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  1. Strong Farmer

    Are you getting the storm

    I can see my lawn again here. Rain killed it here. Don’t think we will get started here this winter. Longer days and stronger sun are coming.
  2. Strong Farmer

    Groomer down

    Which groomer broke? Flat tire or some other issue? Hopefully they can re cover it some how!
  3. Strong Farmer

    Are you getting the storm

    What is base like around you now. We lost about 80 percent of snow around here in last 30 hours. Still raining abit now too.
  4. Strong Farmer

    For people who have been to Quebec

    I get shavings from Quebec and local trucker that lives there usually delivery’s to me. A few years ago, I got a delivery third week of April, and he told me they still had four feet of snow and trails still good. I couldn’t believe it, but Quebec is a different world, no doubt. Good luck!
  5. Strong Farmer

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Gen 4 is a nice handling sled. I loved the xr. Body style. Just sold 2012 xr with 600 etec in fall. Now I just have Xs in 900 like you, but a long track with air suspension. I just don’t like lack of storage on new grand touring’s, so keep mine forever now.
  6. Strong Farmer

    D201F Question NW of Elliot Lake

    Yeah too bad. You could still go and end up over at Bruce mines area for a night. Not sure if still logging on d106 though. Trish at Dunlop was always good to us too. Great spot no doubt, hopefully it re opens next year or old F trail would be nice.
  7. Strong Farmer

    D201F Question NW of Elliot Lake

    Yeah may as well drive to Timmins now. Same distance as the soo. Can still do the big loop that way!
  8. Strong Farmer

    Are you getting the storm

    Hopefully that is case. An ice base would be durable if it sets up that way. Good luck and let us know how trails survive!
  9. Strong Farmer


    They were pretty good to us and asked us what time we wanted breakfast. Fast and efficient and food is all homemade. They cater to sledders. Valentines or how you spell it is good too but have to go into town and no restaurant there but a shuttle, so even more time gets wasted.
  10. Strong Farmer


    Looks good! Moose horn lodge in chapleau is a nice place to stay and is easy to access for snowmobilers. Food was amazing there too. If you fill up at halfway you can make it to Indian reserve, without having to go into chapleau for fuel. Indian reserve is just other side of chapleau and trail goes right by fuel station. Can’t miss it. Good luck.
  11. Strong Farmer

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    I am deleting my post since I made an educated guess with above information,. We will let ofsc sort this out and should be no more comments unless it is actually facts. I think admin should lock this post. It is right thing to do! thank-you!
  12. Strong Farmer

    Are you getting the storm

    Haliburton area would be fine. Calling for 25 cm’s up three,
  13. Strong Farmer

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    Getting bad no doubt. What happens if private individual land owners start thinking the same way after they read all of this. This is not good at all and mothership needs to turn this around before it crashes into a big ice berg and sinks for good!
  14. Strong Farmer

    Are you getting the storm

    Calling for rain here in Kitchener again. That will be end of base we have I think. Hopefully central ontario misses rain this time.
  15. Strong Farmer

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    Yes I can see that being a big problem for next year, volunteer burn out after all this! I feel sorry for hard working clubs and volunteers! Many had to go out and get new permission and to re clear land to setup reroutes around affected area’s that got shut down. Thank you to those involved for giving us best possible trails in each area, this winter.