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  1. For some reason I still can't get my RS to stop understeering. Even tightened the front strap. My wifes '18 600 LTD (137), with the same tweaks is better tho ?!?!
  2. Sounds like they are on the right track! (pun intended) Pic looks like the mid-sized blast but who knows. Lowering the CG is always a good thing, I just hope they address the epic under-steer issue they have out of the box on the pro cross.
  3. Take a look at these. TOBE Lots of options - with a good pair of muffs you don't need much at all but if you're like me I don't like them. I'm currently running the Klim Powerxross (GoreTex) for milder days and a pair of full leather Black Diamond "Guide" back-country ski gloves (removable shearling liner/GoreTex) for colder days.
  4. Yes Blake has one of these, for 2 winters not I think. And he does use it! I saw it the day he got it and i wouldn't worry about the height but then again, I'm 5'6" :). One thing I noticed was that the traction mats and sliders could be upgraded and we noticed a small gap where the wall meets the bull nose, easily fixed with good quality silicone. Unfortunatly its a sellers market and we have to put up with these kind of issues. Other than that, the design concept is great, easy to tow. I personally hate the conventional 2 side by side trailers as they are high, have tiny diamerter wheels, and terrible when its windy. YMMV.
  5. And maybe I'll see you at Peak's snow-check party in November
  6. One of a trio of riders hits a tree. I hope its not alcohol/drug related... https://www.timminspress.com/news/local-news/fatal-snowmobile-crash-near-smooth-rock-falls?fbclid=IwAR2l1KILEhlz5WLvxWJwq3L8SY-_ScL6uLWhx2PHbOJk6iktvxp5DxvZrL4
  7. No worries, I thought what you did until i was "corrected".. Higher compression will give you more HP but it will also cause pre detonation issues which defeats the purpose of having higher compression.
  8. Just so you know, premium fuel does not burn hotter. Everyone thinks as the octane increased so does the volatility. Its actually the opposite (anti knock index). Prevents high compression engines from experiencing pre-detonation and therefore improves performance by allowing the fuel to combust at the most opportune time.
  9. Puggz


    I always look forward to your posts and stories! Nice read and very informative. Thank you!
  10. Maybe the trails with significant tree coverage, anything in the open will be gone. If its windy/rainy, it will be even worse. Good chance they'll turn red so thats a no go anyways.
  11. Depends where you go. We were up a the Lac Taureau resort just after christmas and you wouldn't believe the number of young people on brand new sleds. All long tracks of one description or another and all with the latest grear (IE one pce suits, mission helmets, etc.) Sure, this area is the Muskoka of Quebec and lots of $$ up there out of Montreal. Also, whenever i'm in PQ, I never really see anything close to vintage. Everyone is riding new metal. Regarding the market growth, I believe its more noticeable because the demand out weighs the supply. Sure, I'm not impressed on spending north of $20k on a new sled (and not getting exactly what I wanted) but I'll be able to sell my AC for more than I paid for it in 2017. Just try and order a new pickup truck, now that's painful.
  12. I've lost the love for Bay of Quinte over the last 4-5 years as I've found the fishery not near what it once was. For 'eys, some years I've started on the Detroit river in April and moved east as the season progressed. Lead core and dipseys are very productive but its not fun fishing in my mind. Mind you a freezer full of walleye is never a bad thing! Sold my boat (2015 Ranger 620fs) summer of 2020 for almost what I paid for it. It had a 250hp Evenrude G2 and was starting to give me problems. Had it down at Maple city marine a couple of times that spring and they didn't ever get it right. Had plans to order another one but then the world went upside down. That said, if you ever need a mate, let me know
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