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  1. I’ve seen lots of lynx between searchmont and Hearst. I also definitely saw a cougar just south of wawa several years ago. Easy to tell the difference.
  2. Absolutely the most intelligent response yet to this situation. I always thought the Wawa Misanabbi Chapleau connection should have never been closed. Worst case scenario you drive to Wawa from the Soo to drop. Glad I went and saw it, was a great experience. I wish them luck but I’m afraid the future does not look bright.
  3. Excellent . We actually loop into there from the south and spend two days in Murdochville so will take that same trail back to Matane. Will do it twice. Can’t wait. Be in Matane next Sunday. Weather looks perfect.
  4. Yes I didn’t say. Dropping in Matane Que and doing Gaspe loop 6 days riding. Really looking forward to it as I’ve never been that Far East.
  5. No worries there. I believe cans should be outlawed. #1 reason why so many trails are being closed.
  6. Ya mirrors. I’m putting my hand guards back on w the little flip out mirrors. Lic numbers are what they are. I’m sure it will be fine. Thanks for all the reply’s. All good info.
  7. Ordered on line and printed. Reads to tape on windshield. What have others used? Zip lock bag I guess? I’ll probably carry a spare copy just in case. Thanks
  8. This year I started putting them on glove box lid. It shows better through the windshield w the box extension. I clean glue off windshield every year and figured box lid be easier 🤷‍♂️
  9. That’s the best pic of my old style without hand guards. They are just insulated fabric that has Velcro and draw strings to attach around bars. I’ve had them like 15 yrs or so. Easily pack in bag when not using.
  10. Well there you go. Thanks Stoney. I guess I can put my hand guards back on.
  11. Ox that’s a good question. I’ve got the older muffs on my backcountry, took the guards off as they don’t do much. I put the newer ones on my wife’s sled that are molded and plastic see through top. Maybe they will go over hand gaurds? Any one have an idea?
  12. Cans..modified exhaust is issue that needs to be enforced…Good to hear there is some enforcement happening.
  13. Did a morning loop south of Whitney Mink Lk area today . Was 10/10 conditions. This area should be ok after the rain with snow and cold temps that follow. Fingers crossed..too bad it’s just before the long weekend. Lots of plans made around that holiday.
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