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  1. Blackstar

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

    Going to be water and unfrozen ground sitting under this snow.
  2. Blackstar

    New Hamburg Hydro Line Mud Hole???

    Yes, its pretty sad that 2 weeks of open trails is the best we've had for several years in our area. Let's hope that the weather people are right and we get all this snow they have promised for Wednesday-Friday.
  3. Blackstar

    grey-bruce riding

    No worries today. There was fresh snow in the area around Harriston, Cl;ifford, Neustadt, Ayton, around 3 inches. Closer to Durham about an inch. South of Pamerston and Listowel got nothing.
  4. Blackstar

    grey-bruce riding

    I rode through Listowel on Sunday morning. The bush trails were brown all the way through. Fields were a bit rough but with good coverage. I think that's what you will find in most of southern Ontario. Hopefully with a bit of fresh snow yesterday and some grooming it should be decent. The warm temps and traffic this weekend should kill off most of these trails. I'm heading out tomorrow for a ride, leaving from St Clements.
  5. Blackstar


    Due to the fact that parking at the clubhouse is restricted to members. Membership numbers go up and down depending on whether the trails are open or not. This year membership is way up....lol
  6. Blackstar


    Monday ended up being the best day for sales at the clubhouse as they sold out of all the food we had available. That said, a few years ago one good Saturday at the clubhouse would have exceeded all the sales from this entire weekend. We plan to be open again this weekend assuming the weather holds. Looks like Sunday's +6 will be a trail killer.
  7. Blackstar


    Yes, there are plenty of reasons for a lack of people coming to the clubhouse. The loss of some important trails in the area is definitely one of them.
  8. Blackstar


    I worked at the St Clements clubhouse today. We expected decent sales but it was slow. Didn't seem to be many sleds coming through. Clubhouse is open Sunday and Monday for anyone in the area.
  9. Blackstar

    Timmins or New Liskeard?

    I got the low down on this yesterday from locals in the J&S Variety Store though I didn't go back to check it out. Canyon Lake has a good sized waterfall that freezes in the winter. The ice can be different colours. Right now its blue. Often it is green. Last year it was a rusty brown. It changes as the winter progresses and went you stand next to it you can hear the water running behind the ice. They had pictures. Looked pretty cool. I'll have to check it out some time. If you watch at the road crossings just outside of Elk Lake you will see the sign and the trail that leads back to the falls. They keep it groomed.
  10. Blackstar

    Top A west Of Kirkland Lake Yellow

    I was through there on Tuesday and don’t remember anything horrible. As mentioned above, I believe the road was plowed. It was no worse than the road run section coming out of Elk Lake.
  11. Blackstar

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Pic from inside cabin at Tree Bear. We talked with the owners a fair bit. Seem like real nice people. They are from Brantford. Hope things go well for them.
  12. Blackstar

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Just got home last night from a trip to the North. Left from New Liskeard 9am Tuesday morning. Rode the A to Cochrane 375 kms. Topped up fuel in Earlton. Fuel and lunch in Matheson. Fueled up once we got to Cochrane. All trails were in great shape. Cochrane close to town was a bit rough but then we passed the groomer heading out to clean up so all good. Checked in to the Railway Station by 5pm. Ate dinner in the attached restaurant that night (ok, not great). Beds are way too soft and they squeak. Had breakfast at the same restaurant next morning. Was very good and good selection. Server was exceptionally pleasant. On the trail by 830. Took the C to the L24 in to Timmins. Fueled up at Esso. On to the L22, then A111C to L143. L143 to the A107C, then the C and in to Shining Tree. Fueled up at Shining Tree Camp. Through the parking lot and down to the lake, we followed the stake line over to Tree Bear Camp. 265 kms and it’s only 130pm. We had lunch and stayed the night. Tree Bear Camp has food, more snack bar than restaurant. Burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, etc. $110+tax per person. Includes dinner and breakfast. That night, dinner was chicken with rice and veggies, coffee cake with ice cream. Not gourmet but decent. The cabins are nice. Kitchen/living area, 2 bedrooms (2 singles in each) and a washroom with shower. All new construction so very clean and neat. I believe 3 cabins are currently available. A 4th could be readied if demand warrants it. we asked for breakfast for 730. We were offered our choice of bacon and eggs or pancakes. Pancakes with blueberries were perfect. Temp was -28 when we left at 830. The ride got off to a rough start and with the cold temps we stopped twice to warm up, Gowganda Lake Camp (put gas in the Cat and had coffee) and J & S Variety in Elk Lake (they have coffee and lunch menu with a table in the rear, it’s beside the bridge). Now on the A, we made quick time back to the truck for 330pm, 255 km day. Worst trails we rode all week was from Earlton to New Liskeard due to the fresh snow over night and high winds. It was choppy but still ok. Lunch at Gillies then back home in St Clements by 11. Just about 900 kms total. I was riding my ‘15 Turbo and my riding partner had an ‘18 Gade 900 Ace. He could go 50% further on a tank of fuel so he razzed me at every fill up. some pics.
  13. Blackstar

    Wing Night Friday Feb 1

    I'm told the 5-71 is a mess due to logging.
  14. Blackstar

    Wing Night Friday Feb 1

    5-71 is not one of our trails. I was by there today and the groomer had been through but I didn't go into the closed section. Thinking about it now, I think there is a section of busch trail in there that is always wet. I believe that small piece of B-203 north of Linwood is supposed to be open as well.
  15. Blackstar

    Wing Night Friday Feb 1

    The trail heading NW of the clubhouse is open as well as the B203 heading NE from Linwood. I believe the 5-71 is open as well. They have been trying to get the ITG updated most of the day.