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  1. Perhaps, just a thrifty shopper lol. Also priced out a Tundra for the son, quoted full MSRP plus freight and PDI, again, repeat customer
  2. Yeah have a feeling that's the way it's going to be. I'm a repeat customer, perhaps helped, but used to getting considerably more off
  3. Have fun Revrnd, love it up there but haven't been for several years, some time life gets in the way of sledding
  4. I've been mulling over a Mach Z, surprised the dealer would only discount $500 off MSRP, offered free PDI but $550 for freight. Guess supply and demand Would appreciate knowing if anyone else is getting better discounts this year
  5. Rode 200 kilometers today in District 10, our first ride of the season, low sled traffic but picked up by the time we got home. Left Pointe au Baril and ended up at Jake's in Port Loring. They had 'Sledder's Special" posted in window, take out only. They were very thankful for us stopping, at 12:30 we were their first sledding customers of the day. No sign of OPP yet, was actually surprised.
  6. I bought several sleds and gear off The Cove and felt they didn't appreciate my business. Ended up at St Onge, a little further but price was better and they treated me like I mattered.
  7. Passed by Timmies at the Seguin Wednesday, funny not to see a parking lot full of trailers, looks like most people are abiding by the regulations, unfair or not
  8. Man ain't that the truth. Drove north out of Parry sound yesterday staring at the table top, freshly groomed trails and it pisses me right off. I can ride from home as a local, never come in contact with anyone, but NOPE!
  9. -10 on the deck thermometer and strong blowing winds here in the Pointe Au Baril area north of Parry Sound this morning. Lots of fresh snow for grooming, trails should be ready to go if we get a Health Unit leader with a brain
  10. Ran into an OPP and Conservation Officer at the Pointe Au Baril Shell north of Parry Sound Thursday, both on sleds. Said they were out checking for sledders and fisherman. They appear to be the only one's riding table top groomed trails LOL
  11. Man this has just gotten ridiculous
  12. Thanks for all the updates, son and I are hoping to make it up for a last ride
  13. That's too bad, was hoping the Sudbury trails would hold up for a last ride on Monday. Thanks again for all the updates!
  14. Love the link to the groomers, just checked it out again, heading up tomorrow
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