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  1. What’s the width of track it can handle?
  2. Most hotels and motels will have adapted to the new norm for service by this winter. That or they are out of business. Dont expect cheap one night accommodations. Most hotels now leave rooms empty for at least 48 hours before entering to clean. And no cleaning services during your stay. Just get extra towels or dump garbage yourself. If business travellers can do it no reason snowmobilers cannot.
  3. Vendors need an outlet for leftover stock. Still best chance to move the most gear. International Center might be willing to work with show. They are hurting also. Maybe add an extra day? or give more space to show to spread out.
  4. Shopping malls are now open so why would snowmobile show be cancelled? I can see entry times controlled. Maybe day specific attendance limits?
  5. You can try Cerka in Milton. They make trailers. I would think higher quality then Princess Auto but cannot verify that.
  6. I think all ATV and snowmobile registrations should require the completion of a rider awareness course. Where to ride legally. Tread lightly. No off trail etc. Increase fines for cans and abuse. And ATV should require a yearly plate sticker if riding public lands or trails. Its unfortunate that a few cause the majority to be more heavily regulated.
  7. Unfortunately manufacturers all now are making the cool mud versions and lifted units with extra knarly tires that destroy the trails even more. Out the door right into videos with a snorkel kit version to make deepest ruts possible. Look at what we did! Manufacturers need to take a bigger role in promoting conservation and proper trail etiquette. Both in ATV world and snowmobile world.
  8. One thing to note is that this crane is not owned by a crane rental company but a metal fabricator. No counterweights. Operator error or inexperience probably the cause. Operator was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
  9. The outrigger on front drivers side does not need to be out as far as rear. Especially if working over back of crane. There are a number of possibilities but I would say to small of a unit for the lift. Operator may have set up at edge or closer to edge then safe Trying to do the pick within his load charts. Or Possibly the ground collapsed on edge with added load on rear stabilizer. Or if windy that could have been cause. Cranes typically have load load charts for good weather and then the higher the wind you derate the capacity. Over a certain wind speed you cannot work safely by crane manufacturers specs. Some cranes have wind gauges that measure wind and show operator wind speed for safety.
  10. Do you think trails will open?
  11. Is it better for police to lay 3 charges under $5,000 all separate or one charge of over $5,000? How does system work? Will 3 smaller charges stick better then 1 bigger charge?
  12. Is riding on a closed trail the same as driving on closed roads with respect to insurance? That is knowingly driving on a closed road voids your insurance coverage? Is this true? I was told many times over the years.
  13. While riding in Quebec a couple weeks ago Our group saw 4 sleds outfitted with flashing lights in the hood scoops. We were told This is becoming more popular in Quebec. We saw yellow and green. They had yellow for first sleds. Green for last I think. Lights always on flashing. Combined with mirrors easy way to improve trail safety if manufacturers included as standard equipment.
  14. Is there trail through Coboconk? Map shows a break downtown. With the trail east of Norland their is no way to ride from Orillia over towards Kinmount.
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