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  1. I have a 2022 Mach Z on order which I would like to part with before I put the balance down. If you are interested in buying out my contract, make an offer.
  2. Sounds like there’s rocks in the crankcase.
  3. If anyone missed the the snow check for a 2022 Mach Z, I have one for sale!
  4. soooooooooo, What is everyone ordering for 2022
  5. Oh boy, here comes the politics!! Starting to sound like all the American forums haha.
  6. However, sometimes having the cash in hand to purchase another vehicle and flip it is more advantageous
  7. Actually that’s not always true. The dealer stands to make more if you finance and therefore the cash price sometimes is more than the finance price. Trying to recoup what would have been made on financing.
  8. Adding a processing fee illegal and when reported to Visa they will pull their service.
  9. Well when a sled costs $25,000 mow!
  10. I usually pick up at any US auto parts stores. I work in the US!
  11. Well 4 of the 7 dealers I contacted said $1000 for the Mach/Lynx and $500 for the rest. I do believe I saw in the fine print of the ads that also. I questioned a couple dealers and they said the dealers only taking $500 will be unpleasantly surprised when BRP asks for the other $500.
  12. $1000 deposit on the MachZ/Lynx
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