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    You know what, the clubs and the volunteers are doing a amazing job. With the snow they have, the incredible traffic, the milder then normal weather the north received over the holidays etc, what do you want?. Especially during the holidays. Give the volunteers a break. IMO, there doing the best they can. I am not going to deny i want perfection also, as most of you do too. But i do understand what it takes to attain perfection. I have personally heard from a hotel owner about how irresponsible and rude some of the comments have been by sledders that are up there. If its not good enough, go home, or maybe help out and make it better. It is what it is, until the weather gets colder, and the base is able to hold all the traffic. Patience people. Things can be alot worse. At least your riding.. Think about it.. What would you think if you were a volunteer, spending all the hours it takes to get things ready, and then have all this negativity. If this sport is going to continue, and grow, we are going to have change attitudes, or imo, its going to be heading down a road, that NO ONE wants..
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    I welcome you option on matters but saying the the trespasser has mental issues I take great offence to. I in the past have had my fair share of mental issues, which i have gotten professional help for. Labeling all idiots with mental issues is so wrong on all fronts. Please keep comments like to out of the forums unless you have absolute proof of your statement.
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    . this season...the sled is permitted up to ride North Dakota, Minnesota, Manitoba and Ontario....have ridden some in all 4 already. ND permit is also good in South Dakota and from what I understand the MB permit is good in SK.
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    You missed the previous comments she made on now deleted posts. You would understand better, had you read them. I have recently (and in previous years) ratted out clubs that report their trails as Available or Limited, when in fact they have not been groomed once. Thus the comment above, is a direct shot at me because I'm a rat. The club she volunteers with has not once been questioned. Therefore she is simply bashing me for her own personal pleasure. I assure you that she in fact, has not contacted the district regarding the trail conditions I reported above. I call a spade a spade, doesn't matter whose backyard it's in.
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    OK, so it looks like I was wrong and there was no joke intended. If that is the case, it is really unfortunate that good and valuable information can't be shared without reprisal. I know that since I joined this forum, primarily to get real-life, firsthand reports of trail conditions, I have been able to plan the best trips for our group that we've ever had (and we were at this along time before I found you guys). When two to six people are taking from 4 days to over a week's vacation, including shutting down small businesses, there is a lot at stake. Several contributors to this forum have helped me pick the best times and places to take sledding vacations to such various destinations as Mattawa/North Bay, Timmins, Elliot Lake, Searchmont, Wawa/Dubeuilville, Hearst, Cochrane, Kirkland Lake, Sudbury,.....The detail that OCers have offered supplements the trail conditions as reported on the ITG and minimizes the chances of an expensive vacation wasted. I hope those who have helped me know who they are,. Thank you, and please continue to offer less knowledgable sledders excellent advice on not just trail conditions but, 'do arounds', accommodations, fuel, food etc. We can't expect the ITG to give us all the info we need to make good planning decisions, and we shouldn't try to muzzle conscientious sledders offering advice. If not a joke, maybe it was a misunderstanding.
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    You want a report, here's one. A trail from Greenwater to SRF was the worst moguls I've ever seen, BUT BUT they hadn't groomed it in a while, AND they are human beings wanting to spend time with families over the holidays, SO it's to be expected. I would think that today, 2 days later, it will have been groomed (they had gone West the day we went to SRF, New Years day). Canyon West side is Unavailable, but had been groomed at least once prior to the insurance issue with OPG, so they were instructed to stop grooming it. Canyon East side was quite rough the day we rode it, longer straight sections were very decent but corners and twisties were rough enough to make me concerned about losing my 14L LinQ can .... A trail East of Greenwater to Cochrane is very good, the odd bumpy section. A trail South of Cochrane is excellent, well groomed. A trail to Iroquois Falls and the L trails in and out of IFalls are excellent. Once you hit Timmins section of trails, they're a bit rougher but very rideable, as there had been a report of a groomer down for repairs .. ? Still well rideable, but rougher close to town, which is typical. I'll probably get roasted for posting discouraging posts about trail conditions now .....
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    was going to post this in club Ontario north but I seen this post. just came back from Cochrane. was up for a week. was great 22 23 24 25 26 but on the 27 the traffic picked up big time and it was warm, so the trails got very ruff and beat up. but to be expected with the traffic. the clubs are working there butts off trying to please people with what they have "not a lot of snow by any means" but hey ruff trails /beat trails are better than no trails, do not get me wrong they are pretty good for as early as it is in the season, and when groomed they are good usually ruff by end of day. HATS OFF to all the clubs in the north for what they are doing. O did I mention the traffic full house in Cochrane. heading back on Jan 2 just waiting on wife to come home from florida "I opted for the north instead" and we are heading to cottage with 2 other couples for a week then when they leave me and wife are staying for another week here is a couple pics last one gives you a idea of district 9 trails around my house when I got home from the north. PS I was checked twice by the cops for the usual stuff so they are checking " good to see"
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    Spent the weekend with Ron and Giselle at Gowganda lake lodge .clean warm cottages and of course they made sure we were happy everyday even though it was their holiday season too .lots of snow west of elk Lake the 107 was nicely groomed up by Ron .off trail on the mining Rds rocked for miles and miles going back mid Jan hopefully.not much snow from new Liskeard down to Muskoka
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    I have just deleted a number of posts. They are not in the longstanding collegial spirit of OC and are offensive. It is ok, and encouraged, to debate differing views here but to sink to personal attacks and bullying is not welcome on this forum. If there is a member that you cannot tolerate or with whom you cannot be civil I encourage you to use the “ignore” feature in Settings. Everyone is welcome here and should not have to tolerate abuse by people hiding behind keyboards. I’ll wager large sums of money that these insults would not be hurled in person. So, let’s imagine, if we can, that we are all gathered together in person enjoying civil discourse. And act accordingly. Thank You. Have a Happy New Year and enjoy the Best Winter Sport EVER !
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    Your comment on the difficulty for many of us, of balancing sledding time versus family time, particularly at this time of year, leads indirectly back to the topic of this thread. Permits. In the south, the permit(s) purchase is complicated by the lack of a local snowmobile season. In the past four years, I have snowmobiled locally (no out of town lodging) five days in D4, 5 and/or 9. For me that doesn't effect my decision to always purchase my pass early. I will go wherever the snow is, but that is not an option to hundreds of (former) southern sledders whose families aren't totally into sledding, and their departures to the north sledding would upset the family balance. For many friends, the new winter norm has them in various stages of snowmobile withdrawal. Some have cashed out completely; some who bought passes in the fall of 16 and 17, only to never use them, have kept a sled or two, just 'in case'. A few continue to buy passes in perpetual hope. Some have bought two day passes on occasion in the past couple of years. I can't blame them for that, when family commitments are such that, even when we get a week of open trails, they may be off with family to a hockey tournament or a family reunion. I can only assume that full season pass sales in District 4, 5 and 9 have been steadily falling. Amongst friends, the negative trend is somewhat offset by a couple of gentlemen of age being somewhat freed from the daily work/life grind, such that they can contemplate re-entering the sport as touring sledders. This however, is a tough decision when they know the cost is going to be higher than their previous sledding was, while their income has declined. I know there are smarter, more connected people than me studying the trends, and hopefully there will remain a viable market for our trail system. But I don't see how this can happen without more trail pass enforcement, and possible more pass options (I know that has been beat almost to death....)
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    Off to the camp today for re-fit and replenish for the next leg of my non-specific gender neutral happy seasonal sledding vacation.....a few pics from yesterday... Just had one more item to field check on this ride....making sure heated jacket did not blow the fuse on the BRP plug in accessory harness in the glove box...runs continuously on the head light circuit when the 2nd relay kicks in at 800 RPM...more or less continuous feed once sled starts....on my other sled it runs on an accessory circuit of 15 amp kicks in at 2000 RPM or so...tested sucessfully...no fuses blown at full heat. New trailer is working well and certainly more convenient than my previous single trailer set up.... Out on the trails .....pass by the local airport and notice landing lights are on.....wait a bit for a landing plane so I can pull a Top Gun Tom Cruise on a snowmobile running alongside with plane in background. ...must have been testing the lights as no plane came...just as well....likely would have suffered some misfortune holding camera in one hand and waving in air with the other. I do have the suspension set up to limit skiis in the air as well... Was handed a Boxing Day gift with the stunning light in the sky in the morning. A few random pics from various trail travels.... And 3 of the total 6 of sleds I saw on the trails all day.... It is now 5:43 am and hearing the siren calls of a waffle machine....happy sledding wherever you are! hash tag revrnd - yup sign post west of Amos. hmmmm...maybe change things up a bit...they also have bacon eggs....... hash browns....
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    TechDenis007, The Man, The Myth, The Legend. A stand up Gentleman that Mrs. Turbo Doo and myself, along with many Oc members, call a Friend. Truly a good hearted fellow, that we throughly enjoy visiting in Hearst, hanging out with, riding with... Would have never known him, without sledding, and OC....
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    That is an uncalled statement IMHO. Denis gave an accurate trail report but more importantly he was quick to mention that volunteers need their family time and reasons for some of the rough trails.
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    A happy new years to all the fellow Ocers out there. Best wishes for a great season of sledding and to a wonderful year ahead. ..
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    Right now we in Cochrane arrived at noon had a ride to Smooth rock falls, a lot of traffic and trail is ruff, but can complain. Tomorrow going to Base camp and heading back home. So nice to put some miles early season. Thanks to all who involved to make trails available.
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    Sault Ste. Marie A few photos from yesterday's hike in Hiawatha Park in Sault Ste. Marie. It was a white christmas for us.
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    Only on a Sled - Can I go inland 5 lakes and visit old lumber camps that are 100 to 120 years old to do some metal detecting, otherwise, during the summer, it would mean 5 canoe portages. This is a very narrow window of opportunity in early to mid April when the sun beats down on southern exposures allowing the ground to thaw but still offering plenty of ice, therefore metal detecting in remote areas. The Lumberjacks used tote roads and frozen lakes back 100+ years ago. Many of those tote roads are long gone.
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    Same as every day up here fairly good in the morn and ruff coming home. Get off of A trail and enjoy the loops L119 and 125 are as usual great L101 was good and L103 to the bridge and back was great.. just glad I am putting km on.
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    Absolutely love this post because it’s all so very true. The non sledders have absolutely no idea the feeling us sledders get when you jump on that machine and begin your adventure. The scenery we experience is like no other.
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    Only on a sled could you wake up to this
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    Some pics .... Gulley West of Iroquois Falls .. Bullwinkle in the middle of the pic ... there were 2 on the trail ... Several mine tunnel pics ... Lunch at Mike's in Timmins. I just realized that these are all taken on non-Cochrane trails, sorry .... lol !
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    You better read the instructions on the back of the permit again.
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    A few pics from Dec 31st ride
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    Snowmobiles have suspension, very good suspensions actually, if you're expectation is tabletop all day everyday, I would recommend you quit now and find another hobby.
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    Perhaps all those vendors/hotels/restaurants could pick up the phone and call their MPP, the Ministers of Transportation, Tourism and the Premiers Office to voice their concerns. As a sport, we are going to need lots of outside support to resolve the issues.