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  1. A tent trailer is around 26,000. A nice hard top side one where ends just fold out and you have access to most of trailer when ends are folded in is around 45,000 ish depending on options. Those have full size fridges and stoves and nicer washroom. Motor homes are closer to quarter million dollars now 🤣.
  2. Good luck. Maybe you find someone willing to sell with increasing fuel prices. Volume of those motor homes is allot less then trailers. They defiantly hold value pretty good these days. You want to go to Florida too and camp out in Walmart parking lots along the way. My buddy always did that. He joked he saved enough on camp sites to cover a portion of fuel bill 😀.
  3. Trail stops in Manitouwadge. They haven't re opened rest yet. Hopefully in near future it would make a nice loop again for riders in wawa, dub hornepayne area's. On bucket list if it ever re opens 😎.
  4. Maybe they come up with one monthly payment and you can trade sled in April and get a new atv. Come late fall they take atv back and give you a new sled. Would be a clever idea.
  5. Nope they won't give you squat for it. Get a better deal without it 😀.
  6. I hope you right. Our local Polaris dealer still has lots of 2024's in stock including three xcr's (cancelled snow checks) Never sold them last I checked.
  7. Most sellers will negotiate abit. They all seem to list high and wait and see. I had a few say they go down a few grand after they aren't moving for a few months. I haven't seen any killer deals either but some good deals with low mileage and some warranty left. Dealer in kearny blew out a used vr1 2022 with 7s for 11,999 I believe it was. Went fast. Had around 2300 miles I believe. It was an 850. Haven't seen any 650's that cheap any where yet.
  8. That's pretty sad. You can't trust ice to be flat or free of obstacles on your first pass of the day, that's for sure.
  9. Have to go this week. Next week it warms up. Not sure it's worth 8 hour trip With limited amount of trails open. Everyone will want to go 🤣.
  10. They are ok tire. Many better choices out there now? Light truck tires are better suited to trucks.
  11. Toyo are good tires. I love there winter tires. Cheaper then Nokia still has walnut shells in tread and they last. Gsi 6 or whatever they call them.
  12. I agree but they are banned unless you live far enough north in Ontario. In south they use that new chemical salt that works down to minus 25 C or so. 30 years ago they never cleaned roads down to bare pavement. Everyone just drove according to conditions. Now today every one wants to blame someone else for thier actions or poor judgement calls. It's a sad world. I get truck some drivers that can barely back up on a good day. They rabbit hop backwards 😆. A little bit of snow they can't move. Then next guy that has more experience can make a gong show look easy 😎.
  13. It's crazy! Here comes ice and snow we all been waiting for. 😆 Thanks for heads up on tires. Not much that help on ice though besides some good driving skills and a little bit of luck.
  14. Nope was to cheap to buy steel rims. Cheaper to just leave snow tires on. Rims I would need sensors too. Next time I am going for those all weather tires. All you really need and they are very good in snow.
  15. I don't even bother switching them now. Leave on all year they last longer then you would think.
  16. Nice we have bees out already in southern Ontario. Black fly season soon I guess.
  17. I was expecting to see you up to your arm pits in snow, like last year. I guess no big storm this year late in season 😮.
  18. 87 is worst since it contains most E. I did some testing recently all fuel grades I tested had E, but regular had the highest percentages, which makes sense because it's biggest volume sold. I put 93 in my sled and stabilized it. Contains about 5 percent E. I just start sled once a month and add more fuel as summer goes on or get a pump and pump it out. Not sure yet.
  19. No one buying any way's really. I figure there will be some big rebates next Winter too if snow checks a fail. No way dealers will be able to take full amount of 25, with 24 and 23's still in stock 😳. I bet rebates come in august and early September to try and move old stock before 25's arrive?
  20. What's deal. I found a 22 vr1 with 100 miles and warranty until Dec 2025. nice xcr near you too with about same amount of miles. 2023 too. All private deals.
  21. Down ward pressure on prices but I haven't seen any killer deals. Sleds deprecate whether they are driven or not. Just afraid to buy a new one and half value dispears in two years 😮
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