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  1. Baylaker


    3” in fergus today, still going lightly. My dad got 6” up in penetanguishene. Supposedly still goin up there.
  2. Baylaker


    My Dad just saw a guy riding up the penetang harbour on his sled by himself pretty much at the mouth of the harbour.
  3. Baylaker


    Taxed on top of the tax, it only makes sense 🤷🏼‍♂️ Poop for brains is an understatement…
  4. Baylaker


    He’ll definitely be pushing the climate change narrative after this winter
  5. 9R would be my guess if it’s a high HP trail sled.
  6. Baylaker


    I can’t believe Kearney has been holding on this long. We were in Kearney last year when it was thin and the trails were table top so I’m not surprised. They always do a pretty good job and staying on top of maintaining the trails clearly helps.
  7. Baylaker


    I heard they were getting over 2” per hour
  8. Polaris might put a turbo on the S4. That could be pushed back though given that there’s so many leftovers and new sleds that still haven’t sold yet. manufacturers need to either reduce prices ALOT, or offer major incentives to get people to spend their money in this current economy…especially after this winter
  9. Baylaker


    I think this coming week unfortunately could be the final nail in the coffin. The ground isn’t frozen, and water is flowing in a lot of places. Even if we do get a big storm mid February, I personally think it won’t last or that there wont be enough time to reopen the trails. I hate to be that guy, but I think this season is done. These are just my thoughts, and I’ve been wrong many times before but forecast is showing 7 days in a row of above average temperatures with 5 straight days of sun and more rain to follow after that.
  10. Baylaker


    Those pictures definitely look pretty rough.
  11. Baylaker


    Ya I saw that too, it’s stupid no doubt. My wife and I have talked about a SXS, they are definitely worth the money if you have it. I’m waiting to see what skidoo & Polaris have to offer. Wife wants another sled and we’re leaning towards skidoo. Cat & Yamaha are out of the question though.
  12. Baylaker


    Yep, almost $30k out the door. Nuts!!!
  13. Baylaker


    Cat just released their 25’s and all the pricing. Crazy pricing lol.
  14. Almaguin just shut their trails down north of Kearney. Highland rovers are still open, but I can almost guarantee they will be fairly thin, flat, but thin.
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