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  1. Wildbill

    Fatal WEst of Listowel, D9

    Very sad RIP
  2. Wildbill

    Haliburton to Dorset

    Kashagawigamog lake to Blairhampton road to Twelve mile lake to Boshkong lake to Kushog lake to st noras lake to sherbourne lake road to raven lake and on to the trail there
  3. Perhaps they are pretty friendly. The township of seguin provides two maintained recreational parking areas. 1 at Black road and c trail as shown in your red circle and 1 at cargill drive and oastler park drive once again at c trail alt
  4. New parking is right on the trail at Black road
  5. Wildbill

    District 7 trail conditions update

    That should make it impossible to renogotiate
  6. Wildbill

    Seguin Trail

    About the same
  7. Wildbill

    Seguin Trail

    it is rutting season
  8. Wildbill

    Seguin Trail

    I made them feel insecure even in the cold !
  9. Wildbill

    Seguin Trail

    Next week I snow danced naked on the trail the gods promised that if I quit that we would be ok
  10. Wildbill

    Holy Crap!!!

    somebody needs that club installed in their arse. Rectum damned near ruined him!
  11. Wildbill


    I cannot express my pride in the crew that make up the South Seguin. It has been a bit of a discouraging year these folks never gave up. Last year we lost our groomer base with the sale of Alves Auto center. A committee was formed and worked tirelessly to look at options. With a very generous offer from The new owners at the Jolly Roger/Super 8 the old original groomer base was offered up. It took tireless work by the crew but they got it done in style. Bridge problems on the Seguin were the sour taste of the year. The decking on several bridges had suddenly gone to the consistency of wet corn flakes and some special person had fallen through bridge 5 in what looked like a tandem truck failing the bridge. Working with our partners Park to Park as well as the OFSC and PSSD aswell as some cash from SSSC the bridges are safe again. There will be more bridge repairs and replacements in the future. Our Tucker was extremely tired and had repeatadly failed on us last year. Thank you OFSC and PSSD for the replacement rejuvenated Tucker never in my over 30 years with the OFSC have they ever had our back like today. With repeated windstorms and an aging forest windfalls were at an all time high crews were out all fall clearing the trees and getting it done. The Drags are both old and well worn. Joe rebuilt them both professionally and well. Thank You Joe ! I have been with the South Seguin since 1991 and the HCSA for 8 years before that. I have never ever seen a better crew To the Directors ,executive groomers ,volunteers,landowners and supporters I am beyond proud of all of you. Bill Park
  12. Wildbill

    Holy Crap!!!

  13. Wildbill

    OPG Issues

    I believe that the issue is some wanting snowmobiling to pay all costs for every free rider user
  14. Wildbill

    Missing Link goes yellow tomorrow

    D10 has one agreement and a great working relationship with the MTO
  15. Wildbill

    Time to say Hello!

    looking better now after todays snowfall we should be packing trails