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  1. You can down load app for 3.99 or so for pro version. It’s useful to show you, where you are at any given time. Money well spent especially if you are new to snowmobiling. Rather use it then itg. Also available with click of icon, providing you have cell or wifi access to a network. I usually leave it open while I am riding and can check it occasionally. If you ever come to an intersection that’s not marked can use app to figure out what way to go. That happens to me at least a few times a day when out riding. Seems clubs in southern Ontario aren’t marking all intersections like before. https://www.ofsc.on.ca/trail-maps/mobile-app/
  2. My uncle has place in Quebec. He always takes front plate off when he parks his vehicle near the road. Blends right in with Quebec vehicles then. Sometimes they slash tires on ontario vehicles. That’s why.
  3. If you are on road allot that calcium chloride they use that melts ice and snow down to minus 35, is hard on metal on vehicles and trailers. Eats faster’s right out. Had my trailer guy inspect mine and all was well. About 11 years old now, but I am not on road every week with it. This summer, I get him to check it again and maybe replace fasterns at least.
  4. When you go to Quebec take off front license plate where you park and back truck against a bank. They leave you alone thinking you are from Quebec too 😎
  5. Reminds of me of that track lock some people use to use. Sucks when they leave in morning and forget it was put on the night before. Nothing like it getting all jammed up in drivers and front of track. 🤣.
  6. Pop up they all look alike. Not much good without an ownership though, unless you use them as a storage garage 🤣. Sleds they use to wait 90 days sometimes, cars were 30. But maybe it is easier to just settle and add it to next guys bill. Nothing worse getting your stuff back in pieces. If it did pop up they just throw it into auction and get good dollar anyways.
  7. One time I drove all way too dealer with snowmobile in tow. When I got there , I realized I left key inside house with dess on it. I figure I ask dealer if they can do anything. Within 30 seconds they handed me a master dess. Sure enough it worked right away. Ever since has me wondering maybe regular keys were better? Better to invest in a tracking device and hide it in snowmobile some where. 🤣
  8. Old F trail is closed. Which sucks. I wonder what happened to flame lodge lodge too. Closed after trail did I believe.
  9. Might be better for black creek since they are only way to get fuel now as you know. They could charge 4 bucks a liter now and I be happy to pay it. Beautiful area but trail heading north from black creek not best. Be better to go up road like you do sometimes.
  10. That’s shocking since they sold allot of fuel to highway travels not just sledders. I stopped in for a burger one busy day. They were pretty good and chap inside told me I better fill the sleds, since fuel tanks almost empty and fuel truck never showed up in the morning. So got sleds full of gas before tank was empty. Half an hour later would have been no fuel left after a group came in and cleaned out the rest of fuel heading to halfway.
  11. My opinion I get 650 etec. It’s lighter then 900, same on fuel and never have to change, engine oil. Thing will last 20,000 km’s no problem. It’s a proven engine. 900 is a good choice too, but you notice extra weight no doubt, which tends to fatigue the rider quicker. If I was going to get a sled for my female better half it would be a 650. Polaris 650 is nice too and more then enough power for a female rider. No sense spending extra dough on an 850. I just don’t like first year engines, hence why I trust doo over the poo at the moment. I owned a few etec 600’s from doo. They are rock solid. 😎
  12. Where are you in Nova Scotia? Last year we had a good year in south central ontario but this year it sucks. Not much open below Sudbury at moment. Hopefully you get snow, looks like it will miss ontario. 2 to 4 cm for Kitchener it says.
  13. Yes they are paid by forest. Lady at base camp told me they invite them in to do random blitz’s based on traffic.
  14. They always have. Hailburton forest pays them to patrol the area, randomly. Same rules apply in forest as ofsc trails even though it’s private land. I bet they get a big insurance break too for having so many patrol hours too on trail liability.
  15. Quit doing that it was plus one in Kitchener today. South winds aren’t helping us at moment.
  16. Only place I can think of is bon aire in Timmins allows truck and trailer parking for a daily fee. They have cameras and transports park over night too, so your stuff is safe for a few days. No stay required. Call and double check to make sure policy’s haven’t changed. Good spot.
  17. I wonder if it was an inside job. That be pretty risky going in there with all surveillance they have. That be last place I would want to go if I was a thief, unless someone from inside helped them pull it off, for cash payment 🤣. Sorry for your loss and hopefully trailer at least turns up some where in Ontario.
  18. I agree but even if you block a trail with a log or snow fencing in south, easy to go around. Not like it is solid bush. Some sections have gates like farmers pastures, so those would be a dead end anyways.
  19. Never ends same thing over and over again. Only good news is that person actually still stayed on trail, too bad they can’t wait until it is open.
  20. Won’t Arnie at Saunders trailers in st jacobs will rent you one I think.
  21. Let us know where you will be when and we will all try to support yeah. Always fun searching out a new ride food destination. 😎
  22. Another good spot would be Ok tire in baden, once new Dundee trails are open, at corner of foundary street and Gingerich road. Trails goes right in front of thier parking lot and they would let you use parking lot on weekends, I am assuming if you asked. It is also located on a high volume vehicle corner and road leads to wilmot recreational facility. If you put some signs at arena end you might get extra traffic as well. Always lots of trucks and trailers parked on ginerich road 15 plus usually, since it’s a wide shoulder road. Also lots of truckers going by with erb transport depot too and baden coffee next door draws lots of traffic on a Saturday.
  23. I just picked mattawa since it was a good reference to show where snow is currently starting in province. Below there almost zero snow.
  24. This is what snow is at currently.
  25. Nice snowmobile. Love the handling of 2 stroke Polaris’s. Can’t wait for a first ride report on fuel efficiency of this new motor. Suppose to be steller compared to old 600 poo. Keep us updated thanks.
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