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  1. Precisely why I wanted to know about Opaz. Thanks PLC. Travelling with a fuel worrier this week. Drives me crazy. We are traveling the opposite direction later this week.
  2. ITG doesn't show fuel available at Opasatika on A trail. Is that the case???
  3. Those are the ones not selling, unless they adjust the price appropriately. My riding buddy paid $2500 less than asking price on used Doo three weeks ago. Seller realized that he was getting out of sledding and didn't want to store the sled until next fall. Buddy's offer was the only one he had in two weeks on Kijiji. Ergo, sold. The worst beating happens with the 800/850 2 strokes. Like smoking, I am glad I never took those up. There are at least two ways of advertising in play - Scott's fair price listing and hold firm, and the dreamer's 'aim for the sky' and see what you can get.
  4. Hey Scott, do you save much canceling insurance this time of year? I keep 4 stroke sleds now for years, but when I sold my 2015 sled in the spring of 2017, canceling the insurance only got me about a $20 refund. State Farm said that the insurance was pro rated with 90% used up Dec - March inclusive.
  5. Yes, but.....It might work on a few buyers, but most want more than BNG for that price. To each his own.
  6. You just want to be kissed first. Your momma brought you up proper!
  7. Yup. I am sure the ice crossing will still be open on A112. And Mike is always conservative when playing the 'yellow' card for Mattawa trails. Their yellow often equal NB and ML 'green'. I have been on my way to Golf and Ski, when it is lightly raining in Mattawa but snowing at Golf and Ski. If you can get in there, that is the best sledding south of 17. Head east and ride the Missing Link 197 and 195m and the North Renfrew 130 series trails. That can be 1 or 2 days of riding. another day can be A112, BF 201 Talon Lake to A and back. If you can't get in at Golf and Ski, they can likely suggest other accommodations. Good point PLC. I have found that road section to survive better than similar road trails in the spring because the township ploughs seem to leave a little snow for sleds. Maybe I have just been lucky.
  8. Last week, Mar 8-10, we rode a lot of what you have planned. We staged out of the Dinner Bell in Bonfield to avoid the NB trails close to the city. The trails in general were very good but the closer to NB we got the worse the trails were. I see that you plan to use the D trail south of Trout Lake on two days. I would avoid that if at all possible. As PLC advised, this 20 km stretch of 'trail' south to west end of Lake Nosbonsing is in serious need of snow. Like a dummy, I had forgotten how bad that long stretch can get in low snow conditions. I had told myself 5 years ago that I would only ever ride that section of trail after a snowfall. There were 6-8 km of bare paved road/ gravel shoulder to ride. I learned last time to just get up on the pavement and ride at speed rather than grind it out on the shoulder. It's over faster that way - less sled wear. PLC also warned of NB308. A portion of it was great, but last week the log haul was very active and portions of the road was ploughed down to ice/gravel mix. In other parts of Ontario those two trails would have been red. We need the fourth colour (purple works) to indicate ploughed trails without snow. We met several sledders who were staying in NB, but after one day in and out from the strip, they decided to trailer out of town for their loops. Favourite parking was the one on highway 11 where the AD trail crossed. It's a very large lot right off the main trail. Trails further west were excellent last week in the Field, Verner, Hagar, River Valley area, with the exception of the road trail through Warren, which can be avoided on local trails. I just see that the weather forecast is a bummer for the start of the weekend. I stay positive though, by always driving the shortest distance to good conditions. Good luck, whatever you decide.
  9. Took six days, in which time a new phone was purchased and activated, but there has been a development in the 'missing' phone case. Seems there has been a senior's moment involved. Last week was my buddy's first ride on his new-to-him Skidoo which came with a different Linq tail bag than he had on his previous sled. Seems this new bag has a small zipped compartment on the underside of the lid. That is where he found his phone today, hidden by a spare balaclava. And my wife thinks I am bad when I 'lose' a pair of drug-store reading glasses for a day or two.
  10. The northern portion of 308 was hateful last Thursday. If there hasn't been new snow since then, stay away.
  11. Congrats 1049. You two are still snowmobilers. I have a grand total of 2100 km and 7 days on my sled this year. Brutal! I may be finished for the season, but if so, I can hope to use my motorcycles more, starting a month from now in WV.
  12. Ski, I am a trail rider only and know almost no short cuts in the area, but have ridden south from Dub on Dub5(Magpie),to the D trail jogged 3 or 4 km east on D(North), then south on Wawa5 around Wawa, back onto D south to Searchmont. That totalled just over 300 km. I am fairly certain that I have used the same route northbound, avoiding Wawa, using Wawa5, D and Dub5 to get to the Magpie. (Paper District 13 maps only) I think I have that correct as I am old haven't been there since 2019.
  13. Thank you for the great report with accurate mileages - very helpful. Glad that you had such a good trip, the kind that make it worth staying in the sport.
  14. X2. I have been riding 900 ACE sleds for 7 seasons, now on my second one. I have been passed by less than 20 sleds in that time, and passed hundreds. You can't suck and blow at the same time, so I don't have much sympathy those complaining about ridiculously high prices as they seek out the latest, trickest 850 or turbo 4s. If you are riding deep snow, or lake racing, I get it, but for the bulk of Ontario trail riders 125-130 HP is more than what's required. Sledders, as a lot, have shown the manufacturers how to pick our pockets, and they have gotten good it. Can't complain.
  15. My riding buddy, Malcolm, lost his black Samsung phone Thursday afternoon, March 9, somewhere on the D trail between River Valley and the A trail (highway 11). He had the phone in his pocket when we left the restaurant in River Valley, but he didn't zip up the pocket and the phone was gone when we stopped at the A trail intersection. We thought he had left it at the restaurant, but they said later that it wasn't left behind. We went back to re-ride the trail today, but it had been groomed over night, a good thing generally. Hoping someone found the phone before it got groomed. If you hear of this phone, please contact me here, or Rick at 905-878-4439. Thanks. This has been a good reminder to back up your files regularly!
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