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  1. zoso


    Staying with a bud in Massey. Yesterday we rode out to elliot for a bite. Pushed a foot of snow all the way out and back. Lakes had very poor visibility. Food at the fireside grill was great and priced right. Trails will be awesome when the groomers finish up.
  2. zoso

    Map gears app

    It is worse than last year. They need to go back to what it was and try again.
  3. zoso

    Moose on Lake Couchiching.

    Looks like a yearling
  4. zoso

    Windy Lake Motel

    Run the river down to rockies
  5. zoso

    For people who have been to Quebec

    Has anyone done this trip...on my bucket list. The White trail The White trail is a snowmobile trail primarily intended for residents of the Basse-Côte-Nord to facilitate their winter travel. It is also the only continuous land link between Natashquan (Pointe-Parent) and Blanc-Sablon. This vast territory, part of which borders the shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is not connected to the rest of Quebec by road. During the winter season, the Ministère des Transports maintains the White Route, a nearly 525 km snowmobile trail between Natashquan (Pointe-Parent) and Blanc-Sablon. Over the winter, the course of the white road may vary depending on obstacles (rivers and lakes) and the weather conditions
  6. zoso

    Whats Your Definition Of Too Fast??

    I pay zero attention to ofsc speed limit. No one should ever. Why, because it is stupid. Stupid fast at times and stupid slow at other times. It is simply not the correct speed to travel most of the time. Ride 50 on a rail bed and you impede traffic, increase risk by causing most everyone else riding to pass, ride 50 in tight trails and you may be going way to fast. Ride to conditions and if in a group the lead sled should understand the ability and comfort level of those behind and pace themselves accordingly. After 50 years of riding, over 150000 kms and zero, not one accident or ticket, I know you can ride fast and stay safe.
  7. zoso

    Valois in Mattawa is Booming Today

    Of course I did. Drive to conditions and you are always fine.....unless team brown hits you.
  8. zoso

    Valois in Mattawa is Booming Today

    The Fraser canyon is 100km further than the coquhalla hwy. Idiots go up their when they could run dry roads from hope to kamloops thinking they are saving time.
  9. zoso

    Holy Crap!!!

    Mad max rides again.
  10. zoso

    Valois in Mattawa is Booming Today

    Wait till traffic ahead is well clear, then pass quickly, and ner on the right. When traffic slows to a stop on the highway leave a lot of space so you have an out. Watch the rear view like a hawk for the moron not slowing. It has become so bad, I am almost killed every day.
  11. zoso

    Valois in Mattawa is Booming Today

    I was running through revelstoke in this last week. There is no excuse to crash. No matter what the conditions are.
  12. zoso

    Sudbury trails

    Nope but locals know where the trail is and do not see that. Kinda like the train Tressel that connects D to C over the wahnapitae river. It has been condemned but everyone rides over it.
  13. zoso

    Sudbury trails

    From what I am hearing those loops on the closed areas are being ridden regularly. Trail is broken but not groomed.
  14. zoso

    I got the itch

    This guy can help.
  15. zoso

    Valois in Mattawa is Booming Today

    It happens 100 times a day and even in daylight on dry roads. Ramdeep and the rest of the team from brampton love to wreck.