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  1. Nice, a couple guys I ride with have them. They love em, 130hp turbo is really all you need.
  2. Did you just buy a turbo ace this season?
  3. Sad news indeed… My Dad mentioned to me just yesterday that his buddy watched 2 guys ride out of penetang harbour over to Beausoleil island. Said they “seemed to have made it” 🤷🏼‍♂️ Just makes you wonder sometimes.
  4. Definitely doable, I ride with a group in their 40’s, I say their because I’m not there yet…still in my 30’s lol. If conditions and the trails allow for it, you can do almost 500km in approximately 12hrs riding at a comfortable pace.
  5. There were definitely a few sections that took a beating.
  6. I agree, step off the trail in some areas and you sink up to your waist… closer to central Sudbury is lacking snow and the trails get beat up pretty quick, but the further north you go, it gets much better. winter I think is finally here. Short season, but let’s hope it stays this time.
  7. I’m definitely interested in the S4. When Polaris puts a turbo on it, that’s probably when I’ll trade the viper. 90hp just isn’t enough for me, I’d be happy with 130-140hp turbo 4 stroke though. 😆 My wife and I went to rickwards last year and demoed some 650s, in short, amazing sleds! Still getting the wife one when the time comes as they’re super light and more than enough power. If the S4 handles anything like the 650, I’m sold on it. We backed out of our SP 650 order this year from rickwards unfortunately. Kinda regretting it, but kinda glad we did because it’s going to be a very short season! I’m a die hard Yamaha guy, but I can say confidently that that matrix chassis is very very good!
  8. We went up Friday morning (20th) and rode the afternoon. It was decent, choppy in some spots, but still rideable. Saturday morning was pretty good, until just after noon. It was F****D, and I just wanted to walk out the bush lol. That time of year I guess.
  9. Problem solved….for now lol. thanks for everyone’s help in trying to diagnose my slow leak problem. I completely forgot I had put a plug in it last year and only noticed it while spinning my tire in the water…which wasn’t bubbling btw. I just saw it and thought, that sure does look like a plug and then realized that has to be where the leak is coming from. Anyways, it’s holding air now! 👌🏻
  10. So I decided to put the kids pool under the tire and fill it with water today. Turns out I previously installed a plug in this tire last year lol. ripped out the old plug and put a new one in. Put some heat to the new plug to make it really tacky. I’ll know in the morning forsure if that was the problem…completely forgot about that.
  11. Thanks! any Information on C111D around Windy Lake area? I heard there was a mean moose in the area lol.
  12. Sounds like it’s bad everywhere. I guess we still need cold and a major storm to roll through all of ontario.
  13. It really only started loosing pressure as winter was starting. I kinda want to wait and see if it goes back to normal in the spring time, but not sure I want to keep adding air all winter long lol
  14. Ive tried parking in different spots, same result. Lol
  15. I’ve noticed Sudbury has made it onto the map. Has anyone ridden these yellow trails yet? This winter has been brutal so far and there’s no hope in sight for southern Ontario lately. I know things can change quickly, but I’ll be very surprised if they do…seems like it could be a long winter. looking to venture north for a day or 2 soon, but wondering if anyone has been out on these yellow trails lately, if so, how are they shaping up?
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