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  1. 95rxl650


    Glad I still have my snows on for travel the next few days. Looking out the window and streets are covered, salts getting laid down and sidewalk plows are getting to it. Below freezing until sunday. Main roads will be fine, but I travel rural side roads to much for summer tires. As the frost leaves the gravel they get destroyed. Add some snow and a freeze and they get outright dangerous. My ol' work van looks like it got dunked in a cement mixer some days.
  2. 95rxl650


    I thought so too until I got turned around by heavy cross winds in flash freeze conditions at highway speed. First time ever and it made me realize that 80kph was way to fast to be out of control. Not to mention the fact that things could have gone bad had I hurt someone just because I unprepared. I'm all about some good snow tires these days. Cheap compared to the potential for disaster in my books. On to the weather.... just got the boats home, had a couple good days fishing on G-Bay and next week calls for all below zero days and 20cm of snow.
  3. 95rxl650


    East side launch in Owen Sound has had use all winter and I've been working on rigging a new to me boat for the last week. To early for me though. Still tons of salt around here.
  4. 95rxl650


    I see we now have a few days of sunny skies coming. Sun is the killer. Having said that, we have a fresh inch in the last 45 minutes
  5. 95rxl650


    From what I can see around local trail heads there seems to be a base still hanging around. Better than expected. A good dump of a foot or so and it'll be back to riding in no time. Whats still on the ground is turning to a block of ice. Just need some cushion for it.
  6. 95rxl650


    Started measuring a second boat up to get it ready for for salmon fishing. A buddy sent pics yesterday of him frying up his catch while still on the water. Owen Sound launch had a few rigs in the parking lot. I'm moving on.
  7. Made it home last couple evenings on fumes and currently feel pretty beat up. lol Open fields have been the only good trails consistantly. Bush trails have beat the runners pretty off the skis. Came home up the railbed from Markdale last night and they whooped out the whole way. You ride 10 mile an hour or 50+ mile an hour or you get beat to crap. Anything in between and you need a sports bra. Let me add that I am neither a woman or a big lad. Had winds that made for some drifting☺️ and rode in freezing rain for a couple hours. Still put a smile on my face regardless. We definately need ALOT more snow. Even took a couple pics this time out. lol. Not really a picture guy. Bad pic of my iced up windshield
  8. We live in a country where everyone wants to sue someone, even for their own stupidity. In a court of morality, the truck driver never sees a courtroom. Judicial courts however???? At the very least he incurres related expenses, looses sleep over killing someone, and families are devestated all over poor judgement. AKA stupidity. I get it. Everyone works hard to play hard, but dont be stupid. Think about the results of your actions. In my eyes, stupid is no accident.
  9. My long awaited feeder trails through the tight stuff finally opened up. Rail beds and open fields were pretty decent around Owen Sound but better on the Huron side from Sauble down to Port Elgin and inland towards Durham. I rode from the house and was commited to the previously mentioned feeder (B trail). It connects east and west Owen Sound. Brutal...more suited for atv's or bikes. So bad I seeing temps in the hight 190's for about 6 kms. When I finally rolled in last night I shut it off and turned the key back on after a couple minutes and was looking at 224 temp. Back to trailering until there's atleast 2 more feet of snow around here. To much swamp land and not near enough snow for the clubs to do anything with. Valiant effort though.
  10. Got word last night that my wifes cousin smoked a dear, got tossed and run over. So far a broken leg. Not a good time I'd say.
  11. I dont want to point out anything, but I will say, get out and enjoy the outdoors the next couple days. Looks like another nice one today.
  12. Better yet, stop and be sure. Night riding years ago, group of 3, me leading. I looked over my shoulder and turned left assuming the 2 headlights behind me were my companions. I swear I felt the heat and smelled the antifreeze off the ol' pickup grill. I could hear his tires locked up on the hard pack as went by. It happened so fast I didnt have time to shyte myself. I felt bad for the driver because he did. I got a quick view of what the bug sees. It wont ever happen a second time and I still remember the only thought in my thick head.....hmmmm 72 Ford.
  13. There's about 5 clubs in a small area. Stoney Keppel guys had a short term issue, but they lost a night at the worst time. I caught up to the groomer just east of Shallow Lake around noon today. Good day today. Some decent trails, sunshine and -12.
  14. Owen Sound area seems to have stalled out. Nothing north of hwy6 towards the peninsula yet, not even the railbed to wiarton. Key feeder trails are still red in area's that do have some yellow. No where for a guy to go if you live in town. I really dont want to trailer out with an open trailer. Just end up with a big brown frozen ball of shyte behind me. Frustrating. lol
  15. 95rxl650


    That looks to be a good 14-16" on the shed. were about 10" in the Sound. Problem is that it's light fluff. Doesnt amount to much once it's packed but it sure looks hopeful. My daughter lives in that direction and sends me video. Some of the high spots in the fields are blown clean but I'll take it and be happy about it. Time to get out and enjoy it.😊
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