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  1. That would work well, too bad we cannot do it.
  2. Rhe venture we bought used for the wife has the wheels, they work great and also come in handy if you are stuck running a section of dry road to get to fuel etc.
  3. Any rider that actually cares can use the crown land atlas to determine where one can freely ride off trail. Sadly many do not care.
  4. I am ok with the content and length of the video. It needs to be repeated as often as we can. Some people still do not get it.
  5. I have seen many trucks across the country hauling brp sleds. Keep the faith that they are getting em built.
  6. why not embark on a real adventure in qC. The white trail.carte-route-blanche.pdf
  7. No, the only cost sledders cry about is that of the permit.
  8. Plows are out. Snowing on the Coq as well. Lower elevations are OK.
  9. Drove through heavy squalls in Banff this afternoon. Got me in the sledding state of mind.
  10. Trudeau needs more money, he has a global thermostat and if you send him 10k he drops it 0.001 degrees, please send him another billion or two so he can give it to a foreign country.
  11. zoso


    I think for what you get, yes, the price is way too low. However, as we have witnessed in the past, there are a large group of people unwilling to pay the true cost of groomed, signed, and insured trails.
  12. zoso


    I would pay 400 if that is even enough.
  13. zoso


    There is a shortage of funding, as such it would seem to me the expense is too high.
  14. zoso


    That is a staw man argument. Sending two people to a meeting is not the answer to the issue you have described. Increasing volunteers is never done at agm.
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