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  1. I filled my dyed diesel two weeks ago it was 93 cents plus HST . Groomer would probably use 25 to 30 litres per hour
  2. I was told by someone high up in the OFSC last December that pre season sales were up 60 percent over the previous year
  3. Latest Update.We would like to extend a huge thank you to our family and friends at Halfway Haven for the amazing amount of support that has been generated from our recent announcement. Honestly, it has been a bit overwhelming, however, it should provide us all hope. The past few days, we have been busy cataloguing inquiries and ideas and trying to establish connections with all who have reached out to us. Please be patient with us through this process but know that in our effort to keep Halfway Haven alive, we will be investigating every option to find a long-term plan for her surviva
  4. Yes I agree everyone should experience this area . The last few years this has become my home turf with no snow close to home I really hope someone comes up with a solution because once it’s gone it will be very hard get it back
  5. I think it’s 227 from Wawa to Chapleau. It’s sad but I don’t see how this trail will remain open with out Halfway. Most times the groomer operators sleep at halfway and pick up fuel very tuff terrain to open up
  6. There’s no way the loop will be kept open with out a fuel stop . The OFSC will never allow that just way to much risk
  7. They run off a generator I think it’s 58 kms to the main road that they maintain in the winter
  8. After 23 wonderful operational years it is with a heavy heart that we announce that Halfway Haven will not re-open for the upcoming seasons. The peace of mind that comes from being in the wild, and soul rejuvenation that remoteness brings our guests is the reason Halfway exists. That remoteness is also the largest factor in her struggle to survive. It has always taken operators that act as owners to staff and run Halfway and finding the right people who understand her needs has been difficult. Our last operators Kym and Rory originally planned to help us for a couple of weeks and were kind
  9. Glad it all worked out Tricky!!!
  10. Two ski doo 850 x both black
  11. Searchmount to highway 11 is my favourite section of trail !!
  12. Just a nice afternoon drive home 310 Kms this morning on the sled and 1100 Kms in the truck this afternoon (evening) lol
  13. Hornepayne to Kap was fantastic today just loaded up heading for home been a fantastic trip only 11 hours and we will be home
  14. I’ve bought three trailers from Blue water been good to deal with I would go with the legend
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