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  1. I do have 5 million lib on my lawn mower it’s covered too. Have an umbrella policy covers me no matter what I am driving here as long as it’s registered on insurance list 😎.
  2. On a sled you should run collodion and comp, if you have any assets. I wouldn’t ride without it.
  3. Early yet mid December is earliest anything seems to be open. It’s a start for sure. Let’s see if forest opens trails soon for a first ride 😎
  4. Not sure either. My guess is you would have to use your insurance first until used up then Quebec liability would cover rest. Kind of like health insurance you always use your own policy first then your wife’s kicks in. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  5. Cars you can do that. I pay about 550 a year for a c7 corvette. 😎 I just leave it in force all year. It’s prorated for soring, summer and fall anyways.
  6. I tried cancel route years ago but insurance company said premium was dissolved from Nov 1 to April 30 on sleds. So if I cancelled March break I barely get anything back.
  7. I have actually rode over 30,000 km’s on trails in south, central and northern Ontario since 2010 ish. Last few years has been minimal because of my 18 month old son. I have met and rode with my members and many no longer exist here. Your right I am tired of politics so time to move on too. Have a good one.
  8. I haven’t rode c101 d In years. But my uncle has a place close to it to east of parry sound. I let you know after my first ride 😎. Usually the area gets lots of snow which makes for some smooth scenic trails.
  9. At td they mostly go by price. I am only insured for 12 k now. don’t seem to matter what’s under hood 😆 Is there a max price td wont touch now? Use to be not sure if they got rid of that cap or not?
  10. That’s seems high I am slightly below that for just a regular 900 with collision. Lucky it’s not 2002 and once they hear name Mach, viper, wouldn’t ensure it. 🤦‍♂️.
  11. Interesting. No fuel cans now too. why are they getting all e free fuel now. Special you know what Is going on and everyone else gets e stuff 🤦‍♂️. even my farm supplier said all fuel had to have e now. We checked fuel at my friends farm tank found e in it now too 🤦‍♂️
  12. It’s sad because grca is officially closed for winter if I am not mistaken. No day passes sold to skiers, hikers, snow shoers etc. So everyone else is trespassing if no permission is granted. Multi use trail is a different animal this is different then just grca land in Conestoga area that’s officially closed. Is multi use trail open all winter or is it closed?
  13. Got mine yesterday. check out number now I covered up one digit 😎
  14. Just use regular and add octane boaster: It has ethonal now no point in buying it really.
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