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  1. Lots of variables. I use to go out of my way to buy new from a good dealer that do pdi properly and not have to do it myself is worth piece of mind for sure. I had that happen with new skidoo around here. Never did pdi on it. Had to take it back out of trailer and after I discovered shipping track clips locked track in place I couldn't move it a few feet to get door closed. They put it in with fork lift. The odometer was in miles too. I asked for pdi sheet never had one . 🤣 Lucky I noticed before I got home or I be even more pissed.
  2. I heard some dealers have tripple digits in yard from last year 😳
  3. Sales are going to be slow this fall too after the last few winters I think. Take some good incentives to get sleds moving early 🙏.
  4. Hopefully winter comes and stays next year 🙏
  5. Culverts are bigger under drive ways too and more random cement culverts to watch out for. I wouldn't ride a ditch I don't know, that's for sure.
  6. Hahaha I wonder were he went. Plc would know 😎.
  7. Roads are higher too. They really build them up today.
  8. Oh my mistake. Thanks for clearing that up. It was hard to get. People were fighting over skids when it arrived. Had two bag limit too is all I remember.
  9. When on strike last year and suppliers couldn't count on them is part of it too. Especially for softener salt.
  10. Yes and they put that blue chloride salt that works down into minus 30 too. Never had that option years ago.
  11. Going to be less trails in future too, no way around it. I can see more trails in d5 and d9 disappearing for a variety of reason. Road running already increasing over the years. Some of these trails only used a day or two last year and some none at all. My uncle said in parry sound trail behind his place only opened for two or three weeks too. Sad state of affaires from 6 week season we use to get in south and 8 to 12 weeks in musoka area been shrinking too. North is getting season musoka use to get too 😳
  12. I am a little worried about future of Ontario sledding. With way things are going below barrie could be snow free in next decade. Musoka barely getting what southern Ontario use to get years ago.,North is seeing a shorter season too with big loop not open because of shortage of snow again, cold this winter. Big permit increases won't bold well for ofsc this winter. Ultimately if it snows permits will sell themselves if it stays. Wait and see what un folds this winter.
  13. That's true if you going to ride. Quebec smart though they have kept 3 day and 7 day passes reasonable. Ontario can't get a one day pass, 7 day pass is more then full cost of a season permit so many just shake thier head and go to Quebec I think lately.
  14. If Ontario charged that permit sales will melt away guranteed. That's why it is where it is today. Still some riders that felel we should get a free or discounted permit because of lousy weather last few years. Not many hard core rides left in province willing to drop that much on a permit. A few but they aren't majority percentages that's for sure.
  15. Nice now there is room to park mine in drive way, next year and use airport to come up on weekends 😎.
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