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  1. Fantastic, congratulations on the sled but mostly the recovery!!
  2. We do less trail riding now and more through the swamps and out on the ice. Have to decide which trail sled I'll sell the Renegade or the Mach, certainly don't need both. Spent more time on my GTX fan running around the swamps, think next year I'll order a Tundra type sled.
  3. Someone trying to cash in or is it modded?
  4. Awesome, it's yours. I'll put it aside, don't worry about wiring me anything 👍
  5. Hey Clint, I'm 20 minutes north of Parry Sound, but if your interested we can work something out, Mother in Law is in Lindsay so we travel your way regularly
  6. If anyone is looking for a small wood stove this was in my boathouse for years, other than a little rust on the top which I painted over it's in really good shape. Would be perfect for garage, ice hut etc.... would take $100 for any member on here
  7. If anyone is looking for a very good small outboard I have this 9.9 Merc 4 stroke. It was used since new by an older lady to get to her water access cottage. She passed away and I bought boat and motor off her family. It is super clean, skeg and prop are like new and have never been repaired, and comes with fuel tank and line. Looking for $1995.00, think that's pretty fair. Think it is a 2013 but not sure so included pic of vin tag.
  8. Happy Fathers Day to all of us here and the ones in our Memories. Miss mine every day, and yet treasure my kids
  9. Yea I can understand, no matter how good your life is you always want your child to have better opportunities
  10. ZR120's are all sold out, but were $800 more than I paid for my grandson's last year, sad
  11. Hahahahahaha, it does look like that lol! That's the son, on his phone at every stop
  12. Ran out of Pointe Au Baril to Ardbeg today, lots of snow but trails could use a grooming. Surprisingly very few rocks sticking out....yet Unfortunately Loggers Station House was closed so back home for food
  13. Didn't get anywhere near the rain or warm temps they called for, thank goodness. Tightening back up and started snowing, maybe it's not over just yet, Fat Lady must be taking a break!
  14. I'm 1/2 hr south of there, have solid base here and got 3 inches or so of fresh powder last night. Weather network is saying +7 and light rain, local radio Moose FM is saying +14 and freezing rain, pick your poison. My opinion is the base will survive but trails will be rock hard and road running will suck, scratchers for sure. Fingers Crossed, for you and me!
  15. We got a couple inches of fresh powder last night on top of the hard packet ice pellets from the other day, we're 20 minutes north of Parry Sound
  16. 20 minutes north of Parry Sound it's -5 and freezing rain, haven't lost anything....yet. Had an appointment in Parry Sound this am, crappy drive, was -2 and a mix of rain/freezing rain there
  17. Sledded from Pointe Au Baril to Port Loring this morning, plowing through 6-10 inches of fresh snow on trails and lakes. Highlight was two Moose just north of Ardbeg, quite a sight to see. With a grooming the trails should be super. Son and I traded between Renegade and Mach, was a good opportunity for comparison
  18. Yep, just finished snow blowing, looks really good out, going for a rip with the son shortly! Luckily we never lost as much as some of you, this is a cottage trail yesterday with son and grandson
  19. Looking like the Mach Z was a bit of a bargain based on the new pricing, a new 850 Renegade XRS with Smart Shocks and gauge is more than the Mach was
  20. Here's a pic from 5 minutes ago off my deck, still some hope here 20 minutes north of Parry Sound
  21. Thanks, yeah I can modulate it for the most part as well, just feel it's something that shouldn't have to happen. As you stated, sled handles and rides exceptionally well, can't see there being any problem with high mile days, Smart shocks are Awesome!
  22. Yea it's at slow speeds, 10-20 kpm. It'll go back to dealer first (In Barrie, 2 hrs away) to see what can be done. Just disappointing, that's all. My apologies for Highjacking thread
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