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  1. So what infrastructure is required? Multiples of charging stations for cars? New high voltage towers and lines? How about 12 nuclear power plants will be required to be online producing power our electric vehicles to meet the Governments 2035 target for electric vehicles. How many power plants have you heard are being planned / built?
  2. You better check your OFA discount before counting your savings. All discount plans are reduced right now. I heard today that OFA will be downto $2,500 for 2023 models.
  3. If the new Arctic Cat beats that Sidewinder then I guess a second Arctic Cat will be sold from a Yamaha dealer.
  4. Hopefully this becomes the straw that broke the camels back. Turd has to go. He is destroying Canada
  5. Will the locals be able to navigate a round about?
  6. Do you have pictures? If you can buy the aluminum panels are you repairing yourself? Trailers Plus in Peterborough might be able to get similar parts.
  7. Good question. Seeing as there are no lights at intersection it might actually be safer when crossing.
  8. So was he able to determine where your sled is? Or when you will receive? Mine is in transit. Dealer was invoiced March 3 but as of March 28th sled was still sitting in Manitoba. Not that I am worried as now it will stay in crate in dealers storage facility until fall. I was told warranty for 2022 sleds must start by April 20 2022.
  9. Lets see how sled market reacts to interest rate increase and fuel price increase. Double whammy for some. Will dealers be stuck in the fall with a bunch of 2023 snow checks? Might be a good time to buy a new sled if I didn’t just buy 1.
  10. After debating in February on 2023 I decided to take a 2022 850 Matryx Assault instead. I knew not to expect it anytime soon when I did the deal so was not panicked all winter to get it. Hopefully it arrives before the fall.
  11. Has anyone ridden the A108 in last few days? I have a buddy up there that is looking for an alternate to the A.
  12. Has anyone ridden the A108 in last few days? I have a buddy up there that is looking for an alternate to the A.
  13. When you look at the hotels in and around Cochrane, Smoothrock, Kap. Etc. You would think the local businesses would all help to keep the Canyon Loop open. Every hotel will will be plugged solid for the next month there. And all sledders spending big cash. Bigger this year with outrageous gas prices. Why is keeping the canyon loop open the responsibility of the sledders only? And wait any day we will hear of $7/litre or $8/litre at Base camp!
  14. I have never been to Base Camp. Been to Cochrane a couple times now. I have no problem supporting a small business that is run smartly. Hell I would be happy to donate cash to the place. But based on what I have read and $6/litre gas forget it. I will never make the trip!
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