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  1. Nothing new for me this year. Was considering another viper but it doesn’t come with power steering. 10,000kms on my 18’ and not a single problem yet.
  2. So here is the 7’x17’ Lightning and here is the Legend
  3. Thanks for the reply. My enclosed was a 7’x12’ with 2’ V nose and I hated backing in the second sled, even after doing it for 4 yrs it was still a PITA. The only reason I’m considering another 7’W enclosed is because I would be able to just drive them both out. Is your enclosed a lightning? I had a hybrid 8.5W about 5-6yrs ago and I remember it didn’t tow as nice as the 7’W enclosed.
  4. Ok, another trailer thread. Just sold my steel enclosed trailer yesterday. Used it for 4yrs, but it started to gather a lot of rust LOL. I’ll be getting an aluminum trailer forsure and have been looking at a hybrid legend 8.5x13’ or a Lightning 7x17’ enclosed drive in/out. Not sure what one to buy. Hybrid is $6800+tax and comes with a great warranty and caliber floor products. The Lightning 7x17’ enclosed V nose is $7155+tax, 1yr warranty which isn’t the best. Narrower trailer, interior height is much nicer and you can drive out instead of reversing. Have any of you gu
  5. Fat lady sure is singin!
  6. Normally I make at least a few trips north every season, but felt with Covid and all the snow in the south...why bother? Next season we likely won’t get the amount of snow we did get in the south, and that will leave us with no choice but to travel north. seems like every 7-8yrs we get a really good winter here at home. Last time we had a good winter like this was 2013/14, and before that was 2008 which I think was the most snow we’ve ever had down here...that I’ve seen anyways.
  7. She’s going to start singing around noon tomorrow LOL maybe sneak in a quick morning ride???
  8. I know when you zoom in close on the map, you can see the roads and if the trail is straight it’s usually a road run. I try to plan my routes around any & all road runs but it seems like they’re everywhere in the south more than ever.
  9. This was the second sign that was put up. I forget what the first one said, but it was homemade. I was surprised to see this one the last time I went through. Pretty sad when the landowner has to spend his own money to try and get the point across... Hopefully this trail is there next year.
  10. Yep most definitely! As much as I love riding up north, I had to take advantage of the south this year. Hopefully things are more stable next season and we can travel again.
  11. Yeah the spring wire will protrude forsure. It’s going to wear down with the carbide tip anyways. Wear it all down and just make sure the flat spot is still there and you should be able flip it no problem. You would just need to keep a close eye on them so you don’t wear them down even further.
  12. Great day out there today. Only 261kms but we decided to start around 10am in hopes the trails would have seen some traffic and be a bit loose. Left teviotdale at 10am, went up through walkerton, chesley and then across to markdale. Walkerton & chesley were on the thin side in places and very hard. Scratchers down. Had lunch at Tim’s. Then took the B111 down through mount forest and back to the truck. Markdale back to the truck was incredible! Trails were near perfect and were just starting to drift in with the high winds. It was a very good day! 3588kms for the season. I decided not to
  13. Could probably drill & tap the other side as well as being flipped top to bottom
  14. Put on 360kms yesterday. Saw a total of 6 sleds. It was a little crispy in the morning but the sun came out and loosened things up. Any road running was terrible and most tight bush sections were no different. Trails though fields and wider bush sections were excellent! Did I mention I love mid-week riding? Started in fergus from home (which will be the last time) and headed straight up to markdale. Then came back down through Durham, Palmerston etc.
  15. I will drive across a road with them down, but I’ll put them up if there’s a long road stretch. No point burning them up..
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