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  1. Isn't it interesting that all of the trails in this HR just went yellow? All of them. Even where the same trail enters another HR which shows green. Any thoughts on that?
  2. I wear a Klim keweenaw jacket and a Klim Klimate bibs and I'm never cold, even in -25. Great quality, can be purchased on a discount if you look around (new, non current) and the bibs are available in short, reg, and tall versions. As i'm 5'5", this is important. actually, the climate bibs are extremely warm. For the jacket, in colder temps I wear a 2.0 base layer and mid layer. I'm 57 In addition, my wife wears a FXR Renegade jacket with the removable liner. She likes it but the liner is only a vest and her arms get a touch cool at times.
  3. Can't believe my eyes! Hope its not a glitch with the software..lol
  4. Thank you! I feel compelled to share this one for sure! Well i'm an avid cook with some culinary training. We were not expecting fine dining, just a good hearty meal when we returned and I know good and simple food is easy to do. I also prefer a hot breakfast and when we booked it was sold as "we deliver your breakfast right to your chalet." Very surprising considering the rates and reputation. The chef, or shall I say cook, should be ashamed. And in PQ of all places, thats one reason we go (is for the food).
  5. Booked one of the small luxury chalets at La Bannik for just under a week and here are our thoughts: Cottage, albeit a tad small was very nice and clean, Everything worked and your own personal hot tub is awesome. Nice propane fireplace and heated floors was a nice reception when we got back from a day on the trails. Only negative was the size and lack of cooking abilities other than a microwave and toaster oven. They do offer a cottage with a full kitchen but its 2 bedrooms and a loft. Better for a family and of course, more expensive. The food (Dinner) - We opted for
  6. Spent the better part of the week at La Bannik and enjoyed some well deserved time off with the Mrs. Conditions were great considering the snow accumulation is way below average for the area. Weather was very crisp in the morning, -25 before wind chill every day. Many days were sunny. Lovely area but not as nice as the Laurentides which has more elevation changes and woodlands. Too much open field running around VM for our liking. Also didn't see many on the trails at all, most in 1 day was 6 other riders! Check out my Food and Lodging report in that forum.
  7. I'll be posting a report on food and lodging when I get back.
  8. While heading up to Ville Marie for a week of sledding I noticed that the trails around North Bay were groomed and were being used. Started to think that this is just a farce to keep the southern citiots away.. I've always loved the run between South River and Point a Baril so I may give them a look on the way back to KW. As there are a large number of yellow and green trails available province wide, the HR should open the trails anyways to at least give the locals somewhere to ride. P.
  9. Yea don't understand those folks who don't clean up after themselves. Had a buddy do it and I reamed him out. Like, REALLY?
  10. Funny thing is, no tree (this time).. Following to close, swerved to avoid a collision, slid sideways, and rolled it.
  11. As i started working up in Bruce County last July I was truly hoping that the region would get decent snow this winter. Prayers have been answered
  12. True but up in grey bruce we have more snow than we've had in many years. Seems certain areas get it and others dont'. Mrs and I love the route between Point a baril and Kearney. Never went green last year. This year looks to be closed for other (stupid) reasons. Snow goes where it goes..lol
  13. wow, even $3800 would be a stretch. Went from KW to Bancroft a few weeks back. Just the Mrs and I. DIdn't see a single law enforcement officer during the entire trip on the road or trail. Maybe, and this is a big maybe, they were on closed trails (south of suds) in a large group and very belligerent to the OPP? Also, $38k could be aggregate. 10x$3800 for example. I dunno, smells like poop to me.
  14. We had a mishap with one of our machines and it looks like about $1600 in parts to get it back to new again. Nothing major, just plastic. We have insurance w/$500 deductable. Its prob. about $2k with labour. If I fix it myself where is the best deal on parts? I bought a number of accessories and parts from the US arctic cat site last november with 25% off and free shipping. I didn't get hit with tax or duty either over 2 shipments. Does anyone know if they hold a similar sale in the winter/spring? Or other ideas? TIA, P.
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