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  1. No. You need to purchase tag.
  2. I heard about some uproar on the lake. Now I know what it was.
  3. Works until someone steals diesel or the propane leaving operator stranded.
  4. Does the new owner get to clean up the mess also?
  5. Other then parts Royal has become like Canadian Tire. Never buy anything for regular price unless you are desperate as the item will be on sale soon enough.
  6. Fricken swamp. There was about 6” gap between ice layer and water. Ice layer broke and sled rear end dropped in. Water was up almost up to my waist when I broke through lifting on it. Saved by another Titan. I will say it was a cold day and my FXR floater pants were waterlogged but drained when I got out of the water. And despite soaked pants and the cold temps that We were able to ride for the next almost 2 hours to home I was still warm when we got there.
  7. They look easy to install and remove.
  8. So gutting upper floors adds $200,000 to price?
  9. Nothing stops a Titan. Or almost nothing.
  10. my 2019 will be ridden until they call me to say I am to bring in for recall. with only a 2-3 month season it’s not sitting for a season. Especially not for a 0.007 percent chance. What’s the worst thing that can happen to my wife riding my 2019? It could be a great season. LOL.!
  11. Smart way to keep people from going to show.
  12. Yes I received it in an email.
  13. I like rail mounted scratchers. I am mounting skidoo spring style on my Matryx Assault. Using One Rig Design mounting brackets.
  14. Royal has a instore only sale starting today. 10% off plus no tax.
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