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  1. Hopefully we can open soon. Going to get bitterly cold our later in week. That should freeze things up solid. Sucks we seem to get a string of bad winters then a great one. 2024 we are due πŸ‘
  2. Spanish River side in if it’s open has great food. Try walleye there 😎
  3. https://observerxtra.com/2019/01/10/lack-of-snow-means-this-group-aint-mobile/ Interesting article.
  4. Going back 10 years ago. Doonut use to take us out on his lake rides and into his secret play ground areas. A good 50 plus riders from here would show up including LMV (who is now sledless) πŸ˜‚ death of doonut and sled junk has changed this forum forever no doubt. Really neat kill switch showed up for abit and seemed to stop posting too. luc use to post on this forum too and stopped years ago for what ever reason, not sure. Hopefully Blake and revend come back. Really enjoy his hotel and fuel and restaurant data base.
  5. Thanks for update. Appreciate it. Hopefully, I can come out and give you a hand next year I am surprised that snow didn’t pack and set. Have some extra help around here, just have to get people trained up 😎.
  6. About 3 more inches or so today. Should be close to enough snow to open this week in north d5 πŸ™.
  7. What’s hold up you think? We have close to a foot too in most places.
  8. Another good dumping of snow last night. All blower half the day today again today.
  9. Get ready we should be rolling by next weekend 😎
  10. Maybe she made it previous night πŸ€”. I have taken some risks too. The one on six Mile lake looks like those two fellows were crossing an open channel. In hail not in common to see someone entering head lake near centre of town and jumping river mouth to get to solid ice on other side. I seen a few high school kids come out of school and do it too. Feel sorry for people that have to rescue these distressed preventable situations.
  11. Too much snow to scrape. I have almost a km of lane way now. Just under 4 hours with blower today came up nice. Feed truck guy said it was best lane lately 😎.
  12. That trail was open at the time. Pic is from Feb 2022 🀣
  13. Those trails don’t take allot of snow usually. Ploughed fields are still very thin even if pre flattened. Another 6” this weekend will help. Snow squalls should come in behind this front with colder air this weekend πŸ™
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