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  1. Probably 15 to 20 years ago we rode to the casino parking lot by the old railbed. Parking lots have changed greatly over the years and back then it seem to be a long walk to the doors. I can't remember where the coat check is located as you don't to walk around with your gear on. As for parking truck and trailer it might be possible as I think RV's can park over night as long as you are gambling. We have parked at the Quality Inn on the highway off ramp in Orillia for the day and got a meal in the restaurant for the use of the parking spots. This was about 5 to 10 years ago. Jerry
  2. You are correct. I did purchase a year of additional service which provides extra features. Sharing for one.
  3. I have been experimenting with the Tile. I purchased the Tile Pro and had a friend put it in his RV and take to east Coast. Now, he didn't have the App on his phone so he was not tracking it for me. Other Tile users tracked it for me and I am very impressed with the results. At one point of the journey he was at the eastern point of the Gaspe Bay and it showed up on the App on my phone. Very isolated area and it was detected within 400m of someone's phone. I have now placed one in my sled and I'll be putting one in my trailer. Tiles are not that expensive at $40 for the Pro and the year of monitoring is $35. Works with Android and iOS Jerry
  4. That's sad news for the turtles that lived in that area, or did the turtles move to a new location?
  5. I was buying friends permit who is not computer savvy so i just muted the sound and continued listening to my music. I look at it as another disclaimer so when people are charged they will have no excuse that they were not informed. Sign of the times now where people won't take responsibility for their actions. Jerry
  6. There will also be collateral damage being done to the used sled owners needing service from a dealer. They won't have mechanics to work on these sleds if they are assembling new sled as parts come in. I sure hope I won't need any service on my 2015 sled. Knock on wood my sled 900ACE has been working flawlessly. Jerry
  7. No plans to attend. I get my fix attending the Peterborough show.
  8. I have two DESS keys with my sled (2015 900 ACE purchased in 2018). Never used the second key but carried it with me. Tried to use it this year for the first time and key didn't work. I have been lucky I did not need to use spare key. Now I need to bring sled in for key programming which is an inconvenience pain. My old sled I had my spare key programmed for my sled and my friend's sled who I ride with incase either one of us looses a key there is a spare between us. jerry
  9. I was not intending to hijack the thread by mentioning Mountain View. Since you mentioned them we have had many successful nights there and even with the new owners had nothing but great restful sleeps and excellent breakfasts. Not sure if the owner still helps out with the local club as they had a disagreement a few years ago about the groomer parking on his property. Jerry
  10. We use to stay there long ago. Stopped going after the fire. Will have to try them again. We usually stay at a motel out towards the Wilno tavern. Thanks for the info. Jerry
  11. My old Polaris 550fan was stored in an old Uhaul truck box and there was little ventilation we realized too late as most of the parts that were steel were corroding quite badly. I now have a proper enclolsed trailer that the sleds are stored in and they have been fine. No rust or corrosion due to the side and top vents. Jerry
  12. Probably my last Saturday ride in the south as temps are going up. Left GTA in the rain and once over the ridges of highway 35/115 it started to snow. Lots of snow. Arrived at Fenelon Fall Superior Propane lot and greeted by a near full lot of trucks and trailers. Plan was a leisurely ride to Hailburton via some of the side trails off the railbed B103 (340 and the B104) to the #7 and stopped at the Pinestone to eat our packed lunches while watching cars race around the ice track. We continued to the north west side of Haliburton where trail #7 and B103 meet again. There were many riders out yesterday. At the #7/B103 junction there was four sledder relaxing another four coming from the north us three from the south and two coming from the east. We returned to Fenelon Falls via B103 and trails were starting to get bumpy. All riders we saw were courteous, stayed on their side of the trail, etc. Many two up riders and family rides. Overall an excellent day trip clocking in 136km.
  13. I can concur, as I installed their phone line and internet a few months ago. Same place only bigger and very nice inside. Jerry
  14. E108 south of Rice Lake is a bumpy trail if there is not a lot of snow. Only taken it a couple of times over the years. Usually ride the lake once staked. I hope to get over that area once the restrictions have been lifted. Yes, its more of a car pool lot. I figured Covid would have emptied the lot. Great hearing you had a great ride. jerry
  15. yeah, the app does miss a lot of parking places.
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