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  1. Glad I held on to my sleds and didn't trade them in. Trails around here are not usually ready until mid Jan, so we are usually just running around on the ice and through the swamps to hold us off
  2. Question, is the foundation built on bedrock? Ours is and the rock maintains warmth through out the winter as longs as the basement is sealed and insulated well
  3. Yep, loved that motor, had several of them but heavy throttle started to bother me as I got older, that and the hanging idle
  4. I'll take them, just south of you so no shipping. If I can figure it out i'll pm you
  5. Thanks, I will mention it to him. I suspect he will keep the higher windshield only because he quite often brings grandson along with him
  6. Son ordered a Tundra with the 600EFI engine. He also has a Turbo Nytro but with the closed trails in our area we found a whole new enjoyable sledding experience through the swamps and bush. Think at $9699 this sled is a bargain
  7. Bought one of these two years ago, happy with it so far. First thing I did when arriving home was to soak axle, springs and attaching bracket area with Rust Check
  8. He'll be 3 this fall, young I know but the price is right so we'll keep it until he can handle it. He's been riding with Dad since he was 14 months old, absolutely loves it. This is him on Dad's mint 89 Jag 340
  9. Ordered this for the Grandson, will be his Christmas gift. After searching out 'Covid' pricing on used ones I decided to order new, was a no brainer. Why pay $3-3500 for a 10 year old mini sled when $3665 gets you a spring order. No frt or pdi through AC dealer, Yamaha wanted $3995 plus $500 frt and taxes, so Green it is!
  10. Congrats!!....I'm out of ' Like's' for the day apparently lol
  11. Mach Z. Dealer said they have 'Spring Ordered' over 80% of their yearly allowance so far. Guess used sleds will still be at a premium
  12. Bought one there last year, it's an Avalanche, so far so good. First thing I did when I got it home was to empty a half dozen cans of 'Rust Check' on it, paying particular attention to area's where aluminum frame and metal axle brackets mount
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