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  1. That’s nail on head. Ofsc doesn’t want us using maps besides one from thier own data base. They have full contro. if a trail is closed for year they can delete it (funny thing is how often does this happen) I have seen trails closed for good remain on system for a few years. Sometimes they even turn green 🤦‍♂️. They want us to load and use data base in real time.
  2. North east is good. It’s warm temps from Lake Ontario and low elevation of Kingston. Every year different. Some times there is a pile of snow just further east down 401, if winds back spin from lake. Happens every so often not regularly though. Other times nothing evening in corn wall area’s could be razor thin. It’s more reliable to north no doubt. Sometimes just 30 mins straight south of pembroke is real thin too. Seems pembroke right on edge. Go up into madawaka valley which is 15 km’s from town or so by sled,snow awesome. Seen over 4 feet in that area on a regular basis.
  3. I know but then more people will leave sport over limited access to maps. Double edge sword. I personally don’t think trespassing and eliminating map ususge in off season has a direct connection to trespassing. People that go out and do it will continue.
  4. Property owner gets nothing but a mess. Can you blame them. Most do it for generosity of community for recreation purposes. Price of property we are doomed if we think we can continue to have free access to it. More and more foreign owners come in, no way access will continue 🤣.
  5. I see. Lots of it is crown land isn’t it. Just lake access that are private sometimes, ie thru property lots to get access for sledding?
  6. The thing is in south we aren’t losing many trails to trespassing atviers. It’s snowmobiles that don’t stay on trail and wonder, take short cuts etc that cause most of trail closures. Some are caused by crop damage and poor snow conditions too. These trails have crops in field until November so not even passable on an atv. No one going to take 15k atv and run over 10 foot corn on it 🤣.
  7. You aren’t only one. I Had mpac guy knock on my door a few weeks ago over a permit I pulled for barn, in 2022 🤣.
  8. Thank fully I have never had a claim. I agree these things are expensive and last long anyone needs is it not covered by insurance if no collision.
  9. Only reason I have collision incase something stupid happens they cover it. All it takes is some moron don’t see snowmobile in a parking lot and drives truck or suv into it and leaves as one example. See that happen once in my sledding life. Thing was a right off.
  10. I dunno we had a 1 million barn fire in early 1990’s. Took 3 departments to control blaze on our 3 storey. Insurance never cancelled us but hatchery threatened to sue us over lost chick placement that was coming up. Burned 3 days before chicks came in. Seems like there was more fundamentals in place back then. long storey short they culled chicks and never bothered with law suit. Few 😎
  11. Thought someone bought it and started to renovated it to be an air b and b? That’s last I heard 🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. It was a good stopping point, part of rap too. Not allot of choice that way either and it was decent when open.
  13. Me too. Only have my sled left after taking the house away over sub pump endorsement flood limit 🤣. Nothing bad to say about td.
  14. I think your right. I like to see permit price go up so volunteers get better equipment to do thier job. Many like helping but could use some extra support. I have no problem buying lunch, Tim cards etc with some of permit money to keep things in tack. If you send in paid personal to help many more will say screw it, since they aren’t getting paid and might be back lash and less people to help too.
  15. It wouldn’t cost 150 more though be more like 250 more. Always waste in an organization when you pay for labour. As rider base shrinks so do volunteers though. I like to see more of a balance though. Police force uses volunteers and don’t pay them for various activities too. Fire fighters same thing.
  16. Actually agsinst the law to deny you insurance isn’t it?
  17. That’s true but a good broker will make sure you are properly insured and covered and explain coverage too you. So there shouldn’t be any major surprises when somthing happens.
  18. You aren’t first one that has been denied coverage after a claim. I use to have house insurance with td too. One day they reduced my basement sump pump flood coverage to 10k from 50k. That’s when, I decided to pack up and move it to a broker and just left sled with them.
  19. Bad experience on a claim? Some people have a great experience with td and others it’s a cluster cluck. I personally like having a broker since he get best payout and service possible. Td woukdnt touch my four wheeler because it’s used commercial on my farm. Go figure. I have everything with a broker now except snowmobile. Seems most companies don’t want sleds is half problem.
  20. No collision on wife’s 2022. Isn’t that asking for trouble 🤔
  21. Seems a little high but not drastically. Without knowing more details hard to compare too. I say if you have full coverage and average deductibles, it’s an average rate for that machine. Ontly thing you might be able to adjust if value of snowmobile. Make sure you aren’t over insuring it, since they just give you book value anyway’s. Adjust thst down from new value might save 75 bucks or so.
  22. Drugs don’t get me started. I had a catching crew couldn’t find farm. So they call and I tell them how to get here. So they stay on phone and I see them go by on main road. So I them they just went by. So they slam on brakes and start backing up with a trailer on van. Imagine that backing up Down a main road at night when you can’t even see be hind yeah. Then they turn to sharp and take out my mail box post and then wheel on trailer falls off. 🤣🤣🤣 long storey short they are all drugged up. So I call processor and say they are high and shouldn’t be working. So do you have a crew b. They call back and tell me, I have to let them work but they send someone else to come pick them uo when done. So I told them no more smoking on farm until all chickens are loaded. What a night that was. 😆 Then sent a flat bed for trailer too the next day. I just fixed mail box post my self without saying anything. Next 😎
  23. Hahaha. What about new child and wedding coming. Then they need a room in basement since housing un affordable. 🤣 Better buy sled now and you have it 😎 Doing my basement now for some of above ressons. Man is it expensive. Have 35 k into project already. Floors aren’t in yet 🤣
  24. Yeah not bad at all. Doo’s just not using super good quality shocks on adrenaline model. That’s why it’s abit cheaper
  25. Your right they are financing debt over a longer period of time too. I have a feeling with interest rates it’s going to bite us in butt soon. What worries me is lack of future generation planning. Pickering obsolute soon saying 2026 now. Then what 🤣
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