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  1. TD's pricing is based on Price for the Comprehensive portion. Looking at my policy, I pay the same rate for my Cat Turbo as I do for my wife's Renegade 900 as far as Liability and accident benefits, $1mil coverage on each. When I get to the comprehensive section, I pay $72 for the Cat (valued at $6500, $500 deductible) and $106 for the Renegade (valued at $15k, $1000 deductible). Not sure how the 2 deductibles got to be different, but this is probably the first time I actually looked at the numbers....lol
  2. Called TD Insurance yesterday to add the Mach Z to my current policy. 20 minute conversation verifying who I was and the details of the sled, with a nice lady and she says "I'm sorry, the system is down. Please call back another time." lol I called today and talked with another nice lady who was obviously on a headset (muffled), English for a second language, and working from home (she apologized for her screaming cat in the background). We managed to get through the process. Hard to believe this is now the norm for communication with a large corporation. 2022 Mach Z, valued at $20k, $1m Liability, Comprehensive with $500 deductible, no collision, $519 for the year tax included.
  3. Towards the Reopening of the Trail Between La Cache and Murdochville in 2025? It is clear that this decision was not made lightly but out of concern for the safety of all users. It is expected that the situation will be rectified in preparation for the 2025 season, allowing us to once again enjoy this splendid trail. In the meantime, it is advisable to make alternative arrangements for the upcoming season. This is from Sledmagine.com https://sledmagazine.com/category/news/regions-news-2/gaspesie-iles-de-la-madeleine-regions-news-2/ I seen on Facebook that the trail has been removed from the map for this season now as well.
  4. I signed up for the email last year. I got an email to renew my sleds and my personal vehicles. They still mail out for my commercial vehicles.
  5. Yes, we all need to support this. When the GRCA denied access, the club was forced to reroute the trail to the nearest bridge over the river as the rail allowed riders to cross at the dam. This trail is currently a tough scratch through ditches and a 1/4 mile of pavement. I imagine the club gets steady complaints from the property owners along this stretch as riders search out snow on yards and cross driveways to avoid the long road run. Link is in the first post.
  6. I've never done a lien search. Probably a good idea though. Yes, legally, if you sell a used vehicle in Ontario you are required to provide the used vehicle package to the purchaser. That said, I've bought several trucks over the years and never received a used vehicle package. I usually get one for them when I switch over the ownership, just out of curiosity.
  7. Don't you worry. We are all going to pay for this Freebie.....lol Wait until the new emissions testing rolls out.
  8. The railbed between Shelburne and Markdale opens for 1 day, the Thursday before Christmas.
  9. From what I read on Dootalk, its only the Gen 4's.
  10. yes, I have all my projects plus the stuff the wife wants to do…..lol The business is slowing down without my help. Very low demand and a ton of new competition in the industry.
  11. I had my sled serviced at Ledger a few weeks ago. New fluids, replaced the rear springs and a once over. Picked up a medium height wind screen Monday. The wife's sled and my Cat saw limited miles last winter so a quick once over and grease, maybe some carbides for wife sled. Trailer got a full service earlier this year. I do need to find one tail light for it. Bigger project I got is a tow rig. I sold my Dodge 1500 late last year and used my '07 F250 work truck to pull the trailer but its got issues. Early summer I found diesel fuel in the coolant and last month it blew the engine oil cooler coolant fitting. She's a goner. I picked up a 2007 F350 CCLB Harley Edition as a replacement 2 weeks ago. Its in now getting a safety then it gets a clean up, some paint work, new sound system and a flat deck. Raiding parts from the old work truck as much as I can before I sell off the remains. And then there is the Kitty Cat to get working on, and I hope to get the '79 SRX running as well as the '79 ET300. 🤪
  12. Yes, as a snowmobiling friend told me years ago. You should buy a permit to support the system, not to go riding. If you're a snowmobiler, the system needs to survive in order for it to be there in the future. Day passes are for tourists. My 3 permits came in. I'm putting one on my back up sled incase someone wants to ride it. It may go out once or twice I figure. Besides, the insurance is double the cost of the permit.
  13. That's Graham Snyder. He's my neighbour, 1/4 mile up the road outside Kitchener.
  14. Mine came last week. Unchanged from last 2 years. I haven't added the new sled yet.
  15. Went with Qualipieces Trek series. Not a great fit. Had to bend a lot of angle out of the studs to get them in the holes. Not happy I had to drill another hole in the ski either. I used to use an offset dual carbide they made a few years back. This seems like a revised version.
  16. I'm taking the set off my Mach Z, supposedly brand new but I haven't looked at them yet. They did a nice job of carving up my trailer floor...lol. You're welcome to them if they will work for you
  17. What is "Good" hockey stick going for these days? What do all the kids want? It's been 18 years since I paid $200 for the kid's stick.
  18. I'm with TD, wife's '22 Renegade 900 last year was $450, no collision.
  19. Oh, I'm hoping for better than 600 kms this year....lol I did a run down with the wife last night about my winter plans. I hope to visit my son in Alberta in Dec. I hope to get my first run with the sled in January where ever in Ontario has snow. Late February I hope to run a 3-4 day trip with her and a few days in Elliot Lake early March. She plans to go to Florida for the rest of Sept, then 3 weeks in Nov, back to Florida for all of Jan and half of Feb, come home and do a couple rides, back to Florida for April......lol
  20. Actually, 20 points on $100 would be $20. 25 points on $100 would be $25. The $2.50 isn't necessarily profit because other costs are going up around them which cut into that. I have kept my margins on product the same as always in my business but my profits are going down because fuel and wages have increased along with shipping, insurance and all the crap that keeps a business running. Just because there are more dollars in the rising costs doesn't mean you can cut your percentage of mark up. It will take time for all the bean counters to find the new percentage as all costs get factored in.
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