concerned that so many sledders/consumers can call a product a great product when they feel obliged to buy a new one every year or two. Surely any company should be able to build a sled that remains reliable and 'current' in terms of comfort and handling for more than one year. I am a serious trail sledder, who for two years has wanted to replace my 2017 sled, but I haven't because no one builds what I want. I want a 129" skid coupled with a BRP 900 ACE motor. And oh, I would like X package suspension. Such a machine is not even on Skidoo's radar as they struggle to come up with even more deep snow models. My sled is considered by the masses to be a 'girl's or old geezer's sled'. I fit nicely into that group, but I notice that very, very few riders on more powerful machines ever pass me on the trail. My propulsion costs are half that of the average two stroke sled. I can afford $70 a jug 2T oil, but I can't see why I would want to burn through that and extra premium gas to foul the air. If Polaris or Yamaha put their mind to it, they could produce an 800-900 cc four stroke trail sled that people including myself would buy, but they likely feel there is no market to support such a sled. They may be correct, but only because all manufacturers have worked so hard for the past ten years creating and nurturing the demand for high performance off-trail and "crossover" sleds.They have been successful! There are thousands of people riding mostly on-trail, on sleds that don't turn well at speed because they have too much track and uncoupled suspensions. Marketing has triumphed over reality. End of rant! My mini rant would be that Skidoo, in their wisdom, made the fuel tank 4 litres smaller in 2019 and stopped offering a 900 in a 129 skid. With 19000 trouble free km on my sled, I am going to retire it to backup status, and find a lightly used 2017 or 2018 XS chassis 900 ACE to buy. Shame on Skidoo for putting me in this position. BTW, just try to buy a good late model used 900! Now back to the topic of this thread. Polaris, a year from now or sooner, please introduce a flatlander's 4T sled, preferably with 100 HP. It will outhandle the competition, and therefore sell, I'm sure.
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    So, three years back I get a new FXR sled jacket at less than half price, as the pattern isn't popular; RealTree Camo White. (I don't care, great price and I had painfully found out my old CHOKO wasn't water proof.) 2018 trip I'm lead, we hit a lot of snow coming down, and I notice that number 2 isn't in my mirror. He can't see me, and can't make out the trail. I guess RealTree Camo white works well in the winter. Last year I start wearing a day-glo green safety vest, both touring and locally. First thing I notice is how often all on-coming traffic slows right down (even in QC), and provides a wide berth on the trail. I don't wear it, and some guys are close to rubbing skis. So, for anyone that leads a group, in my experience to date, if lead wears a safety vest, oncoming sleds are unsure if you are Trail Patrol or even the "armed" guys, and slow right down. (Rode the Haliburton region a couple weeks back (Kearney to North Bay and back) , without the vest; never again without a vest.) Just a thought...stay safe... Note, if anyone from Ottawa is heading to the Westway in Cochrane, can you ask for my vest and bring it back. Getting the sleds started at -34c was such a distraction, I left it in the room; I'm sure it is sitting in Westway lost and found. Green with orange strips, velcro attachments (Princess Auto cheapo)
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    Wow. Unprecedented is right. Sucks, but most likely for the better. Also sucks to know all those awesome trails, getting that big snow tomorrow will sit sled less now.. ..It was the right move, albeit a difficult one..
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    Shows you how social media can help. It was about an hour from when I posted about finding the wallet on TOP C & getting word, that the owner had been notified. That evening I had an interesting exchange w/ a chap (the ring leader it appeared of a trio) in JR's. He asked the waitress if they had gas @ the trailer. She said if it was open, then yes. He replied that they could run out. I suggested that they check the Base Camp's Facebook page. "I don't do Facebook", he replied in a real haughty manner. He then ask his buddies (neither of which were on it either). To finish my piece, I told them that this morning I had found a wallet on the trail south of Smooth Rock Falls & thru Facebook, I was able to get in touch w/ the owner. End of chat.
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    I have a TekVest and have worn it for years. It is a little awkward for doing things other than riding. I find it a little restrictive when bending (or trying to get up if you have fallen in the snow ) However, I have had a couple of oops when riding where I think I may have had more serious injuries rather than just bruises if I was not wearing it. IIRC, my model is the SuperSport or something like that. I have had it for almost 10 years.
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    I wear the Tekvest Freestyle model. I find it not as bulky as others but that’s just my opinion. They can be warm but the protection they offer definitely out ways that. Wearing them sure isn’t the norm by some of the looks I get when I take it off in restaurants. I’m a retired firefighter and have seen the injuries to people involved in the smallest of vehicle accidents. Sleds don’t offer the protection a car does, so all the protection I can get I’m in. Also always clip on the tether.
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    Since revrnd left the group and headed for Cochrane Thursday, I'll finish off the group's report with tales of our last 2 days, accompanied by some pics. After saying goodbye to revrnd, the rest of us (sledjunk, Moosifer, Infernobuster, yours truly, and my buddy Harold from upstate New York) continued on with our original itinerary, going east out of Timmins and ultimately heading for Gowganda via Val Gagne, Matheson, Ramore and Elk Lake. Two of us made a brief stop at Mikey's (local 'Doo dealer) on the way out of town, while the other 3 went on ahead. Beautiful trail conditions... Unfortunately, after a gas top-up at Matheson, SJ blew a belt before the planned lunch stop at Ramore, and it took almost an hour to clean up the carnage and get back on the trail... Then a late lunch at Rolly's in Ramore, which was still busy with sledders and locals, even though it was well after 1 PM by the time we arrived. We didn't get out of there until after 2:30, and still had almost 200 kms to go...so we made very fast time down A past the KL turn-off and down the power line toward Elk Lake on primo trail conditions, which turned to sh*t when we got to the plowed logging road mentioned previously in this thread. After 5 kms of picking our way through the stones, mud puddles, sand, mud and slush, and a brief rest, we picked the pace up again through the twisty section of A north of Elk Lake, only to run into yet another plowed road for logging a few kms north of town. In need of fuel, we went to the EL EcoCentre, and by the time we got out of there, it was 5:30 and very overcast, with dusk fast approaching. A half-hour later it was completely dark, and as leader, I slowed our pace somewhat in an effort to keep the group together and avoid any blown corners in the pitch black. After meeting a groomer near Gowganda, we finally rolled in to our night's destination at Gowganda Lake Lodge just before 7 PM...tired and hungry, after a 360 km day. We were treated to Ron & Giselle's usual friendly hospitality, including an awesome home-cooked meal of lasagna, salad, garlic bread and dessert (delivered right to our cabin) after we'd had time to check-in and relax. Sleep came fairly soon after polishing off that feast. Our 7th and last day dawned cold and sunny, with a few cms of fresh snow having fallen overnight. After a hearty breakfast, we packed up and headed out, aiming for lunch in Timmins on our way to the trip's end back in Cochrane. The fresh powder snow provided a perfect complement to the recently-groomed trails underneath, and we made good time through the twisties along A106C to L143. Conditions were perfect, with the colder temps and brilliant sunshine, so lots of pics were taken as we headed north up the power line on 143... After lunch at Mike's in Timmins (beside the Bon Air), SJ and Mossifer headed off to the local Yammie dealer to pick up a part, while the other 3 of us went directly north back to Cochrane...a good chance for Infernobuster to let his Sidewinder "stretch its legs" (non, nod, wink, wink...) on the power line, and ditto for Harold's 900 turbo. We three arrived at the Westway mid-afternoon after a near-perfect day on the trails, and the other two came in about an hour later. Of course, we had to stop for a few pics by the Cochrane trails sign, before loading up at the motel and getting ready for the long drive back home yesterday. I had a total of 2,049 kms on my sled's tripmeter at the end of a great week's trip.
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    Hot dogs on the bbq at Pittmans Bay and a tour around Mary lake. A little ride out to Freds place tonight, possibly the end of the season here.
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    Unloaded at Sand Dame in NB this aft for a little run around the block. NB 300 was minty today .not sure why it's yellow .thinking of Bonfeild and Mattawa tomorrow morn for a run will firm up plan after a couple wisers and coke in the room tonight off to colonel Hoagies diner for diner
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    Hardwood logs for the plywood plant in Cochrane. Waiting to have lunch w/ my trucker friend after he picked up his load in town. Another load of toothpicks. End of the day & 6 days of riding Loaded up & ready for the drive home.
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    I’m one of the stupids then.... 255 km today with my 12 year old son - first time driving a full size machine. was 70 km breaking trail this am. absolutely beautiful. only contact with another individual than my son was to tell the front desk don’t bother cleaning the room just empty there garbage please (with my balaclava and helmet on while we headed out the door).
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    A friend of mine is building and selling these, I have them on my helmet and my brothers, they work really well https://www.ljeproducts.com/
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    Stay safe everyone. Don't hesitate to stay at home.
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    I have been looking at this site for about a year now. Found out about it from another site. The site is very useful especially with me being fairly new to sledding and like to saddlebag tour when time allows.
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    Wash it off Fill fuel to eliminate condensation and stabilize Remove belt Change oil and filter (Four stroke) Change spark plugs Run sea foam through it Run Fogging oil through it Block off exhaust, airbox and other openings from critters. Grease any grease points and lubricate moving parts Change chain oil and check chain adjustment Disconnect battery and trickle charge over summer - clean battery connections Lift track off ground / block up Lubricate throttle linkage and brake lever. Oil coat track clips, rear skid and front suspension to prevent rusting Remove any touring bags that critters can get into. Inspect machine and make a parts list for the fall.
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    If the gas tank is empty with an electric fuel pump in the tank, you risk drying out the pump and them when it runs the first time, the seals in the pump can be destroyed. The pump would them have low fuel pressure when needed the most and the engine would bog. I had this happen once many years ago so now EFI sleds are stored with half a tank of premium fuel so the pump is immersed to stay wet.
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    Does snowchecking count for summerization?....
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    At least...but in mph, not km/h..