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    • I seen place on kijiji but had very few details because it was already sold. Maybe some details about new owners will surface soon! 
    • Some info to share from the St.Clements snowmobile club Facebook page..
    • Sounds like Ed has sold St clements snowmobile clubhouse property and new owners are letting snowmobile club continue for another year or two it seems. 
      Thank-you Ed for many years of providing us sledders a nice spot to stop and chat with other sledders and enjoy great food. Hope to see you on trails this winter and I am sure you will still be in club house helping for next few years too as always! 

    • We already PAY POLICE to protect and serve. They are bound by oath to investigate crimes reported and theft is MAJOR CRIME. But that would involve effort, effort that doesnt involve zooming around on sleds or helicopters or boats playing badass.   To be crystal clear here, the CORE issue is political problems that have been driven by the lefty policy swinging wayyyyy too far out. The OPP openly campaigned for relecting Kathleen Wynne which is ILLEGAL and hardly a person made a peep and the OPP was blatant that it was about raises for them and screw everyone else. I guess? Well now look at what is happening to the police? If you think their political support to LUNATICS is not the big teeth now biting them in the ars? Your fooling yourselves. Teachers, Fire Fighters, and on and on and on its coming for all of you people ( pun intended )

      You simply cannot work with people whos political goals are to keep moving the goal post every time you get near. This is PRECISELY what Trudope and ALL of todays Liberals are doing and the NDP wants to go even harder with their great leap BS.

      I know some of you here likely hate me for pointing this stuff out in previous discussions I remember the "shut him down" crap. Remember, Im posting this FOR YOU because if your Canadian? I want the BEST for you and todays liberals and NDP are the worst of the three.
    • That’s why you need a good alarm and a few cameras no doubt. Would be enough to deter theft, I bet if they knew ahead of time. 
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