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  1. yamadan700

    Sled Insurance - 2019-2020 Season

    thepersonal.com 1-888-476-8737
  2. yamadan700

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

    Hmm, weren't those sleds for sale recently?
  3. yamadan700

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    225km today. Started at Buckhorn parking lot 1 on hwy 507. Ran E108, E, E110 to Cardiff. 612, Baptiste Lake,181, 179, E109 , E to Harcourt. 605, 606, 607 to Gooderham. 509, E108 back to lot. Trails 8/10 or better except 509. It's beat. A bit rough around Gooderham but trails just opened recently so to be expected. Also the road running around Wilberforce and Gooderham have maybe one more day left in them. Sun and no snowfall are killing them.
  4. yamadan700

    Pigeon Lake - Huge Hole

    The good thing about the Pigeon/Buckhorn/Chemong lake system is the average depth is probably around 10 feet and they only let 2-3 feet out. The deep areas in the main bodies are approx 20' except up near the top of Pigeon towards the Bald Lakes. The area where the hole is, I would think is about 6-8 feet deep, if that. Doubt it would ever be as nasty as the "Magpie" nightmare scene you described..lol..
  5. yamadan700

    Pigeon Lake - Huge Hole

    If you're crossing the bridge in Buckhorn, take a look to the west. The water level in Upper Buckhorn(same water level as Pigeon) is down at least a couple of feet from the fall level.
  6. yamadan700

    Pigeon Lake - Huge Hole

    Methinks that the ice formed and then they dropped the water level in the Trent system before it had a chance to thicken up, hence the gap between the water and ice. Guess the rest of the lake had a better chance to build thicker ice than that spot.
  7. yamadan700

    Pigeon Lake - Huge Hole

    Ice doesn't look too thick there. Thanks for heads up
  8. yamadan700

    Bewdley to Hiawatha

    Worst case scenario, you could ditch-bang to Bailieboro. I have done it in the past and it wasn't horrible.
  9. yamadan700

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    I believe it used to be (years ago) that when you clicked on a trail on the ITG it showed when the last update was done. Maybe we can get back to that. Would avoid speculation.
  10. yamadan700

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Little 60km loop in the Ganny forest. Haven't been in there in years. Testing some recent repairs. Trails were great in the middle but a bit rough in the east and west end. Think they groom from the center out. Also did the 403/ WF9 loop by the ski resort. Good snow on trails. Roads are getting thin.
  11. yamadan700

    E 208 - Peterborough

    FYI, I have seen many trailers parked on the side of Technology Drive when the parking lot is full.
  12. yamadan700

    E 208 - Peterborough

    Hey Yam Fan. I parked there a couple of weeks ago. Parked there a few times last winter too. It's never been locked. I believe it's also a parking area for the walkers/hikers as well. Wasn't always plowed last year but was this year. I can check it out late tmo night(2230) on the way home from work if you would like me to.
  13. yamadan700

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Saw 2 moose together on the E107 about halfway between the E trail and Apsley on Thursday afternoon around 4. They were north of where the E107 stays on the east side of Hwy 28 and were east of the trail up on a ridge/hill.
  14. yamadan700

    Apsley Area 2020 Season

    Is there still parking at the community centre on McFadden in Apsley? Is there enough snow on the 747 to get to the E107? Thanks for any info
  15. yamadan700

    Found-- LG cell phone---Kinmount area

    Owner found