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  1. amazing that this is all a problem but trudeau still gets re elected
  2. I have never even asked or received my expenses not even for travel hotels or convention. That being said I do not depend on an hourly wage for my living and doing this is my way of giving back to the sport. I strongly dis agree with this as grooming funding comes from the district not the club and I have known many great club presidents that have done a great job of grooming
  3. Lots of snow for sure groomers are out maximum hours
  4. It is the old Prentice location
  5. The young lady that got this done is our new external relations manager at the OFSC Kirsten Baker. She is known for working tirelessly to get the job done. Kirsten joined the OFSC from working for Scott Aitcheson our MP for Parry Sound Muskoka. The OFSC is lucky to have her.
  6. The logic is to groom them to prepare for a quick opening . We can only hope for this however it would look dumb if the health unit allowed the trails to open and they were not ready
  7. Yes it is they brought in teams of OPP from all over the province to get in peoples faces. This to prevent people from riding the trails and not getting in anyones face.
  8. What do you need? We have a large inventory.
  9. Great letter may I please use it as an example of what needs to be done?
  10. It has been really quiet here if you want to see alot of people close to each other go to walmart
  11. It is on the list . This year is a bitch to open holy water 7 days to get the seguin open!
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