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  1. Textron might see an opportunity. 130,000 sleds sold globally yearly. 100,000 sleds sold in North America. 4 manufacturers. If Textron has a new idea or twist for the sled market there is only 3 competitors to compete against. Might be a better or easier opportunity in sled market to gain / build business then in other markets. Or Maybe their EZ Go golf cart business and it’s electric capabilities will be flipped into ATV or sled line and they could perceive an advantage for future.
  2. He was there for 6 years leading a few divisions. And he has a MBA. That’s all that is relevant now in this world.
  3. crap gotta pay attention on here to get the deals!
  4. 43000 sleds sold in Canada is a lot of new sleds year after year. But also shows how small the industry really is.
  5. A friend sells trailers and they are already being squeezed by the manufacturers on sled trailer orders for this fall. And delivery dates.
  6. The regular permit buyer should clearly be informed. It’s no wonder the rumours fly around about who gets paid to groom or free sleds for people. Or whatever. https://www.snowmobile.org/snowmobiling-statistics-and-facts.html Snowmobiling is a big business and the revenues generated by permit sales should be clearly explained to the permit purchasers. How many of the 43,000sleds sold in 2020 were in Ontario? How many new sleds sold in 2021? How many ordered in Ontario in 2022?
  7. How many trail permits were sold in 2021? With new sleds being sold out it should be a banner year in 2022 for permit sales and revenues.
  8. There was nothing worse then someone jumping on your sled in the bush and priming it 5 times and then saying the junk won’t start. Then the hours spent trying to start. Our junk Moto Ski Supersonic was 1 -2 Prime only (I think) not a bunch. Boy did I love the Polaris choke when I got my first Polaris.
  9. 2022 will be a completely different season once mass vaccinations are completed. Possibly 2022 or 2023 will be the return to no restrictions if you look south of the border at how they are opening up. How much much is the shortfall? I have never been there but wanted to do a trip including a stop there.
  10. Maybe the OFSC can step in after the year they had for permit sales. There was expenses but Parry Sound was shutdown for a good part of season. The season started late and ended early. How many permits were sold? Revenues vs last year?
  11. Titan is a good all around sled and will surprise you on the trails. And when everyone else is stuck you can pull them out. Just don’t get stuck yourself or you better call another Titan.
  12. Too make sure it was gone before going back! Similar to posting a month later that it’s missing.
  13. You need to be able to clearly have vision down the sides of your rig past the back corners of your trailer. And more important If the cop can see you in your mirror from back corner of your trailer you should be good. They can’t see you. You can’t see them. Then you could get a ticket.
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