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  1. Stole this today... LMAO. Went to a good home for sure!
  2. Do you recall the name of the shipper?
  3. The Canyon/Colorado gas engine is a 2.7 turbo. True about diesel, I have a 22 AT4 with the 3.0 ltr diesel and I get around 17 ltrs/100 km towing a 24' enclosed and 10 not towing. I still think it pays off because the only other option I'd have would be the 6.2 which requires premium gas. These numbers go out the window if its windy..lol. I lease a new one every 2 yrs so I'm not so concerned with long term mtce etc.
  4. Not quite the same but I towed a 17' glass fishing boat (~3000 lbs w/fuel and gear) with an Audi Q5 for several years. It has a 4400lb capacity and the trailer did NOT have brakes. I'm not sure of that trailer model but something like Nunz is running is designed to be towed behind a mid sized truck/SUV. Seems like you're a toyota guy but you may want to check out the GM mid sized p/u with the 4 cyl. diesel. I believe that you can get it with a factory electric brake controller and a tow pkg that gives you a slightly better diff ratio and additional cooling. Just took a peek and they have an all-new model for '23 that looks sweet.
  5. I have someone from Saskatchewan interested in my '17 Cat ZR6000 RS edition and we're looking for shipping options. He checked Manitoulin transport and they're asking about $1100. Do any of your guys/gals have any ideas? TIA< Patrick.
  6. Me too. Weird year/season. New metal is still selling tho.
  7. $300 including a rugged mount and RAM mount.
  8. Reduced - any reasonable offer take it! BTW, Garmin is sold.
  9. Excellent report and many thanks for the details. I'm sure this will be helpful for many!!
  10. Puggz

    New Cats

    Its that pricing you speak of from a few years back is what got me into AC. I bought 3 ACs from 2017 to 2021. All new-non currents with substantial discounts. It was a no brainer and to be honest, you can't complain about the quality!
  11. Puggz

    New Cats

    Woa cowboy! Fair enough but my opinion is that its still too little to late. There's no differentiation here, unless you consider getting less for your $ as a differentiation.
  12. Puggz

    New Cats

    Its unfortunate as this was a great opportunity for AC to bring us something exciting. Considering their parent company, its not like they don't have the $$. l recall doing a customer survey with them about 4 yrs back and they were looking for feedback on a built in GPS. Its not like they don't know their market and/or competition. Furthermore, whats with no 800 in the new platform? The RR and T-Cat are still sporting the old chassis and plastic. The ctek 600 is a great engine (I have 2 of them) but in a world of 900's and boosted 2 strokes they've missed the mark by a mile. Wouldn't surprise me if Yamaha jumps ship as soon as their agreement runs its course. Yama-Poo inbound..lol
  13. Puggz

    New Cats

    Although I like the AC brand, they are still falling behind in shock technology and still using the old gauge set when everyone else is offering digital, GPS, etc. Although the new design looks great, its really the blast with a better skid.
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