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  1. Uh uh uh….can’t stand that clown! The turd needs to go!
  2. Every time I drive by, they still have 1 clamshell sitting out front. Building is empty…
  3. 23 Indy SP 650. Actually just got off the phone with customer service again, they said the order has been processed, the snow division just hasn’t sent out all the emails yet. The lady at Polaris customer service said I will be receiving a confirmation email soon.
  4. Yes I agree, Polaris should be making sure everyone receives a confirmation email. Even though I Trust rickwards, Its still going to be a thought in the back of my head.
  5. They did not confirm where it is, to be honest I don’t think it’s even built yet. I really don’t know how the snow check process works though. They did say I should receive it in the fall sometime or shortly thereafter. I would assume my 2023 sled would start warranty upon delivery? There again, I don’t really know how it all works.
  6. Just an update and it might help ease other peoples minds incase they’re waiting on a confirmation email as well. Mike @ Rickwards assured us they ordered our sled (which we weren’t doubting) and also sent us confirmation on their end that they had ordered it. Mike explained that last year out of the allotted amount of sleds they were given, about a third of the people didn’t receive a confirmation email from Polaris, but that they all received their sleds. So if you haven’t received a confirmation email, no need to worry.
  7. Just got off the phone with customer support. Didn’t realize it was located in Texas….sounded like the lady just got outta bed. Hope I called the right place lol they have nothing in their system that I spring ordered a sled. I guess I’m back to calling rickwards tomorrow.
  8. Yep, CC has been charged. Actually just paid that the other day lol Nothing in spam/junk folder. I’ll try calling customer service today. Thanks guys!
  9. I put my deposit down on March 2nd, so I just find it a little odd I haven’t got an email yet.
  10. I’ll also add to Rickwards reputation. Growing up in the Kearney area for 30yrs or so, I know my grandparents always dealt with them for their Polaris sleds. So when the wife and I decided to snowcheck a Polaris, they were the first dealer I thought of. we called to see if they had a demo sled to try and I guess Polaris doesn’t offer demo sleds to dealers anymore (my understanding anyways) so Bonnie said we could try their personal sleds. So we did just that, drove over 3hrs for an hour sled ride. Great family run business, very friendly and always take the time to talk and answer any questions. We will always make the drive to Rickwards, even though there’s plenty of dealers within a 30min radius of us. Awesome family run dealer and we’re already looking forward to next season!
  11. Anyone else still waiting on email confirmation? I spoke with rickwards the other day and they said to wait another week and then contact us again if you still haven’t received it. Yes, Email is correct.
  12. Chanel and I managed to get up to rickwards in Kearney for a little demo ride last Thursday. Trails were mint! Kinda wish we had gone up for a day or 2. It was +8 on Thursday and Friday was even warmer. I got stuck on the Voyageur which is a horrible ride. Chanel got to ride the VR1 and felt very comfortable and confident on it. I rode it for about 5mins but quickly got kicked off. From what I experienced in very soft conditions, handling was great, seat is very cushy compared to my viper. Sled felt planted just like my viper and cornered flat, where sometimes the viper will get a bit of inside ski lift if your really pushing it. 7S display is pretty cool, not sure I would really need it though. If I do give up the thumper, I’m not sure I would spend the extra $1500 or so on the 7S. I’d likely just continue to use my garmin gps. I can always upgrade in the future I guess. I think next year after I ride Chanel’s 650 SP for more than 5mins, I’ll have a better idea on whether I’ll be switching. The 650 makes pretty good power and maybe that’s all I would really need. But definitely considering an 850 if I do go back to a 2 stroke. Who knows, if Polaris puts a turbo on that S4 I may consider it. Only around 90hp right now, but if they could get it up to around the 130-140hp range with a turbo, that might entice me. I hate the thought of going back to a 2 stroke as I like to put on big miles. Maybe the 2 strokes are better these days?? I don’t really know. Anyways, here a some photos from Thursday.
  13. We rode Barrie a couple times this year, always rode throughout the week and trails were mint. crazy squalls down here today, hopefully you guys are getting it as well.
  14. Look pretty dam good! Barrie always does a great job!
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