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  1. What about flying into QC and renting there? Dealers in Mount Laurier have a big rental fleet. Not sure about the logistics but the rental game is big in Quebec.
  2. Probably only Timmins. And Val D’OR if you prefer QC.
  3. It’s actually a 2022 that I held at dealer for summer. At least it’s in their showroom blocking space they need so update should get done once available
  4. I am hoping to pick this up eventually once Polaris lets me.
  5. Went by Polaris dealer this week and sat on my new sled. Made vroom vroom noises.. They are stacked up on built sleds waiting for recall. No release until recall completed. And He told me not to bring in my 2019 for service as he would not be allowed to release until recall complete. Or maybe he doesn’t have the space to hold it. Polaris has promised to release a fix by end of month. And then it will be chaos for dealers with an extra 1 1/2 hours on each sled.
  6. Haha not. every Klimate jacket on the rack or online. And Klimate pants are on sale for $280 per pair.
  7. Klim Klimate jackets for $234.00
  8. Weber Lane is now building that style trailer. Canadian made product. Local service.
  9. Brand new One Rig Design rail mounts for cable scratchers for Switchback XCR. These bolt into rail cutouts. No drilling required. For Duraflex scratchers. $75.00.
  10. One set of One Rig Design manufactured SSB No Drill Scratcher mounts. For Polaris Axys Assault 144 skid. Allows for the mounting of skidoo / SPI rail mount spring style scratchers. Brand new. Never mounted $75.00 Also have the RG-1 skid rial guards to secure the scratchers when not in use. $60 Together as set $125.00.
  11. When I worked on the pipelines under hydro towers every vehicle had to have a grounding device. It could be a ground strap or some of us used a short piece of chain dragging from the trailer hitch chain holes.
  12. I would like to know what was model of 16 sleds that had fires? Are they all paddle tracked models with larger insulators to ground? And now it’s a cover our ass situation? So many conditions must line up for a fire.
  13. Don’t worry. It’s only 16 fires out of 230,000 units. Trudeau already has vaccines being shipped to Polaris and all will be cured.
  14. I saw those. Almost ordered on weekend with Royal sale.
  15. No adjustments or fitting yet. It’s a new to us sled that I purchased from a friend this summer. It will get a mid or high windshield first thing.
  16. Thanks Stoney. I will check mine again. Maybe they will work for the amount of time they will ride. I also have hand guards I can add. So maybe that is enough.
  17. Hi, looking for advice for gauntlets? Something not to restrictive. Sled is 2019 Polaris XC 600. I have a set of Kimpex ones that I bought and have used in Northern Quebec. Just had an issue with them on my sled when backing up and turning. Could have been clearance issue on windshield. thank you for your help.
  18. I received a quote for new 2500 at $103,000.
  19. As new prices increase don’t think used will drop that much. New GMC 2500 have increased $5400 I heard.
  20. The saving grace for the new and used markets maybe the 2023 snowcheck programs by the manufacturers. While the manufacturers were criticized for shutting down snow checks and limiting sales they may look like geniuses now! Imagine if they had been able to build and flood the market with as many orders as people wanted. And deliver them of course.
  21. What sled dealer? I have a couple buddies looking for new 850 XRS.
  22. Sounds like local Lions club. Old boys discouraged any new ideas from younger members. Younger members disappear.
  23. Maybe this year will be different. I guess we just need to get more determined.
  24. After trying to volunteer with local club last couple years I have given up. I will volunteer time. As will another member on here for same club. But it was like getting your wisdom teeth pulled to get any info and it was always incorrect. Call district and they say call club. Club says call district for training. They say call club. Need chainsaw course. Done. read sign course material. Done. where do we meet? Silence. when is a work day? Silence. crap I can stay home with wife if I want to be ignored. Why try hard to get it?
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