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  1. Whitney to Wilno just opened limited. Can only get better! Bring on the snow.
  2. Yep Ive heard that argument before..I also own land in the north that is surrounded by crown land on 3 sides for miles. I will always have a place to ride. My fear is simply that the system will not continue as is based on what has been done in the past. I would like to it grow and flourish for the future. Not sure there is an easy answer..but I believe it needs to be different than it is currently to succeed. Cheers.
  3. I have said this for years, “it’s not sustainable” as it is currently …make the sled lic a trail permit and every sled in the province would have a permit. Need for enforcement would drop significantly. But this answer is too easy…let the bashing begin.
  4. Planning a week long Gaspe tour and spend a couple days in Murdochville to play in the Chic Chocs for first week of March. Lots of time yet but need see things open up and get back to some sort of normal.
  5. Yup. I have on on my 146 backcountry. Lots of storage. Works well on this machine….I don’t think it fits my renegade tunnel though. Might be linq connector placement? Not sure?
  6. Your not going to want to hear this but....spend the extra money and go tandem axle. You won’t regret it. Rubber torsion is superior to spring as well. Good luck.
  7. Yes legend lightning 21 ft,16 ft box and v nose is 5 ft so a lot more room up front. I like it.
  8. Yup. Great business. Legend is a great trailer. Go w 7ft wide. Pulls so much nicer. I put sleds in alternating frontwards, backwards, takes up less space. Btw I never use the front unload door. Wish it wasn’t there. Your mileage may vary...
  9. J Feces


    The road is the trail. It wasn’t plowed in the past...Just a parking spot off the highway. However like I said I haven’t been there this year. Not sure if anyone more local could comment. Good luck.
  10. J Feces


    Trout spawn Lk road is right there. Usually a plowed wide spot at entrance for parking. Haven’t been over there this year though..
  11. I hear you. Would seem crazy to give up/lose a member of the fraternity because the sled he wants to ride is only available 4-5 in longer than was previously available.... Hope you keep riding. Cheers
  12. Yes I hear you. I have 50+ yrs behind the handlebars myself. The demographic is changing...wether we like it or not.
  13. Free ride is closer to a summit. Backcountry is more of true crossover from trail. I agree seems to be a lot of model overlap. Keep in mind we are a small market segment here in Ontario. I took my 146 backcountry to Golden BC for month of March last year. When you spend time in the west you can see how much more application there is for these models. Shared a couple pics..just because.
  14. I haven’t looked that close on the new offerings...but I’m not sure I understand. The 900 is only offered in renegade 137 in skid? Vs 129 in skid? Why is that such a big problem? I don’t think I’ll ever buy shorter skid again myself. I was looking for 900 turbo in 146-154 backcountry but will have to stick with 850 if that’s the chassis for me. Thanks for clarifying.
  15. I agree with this. However, I would like to try skidoo’s 900 turbo in a long track version just to see how it handles? I’m curious.
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