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  1. You make it look easy. What size is box on your truck?
  2. Do you still have vmax that your dad bought you? I remember him posting a pic of you on it, with a sold sign. He Seemed so happy to have you joining in on your own snowmobile. Hopefully you got in some good rides and memories like I did with my dad. Sorry for your loss and hopefully see you and your brother on trails in future too.
  3. Wowsie. That is so sad. I sold my sled last year to a older couple. Grand touring le, 2012. Got an email message a few weeks asking where I had sled serviced in past. I answered them back and asked was there a problem with snowmobile and they said no, they just wanted to get it serviced. I was like few, always feel bad if something breaks after I sell it to someone. You may have to ride that a few times this winter too. Feel good in musoka twisty trails.
  4. Power steering is a game changer on Yamaha’s. When my shoulders were hurting a few years ago, I would have considered one, if I could have tried it before I bought it. Vector and venture is lighter then Rx1 with it’s 3 cylinder engine. Good find zoo. Looks clean too.
  5. Rest In Peace Dave. Will never forget doonut lake tourer we did way bAck in late 2000’s. Rip with Sean and someday, I get I last ride with both of you guys.
  6. That’s a great idea and I remember when that happened to you. Did they try to give you a discount and get you to take it? Costco pumps, I can open back door and go in that way. Long hoses are so nice. Most stations only have about 8 feet of hose. Next time I buy a trailer I do same with man door. Sure beats going in circles every time you want to go into trailer.,
  7. How about a shipping container. They are water tight too.
  8. Sounds right and another 300 to Hearst and approx 120 to Kap makes almost 500 km’s. Not doing that. chinesse food place in wawa on lake coming in, has really good food. Worth a back track to eat there after wawa 5.
  9. Dub to kap is ok, if not too cold. Freezing weather forget about it. Wawa to kap would make it close to 500 km’s, no thanks.
  10. I could but that would be stupid. Nothing is marked over that way no more. No way, i would attempt it and put myself or other lives at risk. If you don’t know, don’t go.
  11. That’s where I want to go but can’t go without a guide. Last time I missed organize ride groomer guy was doing from dub by a few days.
  12. You ride Cochrane to wawa in one day. That is over 600 km’s plc. More like 650 ish give or take 25 km’s or so. Two day trip for most but can make from kap to dub in a day which is around 425 km’s. That’s my limit for a day.
  13. You can just have to say thieves said they were armed before you shoot them. Remember dead people can’t defend themselves so your storey wins .
  14. It’s a nice trip. I would stay in dub next time for two nights so had time to explore wawa area too. A run out to ernies would be nice if you have enough people and call ahead. Always wanted to go there, but never had chance. Could ride from dub to kap to shave half a day off trip going back. Then you have time to do canyon run too before heading back to Cochrane or you can skip canyon and be in Cochrane before noon and drive back home
  15. Yeah dub too. Have to plan your trip around accomdations in this area and cheapleau area too. From chapleau to wawa i don’t really care for those trails either.
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