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    • My sil brought her place and had it rented out long before the bylaw was changed.  I had mine rented before but have no use anymore.  Most people moving forward will have to pay capital gains to keep these properties  they inherit.   Slomo did you buy your place or are you another one who had it inherited and are now complaining about how others need to make it work for them?
    • Not exactly....pertinent .....renters should be aware that if the owner is renting illegally, the township bylaw officer might boot them out half way through their scheduled week. There was a story on the wind in July about this happening on Lake Manitowabing. Rent was a pretty good amount, not to mention some inconvenience when the "holiday" is over. Usually happens after a complaint to the township. Another story has it that a bunch of guys showed up at a "cottage association's" annual party with a bunch of "escorts" not realizing that everyone there knew everyone else.    In the case of the guy on our lake, the noise and theft mainly bothers a neighbour who lied twice to get the name of the lake changed after a relative who didn't deserve it...no military service, no community service and too stupid to move when everyone else did when they realized the land would not support farming. Her self-entitled husband, legally blind with no driver's license, insurance and no helmet continues to ride his ATV on public roads. He can kill himself if he wants, but  if he runs someone down, no liability for injuries....would have to sue him. So you have to take the good with the bad in some cases....   However, most people are buying property with the expectation that their enjoyment of said purchase is protected by whatever laws are in force.
    • I have to agree with sled junk, that kap is best home base especially later in season. Going to moon beam club house is a real treat. My dad loved that part of trip. Lots of local trails to do and can still go to Hearst or Cochrane for a day trip if you want. Gets you out of that heavy traffic zone too. 
    • Its not just McDougall, many are considering it, even Seguin.     Renting out a cottage is a royal pain in the ass for owners, but is a way to keep it affordable.     https://olra.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/DPS-PL-2018-019-Short-Term-Cottage-Rental-Study.pdf
    • Wow.  Not sure what is more disapointing in that scenario.  The fact that the municipality decided a by-law was necessary or the fact that this is occuring with renters abusing the situation.  If you're renting you certainly have an obligation to screen clients and ensure they don't annoy your neighbours.  You're also most definately responsible for your septic.  Our neighbours two doors down have a big lot with 3 buildings on it.  They rented one of them out in 1 week increments every week this summer.  Not a lick of issues.  The folks they had in were great.  Hardly knew they had folks in.  Anyways I think we have officially hi-jacked this forum.  Sorry revrnd.
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