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  1. Strong Farmer

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    That’s why you need a good alarm and a few cameras no doubt. Would be enough to deter theft, I bet if they knew ahead of time.
  2. Strong Farmer


    Didn’t Polaris steal that dial adjuster for suspension from handle bars from artic cat in mid 90’s too?
  3. Strong Farmer

    Toys for a carreer

    That is good to know. I have never had to re power a boat so far. With new engines now, most 4 strokes should last longer then boat anyway’s? These new four stroke outboards are good for a few thousand hours they claim, depending on application. At 50 hours a year that is a life time of boating for average user now.
  4. Strong Farmer

    Toys for a carreer

    Right way and people will come back after having a positive experience. Nothing like finding out your 2015 is a 2014 when you go to trade it in.
  5. Strong Farmer

    Toys for a carreer

    That is so true. Hard to trust some big dealers around here in south. I bought a new compact tractor a few years ago from a dealer in southern Ontario. Long storey short. They had left over 2014 tractors they they wouldn’t discount. So I told them I would take 2015 then. Then delivery day comes and they delivered 2014 model. No wonder they don’t discount them. No one checks vin numbers and manufacturer dates on tractors, since they aren’t registered. I think this dealer does this all the time to clear old stock and not give any discounts. They did offer to switch tractor after I complained or give me a discount to keep my quiet. So we used tractor for a week and then had it switched out. They weren’t happy with it coming back with 35 hours on it but too bad. All this crap comes from top. They tried to tell me it was a mistake, but it was winter and you could see huge hole in snow bank where 2014 was sitting.
  6. Strong Farmer

    Beneficiary of 2021 Skidoo 'Snow Check'

    137 are good. My shoulders can burn bad after a long day in some twisty trails. When I had etec 137, my shoulders were much better at end of the day. I think I will go back to two stroke 137 in future. Less weight in front makes a huge difference for me. Gravenhurst usually gets more snow. Here we get snow, and then warm weather and groomers pack it so hard, not much fresh stuff for sliders. In normal conditions they are fine. Skidoo’s r motion is abit harder on sliders then some other brands, except Yamaha I think. I am putting duponts this summer after a few positive reviews from plc and turbo doo. I give them a try. Only lasting about 2000 to 3000 km’s on my 137 and yes track is adjusted to spec. I did it myself.
  7. Strong Farmer

    Beneficiary of 2021 Skidoo 'Snow Check'

    Yeah not really many cons to getting a 137. Mine seems to eat sliders abit faster then previous model I had. Some of it is extra weight of four stroke and deeper lug track. Time for scratchers next season and maybe duponts too. riders seem to like 129’s. I think they sre a good compromise if you ride allot in south central ontario, in twisty type trails.
  8. Strong Farmer

    Beneficiary of 2021 Skidoo 'Snow Check'

    I dunno if the longer track rides any better to be honest. They spread weight out better no doubt. The extra storage room comes in handy too.
  9. Strong Farmer

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    I bet. It still has some fairly sharp turns coming from parry sound on way to Orville. Glad I had power steering, since I had my trailer behind after stopping at wb’s to get four wheeler picked up. My uncle lives just off that highway now too, just past Orville on east side. Bakery will be missed by him no doubt. I let him know about new one that Blake mentioned.
  10. Strong Farmer

    Beneficiary of 2021 Skidoo 'Snow Check'

    You really like those 1200’s. Proven engine. I don’t do allot of riding, so I would give 600 R a chance next time. Had great luck with my last 600 etec. 900 is ok but I still notice weight and hate changing oil In the engine too. It is a bummer after a 1000 km and a year. I still miss top end of etec that 900 lacks. That etec did everything well.
  11. Strong Farmer

    Beneficiary of 2021 Skidoo 'Snow Check'

    Four stroke or another etec?
  12. Strong Farmer

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    I bet that is one fun road on bike.
  13. Strong Farmer

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    Thanks for update now, I can swing into memories when in area and try sticky bins.
  14. Strong Farmer

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    I think Orville was but I don’t know answer for sure. Blake would know! Yes money in baking to internet or take out orders. I know one friend that runs fancy tarts in London. Family run and butter tarts does close to half revenue there. They took out seats a few years ago. Too many people sitting around and not buying much. No waste when baking to order pretty much, so cash flow is pretty good I was told.
  15. Strong Farmer

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    Yeah will take dollars no doubt. A tavern near me attempted it and turned out that old building and what township would allow, wasn’t feasible. They need a whole new seperate building beside old tavern to comply with all regulations, that there wouldn’t be much of a parking lot left.Plans fell thru the cracks and nothing got done., Almost need a good few acres like cowbell has in blyth to attempt it.