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  1. Last year was my 1st season using 1. I found it easier to use than the 'lock & roll' type ramps. No need to push or pull any dead weight.
  2. No the flyer is from Princess Auto.
  3. Larissa if it hadn't been for your father and a couple of his cohorts, I probably wouldn't have put as many miles on the last few seasons. My condolences to you and Adrian and your mother. Some of my pics up north over the years (I'm pretty sure this is the northeast corner of L125) Me trying to turn on my GoPro
  4. Princess Auto has the Erickson version on sale Nov' 24 to Dec' 6.
  5. Looking thru my tunnel bag for my spare mini relays (to no avail) on Weds' night & cane across this little tester that Dave suggested: (Heater visor power supply tester)
  6. Evil I think that's only half of Dave's equipment. I seem to recall a pic from my early days on OC of it that had much more stuff out. Up to that point I had no idea why his nickname was Sledjunk. It's a good thing only irREVerent and I saw the 'layout' in Barry's Bay a couple of seasons ago. Housekeeping would've had him evicted.
  7. Lost a lot of it in Apsley. I came across 118 from Bracebridge and saw ATV tracks into a code of Bush trails. Stopped @ the B112(?) crossing west of Brady Lake Road and someone had driven a 4x4 into their camp. Also saw Nunz's tracks in the snow across from the train station LOL
  8. X2 and that goes for what Nunz has said too. Mr Fixit when it came to the electrical gremlins.
  9. The logging road to our woodlot would be a possibility but seeing those mud puddles on Sunday, I'll wait for some colder weather.
  10. Has anyone been thru Combermere recently? Trying to figure out the status of the motel & restaurant in the village. I know there are no gas stations remaining.
  11. Apparently COVID pricing has jacked the prices of sleds stupidly. I cringe at the thought of storing sleds in a trailer as it makes it that much easier for the nogoodniks. Back up a vehicle to it, cut the lock off the coupler and the way they go. Back in the 90s a co-worker had his empty sled trailer stolen from his driveway. The cops found it and a stolen pickup near Nestleton. The thieves had punched a hole in the side. The thought in our conversation was they abandoned the 'combo' when they realised there were no easily 'disposed of' sleds in the trailer.
  12. I have to make an attempt to keep in the ball park of your mileage. Denis is already off to a good start.
  13. Post your pics of your first ride. Easy start today, full tank of Sta-Biled gas & the battery on the tender all summer. Sled started on 1st attempt
  14. My North Bay friends' go to place. Breaky is good there too.
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