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  1. Having done a 1200 mile loop in northern Quebec this year, I can tell you one of the biggest limitations of their ITG is that is DOES NOT show many of the fuel / lodging / food stops - especially in the remote areas. This was critical to planning out routes and stops for a saddlebag trip. Thankfully I had good 'ol paper maps that showed literally 2 or 4X the businesses so we could plan it. The best thing they have going is their iMotoneige app for your cell phone for a few $. Can't tell you how many times I pulled out my cell in the middle of nowhere, and the GPS showed me exact
  2. I've been itching to get up one last time for a 3-day marathon ride - never seen conditions hang on so well this late in the year for northern Ontario.... Easter season plans and such kept me away thru this weekend - I'm wondering if anyone here has thoughts on what might happen for the weekend of April 14th ? If possible I'd start in Searchmont ( or Wawa ) and do the Chapleau / Timmins / Kap / Hearst loop, or possibly entertain some of the new western legs to Marathon or Longlac if the big loop isn't fit. Are clubs still grooming? Except for a big rain
  3. This is all great news. I've logged tens of thousands of miles in northern Ontario since my first exposure in a trip around Lake Superior in '99. I'm tickled that the Foleyet connection came back and now if only Manitowadge...... ( I can dream right?) Too bad a city as big as Thunder Bay can't find a few passionate souls to anchor the west end of a system that could feed all the Minnesota guys into Hearst for a stay. There is a pile of riders with money in the Minneapolis to Duluth corridor. That Nipigon to Marathon route was something everyone should have crossed off th
  4. That's the plan. the 2 of us did 703 miles ( not KM ) from 5:30am to midnight about 5 years ago and we are retarded enough to try and top it. Our only double-back last time was a little piece of the F trail towards Missanabie just to make sure we got past 700 by time we hit Wawa. No way to do 800 without the A105Q or doubling back on yourself. Only other spot to even try it is in QC - start in Valdor and end at Lac St Jean, but that's one desolate ride...... One visit to Chibougamau has satisfied my curiosity about that.
  5. Anyone from the Cochrane area know the intention on A105Q this winter? I'm planning a 800 mile route for a one day ride and that section of trail was my launching point as I figured it last year. I'm trying to do it with no ( or minimal ) doubling back on the same trail. I need to knock out some serious miles in the Cochrane / Timmins / Abitibi Canyon area early in the AM in order to get to Wawa before last call at the bar.
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