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  1. They all buckle. Every seen a doo get caught on rail way tracks and doesn’t have to get hit by train to be wrecked 🤣.
  2. Yeah I dunno. I all I know is Yeni wanted to be a doctor but her parents didn’t have the money. She was child number 12 out of 14. farmer not good enough for her, so off to private school he will go.
  3. I dunno but 10 or 15 bucks ain’t going to change land owners mind about not closing a trail. Farm property’s are worth millions and wheat, alpha and hay is at an all time record. So I can see more trails being lost over crop damage. My friend has trail go across his wheat field this year. I have to ask him how he made out.
  4. That’s what’s she saying. 😂 Maybe he will become doctor that she wants him to be. Time will tell. Public systems a mess no doubt.
  5. Makes you wonder what price point limit is. Southern Ontario I only managed 3 weeks and 600 km’s of local riding. Now private school topics come up for little guy, so there goes my sledding money 😂.
  6. Me too but no more service at mcintoish. I wonder how old doug is now. Late 50’s most likely?
  7. Yes I believe that’s it. Ever tried them?
  8. Honestly those new Polaris are pretty nice. Use to have 3 skidoo dealers within 30 mins now only one. Heard there is a private guy over by Atwood that is good too. My buddy goes there with his skidoo. So my try them. He always has great service there. Drop off Monday fixed before weekend 😎.
  9. What about fourth shot. We might all be dead by 10th one 😂.
  10. That’s why they posting cause they know it is closed and wanted to let everyone know they are still up there. I don’t endorse riding closed trails but at same time it sounds like they have fuel left they want to move and conditions are still favourable to ride they claim. Kudos to them for staying up there until the end.
  11. From my experience forest likes to over state trail conditions. Fair, poor should be closed. Good is usually fair and excellent usually means good. Only wild card is current weather might temporarily improve it. Maybe look at thier webcam and see if they got any fresh snow. Good luck 😎
  12. You think dealer would be checking those at pdi? Hate to point fingers but this isn’t fist time doo has had this issue. Goes all way back to sdi, which was exact same issue.
  13. My dad always use to say that canyon loop was just setup to sell food, gas and motels in Cochrane. We had more fun going to a destination such as Hearst or kap etc, then running canyon. Now it’s even more reason to avoid it. Nothing really up there unless you are on off trail rider. No where else to go if it gets torn up in morning with all long track wannaba’s you are stuck riding beat up trail back to Cochrane too.
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