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  1. Was there a one time account setup fee?
  2. What are groomer wages anyways! Asking for a friend!! Some one said rookie to pro wage doesn’t vary by much.
  3. At least they aren’t towing people. I wonder what charge is a nights stay at full rate as per instructions above?
  4. That’s true. I volunteered for a local club in this area in 2008 ish. I went to first two meetings and volunteered to do a few things and club told me they had to have a secret vote with members and decide if that was ok. That turned me off so never bothered to go back to next meeting. No wonder there is a shortage of volunteers.
  5. Only issue I have seen is someone drops a key in a parking lot and is looking all over place for it. I never had a dess key fail on any of skidoo’s, I have owned. Kept them as long as 8 years too. I usually carry a spare in glove box, doesn’t really hurt to have it.
  6. I did a quick search and still no positive reviews of the place besides reviews from family themselves.
  7. Heard the same from people too, told me place is a dump and will avoid it next time. Not sure what state is now, but doubt it has improved much. This same family apparantly ownes half motels in usa. They call them Patel motel cartel. Seem to be expanding to Canada now. One huge family from India. Defiantly have off shore money feeding them and they come over one family at a time and buy a place for them to manage. Hopefully they don’t expand into ncdn.
  8. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.stratfordbeaconherald.com/news/local-news/new-owners-ushering-in-change-at-signature-stratford-hotel/wcm/6745568f-a3ce-4533-a30c-b335505dd3b1/amp/ There they are when they took over festival inn in Stratford. They have been buying 3 or so properties a year. Always pick tourist towns it seems, and like smaller towns too.
  9. They bought festival inn in Stratford as well off hater family. Re branded it quality inn. They must have some serious money behind them. My grandfather built festival inn in early 1960’s and sold to hater family in 1989. Haters also built Arden in Stratford (still own that one). Hater’s sold festival to patels after their dad Vic died. Vic bought hotel off my grandfather in 1989 and sold it in late 90’s, to pacific hotels. Then they built Arden down the street 5 years later. Then festival went down hill and they bought it back cheap from pacific and renovated it. A bit of hotel history
  10. Ty for clearing that up. All I know is some club president’s around here would groom for 8 or so hours during week and would usually not even take hourly wage either. That is dedication.
  11. Really figured district would regulate that, since they are paying all groomer related expenses plus operator I thought?
  12. My friend said he is sick of snow. Going on 5 months of sledding and got work truck stuck in softer snow yesterday. Says still a few weeks left to go sledding. Last ride is usually first week of may.
  13. If you think gas is expensive should price out chicken feed.
  14. I put more then that down a zero turn that costs 10k and no sign of it yet. Probabily show up in June.
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