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  1. He sure was. When you went for a ride with Ed you better be prepared for a 400km day. I haven’t seen him much since we went for a ride late Jan ‘21. He rode my backup sled which I sold shortly after. I have talked to him on the phone a couple times but not lately.
  2. Nope, just Ed and I. A quick loop. New Liskeard to Cochrane, Cochrane to Tree Bears and Tree Bears back to New Liskeard.
  3. February 2020. Woke up to -29. Brrrrr. PLC is going to tell Eddie his picture is on the internet…….
  4. Provided Yamaha keeps supplying Cat with engines. I'm wondering why they didn't put the 800 in this new chassis? And maybe they still will. But I hope its because they need all their resources for the new 900 2 stroke that's been rumored for a couple years now.
  5. I don't think they need a "new" chassis myself. The Pro-cross only needs refinement. Trim some fat and narrow it up and she will rock with the best of them.
  6. Hmmm, possibly and early build for Jan 2023? As much as I'd like to see some great new sled come out of Cat (and I'm sure this release will bring improvements). This is more likely to be Cat playing catch up to the other 2 manufacturers than it is to be a "Game Changer". LED headlights, thinner tank/seat area, improved handling from modified spindles and skis, etc...... Wonder if the long rumoured 900 2 stroke will come with it?
  7. Tough to get up to Holstein on a week night when I'm working until 6pm+ most nights but I'd like to get there just to support the cause. Elmira is more doable and will likely draw most of the old crowd from Elora as it goes on. Thanks for the info.
  8. Been working a ton of hours lately but I'll try to get up there on a Thursday.
  9. Good to know. I need to get my Ram 1500 and the Kid's Focus ST done. We both had bodywork done this spring at Portugal Autobody and Willie says we need to get some oil into them.
  10. I'm getting paint jobs on my 10 year old trucks with the plan to drive them for another 5 years....lol
  11. How about Don's Trailer Service in Kitchener. I know they repair trailers but not sure if they get into that kind of work. Last summer I had the ramp door down on my enclosed trailer while parked on the inside of a Cul-de-sac. Garbage truck driver wasn't paying attention and drove over the ramp with his rear tires. They got about a foot and a half up the side and crushed the inner frame. Skin was still saveable. I had Brent's Welding in Kitchener dismantle the door, rebuild the frame and reassemble. They were fair with the price. They also build trailers. Might be worth a shot.
  12. I heard they closed up. I forget who I was talking to but he said they had cleaned out the buildings.
  13. Thanks to all who came out. Its was a good night. We did end up with 100 lbs of wings left over but they always find a home. Hopefully, we will see you all again at some point in the future. For myself, I am really going to miss the clubhouse. It was the reason I joined St Clements. I wanted to do my part to help it continue. I hate to see it come to an end.
  14. Thanks. Snowed here last night so I got stuck plowing/salting. Very discouraged since that will be it for me now. Oh well, always next year.
  15. TWN now says +12 for Sunday. Debating between going to Barrie and going to Owen Sound at this point. I have business I could do Owen Sound way.
  16. Looking to do a last ride tomorrow. Checking the ITG doesn't show many parking options. Currently, the trail is shown as limited from the Township of Georgian Bluffs building. Does anyone know if you can park there? Alternatively, Shallow Lake shows parking at the arena. Or Southampton Snowmobile clubhouse shows parking available.
  17. More rain for the south coming Sunday with high of 8, warmer temps to follow. Debating whether I cram in one last ride on Thursday in Durham or just put them into storage. I had hoped to head north for at least a couple. days in March but I can see plenty of things I could get finished at home. I bought that new sled for the wife because she said she wasn't going south again for a couple of years and wanted to ride. Friday she bought another place in Florida. Takes possession April 1. 🤪
  18. Did you cross the channel from Gore Bay to Spanish? I noticed its been red on the OFSC map.
  19. Wing Night will be an “Eat in” or “Take out” event. This will be an unlicensed event. Pop and water only.
  20. I'm with ya. I don't see how anyone can make a go of this place.
  21. Looks like Durham and Orangeville will open according to their FB pages. Its going to be a mix of conditions. I'm hoping with the cold temps tonight and tomorrow there will be enough open trails to take a ride Sunday,
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