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  1. It has been really quiet here if you want to see alot of people close to each other go to walmart
  2. It is on the list . This year is a bitch to open holy water 7 days to get the seguin open!
  3. Awesome. Lucky that mice did not move in; they are insidious.
  4. yes it wa shallow just jumped in and dragged it out . got it running and rode it
  5. been there done that . We were on boshkung and lost our bearings at night
  6. we sold our entire rental fleet . What a relief/
  7. somehow there is more to the story me thinks
  8. Your dad must be a good man to have raised a son like you. That is beyond awesome.
  9. H and Dave were both great gentlemen. I very much enjoyed moments with them both but I never had the pleasure of riding with them both at once I can only imagine that it would have been H and I competing and Dave watching the shenanigans. Leaf I was of he opinion that Dave would just refit and rebuild his sled those yamy triples are likely good for 100,000 k on the engine
  10. It is the old 540 but with much improved carburation and possibly porting to vastly improve fuel economy.
  11. Dave was a great man. Who he was shows in both you and your brother. You are both fantastic people as well.
  12. I remember him as one of the kindest most genuine folks that I ever met. I enjoyed his company as he was just plain happy to be enjoying life everyday. I wish to do something to remember him by perhaps a sticker surround in memory.
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