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  1. zoso

    So... Any thoughts on the new CEO?

    I always liked Mr. French.
  2. Saw five sleds running beside the hwy on Thursday.
  3. zoso

    AJ Lester

    that is just horrible. A friend was attacked by a pit bull and bitten in the face crushing her orbital bone. She has had 7 surgeries thus far and is disfigured for life. Some dogs are not ok. I ove dogs but there are breeds that should not be allowed to be owned.
  4. zoso

    2005 vector.

    Thanks. I will let them know what to do if it has not been done already.
  5. zoso

    OC Website Not Safe

    I got that one too.
  6. zoso

    OC Website Not Safe

    All my porn is on VHS.
  7. zoso

    2005 vector.

    Awesome, so pretty much just sliders. How about nylon bushings?
  8. zoso

    2005 vector.

    My buddies gf is buying one. Anything she needs to know. I am aware of the red relay, exhaust doughnuts and the bushings as well as yamaheaters... it is the short track. Are there any other common issues with this unit. Has 9000kms. Thanks.
  9. zoso

    OC Website Not Safe

    Quick fix is click on advanced and then proceed to site
  10. zoso


    There are welcome to district 13 signs on the trail. Not sure who it is that controls grooming in district 12 espanola but they are failing to groom a top trail while regularly grooming local trails.
  11. zoso


    Lucky and proper prep work...plus four stroke. My poos before were also good.
  12. zoso


    Since I made the switch to cat in 07 never had a breakdown.
  13. zoso


    This is all district 12 and not groomed in weeks.
  14. zoso


    Nope, it borders 20 km west where the Spanish club starts.
  15. zoso


    Some pics today.