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  1. Depends how much you ride. I was thinking no insurance no permit this winter and flying and renting once in March. If it turned out ok. I might just get rid of snowmobile and fly and rent. I could go two or three times to be equal to owning a new snowmobile.
  2. always wanted to be a pilot, thinking about getting my private license and plane share. See they come up from time to time 😎.
  3. Owned and operated year round by the Town of Cochrane, the Cochrane Airport offers a 4500 foot asphalt runway complete with markers and lighting licensed for public day and night flights. seems they just getting cargo flights and private charters thru the winter. Maybe it’s a back up to Timmins airport if weather is bad there they can go to Cochrane 🤷🏽‍♂️. If we got about 10 snowmobiler’s together we could get a charter flight to Cochrane, I bet out of one of smaller airports in Toronto. I don’t know any commercial pilots any more. With price of fuel and time renting would make sense. To squeeze a weekend in far north. I
  4. Yes two day minimum but not real cheap. 45 a day last year. So 90 for a two day minimum 😎. Download and print online from home before your trip. Pretty easy actually.
  5. Why they have a 4500 foot asphalt runway just north of town. 😎
  6. Could fly in on a Tuesday, then ride until Friday and fly home. Be home in time for dinner on Friday 😎.
  7. Think I just go to Cochrane for three or four days and rent this winter, if I can find someone to ride with. Try one of those new Polaris matrix sleds if they are allowed to rent them.
  8. My stocks aren’t keeping pace with inflation either 🤦‍♂️. ofsc could have done 10 bucks that wouldn’t have upset anyone 😎 Now we have to put up with more rough trails and less grooming especially later in season when funds run down.
  9. Winter of 2018 when I last toured area with my dad. We did big loop and it was fourth week of march.
  10. Only other option is to ride east to Elliot lake but still can’t get north of their with current trail system without half way heaven. Since it’s about 110 miles from abey falls to half way still. Still some run out of gas on a normal day trying to do those 110 miles since terrian is difficult. Have to go to Sudbury then go north but loops not possible on west end without half way again. It is truly a much needed link.
  11. He got a phone call in August from dealer saying about fuel tank grounding issue. That’s about all he knows at moment nothing since. Dealer has it in a crate.
  12. My uncle just bought a new 2023 Polaris, snow checked it and never told me lol. Sounds like he got 650 too but he wasn’t completely sure. He said doo wouldn’t build model he wanted no parts 😳. Attic cat never called him back so Polaris it is. looking forward to doing rap this year 😎. He has been riding my dads 2007 Polaris since 2017 😎. Hasn’t gone more then 30 miles from cottage 😎
  13. Come standard on grand touring’s for a few years now. I be tempted to get 30L box and be done with it. 😎
  14. That’s a huge task to just get fuel truck in though, for such little revenue. Wait and see what happens with some of trail connections too. Timmins end and dub area could be issues again possibly.
  15. Those etec’s are hard to beat for average trail rider. Really miss my 600 etec. Would like to try a new 650 maybe from poo for a change.
  16. Are you ok? You be last guy I could think of advertising a doo open house lol. Planning to go for supper and see what doo has to offer? No new ride for me this year. My basement needs about 100 k in work 🤦‍♂️.
  17. Said Mach not coming back so they have to keep thier word, if they want to bring in another limited addition one year model again. I think you are right and could see formula 3 or formula Z or formula plus X or even Mach 1 coming back for my 24. skidoo lineup don’t really excite me. Could see myself on poo 650 in near future. 😎
  18. Did they leave beer alone this time 🤣.
  19. Real snow flap is all they need. Great thinking 😎
  20. Going to be fill the fuel tank to brime before storage is solution 😎. Get customers to sign off on that procedure done 😆
  21. He did same thing to Briggs and Stratton in usa. Still waiting for my replacement gas tank for my wood splitter. Might get it by December if I am lucky 🤞.
  22. Don’t get me started again. Really enjoying up graded one though, that I bought at a premium price since they refused to deliver the one I ordered in October 2020 🤦‍♂️. Now I looked the one I bought at a premium price right off delivery truck is up about about 1k from what I paid 😎.
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