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  1. LOL I'm pretty sure you can't do a return trip to Cochrane w/o filling up even @ the more 'moderate' speeds we ran up there.
  2. Trying to educate them 1 by 1 Sometimes I wonder how they come up w/ the nonsense over there...
  3. Taking a page out of the automotive marketing textbook?
  4. Kind of off topic, but after reading posts elsewhere about needing extra gas to make it from Cochrane to the canyon I wondered if any of you have run out on the same stretch? We've done it a few times over the years & never had any issues. Gassed up @ Base Camp & continued on.
  5. @infernobuster Forecast for you
  6. Forecast looks good for the trip
  7. @Gadgetman Met a group of 4 a couple of weeks ago on the railbed south of Bancroft that were running nose to tail. W/ all the snow dust I doubt the last rider even saw me on the trail... It didn't appear that any of them slowed down seeing an oncoming sled. No wonder you have chain reaction accidents where the following sleds pole into the initial crashed sleds. Later the same day I stopped to take some pics. Three sleds caught up to me & the lead rider slowed down to ask if O was OK. I gave him the . He nodded & continued on.
  8. https://snowgoer.com/latest-news/lynx-snowmobiles-coming-to-america-for-2022/29279/?oly_enc_id=3570I5128245I2X I was close on the spelling of Pauli Piippola's name (not enough 'i's LOL)
  9. When a friends sled puked in Eagleton about 20 years ago, the 2 of us rode up to Larder Lake, west to Elk Lake and back to Earlton. Not a bad day's ride. There's always Shining Tree and Gogama (if the trails are open). Looks like @ the moment Gogama is cut off.
  10. Smart on them finally. Accept your customer orders in the spring and build to suit. I imagine Valcourt can build X number of units a year w/o overtime etc. How they split it between sleds & PWCs would depend on orders. I still think forcing dealers to take 'this many of whatever' before customers know what is available is putting the cart before the horse.
  11. Met a load of Can-Ams on 28 heading north last week. Likely headed for Bancroft.
  12. We wanted to exile an unpopular general supervisor there to the Cold Weather Centre...
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