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  1. I was being facetious about suggesting that the trail closure has anything to do with this. I am suggesting that the called closure by the dipshit in NB has no basis in fact.
  2. must because of all the sledders staying home STFU! Open the trails.
  3. Not always a great solution. Some places I’ve seen they plow the road now down to gravel and sleds are forced to ride this mess
  4. I have a 27’ Legend and I’m gonna start outfitting it with some stuff to stay overnight real soon. Where a good stagging are near Cochrane
  5. TD, I believe we need to set up a meeting about all this essential stuff. Likely up in the NCDN would be a food spot as it’s very cold there currently and we know germs don’t do well in cold temps!!
  6. Well I do have an essential employee document that I carry everywhere! I’m in the energy sector, hmmmmmm
  7. So hotels up in Cochrane will not accept reservations, say for next week currently??
  8. I'm gonna guess if someone on here personally got ticketed, their gonna keep their mouth shut lol.
  9. 3X more snow over your way than in Nobel/Parry Sound!
  10. Sooooooo, anyone know of anyone that got caught and received a ticket so far?
  11. And I wasn’t joking. Serious as a heart attack they would light me up haha
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