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  1. One of my employees said he had picked up a chick that night and was driving her home when it happened. Possibly a bit distracted at the wheel. And I agree with the rest. I have no problem helping out my employees. I'll send them home with a truck when their vehicle is stuck in the shop or truck and trailer if they need it to move an item. My employees often borrow my tools and equipment for a weekend for home projects or to help a buddy. They pay me rent if they are using my stuff to make money.
  2. Not that I believe his issue with not coming to work has to do with the car but let's go with that. He lives 5 minutes from me, on a bus route. Worst case, he could catch an Uber for under $15 each way, work a 10 hour day and still have $200 per day to put towards his car repairs. He is not the only employee that has done this. I had a guy a couple years ago say he needed to take his car in to have work done so he needed the day off. I said "why not drop the car off and one of us will pick you up?" He said no because he liked to watch them do the work. I had another who hit a fire hydrant when he swerved to miss a cat. He took 4 days off while waiting for his car the be repaired.
  3. So the Aziz sends me a text message yesterday saying he’s having car trouble and that’s why he hasn’t come in. He sent me a picture of a flat and “I can’t get to work until I sort this out so I’m gone”. Then today he messages my wife and asks for a record of employment so he can go to the bank and get a loan to fix his car. I kid you not. I couldn’t make this stuff up. I think he’s on drugs or possibly he should be medicated. People like this make me nervous.
  4. Not me who pushes them, it’s the other employees. They don’t want to make up for another guys short comings. If the guy is going to quit then better to find out early. Exactly. We stress manual labour in the ads, must be able to lift 100lbs, must be able to work 10-12 hours days in the weather, push a wheelbarrow for 4 hours at a time, etc. It’s repeated in the interview. Still you get people who show up completely incapable of doing the job. Fat, old, short, or with no understanding of what hard work is, etc. My employee who was working with him for the day thought he was an ok worker. Ran out of gas around 3pm but he is in Ramadan fast right now so can’t eat or drink during the day. Had he of mentioned that I probably wouldn’t have hired him because there is no way he could make it here. My employee said it was a medium work day, not heavy but it was 11.5 hrs.
  5. Aziz worked Monday. No show today....lol
  6. All 3 showed for interviews. Aziz came a day late but he did let us know he had a flat tire. He starts tomorrow. Did not hire either of the other 2. We had another guy who scheduled an interview but didn’t show.
  7. I'm hiring right now. Ran a posting on Indeed. Got 50 responses. Sent requests for interviews to 20 candidates. Got 4 who agreed to an interview. The first was Tyler who never showed for his scheduled time. When messaged he said he had to help his grandfather, he'd get back when he had more time. I have interviews set up with Ali, Ravinder and Aziz tomorrow. I bet they all show and are excited to get the job.
  8. OKay, stop with these posts. I can't enjoy any of this so I need it to end.
  9. I've been following. Amazing group of guys to take this on.
  10. Trail report for March 28, 2023 is sponsored by The Fed Husky left the shop yesterday and groomed L101 to King Kirkland then continued North on A108 to Bourkes TM140 headed South on A108 to the Blanche River and cleaned up the West side of the A109 on the way back
  11. I'm not riding the area but they do a post on Facebook every day saying which direction the groomer went. Trail report for March 25, 2023 is sponsored by Auld Reekie Lodge Husky left Bourkes yesterday and did a 1 way trip South on the A108 and parked at the shop TM140 did a 1 way trip from the shop in KL to Larder Lake yard via A110Q Trail report for March 26, 2023 is sponsored by Rolly’s Restaurant and Motel TM140 left the Larder Lake yard and groomed A110Q to the Quebec border and touched up the East side of A109 on the way back to the yard Trail report for March 27, 2023 is sponsored by Quality Inn TM140 left the Larder Lake yard and groomed A110Q to KL and cleaned up some local trails around town before parking at the shop.
  12. Haha... Honestly you probably could. My buddy has a shop on a property that long haul live stock truckers work from. They have a building set up as a wash bay for the trucks and trailers. There is a whole big procedure that they have to adhere to so they avoid cross contamination. Cleaning, compose, containment tanks, wash, sanitize and sterilize. Those trailers are probably cleaner than my kitchen floor. 5 second rule still in use here......🤪 Puggz, I will ask if any would take a sled.
  13. I've tried Uship in the past. Your best rates will be found by calling around and asking different trucking companies. As Coldfinger suggested with livestock haulers, you need to find a truck that goes west empty most of the time. Several years ago I needed a load hauled up from South Carolina. Uship quotes started at $3500, after a few days it was down to $2000 then after a week it was at $1500. I started calling local freight companies and found a company that would do it for $1200. Turned out they had a truck sitting in Georgia waiting for a load to bring back.
  14. Empty trailers don't smell.
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