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  1. I suspect trails will be fine.
  2. Thanks for clarifying, just in case. It is beyond my ability to comprehend how anyone could vote liberal, but then again I suppose many are reliant upon government to survive. I suggest those on government assistance, welfare, should not be allowed to vote.
  3. Or stay out of the off topic area and enjoy the sledding area. I cannot understand why people try to control speech on a forum when instead all they have to do is not read it. However once c36 passes these types of discussions may be outlawed and we can all be arrested for participating, so in the end you may get what you want. Vote liberal.
  4. A united populations is to a politician a very scary prospect.
  5. Sled sales for textron most likely represent 0.0000000002% of gross sales. Do they care to grow it, most likely not.
  6. Costco publishes those numbers.
  7. 56 inch interior height is the only down side. I bought a blast from them which is taller and was less money. So far so good. But the sales guy was less than good.
  8. Sales numbers are nothing. They have been published multiple times in the past. No way they went through all that to do it.
  9. They sure could. As long as no personal in no was attached.
  10. There is no such law. Much like telling us how many plated cars are in the province.
  11. If only we could pay a larger carbon tax we could get to be sledding in may.
  12. Lets all just be happy Trudeau is not running the show. Otherwise every permit dollar, plus a few million borrowed would go to a buddy that is listed as groomer operator on every single groomer. Once it was bankrupted a simple shoulder shrug is all you would get.
  13. After reading this I weasd surprised not to see a request to send your SI# along with banking info to the Nigerian recruiter.
  14. The dealers usually are not as uptight about the warranty hours paid as are the techs doing the work. It depernds how much cp work is not getting sold due to warranty sucking up shop time.
  15. Dealer gets cost plus 10% in auto warranty parts in automotive, should be the same in powers ports. They incur costs to handle parts.
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