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  1. If its a Cat dealer you want, none better than Snowmobiles Unlimited. Steve and Morgan have taken care of my Cat's needs for years. If its non-dealer servicing then see Chris at Ledger Motorsports. He services all brands and his pricing is very reasonable.
  2. We buy from St Clements Poultry like most everyone else. Our licensing and insurance are all in place for the season with hopes that things will change.
  3. We pay more than that. $3.75/lbs if I remember correctly. Really not much of a fund raiser at these sales levels and with no alcohol sales but it’s something to do. Keeps people involved.
  4. I got 3 emails today saying my passes had been sent. Never did get a confirmation email.
  5. I don't believe any provisions will be provided for outdoor eating. No tables or chairs.
  6. Yes, we are going to continue our Wing Nights starting Oct 2. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, this event will be take out only.
  7. Its been First Class Fleet Services for a couple years now. I've had a few of my trucks in there. They are quick and very fair on pricing.
  8. Interesting, last year I did some work for a guy who owns a run down hotel here in Kitchener by that same name.
  9. I never rode from home even though the trails did open on my side of KW for a few days. The road rash at Inverhaugh didn't appeal to me after the GRCA debacle. I trailered to St Clements but I still count that as local. I heard you were through the clubhouse and that had been your only ride for the season. Life gets in the way some times.
  10. You make some good points. My wife rides a '12 Vector with a 120 track and sees no need to go bigger but the options are limited even at 129 if you want to stay 4 stroke. And why Polaris is dragging their feet for so long on the 4 stroke front is confusing. Most have forgotten the 750 even existed at this point. I'd need more than the 100hp myself, more like 150-160, but this is a good chunk of the market they leave for Ski-doo. I assume they can't find a cost effective way to compete.
  11. Rode from the trailer in to my shop then the shop to the storage shed. Washed up, greased and stored until next year. Put on about 2000 kms this winter, half of that was local and all rides were in February. Much better than the previous 4 years (as the local trails weren't open). I thought as I got older I would find more time to ride/travel to ride. The reality is if the local trails don't open, I won't ride near as much.
  12. If I remember correctly, the EL3 follows a gas pipeline right of way and the D south of Elliot Lake follows a hydro easement for the most part. The BM3 uses logging roads. I don't remember any of them having much tight bush trail. Not like the F north out of Dunlop Lake.
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