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  1. Berry bushes are full. There is enough food deep in the bush that the bears are not venturing out at all. Apple trees are loaded trees are turning and August was not a hot month. Here we go
  2. We are there every week love it
  3. May she freeze her ass off in her Tesla Hypocrit
  4. My prediction . Berries are full mosquitos are backing off early here . And just my general feeling.
  5. Sprucedale has so much potential . I honestly think most do notwant to invest that much in order to work that hard.
  6. The more that they pack under small hoods the more that this will happen
  7. 1979 light car pretty quick zero to sisty mph is 2.8 seconds pulled a 2.56 zero to sixty today as for cruising it keeps its gas fresh. As for the gas down there my belif is that the Wolf has ethanol from what I have tested however we tested gas in tanks that we were told was from Wolf
  8. Stingray still makes real boats leave them in the water no problem. As for Yamahethe day that they announced thedeal with Textron was the death sentence for the brand.
  9. No point in having a hot rod if you do not drive it. We have run up over 15000 kms on our Road runner in the three years that we have owned it. It runs a 440 stroked out to 505 cubic inches aluminum heads 10.5 to 1 compression a Holley 850 mechanical 4150 large roller cam and manual shift automatic transmission with 3200 rpm stall converter. It like gas . The 3.91 rear gears ensure that. I am fairly careful on the gas that I run. I use an air fuel meter and the ethanol shows up. Petro gas certainly has more in it than Shell. 91 at Parry sound fuels is still all dinosaur bones. They supply almost all of the marinas around here and haul it from Ottawa refinery. Yes I test it regularly. We have seen phase seperation and fuel problems with all additves including Seafoam the biggest solution is to use your stuff and get the old fuel out. the newer boats and sleds no longer have the venting straight to the atmosphere and this has helped a lot.
  10. This was predictable the day that Yamaha quit building their own sleds. As for atv and side by side the traditional manufacturersare getting beat up big time. Yamaha Polaris and Cat as well as BRP are not seeing the growth other companies are. The outboard world is owned by Mercury right now. Yamahamay be refocusing to be stronger in the larger areas . Our sport is not growing
  11. I am deeply appreciative of your comments they mean more than I can say. It has been a journey, not as long as others journeys and for that I am grateful. After I finished my radiation I had some internal bleeding and bowel blockages as such I ended up admitted to hospital and a little worse fo wear. However I have rebounded from that. Last wek was a great week for us. My PSA initially tested at 13.2 my recent test is 0.04 the cat scansshow great results and the Urologist is very positive for my future . To early to say we won but things look very good . Thank you for all of your kind words as for me . I GUESS IT IS TIME TO RAISE SOME HELL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. It was a great stop in the day. Hard to find buyers willing to work hard enough to make it work
  13. Brutal I hope your friend recovers well.
  14. That is a nasty hit. Hug your wife and say goodbye to that sled it is done.
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