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  1. He technically ordered no colours, since black is the absence of colour. His 129 (no shocks) is pretty much all black. Her 137 with shocks is black and grey. They weren't too imaginative when it came to colour, IMO. The only thing wrong with my new-to-me 900 TNT is that its all black with a little grey trim. Skidoos should be yellow, Polaris red or blue, Yamahas should be Yamaha blue and Cats green. Simple! Who screwed up the whole colour thing?
  2. Thanks gobills. No more explaining required, but got to be hard on WE, Polaris, dealers and customers. Those shocks are new this year, at least as standard issue on any Polaris model, aren't they? My buddy snow checked 2 VR1 s - one came with shocks, one without. One was ordered by the original date and the second during the Covid (?) extension.
  3. Have any of the Polaris faithful heard of their new snow checked VR1 sleds arriving at the dealer minus the front Walker Evans shocks. The decision to ship short the shocks could not have been made lightly. Sounds kinda '80s ish, but with a $500 promised delivery date penalty staring at them, maybe the decision was easier than would normally have been the case. Somebody's got some splainin' to do.
  4. Congratulations to you and to 02 also. Used sleds are a hot commodity now, as dirt bikes, ATVs and SxSs were all summer and fall. You can add camper trailers, motor homes, boats, bicycles and golf clubs to the list. The year of Covid has been exceptional.
  5. Under ideal circumstances for myself, I would only be interested in a two to three month winter rental, cause the missus in not the least bit interested in what lies north of 17. Those circumstances are only going to exist in a depressed housing market, and I am much happier to see the current resources boom and prosperity. I don't mind driving north half a dozen times a year to enjoy my sport in different locals. I did learn a tough lesson in late winter of 2019 when I lead my buddies into White River on a weekday at about 8 PM without reservations and found out there was absolutely nowhere to stay. Taxi to Wawa and back the next day was expensive and tricky to find. Good for the business operators, miners and building trades though. I just hope there is motel/hotel accommodation available this winter, with prior reservation of course. This is really going to cramp my style as I have seldom made week day reservations in 25 years of sled touring. We have always enjoyed the option of traveling 300 km or 700km in a day, depending on how the day went. No more free lancing.
  6. 02, have yo tried kijiji? Your wife's sled seems like too good a machine to have not sold yet. All the best in recycling that ride. Somebody is going to get a beauty.
  7. This is great news. Maybe this winter of Covid will help deliver more southern sledders to vacation in the North Western districts. Clubs like the Marathon Sno-Kickers and many more deserve the support. I hope some businesses will enjoy a good winter season to help build/maintain local enthusiasm. If some of the previously mentioned temporary(?) trail closures can be avoided, then sledders like me will feel more comfortable dragging their friends up to the White River/Marathon/ Manitouwadge area. There are so many areas in the north that I want to visit this winter - I might have to find a house to rent somewhere north of 17.
  8. Those are two good sleds for the appropriate application. If not on Kijiji, I suggest listing them there. Kijiji sled sales are on fire right now.
  9. Can Hearst to Longlac and back still be done with a Gen 4 normally aspirated 900 ACE with 4 litre smaller tank (than the XS chassis)? I would like to hear from someone who has owned both XS and Gen 4 900s regarding fuel range. Won't affect me yet as I have my 'knew to me' 2018 for a couple of years, and just today sold my 2017, which is hands down the best sled I ever owned. Can't wait to get out and challenge the 300 km fuel range. Carry snacks and fuel up less frequently seems like a good Covid strategy.
  10. Boy do I hope Ski is wrong, and the Donald is right, but I fear not. Could be a long sad season. Would be nice to get snow throughout the old traditional snowbelt areas so that we sledders can at least spread out.
  11. I was part of a couple of late summer bike trips in eastern Ontario and western Quebec and we had no issue finding on the route lunches and suppers. We did however often eat on outdoor patios which will be a bit cold this winter.
  12. tricky


    Damned sweet deal! Smart shopping.
  13. Sled, as of this weekend, has not yet been taken to the dealer. The original owner is at his cottage this weekend so the delivery won't happen until later. By all means, PM me. Rick
  14. I have to admit that the 137 skid is a fine tool. Part of my desire to have a 129 stems from the fact that, on rare occasions, I transport my sled in the pick-up bed with a clam shell in tow. As sleds get longer and pick-up beds get shorter, that scenario doesn't work well. Most of the reason for wanting another XS chassis was the larger fuel tank and the better wind protection, IMO. Because my primary riding partners also ride XS 900 Aces, we really push the 300 km range of the sleds. Amazing how much less time you spend at fuel stops over a 4 or 5 day trip.
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