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  1. revrnd

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    If and this is a big if, the OPP were to 'check' ATVers like the do sledders, the riders would complain. Well like they say, 'a few bad apples spoil it for the rest'. Azzhats ripping thru villages or towns on quads w/ the bare minimum of safety equipment is sure to draw the attention of the LEOs. I know the regs only require helmets, but to me a t shirt & shorts isn't too bright. Back in the 80s when I was doing a lot of ATVing I had a pair of Fox boots & Answer pants. Looking @ Royal catalog & surprisingly the pricing is more or less the same. I bet Erik & Lynne or Manotick Mike (possibly others I may have missed) don't go offroad riding like they were headed to the beach.
  2. revrnd

    Swiss Inn - Denbigh CLOSED

    I forgot to mention this last Feb' when I was thru the area, but it appeared that new windows had been installed in the building. Has anyone been up in the neck of the woods & heard anything?
  3. revrnd

    706 trail in Glen Alda closed?

    You know what I mean, toolies don't play in that stuff LOL
  4. revrnd

    706 trail in Glen Alda closed?

    It will be interesting to see what happens this coming winter. Bridge project has ground to a halt. Apparently when they started pouring cement for the deck, the steel support beams started to sag. There is still about 16' of deck to complete & there is no equipment on site. Looking along the steelwork, you can see the 'droop'.
  5. revrnd

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

  6. revrnd

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    All the griping aside a couple of young lads just rode their quads into the village and back (I'm assuming for fuel). Both times by the house, they were travelling at a slow speed (no overing revving the throttle) & the exhausts were stock. If I had been out front I would've given them the thumbs up or a wave.
  7. revrnd

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    That's the case with any activity...
  8. revrnd

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    Nice pic. I'm guessing that as a non-resident you needed the permit for camping on Crown Land. In the three townships that make up our municipality, there is very little in the way of trails that isn't on private property or in the Kawartha Highlands PP. A lot of two of the townships is in the park and that's a no go unless you own a 'recreation camp' inside the boundaries. We had 2 azzhats on ATVs ignore our signage & a gate. Rode over a 'berm' & some poplars to enter our property (caught them on the trailcams). By the time stamps they spent around 45 minutes riding around our acreage. They had just ridden thru about 600 acres of Crown, but just had to go 'exploring' past a point where they weren't wanted. It was in the fall, so I wonder what they explanation would've been had they run into 1 of us had we been partridge hunting? "Oh we didn't know it was private." (perhaps) Give me a break. I'm think that since we have 'By order Double K Hunt Club' on the signs, they were hoping that we'd only be in there during the deer hunt.
  9. revrnd

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    All these intellectually superior people playing armchair quarterback. Maybe if law enforcement is so out of touch to them, maybe they should become police officers? They complain that police forces don't have enough visible minorities, yet when said forces try recruit people from the target groups they dont get enough interest to hire people. Sorry for thread hijack and the rant. The stupidity that is running rampant makes CIVID-19 seem like the common cold. I'm hoping the media find some other controversy fast...
  10. revrnd

    Wawa to ThunderBay

    Hey it's June in the middle of a pandemic! It's about all we can do! We should do a survey, Apsley, Huntsville, Lindsay or TB to find out which locale is the least snowmobile friendly place in Ontario. On a brighter note, maybe I should've had the GoPro for my ride from Timmins back to Cochrane. LOL
  11. revrnd

    Wawa to ThunderBay

    From what I remember of TOP D in '08 or '09, the trail used forest access roads from White River to the White Lake crossing. From there to the M'wadge turnoff, we were on the powerline. I think that stretch is relatively mild (my S-I-L would disagree) compared to the terrain from Marathon to Nipigon. If CN could be convinced to allow recreation use on the former Kinghorn Sub' (I know I'm delusional) the portion from Nipigon to TB, would be relatively easy. But from what we know there is little to no interest in sledding in that area.
  12. revrnd


    Other than the TS Pilot 'blades' which if you look @ the mileage, isn't that unreasonable, I haven't bought BRP carbides in years.
  13. revrnd


    That's why I asked if there was any Cat tech BRP might want to use. When BRP got slapped by its copying of Poo's rear coupling setup, BRP let them use RER.
  14. revrnd


    Not sure how you figure that. Checking the Royal catalog shows the Woodys TBIII carbides (which I used on my REV) are a hundred bucks a pair across all OEMs. No upcharge for the Pilot skis.
  15. revrnd


    Bro' just fired it off to me as well. Does Cat have any 'tech' that BRP would want to 'borrow'?