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    • Is it just colour or get different carbide setup too? 
    • They had them on sale at Canadian tire for a whole month. Hard to miss big fire work trailer in parking lot. People not working and spending Ei money on fire works for entertainment. Better then guns no doubt. 
    • Up to this year the only fireworks you'd hear were on the May 2-4 or Canada Day. I was talking to our 'backyard neighbour' (their farm butts up to our lot) in August and asked her if her husband had been shooting at 'yotes. No but she had heard the fireworks too. She said it sounded like they were south of the village. This went on for a couple of weeks, a couple of nights each.
    • The Township of The Archipelago has a year round bylaw prohibiting fireworks.Only exceptions are Canada day,Memorial day and Labour day. It is however hard to get the Bylaw guy out 25 miles in the bay,and it doesn't appear to enforced inland.
    • Unfortunately some of the problems are larger than nuisance complaints....two lakes in McDougall, Harris Lake and Manitowabing have experienced break outs of green algae this summer...deadly stuff which can't be filtered out, treated,  or decontaminated. Both of the lakes are overbuilt and much of the shoreline has been "developed" as per Cottage Life Magazine. Comes from septic system failure, over fertilization of gardens and grass areas which runs off into the water, and removal of aquatic plants which tend to act like filters to keep water cleaner. 
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