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  1. Exactly! How? One example, just look @ the crowd around the decal vendor... There would be no way to 'social distance any of the show. I'm forgoing any trip to the GTA fore the foreseeable future. Any plating that I need done will have to wait until next year. Shop supplies I can mail order.
  2. Not sure if you saw this last winter. More opportunities that what I rode. Signage in the Westmeath area a bit sketchy, (ask irREVerent). L127 is road running so I wouldn't have it planned as part of a loop. Best Western is right beside the Holiday Inn and Irving Big Stop is across the road. Lots of parking.
  3. I wonder what the other guy that tried to invade the Soviet Union had to say?
  4. Rather than hijack the other thread, I figured I'd start a new 1. In 2018 SJ, irREVerent & I did 4 days of riding out of Timmins. It wasn't the 'perfect' ride in 4 different directions, but it was close. From there you can ride: West to Foleyet for lunch & fuel South to Gogama (T-C-P) for lunch. I think Nunz & Mrs Nunz planned to loop thru Shining Tree but the mileage is a bit much for the terrain/trails North to Cochrane This can be done either as an out & back or 3 different loops (via SRF & back A106C, via Iroquois Falls & back A106C, via SRF and IF) East to Matheson (lunch @ Northern Delight Restaurant) This ride is weather dependent due to the road running west of Val Gagne.
  5. 'Cabins' @ GLC are nicely sized for socializing.
  6. Last time I did the RAP was 2014. Not sure what has been going on w/ the Nordic Inn @ Dorset the last couple of winters as it hasn't looked very busy any of the times I've driven by.
  7. Actually just east of Dwight on the north side of 60. Folks stayed there years ago when they did the RAP tour. Gas a bit west @ the 35 intersection.
  8. Same here. I've been to the mall in Ptbo twice since they opened & very little in the way of crowds (good). Had lunch on a patio a couple of weeks ago. Only 2 other people @ the other tables. I have no need to rush to the 'crowd scenes' that people are flocking to. About the maps, I think advertising in some areas is an easier sell if the ad is on a map rather than an app.
  9. Does the 'pivot' need replacing too? I'm sure the 'shackles could be easily fabbed. 1/4" or 5/16" x 1" CRS? Make an extra set, so you're not running around looking for new ones next time.
  10. I found out the hard way that Dexter EZ Lube axles can cause problems as well....
  11. OK, I knew GM has had issues with their front axle disconnect from '88 to the late 90s. BTDT Back to our normally scheduled programming.
  12. (Sorry for the thread hijack) What truck was that w/ the faulty actuator?
  13. Old issue of OSM? If you're going thru them, see if you can find anything about a dual OFSC/FCMQ permit. I'm guessing it was in the late 90s/early 2000s. I might have to dig thru my archives out in the sled shed.
  14. Exactly. If I have to take my TT to the shop for pre-season work, the highway is dry & we've had some rain to wash the salt off. No plans to be an early bird & trailer it thru slush.
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