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    • I don't understand this, but their facebook page is all over the place as far as post dates, so even if there is news there, it may be burried.   ???
    • After reviewing what everyone is using and finding out what works with the TS ski and what doesn't, I may have to resort to putting the Rouski wheels back on.   But before doing that I need to figure out some way to keep them in the retracted position as the spring preload is not enough when conditions are rough, such as going across a ploughed field at speed.    The stutter bumps as I call them have caught me twice, where an oscillation sets up causing the wheel to eventual bounce into the engaged position.   When that happens that ski catches and almost flips the sled.   I'm sure if I rode at the posted speed, (50Kph) this wouldn't be an issue.   But in all honesty, an open field, far away from a house, who doesn't open it up a bit.   Any suggestions on how to lock the Rouski Wheel in place instead of relying on the spring preload?   thanks brian
    • I hear ya!! As hard as I try to put on as many miles as possible…..it’s the simple things in life that get in the way!!…..either way,,, buy a permit, support the clubs and enjoy as much as you can!!
    • Thankfully, still in good (enough) physical shape to use the old school ones......one under each ski and made up a piece of plywood with wheels for the track. For the skis you do not really have to lift up so much as pull up on the ski loop so it tilts the ski & slide dolly under each ski, one at a time. Driveway is still gravel, so no worries with that.....used primarily in the garage for moving around or unloading from the trailer.  
    • I saw these wheels at my buddy's place   they seemed pretty strong     my other buddy had two sets   one from Royal and one from Canadian Tire    I did a quick check on pricing      I paid 1/3 of what the others are     I cant believe the ones I have will bend  but I don't go far with them  and only on the smooth driveway and garage       https://www.royaldistributing.com/maxx-surface-saver-ski-dolly.html https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-snowmobile-drive-on-dollies-0260548p.html?rrec=true#spc
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