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  1. I think if you drive to the conditions, any driver is good to go.
  2. I think I the 70s you needed a permit for it. Is there not another EB Eddy road (private) that runs south down to Nairn Centre?
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/392421867491316 (Sultan Road Updates) An old neighbour had posted a video of her son on a fishing trip in the Wawa area last year, they used the Sultan Road. I asked her about the road & she mentioned the Faceplant page. I checked it out & it sounds like it was a mess when the frost was coming out of the road. Not sure if the truckers on it use CBs to call out the mileage, but I have seen it on some roads in my travels. I was driving on 560 back in the 90s & saw a sign (in French) I did pick out CH #12 (or somethin
  4. I phoned about a compressor on Fri' & the shop in Ptbo has 2 models that are service shop sized & would need a lift truck to unload...
  5. You missed his point. He was referring to my 'New Years resolution'. LOL
  6. No doubt! A couple of posters on Faceplant & my friend who took the 1st pic (lived in Timmins in the 90s) all said it's not forgiving as there are no shoulders if you get off the pavement or have to pull off. Driving up to visit was a long boring drive especially after you passed Cartier. Leave work @ 11 AM, hit the bank. Grab a bite and gas in Evilland then roll into Timmins after dark.
  7. My New Years resolution?
  8. Saw a load of Sea-doos north of Ptbo today...
  9. I've never driven it in the winter. I did run it southbound 1 fall & came a float w/ a excavator on it in the east ditch between 101 & T-C-P Lake. Too much speed on a downhill curve. A couple of years ago there was some construction near Gogama to reduce 2 curves.
  10. On 144 near Gogama today as well @irREVerent I could say something but I'll be nice for a change...
  11. I think mine was built in August (according to the info from the spring). It was shipped to the dealer in September/
  12. Those will be the last models off the line I think in '94 the '95 MY Mach Zs & MXZx 440s were the last to show up @ the dealers. I know I was getting worried when my 440 was going to arrive. Does BRP provide the dealers w/ a production schedule? I know when I ordered my '01 or '04, they had the schedule in their hands.
  13. I think the peak permit sales that I recall seeing was 120,000 (in the 90s?). I think in recent years it's hovered around 90,000.
  14. I do recall in the mags a few years ago it was all very vague. All they published were percentages.
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