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  1. Yep, we are going to try take out for this first one and see how it goes.
  2. Thanks but no, its way too deep. and mine has a quick coupler system. Needs to look like this. I've called around. Probably can't be sourced from a Canadian manufacture. It was AMI who told me minimum 32 weeks and most of the local equipment dealers order from them. Its a common coupler in the US, not in Canada. I found a dealer in Stouville who deals with TAG in Tennessee, waiting for a call back from them on price and availability.
  3. I'm looking for a ditching bucket for my mini-excavator. Was quoted 32 weeks for delivery......lol
  4. If I was buying this year, it would be between the SRX and a Gade X Turbo R. But I'm good with what I have for now. Probably not looking for a new one for 2 years. Maybe Covid will be done by then and I can pick up a low mile used SRX since I like the classic colours of this years. Maybe they will do black/Gold or Black/Red for the next one. That would be even better.
  5. All good. Thanks for recommending Lockhart's. I completely understand why dealers are currently looking for full MSRP plus. They are going to sell everything they can get and most years they have to fight to make a buck. But I appreciate a dealer who maintains their same pricing practices when the potential is there to take advantage of a situation.
  6. Took a drive to Lockhart's today. 2022 Renegade Adrenaline in Black, Heated seat, Mid height windshield with mirrors, tunnel protectors and a heated shield plug. Wife should be happy once there are some pink stripes on it. Delivery by September they say. I was there for all of 10 minutes.
  7. They changed the ad. Now says "or will go lower, will deliver". I sent a message asking a couple questions. See what happens. When people lowball me I delete the message and block them.....lol
  8. Starting to see sleds sit on Kijiji now. Some are lowering their pricing but some are hanging on for the big pay out. Found the exact sled I need for the wife but this person is asking $2500 more for there used sled than it will cost me to order new. And no accessories to go with it. I need them to take $4000 less than their asking price to make it attractive. Do you send that lowball offer and hope for the best ?
  9. Great idea. Showing that real people own these properties, not some faceless corporation. Hopefully, this can lead to more respect. I'm on Facebook daily and never seen it though. They need to reach more sledders.
  10. They are great sleds. Ours came to a sad end. It started having electrical issues. It would randomly shut off and not restart. On the third time towing it out of the bush, we were in North Bay. We spent the afternoon at Carlson's and that's where she rode an Apex with power steering. Turned out to be a cut through the wiring harness under the motor.We traded it at our local Yamaha dealer when we got home. A friend of my wife's went in and bought it with out letting us know. She rode it in to a fence the next winter. Then blow the motor the year after. My wife had the sled on its si
  11. I know everyone loved to hate on the Barneys but it was a great trail sled.
  12. I don't think I want to go that small with the motor. If she was the only one riding it then maybe but I want this to also be a backup sled for me and something one of my buddies can ride when I want to do a guy ride. The 900 is good for 90mph. I also don't want a light sled. In the past, she rode an '01 Z440, '03 Firecat F5, an '07 500SS and an '09 600 Etec. She didn't like any of them. She felt they tracked all over the trail. She couldn't keep in a straight line. She likes the feel of something solid and planted or she gets anxious and slows down. Her '07 F6 was not
  13. Ok, I was thinking the front would be rebuildable. Thanks for the info. Yes, it was a '12 with the power steering.
  14. Thanks for confirming my thoughts gentlemen. It will be an Adrenaline. Easy throttle pull was an issue back when I bought her an '07 F6 EFI. I was going to get her a 500SS until she rode one and hated the throttle.
  15. I realize the 2 stroke would be lighter handling and I'd buy one if I didn't have to put oil in it. When we both owned 2 strokes, I would put oil in both of them when I put in gas, no problems. Once I had a 4 stroke and she was still on the 2, she ran low on oil several times because I always forgot to check. This winter with 2 people using my 800 Doo, it ran low on oil on the last ride because I forgot to put oil in it. When you are riding to a destination in the dark and she sees her oil light come on, its not good. This will likely be that last sled for her.
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