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  1. Yep, Intact has been good to us also. We add and cancel the BMW in the spring and fall and always get a refund in the fall for around $500. They can’t come close to TD price for sleds unfortunately
  2. I have everything with Intact, home 3 vehicles, camper, sled trailer and side by side. Their sled insurance is double what I pay at TD so sleds stay there.
  3. Just be responsible be a man and look after your crap. Keep your affairs in order and don't depend on anyone else to do it for you! Thanks for those words dad.
  4. And the Petro Can you speak of is always more expensive than anywhere else in the area. I avoid it at all cost.
  5. Onus is upon the operator to keep the license renewed. Fines will be imposed if you are not up to date.
  6. Provide better trails with more govt funding
  7. Ontario needs to follow the Quebec model
  8. Someone other than me should try it and report back....hehe
  9. Post part 2 here please
  10. With 300hp on tap I NEED to stop there lol.
  11. We never get frost first anymore unfortunately
  12. I drove past it a few weeks ago and noticed no signs. I'm just 20 min away from there.
  13. I'm sure many have had the same experience with other providers also. Your'e not alone.
  14. I’m with Intact for my home/auto/camper/SxS. Intact is way lower for everything but sleds. Sleds are with TD. Not sure why Intact can’t come close to TD as they underwrite all the FMCQ sled insurance.
  15. Yamaha realized a long time ago that the market share they had and the margins realized were not good. Lets focus on motorcycles/ATVs/SxS and outboards are money makers 12 months of the year globally! Smart.
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