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  1. Hoping to finally do the Gaspe this winter! Following this with interest...
  2. Agreed! I won't celebrate until the crate (and any missing parts) are in my dealers yard. It would be a sweet Christmas gift! Cheers
  3. Here's hoping...talked to my dealer today, no change as of yet to my December delivery. He said the gauges that are being held up are the 7.8" deluxe gauge (I didn't order mine with), and the Ice Ripper tracks.
  4. Ordered my gift card this past weekend, hoping its good karma for my '22 Renegade X to arrive in December, I'm not reading good things lately on that...🤞
  5. That's what I'm wondering as well...
  6. Hi Gang, I noticed this heated pad that fits between the foam and seat cover, much cheaper than the heated seat option on my '22 Renegade X. I've had a heated seat on my last two sleds, and loved it. Under-Seat Heater for Motorcycle, Snowmobile, & ATV • GEARS (gearscanada.com) Anyone have any experience installing and/or using this?
  7. Thanks again Turbo Doo! That answers my question
  8. Turbo Doo (and anyone else who might have the Pilot TX skis), do you run the OEM 4" or the 7" carbide on them? Studded or Ice Ripper XT?
  9. Sweeeeeeet! many thanks for the pics.
  10. Thanks Turbo Doo! The handguards don't interfere with your vision to the mirrors? Could just be the angle of the picture.
  11. Do you leave the handguards on?
  12. So the consensus is the low windshield that comes standard on the X is that its not warm enough?
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