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  1. Yeah I am still waiting for first good frost. Might be November before that happens. Jack must have worked to hard last winter and can’t get out of bed early this year. So another few weeks of summer it is 🤣.
  2. Where is kris maybe he could make some custom sets for us all 👍
  3. That’s what I hate about traveling. Never know if room going to be there or not. Especially in these small remote towns, where miners could take all rooms at last minute, since they are regular customers.
  4. That cold be it too. Wish there was an easy answer. I seen this when I went hiking last week. Not one person off the trail either
  5. Sled slides pretty easy with boots on, front end wise. Rolls real nice out of trailer without catching, both ways too. If you have a studed Track you are better off with wheels though as far as garage floor goes.
  6. I can get one. On sled now. Only issue with them if you put two sleds side by side into a trailer won’t be enough clearance to do that with boots on.
  7. https://www.royaldistributing.com/sno-stuff-universal-ski-boots-pair-503-505.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw8KmLBhB8EiwAQbqNoNN3Nz5ibC0j_4hipM6EmInoDvIQ3UVt-wJ83O-goMpcJ-KUFEAW-RoCILsQAvD_BwE that’s what I use and can drive sled every where. Dollies are in corner collecting dust now. I drive right into boots outside put a nylon pin there the ski loop. Drive right in Garage and back right out. No more turning sled around or pushing it. Water ruins dollies in a hurry too and they always fell off too. Great for loading sled into a truck or trailer bed too. No more catching or carbide damage.
  8. That happened to me in dub too. Had a room with two double beds. When I Arrived they gave room to two guys that just walked in before us, no reservations. I was in line waiting. Had to sleep on fold out bed. It was decent though and they gave me an extra foam mattress. At least I got a room or be a longer ride to wawa that day. Few 👍
  9. At least they are trying something new. Maybe ofsc insurance company insisted on video to hold rates steady? Who knows!
  10. Is that who I think it is. 😆 Can I cook some waffles on it after you are done. 👍
  11. I know what you are saying. Imagine districts would book some fuel especially central and north regions. South might be to unpredictable to take advantage of it. Most times fuel is cheaper in winter anyways, then other times a year. Wouldn’t be smartest thing to do with current prices I suppose.
  12. Ofsc will get it cheaper no doubt. Dyed is still cheaper then regular gas. I am sure they would book some diesel a year in advance, so price might be locked in lower then current values are too, for a portion of annual fuel bill.
  13. I think you will see more young people just riding when weather is good. A nice sunny day not really going to stop anyone from using credit card, young or old to buy fuel to ride. 👍
  14. I have never been in since Jack left and new owners took over. Have to give it a try again. Edge water has been good for food too. Two places usually work together and stager their closing days, so sledders can get food and fuel.
  15. High carbon taxes won’t last on heating fuels. Government will come up with some sort of rebate system for consumers, like they did with hydro. Wood is becoming popular again it seems in our area. I might spring for an outdoor dual furnace in future if natural stays high. My heating bill would have to go over 30k before I do that though. 👍
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