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    I always laughed with Dad about the name ‘Sledjunk’ – it was never meant to be a “name”. He liked to have different email addresses for his hobbies and interests to keep things separate, ending in junk, and so for sledding it was sledjunk. When he joined the forum many years ago, he thought of it as a resource to help plan trips that him and Adrian could take; and so out of laziness just used sledjunk as his avatar name, thinking he would just post the odd question or comment here and there. When he told me that he was meeting someone IRL from the forum for the first time, we joked around about the danger of meeting random strangers from the internet – to stay in a public place, and don’t be shy to scream for help if they try to lure you away somewhere. Sorry to whoever it was that he was meeting – we didn’t know if you were a serial killer or not. From there, Dad got to meet many more of you and have the privilege of riding with you. I can barely remember a time that Dad didn’t have a computer hooked up in his car, so of course he would have gadgets on his sled. And it was annoying for him to run into a situation on a trail that required a tool or two and him not having it, knowing full well he had several sitting in his garage – so he started accruing more and more tools in his saddlebags to be prepared for anything. To Adrian and I – this was Dad being Dad. To you, this was “Sledjunk”. It’s all of you that made a lazy avatar name an identity. Without this forum, and more importantly the people on this forum, it’s hard to say whether Dad would have loved sledding as much as he did. He wouldn’t have racked up the many kilometers that he did each season both with the sled and trailer. I wouldn’t have tried sledding if it wasn’t for all the stories I heard about his adventures – sledding would’ve stayed a father-son activity that occurred a few times each winter. Thank you for looking out and keeping Dad safe on the trails all these years. It’s comforting to know that there is a large community that loved Dad as much as we did and is grieving with us. Thank you. Sledjunk reading the forum
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    Post your pics of your first ride. Easy start today, full tank of Sta-Biled gas & the battery on the tender all summer. Sled started on 1st attempt
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    Wasn’t much but I’ll take it. Found this gem hiding inside a customer’s shop earlier in the summer. 600$. 2 new plugs and some fresh gas and it fired right up. Needs some tlc but otherwise rideable!
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    2013 venture. I am sure she will love it. Power steering and a nice big warm windshield should keep her happy all day.
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    Once all this covid stuff has settled down, and we can mingle again with others, we need to do a real good OC Member Group ride in honor of Dave (Sledjunk).
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    Here is a few pics I dug up of him from our travels,
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    First post on here. Been reading for years, lots of great info. I looked for a long time as well. I went through a couple of the cheaper plastic ones. But I only got a season or two out of them. So I built one. It fits in the back of my truck (shortbox gm). I couldn’t find one that I liked and was durable enough to make it into camp. It has a removable tongue and I built it to fit a truck toolbox. It keeps all our food and supplies dry and secure. Toolbox is just bungeed in so it’s easily removable. It also fits under my tonneau cover with the toolbox in it. I also built a rack that fits into the linq brackets on my renegade. It holds the stackable dewalt toolboxes and works slick for carrying just about anything. All made from aluminum so nice and light and strong.
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    Easy there big fellas!... I started this post to bring to light the situation and make more aware of the theft. I like to think most of us here are decent people, other than a few....Lets try and keep it about the theft, and lets get the thevies caught.
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    Such sad news. My deepest condolences to Dave's family. I have fond memories of Dave on sled trips and OC gatherings. He always had a smile on his face! We will miss him. <3 In case there was any doubt why he was called sled junk. RIP Dave!
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    i met Dave through the forum, and like so many have mentioned, he was a friend to all, right up front, first to reach out a hand to welcome you. later i was able to put a face to the name, by meeting him, and his daughter a few times at the Novi show. he was always excited to come to Novi for the "BIG SHOW" and be able to shop in the stores in the states. he was always tinkering with something, to make it better, or make things better for himself, and fellow sledders. i regret, though having his cell number, and us trading an occasional text years ago, i didnt reach out as much as i would have liked to, or should have. i really regret not seeing him in person in feb, or march of this year, just before the trails closed, when he was in Dubreuilville for the last time, with Rvrnd, and Irreverent. kris came for a visit at our house but dave and bob were a bit tired from the days ride, and wanted to be rested for the next leg of their ride. now looking back, i wish both of us would have taken the time, for one last laugh, handshake, over a beer that night, or breakfast the next day, before they left, to continue their journey. just goes to show you, tomorrow is not given, cherish those around you, they can be taken away without warning. ride in peace my friend, until we meet on the other side... Eric
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    I was sad to hear that Dave did not make it, Wow I was expecting to see him pull up at the store with his sled this winter. I met Dave early online in the mid 2000's, I had the chance to meet a group of riders from the forum around 2007- 2008 I think when I was at a conference in Stratford, we had a good time that evening, he was with his son, Canuck was there also with us. We hit it off right away, he was funny and always had a smile. When he would come riding in Dubreuilville he would stay a few days, he was always doing something with lights, gadgets on his sled, GPS's and stuff lol, the tech guy on snow. For a while he was given a new nickname because of a trailer mishap he had on the hwy. lol here's a quote I found that he posted recently in November that shows how he was. " "While I love snowmobiling, most of the pleasure comes from the socializing with others over lunch / dinner and a few drinks after the ride. ." Sledjunk RIP Dave, you will be missed buddy.
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    Hello everyone, this year being touch and go with what is allowed under Covid rules I am going to post what is available now in Kearney and what we have been told will be available this sledding season. As we are under the lowest numbers right now, under 11 in the whole area from Parry Sound down to Huntsville and up to North Bay, things look pretty good for winter activities in the private sector. However all municipal activities everywhere are cancelled, no Santa parades, no dog sled races in Kearney etc. There has been a huge increase in airbnb accomodation online due to the huge numbers of people in the city who bought up here last summer, too many to list here but you should be able to find what you want on google. Edgewater is still running successfully under covid rules, open in the kitchen and gas available as always. Suds on Main that Edgewater owns has been closed tight since last March but I am sure they will pop it open the day the sledders show up. Fetterley's gas station is still surviving as well with a nice little convenience store addition and lottery, if you need any lures or snacks etc. Finally, after many many years of being empty, almost abandoned at one point, the old Poplar Point, then Painters Landing, and now Scarlett Point is open for full time, all units tourist accomodation. Much needed in the town and there is tons of extra parking up at the Community Centre which is almost across the street. https://www.scarlettpoint.ca/. Kearney Oneill's is no more, the building has been sold and we have been told that the new owners who are from Guelph will be doing a hot/cold meal take out service in the original Kearney Oneill's restaurant with sit down eating in the new addition, however its been 2 months since they took over and the place is pretty quiet, so will update if and when something opens then. Right now consider it unavailable for dining. Silversands has 2 lovely women renting the restaurant from the owner and it is now called DJ's Bar and Grill, just opened last night, hours are 9 to 9, breakfast all day on the menu which is a lovely option as well as a huge gluten free menu and they are licensed under llbo. They are trying 7 days a week. Donna and Jade - (519) 820-3875, I believe the owner of silversands is again doing gas and motel rentals but not sure. The Legion kitchen is still being rented and run by the wonderful April and her team but is down to 3 afternoon/nights a week, thursday to saturday, she is limited to being opened when the senior Legion members want to staff the bar, hopefully by sledding season they will add more hours and days. As always extremely low prices on food, wings on thursday nights, fish and chips friday nights as well as full pub menu always available. And as last winter, the lovely ladies have to keep the bathrooms and main room clean and stocked at all time, if all you do is go in for a beer and bathroom stop please throw a toonie in the tip jar at the food window, that will keep their costs reasonable. Rickwards Polaris dealership also has a variety store onsite with quite a nice selection of fresh and frozen food, as well as souvenirs, lottery, some clothing and camping items as well.The LCBO in town is now closed every Monday, their is an lcbo outlet at the Emsdale variety store and at the Novar grocery store as well. And another new business opened here this summer, Molbella's Creative Cafe, still a virtual business as they are only half way thru building their licenced kitchen. Run by Shawn Armstrong, a retired nurse, she does the most amazing ready to eat meals and baked goods, currently made at a certified kitchen in Burks Falls and available for pick up in Kearney. So if you are staying at a cottage in Kearney and want a delicious pie or sausage rolls or anything sweet or savory check out her facebook page and order a week in advance, cash only at this point, covid compliant pick up, you wont be disappointed. She is also available for gluten free etc. Check out her facebook page to contact her, I dont have any other way to get in touch with her. This being the year that it is, I will post additional info under this thread by end of year if anything changes and during the sledding season if anything changes. Stay safe out there and have a great ride!
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    Sault Ste. Marie Tuesday November 17th Updates
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    Are we still talking snowmobiles?
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    My condolence to Dave family and friends.. He was an amazing guy and always a delight to be around. He will be greatly missed by many. I'm thinking about a way the forum can honor Dave..
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    This was actually lumber bought by park to park, and HRS was going to do the labour installing it on the 35' bridge. p2p had been waiting most of the summer to get that material from the mill, and there are a few more bridges close to sprucedale-hwy 11 way that were waiting to get material from the mill for p2p to do redecking on but were not able to get most in time due to shortages from the mill etc. P2P was able to get material for the one 65' bridge on the west side of sprucedale and south seguin members did the labour redecking it earlier this year and finished. P2P and both snowmobile clubs are working to secure more materials to do at least patch jobs to keep the trail open this season. Definitely someone knows something! and if you know something, say something!
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    My condolences to Larissa, Adrian and Mrs. Sledjunk. Dave was a good man and a friend to all. This is a terrible casualty of the pandemic that has changed all of our lives, some more than others. please stay safe everyone! At the very least, let this be a reminder that we are not out of the woods and we need to protect our love ones, our neighbors and our communities.
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    What I read seems to say the problem lies with real time trail condition reporting rather than just here's the route of the trail. The OFSC ITG shows trails as red, yellow and green regarding their condition. It seems there is a concern that the BRP system would have a snapshot of trials showing conditions as of a specific point in time and not updated in real time. Envision someone relying on their BRP integrated system to ride with trail data that's 2 weeks or more out of date. They are perhaps now riding on a closed trail due to safety issues and they get seriously hurt or killed. They then sue because the danger was not identified on their sled trail guide. Unfortunately legal concerns are a reality. Everyone likes to blame someone else for their problems.
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    String Farmer in a helicopter. What could go wrong?
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    Little view from my upper deck this morn
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    Welcome Larissa. Our deepest condolences to you, to your Mother and to Adrian. We have alot of fond memories of your father, Dad, Sledjunk, the old man. It was great meeting you at our house the time we had you guys there for a bbq. I remember Dave had just purchased the Ford F250, and had recently installed his light bar, and laptop on the pedestal in the truck. He was so proud of you guys. Please take comfort in the fact he touched some many of us here, and continues to do so, as we remember. Jeff and Kim...
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    Looking thru my tunnel bag for my spare mini relays (to no avail) on Weds' night & cane across this little tester that Dave suggested: (Heater visor power supply tester)
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    An absolute shock to everyone. Those of us were blessed to have met this fine man in person. I remember outside of wildbill, you were the first OCer I met at the sled show years ago as well seeing each other at ofsc agms. You always had a smile on your face and never hesitated to out stretch your hand to shake. You made everyone you met feel welcomed and never hesitated to lend a hand, especially your Hearts Of Ontario club. May your trails in heaven be forever endless but please, stay out of the soft clouds. Thank you Evil for sharing those great pics/memories and would encourage others to do the same if deemed appropriate.
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    On the drive home tonight, with my heart torn, i just cannot get over the fact he is gone. Just a little tribute to Dave, when i joined OC, he was the first OC member i met, and went on a trip with. I kinda looked up to him because when i joined , i was new to the sport etc. Haaaa. R.I.P...May you find peace on the trails...
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    Ice is making it's was across the bay. Always a good sign of things to come.
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    And I forgot to mention the Driftwood Grill, sorry Dustin lol. Dustin was the amazing chef behind Kearney Oneill's for years, and has just rented the small building next to Sud's On Main this past August, previously rented by Rise n Grill, Sweet Spot, Iron Skillet and Bayview Bistro. Take out only, very small delicious menu that changes daily. Usually about 6 main dishes and 2 kids noodle dishes. Been running it for 2 months, advertised hours were 7 days a week but down to 2 or 3 evenings a week now on weekends. Hopefully when sledders are in town he will extend his hours. You can him out on facebook for contact info. If you are in Kearney on a Friday and he has fish and chips on the menu, you are in for a real treat. Fresh battered, huge portions, home made coleslaw and homemade tartar sauce. Best I have ever had anywhere. Bon appetite!!
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    Actually clubs don't need too sell any permits anymore. There use to be a requirement for a minimum of 50 permit sales in order to be a member club of the OFSC. That was eliminated at AGM 2 years ago. Further, District Funding (and by extension club funding) is determined by Km of Trails, Hours of Grooming and and Admin Allowance. Permit Sales no longer have any effect on District Funding. If club budgets are based on Permit Sales you run the risk of creating a disconnect between the budget and the funding. Clubs with large networks and relatively small permit bases would be under funded. Clubs with small networks and large permit bases would be over funded. This was the driving force behind the Framework For Change Funding model we use today. Large permit based clubs with small networks and short seasons were accumulating massive surpluses while small permit base clubs with long seasons were starving for funding.
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    We were told on Oct 20 via ADSC zoom meeting that District 11 permit sales to date were 30% higher than last year. Michael Rickward also commented that Polaris sled sales were up 40%, and they expected there would be no new sleds left in December.
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    One more pic. Heading home tomorrow, cottage all ready for sled season. Back up around Xmas. Lake is froze over now.
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    My good friend OC member 14Snow, sent me a photo that the OFSC used this season, and asked if i recognized the picture. It is a photo from 14Snow, but has our very own Kashe Rider in the pic. Just wanted to share..
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    Ms SJ. My condolences to you, your Mom and brother. I had the privilege to meet your Dad and ride with him a few times. The sport we all love has lost a great ambassador. RIP Dave Glenn
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    Larissa if it hadn't been for your father and a couple of his cohorts, I probably wouldn't have put as many miles on the last few seasons. My condolences to you and Adrian and your mother. Some of my pics up north over the years (I'm pretty sure this is the northeast corner of L125) Me trying to turn on my GoPro
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    Last year in Kap; trail side lunch.
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    We are all better people for having known him. Good Bye Dave.
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    Looks fan-cooled to me-I thought the free airs popped up right thru the hood?
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    Ahhhh man, sad to here this about Dave, He will be ok and be back on the trails. Thinking of you buddy.!!!!! get well soon.
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    He technically ordered no colours, since black is the absence of colour. His 129 (no shocks) is pretty much all black. Her 137 with shocks is black and grey. They weren't too imaginative when it came to colour, IMO. The only thing wrong with my new-to-me 900 TNT is that its all black with a little grey trim. Skidoos should be yellow, Polaris red or blue, Yamahas should be Yamaha blue and Cats green. Simple! Who screwed up the whole colour thing?
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    I think both grover and I were "just kidding" Happy Farmer. No reason to speculate or blame anyone without some sort of proof. Could have been a chicken farmer looking to replace his barn floors....
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    He'd lay breadcrumbs if you got lost behind, LOL. ( Nice guy - he actually would. They'd be white, you might miss them...but he would )
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    After waiting till approx October 1st, and still no sign of my surge brake parts coming in, I went and ordered a new axle with electric 7 inch brakes. $650 for new axle and brakes as opposed to $1100 just for the surge parts. I installed and wired it up this am. For that kinda money, I can change quite a few different backing plates every year, and still be further ahead.
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    Some of the numbers manufacturers put out for payload and towing capacity are, somewhat suspect, IMO. Ford for example rates the F150s at 1,485 to 2,311 lbs, obviously based on length, trim etc, So it could be that with a sled deck and 2 sleds they are overweight, not to mention quite top heavy, i think allot of the issues would be braking capacity I can understand why people lean towards the 1/2 ton trucks, I had a few and would routinely load them well past legal weights. Once switching to 3/4 tons I could see the skectchyness of what I was doing. There is no comparison to the added ability of the heavier duty 2500, or 3500 frame and brake sizes. I don't think I'd pull the trailers and loads I do with a half ton truck again. With the 2500, long box crew, it's just like a full speed Sunday drive with 8 or 10000 lbs. With my half ton trucks that was a full grip of the wheel and lots of thought into steering, speed, stopping distance.
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    Don't know about 9, but D3 is just using up our surplus from last season, no significant trail changes other than some side shuffling through the same fields. We also felt with local businesses hurting like most others, we'd pass on the savings to them with them getting a second season free.
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    As Yamaha makes the engines for the Toyota Corolla. It looks like another case of Yammy bringing the Poo back home, again
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    I am in the most southern part of D5 which is Glencoe district snowmobile club. The trail is less than 5 mins from my house. I buy permit every year and put it towards my local club. I ride from home when possible but trailer to wherever I have to go. It’s just the way it is and I have no problem with it for a sport I enjoy so much!
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    Actually, we need the ground to freeze up before grooming starts but there is also lot of volunteer work to be done before then.
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    Wing Night this Friday Nov 6. Take out only. 5pm - 8pm. We have made arrangements inside so that people will be able to stay out of the cold yet social distance (Covid capacity rules in place). Unfortunately, beer and other alcoholic beverage will not be sold by the club going forward. Due to the ownership change and problems with insurance. The club has decided to not renew its license.
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    she works cardio thoracic, vascular surgery. with all the safe guards in place, she isnt around the covid positive group, people, if there are any. we dont, and havent had hardly any cases in our area. everyone hears michigan and thinks detroit is all of michigan. the majority of michigan cases are around the metro detroit area. my wife has friends all over the nation, there is a BIG RIFT growing in the medical field, those that read, see, study the actual cases, numbers, recovery rates, etc... (all info, not just gloom and doom reports). and those that only see the absolute worst and perpetuate the fears, scares etc... it really is about 50-50 in the field, those that want to lock down, and wait it out, and those that are in the thought, give it to me, let me, and us get through this and move on. the Jeanie is out of the bottle, there is no going back, there is no controlling the virus. there is only living with it, mitigating the spread, and your personal risk. things we do everyday. we take risks riding sleds, if you have a bad back, health issues, you change your riding or you may even "retire" from the sport. driving to work, playing sports, playing with your kids, or grand kids. life is a calculated risk, and it is up to each of us to decide how much of that risk we want to accept, without being judgmental, or treat one another different from their decisions. everyone pointing fingers at the leaders of the nations... what would you do, if you were in their position? with data changing daily, we all have, and will make mistakes. we all really need to think about our criticizing of the leaders. they are all doing the best they can, with the info available. Ski
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