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  1. Nope. Between health issues and snow issues, their 2021 VR1s have almost no mileage, and being 650s, Woodzy isn't worried about owning them out of warranty. Like many, many they are shifting their recreational $$$$ to other areas. Looks like Yamaha is getting out a year too late, but better now than later.
  2. Performance Recreation is blowing away all their sleds. They have a '21 650 VR1 137 with 1500 miles. Were asking $11.5 K. Now ad says "make an offer". Anyone not buying a sled now isn't seriously shopping, except maybe someone like Scott looking for a cherry late model Doo 600R. They are still scarce. VR1 650s are scarce too, but they are out there at good prices.
  3. Congratulations! That is a pleasant surprise. I thought only giveaway prices would see sleds changing hands this spring. Can I hire you to sell some motorcycles for me?😉
  4. As Strong Farmer said, KL is a long way to drive for just a few local trails. If there is no connection to Cochrane or Tinmmins, I will be in full motorcycle/dirt bike mode.
  5. Just put my riding gear away for the summer this morning, and calculated my exact mileage for the winter - 399 km. Hmmm! I will head north if I can convince any buddies to go. Have started to prepare for a bike trip to WV in 3 weeks, but don't need much time for that.
  6. Like my daughter and SIL - they love sledding, but Winter is Hockey Time, so the sleds sit. Hockey thru the March break. They also like dirt biking, but Spring and Summer hockey start up by the end of April just as the trails open. Grandson is going to be a well traveled, super experienced beer league player in 5 or 6 years. Not sure that life style is worth it for the lad.
  7. Predictions??? How about an observation..... Anyone snow checking a 2025, is either, to quote my buddy Woodzi, f**ked in the head or, has waaay too much money. Observation is based on a two month season max, and hundreds of great new and used '23 and '24 sleds available. Off season toys are good for 6-8 months of the year, and in some cases, are less expensive than a new sled. WTF?
  8. tricky


    Was anyone calling for a carbon tax then? Oh, oh, sorry! I didn't mean that!
  9. X2. I am hoping that someone riding KL to Hearst this extended weekend can report on Monday what conditions still exist, if anything?
  10. tricky


    Thanks, Mark. We all need a boost, or therapy, as I forget who suggested, after this winter. Discouraging, but not the end of the world. Enjoy the 'off' season. 2025 can only be better.
  11. tricky


    400 km over 3 short days for me this season, and I think my season is over when it has barely started. On the up side there are plenty of 2 wheelers in my garage hoping to get more use this season.
  12. Thanks a lot for taking the time to report. WOW, that is crazy! Where did you stay in KL? Good luck with the rest of your trip.
  13. Did you stick with this plan? If so, could you give us and update or two from your trip?
  14. I can accept when I am beat, and that is now. My original plan was drive north today, sled 4 days and drive home Sunday. The extreme weather swings are creating a forecast whereby I could only enjoy sledding of Friday. Now I have my eye on NEXT Wednesday thru Saturday, if the trails survive until then. If this is the new weather reality, one good thing about it is that my current sled will do me until I pack it in! Hope the rest of you can get at least one more ride in.
  15. We need snow to fall and stay in more of Ontario. Doug Ford couldn't give us 'buck a beer'. I doubt he can give us more snow. No point in the province spending money on organized sledding that involves southern Ontario. OFSC must revise its model to reflect the reality of 'climate change'. I am not yet convinced that we humans are responsible for the change, but I see the change. Sucks to be us!
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