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  1. I really wonder how it will impact the younger riders. The $5 - 10,000 used market riders. The ones on tighter budgets. For some one there is a limit to the cash they can throw at a sport. I will not change my riding plans most likely. A good buddy has a new place in South River area so for me I can leave my trailer there if I want.
  2. Read in the news natural gas will rise significantly and gas and diesel will also increase dramatically. I will still ride but will everyone? I would expect the used sled pricing market is going to soften.
  3. Yes my buddy wanted me to stop at dealers for him on way up north this week. He is a good buddy but I draw the line at calling dealers for someone else.
  4. I have a good friend looking for the new Mach z. Anyone selling or know someone selling?
  5. For most dealers / manufacturer the cancelled show is a bonus. No stock to sell so no need to go to show other then paying your money to hold your spot for next years show.
  6. Sled trailers will be hard to find this year at some dealers. A dealer friend told me they had a large number of their order cancelled a couple weeks ago. It seems with short supply of components for trailers and the high demand for camping trailers the manufacturers are building / built the higher profit camper trailer units.
  7. What will happen this fall/ early winter when plenty of guys with 1 or 2 year old machines are trying to flip them through dealer trade is for big bucks and the high priced market is not there for them? Inflation is up. Gas is up. Food is up. Talking to a dealer up north and he said despite selling a pile of snow checks he has no trade ins yet as a lot of guys thinking big money this fall. He didn’t think the big money will hold.
  8. Our family cottage has a block crawl space with poured cement floor. For 40 years we had electric baseboards on a low setting. Electric baseboards and wood stove in the cottage. Heat was kept around 50f all winter and turned up as required. Last year a new new forced air propane furnace was installed in crawl space. And a new propane stove replaced the wood stove. The propane bill for heat pretty much full time last winter was considerably lower then greatly reduced compared to electric for partial heat. If you have have half unfinished basement
  9. Polaris Ride Command app may not be 100% accurate but shows where trails were in last couple years
  10. I had the Mission hybrid single axle 16 x 7.5. When loaded with my Polaris Titan (big heavy) up front and an Artic Cat 4 stroke driven in behind it had a fair bit of tongue weight but the trailer pulled great with my Ram 1500. No bounce or sway. Very balanced. We actually discussed how well it pulled many times while driving. I like my Pace 14 x 7 with 5 ft V but have a new 18 plus v ordered and coming this fall. I hate having to move stuff in trailer to load from front to fit 2 sleds. Or carry less stuff.
  11. Clear Diesel was $1.05 in Dec 2020. Now it’s $1.29 or so.
  12. I fully agree about the headroom. As a bigger guy I much prefer the taller height of the inline trailers. And it’s nice when working on sleds.
  13. On website it is $5,000 more then similar Snopro trailer. Can they have $5,000 more of value in same size trailer build?
  14. It’s an amazing deal. For Bluewater maybe? With limited supply sitting in August maybe a desperate slender will buy. At those price For 3 or 4 weekends north you could have your sled shipped there and back.
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