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  1. Barry is a great guy. We do have enough snow to open some trails. However they will not go green yet as there are many rocks and ruts as well as ground features sticking out. In a normal year we have recieved almost 8 feet of snow by now this year we have not yet recieved 3 feet. Clubs are trying hard sometimes we must just be grateful for what we have
  2. u,,,,,,,, it is a sleezy dump
  3. very cool. How far does the ice pile up?
  4. Brutal. Good luck may the fleas of a thousand camels infect his crotch and his arms be too short to reach.
  5. Interesting idea for these very odd times
  6. over 1500 tonnes of aggregate put into the trail this year
  7. OFSC ,Park to Park ,Trans Canada trail and PSSD 10 . It has been a long and arduous task.
  8. We maintained that sled if it needed done he had it done.
  9. If you are thinking about selling a marina this year is the one to do it.
  10. We have had excellent luck selling connect. Our connect restock may be a couple of more weeks as they were undamaged but held up on a burning ship and are now held up by landslides along with I am told an aweful lot of other sled product for several manufacturers were on that ship including several containers of oxygen helmets.
  11. somehow I was removed as sssc moderator. Even though I am the president.
  12. Yes we can . Would you like a zoom invite to the next meeting?
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