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  1. Baylaker, did you snow check your 2023, or did you put your name on a sled that Rickward's had ordered for their floor inventory?
  2. A friend from Port Perry made a similar decision in taking a late delivery snow checked 2022 650 Matryx Assault that the buyer had walked away from, rather than snow checking a 2023. His 2022 arrived about ten days ago. He saved a couple grand and doesn't have to worry about not having his new sled for the start of next season. Has anyone been following the steep fall in prices of late model, low mileage sleds? Seems some Covid sledders might be exiting the sport.
  3. And, so why do we need 180+ HP trail sleds? I know, just for fun.
  4. Move your trip a bit further north to the highway 17 area as a precaution. As others have recently stated, trails/conditions are great from Windy Lake, to Espanola to Elliot Lake/Dunlop Lake. Just my opinion and opinions are like a.. holes. I guess Sunday could take a toll there as well, but less likely. My buddies are going out of Windy Lake Motel Monday AM. They are doing as I have suggested, with a drop down across the ice to Manitoulin, if still decent.
  5. I don't own a poo or a 2-stroke, but I got to ride friends'(husband/wife) 650 VRI 129 and 137 last winter, which was 1st year for that model. They were amazing in steering, bump control and especially the stout motor. The XCsp is a great choice. You will love it! Oh yah, for the wife. Ha! Jeff was coming off a really fast 800, and said his 650 was just as fast to 90 MPH, but the 650 was smoother and easier to ride all day. Hope your wife can kick you off the thing and enjoy 'her' sled.
  6. Hey Nick, it was fun meeting you guys when you were doing almost the same trip that our group had planned. Our run from Hornepayne to Hearst was the icing on the cake for me last year, and nobody in my group was willing to run that hard. My shoulder has been improving quite noticeably, to the point where its my 95 and 93 year old parents' health that is keeping from sledding with our gang next week. I am hoping that folks get stabilized shortly, so that I can get north before the snow is all gone. It would likely mean going all the way to Kap to launch, just like last spring. Shall I let you know if I am going?
  7. Scott, I am also curious about your XRS 600r impressions. Did you answer, and I just missed it? I know this is a bit off topic for the thread, but it all plays into the snow check phenomena.
  8. Spidi, you have provided a good overview of where snowmobiling affordability stands, and made a good comparison to off-road motorcycling. Snowmobiling has always done a good job of separating the 'haves' from the 'have nots'. I was a motorcyclist for 20+ years before buying my first sled, because of the economic realities of sledding. This was despite working part time at one of the largest Polaris dealers in the country, and constantly being offered sleds at wholesale prices to try to entice me onto the "team". Only once I had firmly joined the 'haves' could I rationalize the expenditure of a sled, trailer and gear for such a limited season, pursuing a sport that required extensive trailering. There are full sized entry level sleds available for about half the price of most of the new sleds being snow checked by OCers. The base SkiDoo MXZ with the non-etec 600EFI is not junk to be laughed at, but even a pair of those, a trailer, a tow vehicle and riding gear amounts to more than most young families can afford. We will remain a sport for the well off, but this is not new. The new 4 stroke offering from Polaris will offer a less expensive, and user friendly sled to some newcomers, but its initial cost is far from inexpensive. For me, after five seasons on 4 strokes, the savings from not buying 2-stroke oil is starting to accumulate. I might be able to afford more bike trips this summer.
  9. Yes, you can get to it this way.
  10. The highlighted one is the one that is likely to do the most for the bottom line of Polaris sled division over the next few years. They have started to address what was a gaping hole in their line-up. Very anxious to see what the real weight of this sled will be. 90 HP is likely a low ball number. Turbo versions will follow. Big step has finally been taken.
  11. It's funny how things work out, Nick. You were with me on what was likely my last brisk ride. I tore up my left rotator cuff sledding on the loop trails north of Hearst in January. That pretty much ended my season. When I missed half of last year on my dirt bike, I lost so much speed that I will never find it back again at 72.
  12. Hey Scott, glad you got your trip in. Sounds like it went OK, even with the challenges. Was the Chapleau B&B Valentine's? If so, was it still being operated by the couple that are my age or older? Great people who deserved a better fate.
  13. As a southerner who knows next to nothing, except that I love it all seasons, about the highway 129 and 101 areas, it appears that the old F trail, or FD north were closer to the highways and services than the D trail past HH. Is the old route from Black Creek, to Chapleau, to Missinabi, to Hawk Junction/Wawa too rugged and remote to be recovered as the trail north to complete the big loop? It used to be a fun challenge. I preferred it to the current D201F/D route. I think that ski has said before that the trail is not viable, but I would suggest that snowmobiling in southern Ontario is becoming economic suicide. As sledding dies in the south, hopefully many southern riders will support the north and save organized trail sledding (OFSC). I want the old trail back. I realize that our American riders crossing at SSM have quite a bit further to ride to get over to Black Creek as opposed to the current convenience of the D trail straight north, but HH seems even less sustainable than the old trail.
  14. And I certainly agree with Blake about using A108 as an alternative to the A trail through Elk Lake. My recollection is that the A trail is faster than using A108 through Kirkland Lake, but I prefer A108 (elevation changes and tighter in places) if all conditions are equal on both. It is so nice in that area to have not only those options but also L161/162. Enjoy the trip. Sometimes it boils down to which trail has most recently been groomed.
  15. L186 was a favourite of our group in the 2000s when we often used to stage out of Latchford. We originally used it in one direction while using the A trail going the opposite direction, but consensus was that we preferred L186 and we used it both north and south bound. Your results may differ.
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