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  1. Great helmet. Need to change mouth piece every 4 or so years, since I find silicone losses it shape and won’t seal properly. I carry an extra one with me, especially valves. Had ice and water, damage one, one time.
  2. My 2017 gt has the same rack. I love rack too and it will hold 2, 2 gallon fuel cans. I bungee them down too. Real handy when riding with non skidoo buddies.
  3. Here is a pic of jacket too. No cords is great. Hook in boot warms a similar way too, but we she never gets cold feet.heat is self regulating too, so turns off and on as needed.
  4. My partner got a heated jacket last winter that uses this power bank. It works slick and heat is nice. Lasted 5 hours last year at about minis 10 C. Jacket is pre wired for this type of power bank and fits and plugs into, inside pocket. Real life saver. Can re charge it on sled and use again or at a lunch stop.
  5. Yeah they don’t do much for snowmobiling though and eco centre was government funded giving them an unfair Advantage.
  6. I am not sure it matters anymore. Sounds like all revenue goes into one pot and then flows back to districts and clubs as needed during season.
  7. Good info I figured something had changed,, since some small northern clubs use to beg us to buy permits from thier club so they could get 50 minimum. I use to pick some of these smaller clubs for one permit, Dubrevuille was one of them.
  8. So does it matter where and which region we buy permit from, if ofsc just relcolates it based on the matrix?
  9. I be happy if they are open and will travel with a few pairs of gloves so I can leave them on sled along with my helmet. I just ordered a spare breathing mask for my helmet too, so I have a dry one to put back on if necessary. Handy if a snap breaks anyways. Thinking of designing some sort of helmet cover to keep it dry too, while it sits on snowmobile. Sure glad we can carry things on these new sleds. Sure going to come in handy this winter.
  10. Only issue with NL is it can get drifted in bad in windy stormy weather in open areas. I spend extra hour driving to elk lake at least. Much better.
  11. We stayed in Timmins first night, then moose horn, then dub, then Hearst, then Cochrane then back to elk lake. C trail was closed then from kap side to Timmins otherwise I could have made kap from dub and bs l to elk lake in a day less from kap. I ran into riders at Hearst that left Kirkland lake and where headed to dub for night and it was already 5 pm. Told me they had two days to do loop.
  12. Yes I rode a similar loop with my dad in 2017. If, C trail is open easy to get back to elk lake from kap or Hearst. That time short cut was closed so we went to Cochrane for night, before heading back to elk lake.
  13. Another option is to try and plan big loop starting from elk lake, to moose horn lodge, to Dubrevuille (magpie relay) then to Hearst companion or queens (companion has garage) and then back to elk lake) That’s a nice ride if you can get accomdations and meals. Add a day and do canyon loop if available and back to Cochrane. Then next day back to elk lake. I am pretty sure the loop will be available and accdomdation partners will welcome you and your group. Good luck!
  14. When is next snowmobile club meeting for St clements?
  15. Meals are good there and will do meal plans no problem or lend you bbq and get food of your choice too. They have general store on property which is real handy. They have good size cottages That area would be fun for approx 3 days, unless you can do one or two nights to North or south. North bay is a nice ride and stay one night and come back or Sudbury. Terrain is real nice in elk lake area. I prefer it over far north. Heading south is an amazing ride. You would enjoy it I think. Other people will chime in.
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