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  1. As per NBSC Facebook Page, great work by both NBSC and Voyageurs Sur Neige de Temiscaming Club. Bonjour, we have successfully been able to open the remaining portion of the A102Q. Thank you to Voyageurs Sur Neige de Temiscaming for getting the remaining portion of the trail open & will share the responsibility of grooming for us. As always we are excited to have this trail open again to connect our provinces as well as the OFSC/FCMQ trail systems! Check the ITG for up to date trail status KNOW BEFORE YOU GO FYI we have been told that there has been some difficulty with wider snowmobiles crossing bridge due to wider ski stance #limitedstatus #nbsc #voyageurssurneigedetemiscaming #ofsc #fcmq #connectingprovinces #wedidit #northernontario #thankyou #welovethistrail #nnta #disctrict11
  2. When I lived in North bay I often trailered out to Redbridge General Store on Highway 63 at Songis Road and asked if it was okay and always bought gas there, no High Octane though. Then head down Songis Road a 1/2 km to NB300 at 90 degree turn. Lots of great trails from there. Portage has parking and there used to be a charge, refunded if you bought lunch but that was a few years ago.
  3. My wife and I did that train ride many decades ago, one of the most boring trips ever, just watching trees get smaller and smaller with very little scenery unlike Agawa Canyon.
  4. I love to read and see the photos of great experiences like you had. Your timing was Perfect.
  5. The Mr. Gas on D Trail at Hwy 17 is now open. Please ride safe and remember to refer to the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide for up to date trail status.
  6. NBSC has confirmed that large Sand Dam Road parking lot, just off Highway 11 on east side, is still being plowed on a regular basis. Exit the back of the lot, (SE corner) and you immediately encounter A102Q trail. Left (East) takes you to NB308 and Temiscaming Quebec (Open this year) Go right (West), cross Highway 11 and 500 metres you encounter A/D Trail. Left on AD takes you to North Bay through The Portage Restaurant parking lot on Trout Lake. Turn right (North) on AD for Marten River, Temagami, Kirkland Lake. Also parking lot at Trout Lake on Lakeside Drive just off Trout Lake Road/Highway 63 is also plowed.
  7. Call The Portage Restaurant, 170 Peninsula Road, North Bay at 705-474-8800, Call ahead to see what their current policy is for extended parking Right on the AD trail, trail runs through their Parking Lot. They did charge but possibly might wave fee if your group ate there on both ends of trip. Great food and atmosphere Right off Highway 63
  8. Here in Kitchener there is a bicycle trail beside our Condo and in fact the City is converting our street to one-way next year so bicycle path can be separated from vehicle traffic. Last Monday evening at the tail end of the big snowstorm the City had the snowblowers and trucks removing snow along the Bicycle path while many other higher priority streets remain untouched for several days thereafter. This bicycle path craze is costing millions and in our area there are only 5-6 bicycles per day using it. They spent $30,000 on a fenced bicycle parking compound in the adjacent Kitchener Market underground garage and I drive by it daily and I only saw 2 bicycles total using it in over a year. Unbelievable throwing taxpayer $$ around like that. Sorry , rant over!
  9. We need stronger laws like Quebec does with much stiffer penalties than currently exist. secondly, Trail Patrol needs some real authority like Quebec, no fooling around there. Thirdly, move to automatic ticket against owner of snowmobile which eliminates court appearances, witnesses, etc. and Trail Patrol can issue Report to OPP for processing like Quebec does. OFSC has never in my experience secured any useful changes to the MSVA by the provincial government. Now is the time before the system and Volunteers collapse.
  10. I follow the Bonfield SC Facebook and they never mentioned any issues other than lack of snow up until a week ago and NBSC was in same situation so I think it was probably a decision to open a group of trails at same time but not sure. Great to see 302 reopen and obviously A102Q to Temiscaming. My cottage neighbours are out there now. It has been a few years since I have been sledding. 3 blown engines on my 3 second hand SkiDoos with lots of kms on all 3.
  11. 2 Bridge Reconstructions in past 3 years made it impossible for Quebec Club to cross bridge to do last section in Ontario east of unbridged river crossing.
  12. Copied from North Bay Snowmobile Club Facebook post: It’s been a tremendous effort by ALL to get our A102Q open after a few years of not being able to open. We really wanted to make this happen this season & now we have The trail was so over grown, it was a “goat path” as one of our members stated. A lot of sweat & went into this trail. We were able to co-ordinate the opening with the Voyageurs Sur Neige de Temiscaming club. This partnership has kept our clubs/provinces connected over the years & will continue to do so. Enjoy your ride & always refer to the ITG for the latest trail status. https://www.ofsc.on.ca/trail-maps/
  13. WTF, how can a so called Storage Company only have 72 hours of camera footage, that is pathetic.
  14. Heartily agree with Big Pete and his Club's policy. Volunteers should supply their time and possibly some tools, equipment and ATV,/Sled but most out of pocket costs like mileage, fuel, etc. should be reimbursed. Meals are somewhat debatable, depends on the circumstances.
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