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  1. Happy Fathers Day to all of us here and the ones in our Memories. Miss mine every day, and yet treasure my kids
  2. Yea I can understand, no matter how good your life is you always want your child to have better opportunities
  3. ZR120's are all sold out, but were $800 more than I paid for my grandson's last year, sad
  4. Hahahahahaha, it does look like that lol! That's the son, on his phone at every stop
  5. Ran out of Pointe Au Baril to Ardbeg today, lots of snow but trails could use a grooming. Surprisingly very few rocks sticking out....yet Unfortunately Loggers Station House was closed so back home for food
  6. Didn't get anywhere near the rain or warm temps they called for, thank goodness. Tightening back up and started snowing, maybe it's not over just yet, Fat Lady must be taking a break!
  7. I'm 1/2 hr south of there, have solid base here and got 3 inches or so of fresh powder last night. Weather network is saying +7 and light rain, local radio Moose FM is saying +14 and freezing rain, pick your poison. My opinion is the base will survive but trails will be rock hard and road running will suck, scratchers for sure. Fingers Crossed, for you and me!
  8. We got a couple inches of fresh powder last night on top of the hard packet ice pellets from the other day, we're 20 minutes north of Parry Sound
  9. 20 minutes north of Parry Sound it's -5 and freezing rain, haven't lost anything....yet. Had an appointment in Parry Sound this am, crappy drive, was -2 and a mix of rain/freezing rain there
  10. Sledded from Pointe Au Baril to Port Loring this morning, plowing through 6-10 inches of fresh snow on trails and lakes. Highlight was two Moose just north of Ardbeg, quite a sight to see. With a grooming the trails should be super. Son and I traded between Renegade and Mach, was a good opportunity for comparison
  11. Yep, just finished snow blowing, looks really good out, going for a rip with the son shortly! Luckily we never lost as much as some of you, this is a cottage trail yesterday with son and grandson
  12. Looking like the Mach Z was a bit of a bargain based on the new pricing, a new 850 Renegade XRS with Smart Shocks and gauge is more than the Mach was
  13. Here's a pic from 5 minutes ago off my deck, still some hope here 20 minutes north of Parry Sound
  14. Thanks, yeah I can modulate it for the most part as well, just feel it's something that shouldn't have to happen. As you stated, sled handles and rides exceptionally well, can't see there being any problem with high mile days, Smart shocks are Awesome!
  15. Yea it's at slow speeds, 10-20 kpm. It'll go back to dealer first (In Barrie, 2 hrs away) to see what can be done. Just disappointing, that's all. My apologies for Highjacking thread
  16. Apparently it has to do with the different ramps due to the launch control, that's the Doo Talk take. On one of my video's I recorded I had clutch cover off and you can see the primary clutch engaging and disengaging causing the surge/jerking. Too bad I can't post video here for you guys to see.
  17. Have 200 kilometers on mine now, here's my take... Engine is smooth, has lots of power but haven't raced anything yet. I have an 850 Renegade but haven't lined them up yet but will. Performance does drop off at higher speeds and mine, like many others are saying does not tach out, 7600rpm is tops. Gas consumption seems decent Smart shocks are excellent, sled rides great and handles the Parry Sound trails very well, corners very flat. Steering is most definitely heavier than my 850. Some say SnowTrackers will cure this Gauge is neat, has lots of features I haven't figured out yet Launch control is a hoot.....better hang on. My biggest beef, and may be a deal breaker for me if there is no cure is that the sled Surges/Jerks at slow speeds, doesn't matter if you are in Sport or Eco mode, does it in both. Leaving and returning to my property (slight grade) it's really bad, gas station, road crossing etc.. Again I read others on Dootalk with same complaint but idiot's there tell me it's not meant to be driven slow.....stupidest thing I have ever heard. I submitted two video's of this surge to dealer when I first got sled but they claimed they'd never heard of this....yet. If you ride fast Northern trails exclusively this may not be an issue, or hopefully your sled won't be as bad
  18. Is this what the new Ski Doo MXZ Neo is suppose to compete with?
  19. Cripes they are getting expensive ☚ī¸
  20. Just a heads up, called Loggers Station House in Ardbeg and they said they will not be open for inside dining this year, again. They have a take out window only. Too bad, our favorite destination for a quick trip
  21. Will be interesting to see pricing, will it drive the value of used sleds even higher?
  22. Slushy here on the bay as well in certain spots, thanks for the warning! Rode from Pointe au Baril to Ardbeg yesterday, trails were excellent all the way to the Cramadog junction (C104D) where they were beat up a little more, but still very good. Unfortunately Loggers Station House is closed Monday and Tuesday so no warm coffee. Only saw a group of 5 other sleds
  23. Oh My GOD that looks good!!
  24. Not sure if you saw my other post, groomer in PAB arrived yesterday and operator went straight out. Carling Trailblazers were working their way north of Woods Road so they should link up and be open shortly. We certainly have enough snow, and has been cold enough that swamps will be frozen. If you are ever at the Shell Station in PAB and see a young, big man named Barry be sure to thank him, he did everything possible to get a groomer here to go out in 👍
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