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  1. Precisely what I’m doing in my new shop this season.
  2. Well the 30-60cm and even up to 75xm that TWN was predicting for Parry Sound was a complete and epic fail as usual. Got about 15cm…….close lol.
  3. Well hopefully it starts soon. Parry Sound got a whole 2" last night and nothing so farv today.
  4. congratulations on your recovery!
  5. Single axle so no brakes.
  6. Yep, easy fix with some tweaks.
  7. Most are just greedy and wanting to take advantage.
  8. Bluewater Trailers seemed to have huge inventory when I drove past last week
  9. They work well and easy to take on/off.
  10. Coldgaurds from Royal work awesome. 12-43113
  11. Woo hoo keep dropping I need a truck soon!
  12. bit the bullet and picked up the $175 assembly🤢. Bastard size.
  13. Yeah so far $175/ea for assembly right now. Looking for a used spare.
  14. Looking for a spare tire for my Lightning Avalanche trailer. ST145R 12 5 bolt wheel.
  15. That would require a nice triple!
  16. Yep, same as always. Must display sticker on sled as before.
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