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    • I figgered "Triton" as well.   I meant that the hot sleds would only be valuable as parts sleds? I kan't imagine that you would ever be able to register either of them again - w/o swapping on the tunnel from a dead machine eh? And that's a lot of werk for an older machine like these.   And maybe I am just showing my ignorance - as I haven't been overly involved in the hot market, so ....
    • I'm guessing the trailer was a Triton not a Titan as stated in the story. Used Triton clamshell is worth at least $1500.00 around here and it states that the sleds were used for "island jobs" and appears to be a carpenter that owned it per the pictures. Probably $4,000.00-$5000.00 for the sleds based on the picture of the Cat. Probably more valuable to the owner as they were tools of his trade so to speak.
    • The point is that someone has stolen someone else's property and in this case the sleds were used to by a contractor "The equipment is used to get to island jobs."  so he could lose work or complicate jobs.  Contractors don't use new sleds they prefer to keep their cost low by using old reliable sleds to get out to island jobs.
    • Ice is making it's was across the bay.  Always a good sign of things to come.
    • Apparently COVID pricing has jacked the prices of sleds stupidly.   I cringe at the thought of storing sleds in a trailer as it makes it that much easier for the nogoodniks. Back up a vehicle to it, cut the lock off the coupler and the way they go.   Back in the 90s a co-worker had his empty sled trailer stolen from his driveway.   The cops found it and a stolen pickup near Nestleton. The thieves had punched a hole in the side. The thought in our conversation was they abandoned the 'combo' when they realised there were no easily 'disposed of' sleds in the trailer.
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