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  1. Does that replace the 4 stroke as Yamaha deal done in 2025? Or a stop gap to fill out product line until AC develops their own 4s turbo? Will there be a 2 stroke turbo option released in time for 2025 early orders?
  2. When your adding your new car charging base station it will be easy to add the rest. Most likely all ex-Liberal cronies likely own the manufacturing plants for all this green gear!
  3. The snow checks did not sell out. And there will be a number of guys having to walk away from their orders this season.
  4. Was boating today on Canal Lake on the Trent system and while cruising by Sunset Cove Marina I noticed their fuel pump with a big NON ETHANOL label on the pump. Old label I am not sure. Would I head there for gas to stockpile? I am not sure hom big their fuel tanks are and how often they turn their inventory. Will I fill the boat there before storage this year? Quite possible
  5. Does that 40-50% take into account the emissions to plant and harvest corn, manufacturer the ethanol and truck it to blend facility?
  6. With ethanol becoming the norm would those old water eliminator sticks be helpful? they were a white plastic cage on a string that you could drop in your tank. would these absorb the ethanol/water? now on my Polaris I doubt you could get it down the fuel neck past whatever they have built in the tank.
  7. I tested the Milton Shell premium and it has 7-8% ethanol. Or so.
  8. I was driving around Milton on weekend to get premium fuel for the small engines. I did not see any ethanol stickers on the Esso pumps or the Shell pumps. Canadian Tire was clearly marked 10% ethanol. I thought all pumps had to show ethanol content but maybe that changed with the new laws and all fuel having ethanol. A few months ago at the Shell station I was told Premium was ethanol free. Not sure if the guy was owner or manager or just an attendant
  9. Yes they have their own 4 stroke line up. but would Polaris have better purchasing power then Arctic Cat and would purchasing Yamaha motors be a good business decision in terms of sales that Polaris could gain on BRP based on market recognition? If Yamaha is willing to produce the engine and Polaris can guarantee “x” units based on current market share and demand for a 4 stroke it may be a wise purchase. Maybe Polaris can guarantee a larger number of engines than Arctic Cat could? It all relates to best business decision for the brands. Maybe the engine does not even fit in Polaris chassis. I have no clue Just guessing at things as rain falls outside.
  10. Would Polaris purchase Yamaha made engines to add a 4 stroke to the line up?
  11. Trailer manufacturers will also down rate the capacity of a trailer to avoid adding trailer brakes. Any trailer in Canada GVWR 3,000 lbs or higher requires trailer brakes. It is possible to have a 3,500lbs axle on a trailer that is down rated to 2,990lbs. You should check your trailer spec from manufacturer or your build sheet if you have one. My open ATV trailer has the 3,500lbs axle but is rated for 2,990lbs to avoid adding brakes. At least that was the sales pitch!
  12. They do make one unfortunately no bag on top But stacks on fuel caddy https://www.energypowersports.ca/en/product/linq-oil-caddy-1-gallon/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5abE3rCG_wIV7wizAB2GzgdfEAQYCCABEgIiCvD_BwE
  13. Wait you didn’t give him a company truck? I would have quit too!
  14. Still lots of snow in and around Kirkland Lake area. Around Englehart and Earlton there was a lot of gravel road Maybe enough that trail sections should be marked yellow? The Trails we rode around New Liskeard had not been groomed before Saturdays snow. It was a good storm. Looked ungroomed in most areas Sunday on our way home. Timmins had good snow. Should be good for another week or two in areas if temps hold
  15. 3.0 litre engine is cheaper to buy then the 6.2 litre gas engine And economy is way better And resale is way better
  16. Trying to extend the ski season is very costly for ski hills experimenting with warm weather snow. https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2023/01/28/snow-machines-ski-resorts-climate-change/
  17. We left Bancroft and headed south to the E trail down to Ormsby through Coe Hill and up to Harcourt Road section we’re getting brutal in spots. Other then roads E trail was great to Harcourt After Harcourt trail was a little rough in spots 109 across to 179 and down were in need of a freshening up Good day on close trails but as Signfan said it’s getting near the end
  18. After a couples days around the area I will be looking for new carbides. Trails were great But any road section is pretty bare. Parking lots in town are bare.
  19. Weber lane also make a 7 x 16 hybrid style trailer. Looks to be a good quality trailer.
  20. This thread has been very negative toward the Base Camp. My experience as a first time visitor in January was the guy was trying his best. The fuel pump guy was there alone when we were there on a Thursday. The inside lady / cook was on a supply run. In my mind we were treated with respect and gratitude No attitude towards us. There was no food inside for which he apologized greatly to us as he was only guy there but that’s life We carried enough trail snacks that it wasn’t necessary. He gave us free coffee I also notice positive posts from the Polar BearRiders thanking Steve I believe and Base Camp for taking good care of their groomer operator. Is the new ownership having a positive impact? Or has staff been made aware you can’t be Dick’s? I get it’s probably stressful when there are 100 sleds all wanting fuel and 3/4 of the guys are bitching about price Either way it appears to be much better experience yes gas is $5.00/ litre (we spent $300 in our group of 6) but it’s expected so don’t complain 2 of our group were big mileage riders from Quebec and both said that was one of their favourite trails now. We will go again
  21. Triton is a big expensive name brand. Also a big brand name that has been sold to Alcolm the trailer manufacturing giant. Quality could now become an issue Plenty of other hybrid 7 x 16 trailers on market that will work just as well at the main purpose of keeping sled clean while towing north.
  22. We live a pretty sheltered life in Canada. We can complain that our new $20,000 sleds are not on time in reality There are other global situations such as Ukraine that are really hampering production of equipment and vehicles. Effects are felt globally.
  23. Is your sled at dealer waiting? Are you riding it? My 2019 is in my garage and will go in eventually. After winter. Which maybe next week lol
  24. Dealer I stopped in at today has yet to receive any of his S4 orders.
  25. Just got back from Kap Rode to Cochrane and back Tuesday From Kap to Hearst and around a couple loops and back on Wednesday Thursday we rode from Kap to Smoothrock and then did the Abitibi Canyon and down to Cochrane and back to Kap Trails were pretty much excellent Only issues were a section of road running due to logging coming out of Cochrane and just West of Canyon there was a rough patch that had a road reroute For anyone riding up there not sure if it’s been posted before but there is gas in Mattice at the little store in centre of town Very hospitable host at the store with a coffee bar to warm up at. Gas price was better in Mattice then most of area we fueled up at And O’Briens in Kap has Rib night Wednesdays and Wing Night on Thursdays Our group loved the ribs
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