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  1. We have a good relationship with KATVA and OF4WD and many times we share the cost/labour on mutually beneficial projects. Maybe they can reach out to the other user groups of those trails for assistance.
  2. Looks like the ITG is now open.
  3. Also clubs may still be working on reroutes due to landowner issues or making new trails and the maps may still not be ready to go. Many new landowners from the GTA and not all are snowmobile friendly. Go figure..lol
  4. Could contact clubs in the area that you want start from and see if you can park at their clubhouse for a few days.
  5. I would only recomend John Fircguk




  6. Did not take it as bashing volunteers. No worries there. I understand what you are saying. I agree. More $$$ would be great! I was just highlighting the actual hidden costs to maintain a provincial system and how much extra that would be if everyone was paid. It would be a staggering amount. How much would a trail permit cost then? Would be four figures for sure. I would also imagine that if everyone was paid then the landowners would also want to be paid. It would just be an ugly black hole to go down, IMO. It would be helpful if the government would put some of that extra tax revenue that snowmobilers generate back into the OFSC. The tree hugging green energy people may not think that is a good idea tho. If the OFSC should ever collapse, I can pretty much guarantee that the money spent on snowmobiling in Ontario will then be spent on vacations outside Ontario/Canada. It would be a large loss of tax revenue.
  7. If volunteers just billed the OFSC for their fuel used in their trucks, atvs, snowmobiles, chainsaws, generators, etc., you would already be paying $400. Let alone all the donated(free) use of personal tools, trucks, atvs, equipment, supplies, lumber donations, etc.. Going to the AGM, which is a working weekend, with costs covered is a small token of appreciation, IMO, for the hundreds of hours of annual volunteer time the leadership provides. If they were paid for their hours, as the groomer operators are, your trail pass would likely be many times higher. UsedtoSkidoo. As you know, volunteers is only way to keep the cost of the trail permits reasonable. We do it because we are passionate about keeping the provincial trail system alive. Maybe we should do like the ski hills do and charge $80 a day for when you want to ride the trails. That may provide enough resources to pay everyone as long as we can maintain the same amount of ridership. Call Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau and ask them for some funding. Good luck! Just my $.02
  8. Maintaining volunteers at a leadership level is paramount to the OFSC being successful. Gaining knowledge and wisdom from others at that level and throwing a few bucks at them is worth the cost in my opinion. The amount of $$$ that all volunteers donate to the club cause is large, ie gas, equipment, supplies, atvs, etc.. And no, I am not at the leadership level so conflict of interest can be ruled out.
  9. A factor could be a lack of willing volunteers to operate the booths. Many are usually older and may have concerns.
  10. Wiarton Willie!!! Have friends up there and have been to the festivities, blackjack night/drunk-fest and dance many times. Maybe the organizers may be interested if they are doing it next year.
  11. In our district, permit sales (seasonal and classic) were up over 10% from 2019 to 2020. Up around 20% from 2020 to 2021. Around 80% of both were sold before Dec 1st. Classic makes up around 8% of the total sales. According to the OFSC website, "Altogether, you bought 2019 Trail Permits for about 105,000 sleds". If the permit sales increase is the same across the province, the need for an increase in permit prices may not be needed at this time. JMO
  12. I always assumed that mid grade fuel was just premium and regular fuel being mixed to get a mid grade rating. Didn't know it was a separate tank.
  13. Guess the SRX will still be the fastest sled next year
  14. Always appreciate your local reports too.
  15. 503 has been open for a bit now from E107 to the lake. Trail was getting narrow in some spots due to the bush overgrowth. Remedied some of that today. We only got about halfway to the E107 from the Buckhorn side. Trail was in decent shape to where we turned around. It is a good trail. Has a bit of everything. Lake, bush, cottage roads, etc. However it's always a bit rough from the lake to Hwy 507. Only about 1km tho. Can't get a big groomer through there. Back in the 70's, I believe you were wrenching as much as you were riding ..lol.. Bit before my time.
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