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  1. Wildbill

    Jake's Place is Sold

    and the chain saw and the revolver only used once. The food was always great
  2. Wildbill


    they patented the angled stud on a carbide
  3. Wildbill


    dealer cost is different
  4. Wildbill


    This from the same company that patented the angled stud on the carbide making their carbides more expensive
  5. Wildbill

    Toys for a carreer

    The low hours have now become a cause for failure. Between corrosion on moving parts and deferred maintenance.
  6. Wildbill

    Toys for a carreer

    With outboards it is the boat that seems to carry the value . A bit unfair for the older boat with the newer out board
  7. Wildbill

    Toys for a carreer

    As a dealer I can see dates we run our stock lean and reveal model years
  8. Wildbill

    Jake's Place is Sold

    Jake and Donna deserve retirement they are great folks
  9. Wildbill

    Toys for a carreer

    Rosseau Road is looking for a technician that is interested in joining a team of excellence. The successful team member will join a team that cares and strives to learn more everyday. We are not parts replacers we understand how and why our products work. We care about the customer and the team member this is a fast paced fun workplace where both production and laughter are common place wages are competitive with productivity bonuses and benefits are available. Call Bill 705-378-5217 or email bill@rosseauroad.ca
  10. Wildbill

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    I would never spend a night in that firetrap
  11. Wildbill

    Worker hurt removing bridge

    or did the ground?
  12. Wildbill

    AJ Lester

    I know a St Bernard that I do not trust. The night that I heard about it I sent AJ and his mom Barb a message. The brutality is beyond my comprehension.
  13. Wildbill

    2021 Polaris Release

    no four strokes eh
  14. Wildbill

    Fatal WEst of Listowel, D9

    Very sad RIP
  15. Wildbill

    Haliburton to Dorset

    Kashagawigamog lake to Blairhampton road to Twelve mile lake to Boshkong lake to Kushog lake to st noras lake to sherbourne lake road to raven lake and on to the trail there