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  1. zoso

    Winter 2021

    Those prices sound like st George's or the board of trade clubs.
  2. Ran from Cochrane to Kenora today. Freezing rain this morning all the way to longlac. No sleds were seen out until a group of five riding the infield between Shania and thunder bay. No trails there.
  3. zoso

    Winter 2021

    I have sleds so I buy a permit, as well as insurance. I just hope to ride, but if not, try again next winter. I think we went out on the bikes twice last summer, still renewed the 1700 insurance policy on them in November.
  4. I have been running the roads since this began. When some people in the northern towns start demanding their mayor refuse outsiders in town, I feel like running to the local dump and depositing their essential products there.
  5. So, I just returned from out west yesterday, now on my way to Edmonton and back on Tuesday, then out to winnipeg and then home for two weeks. Tell me, why is it safe for me to travel all over our country but when I get home I become a diseased pariah not welcome anywhere and not allowed to spend my vacation time sledding. I guess my tractor is magical and can block the virus but my sleds spread it.
  6. After observing the immediate reaction from the dems when he did win and the actions of the former administration as well as the DNC falsifying information to get a FISA warrant to spy on his 2016 campaign, election fraud would not be a. Surprise.
  7. Most are all in and very willing to follow along. Fear is a powerful motivator. Turn on any news channel and you will see that 90% of the broadcast is about, death, sickness, and how to hide. Nowhere do we see healthy eating, immunity building, and an active lifestyle being promoted as the best defense, which it is. This about control, not of a virus, because that cannot happen, but of the population and our freedoms to move freely and congregate, as well as to protest the actions taken by government. We are slowing being beaten into submission where we will eventually be thanking and praising our overlords for the small freedoms they award us if we get on board. The money being printed and borrowed is by design a means in which to limit and remove personal wealth and property. By restricting a large portion of the middle class from staying there and driving into a dependency upon government to survive they are achieving a large increase in those with no means to effect change in government and have autonomy over their own lives. This is just the beginning of what many have seen coming for years. It would not surprise me if it were not by design to have this moderately lethal virus plague the globe. Fear is the enemy.
  8. Covid cancel culture. It is the fascists decree that you tow the party line or you disappear. The truth is a mere inconvenience when the real goal is total control of the population. Propaganda rules the day.
  9. Does anyone have a link to a map of the health districts. I get the impression, if one is riding inside those boundaries it would certainly be hassle free.
  10. A women and her mother both fined in Delhi. She dropped her kids off so she could get groceries without having to bring them into the store. Neighbor called the cops when she saw the kids either entering or leaving their grandmother's house. Women actually thought she was being more safe in doing this than exposing her kids and strangers to each other in public. This is simply a sad day in Canada.
  11. Exactly. Not like the money is not going to put to good use. Unlike my insurance.
  12. I would not be surprised to hear people that trailered to ride for a day, return to find their trailer and truck have been vandalized.
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