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  1. Considering what I've been dealing w/ the last few weeks offline & some really shitty news today. I'll be taking a break. See you post-pandemic.
  2. OK, locking this thread as we don't need every thread turning into a COVID (fill in the blank).
  3. I knew the quads & SxSs were built down there, the Sea-doo shift was news to me.
  4. I see they mention Spyders being built in Valcourt, maybe the Sea-doo production has been shipped south?
  5. Aren't the Sea-doos built in Valcourt in the 'off-season'?
  6. I remember when I was in valcourt back in '94. I toured the museum and drove by the plant. Lots of crates out it 'the field' that looked like they had been sitting there for a while. Talking to my dealer afterwards & he said if they have parts shortages, they would build the sled to completion, crate it & then store them. Bring them back into the plant to complete assembly.
  7. Lydia Lake Lodge was/is east of Longlac. I remember seeing the signage. We rode from Hearst to Geraldton. The next day we rode the Greenstone Loop & then down to M'wadge.
  8. About 3 seasons (2007) w/ my 1st SDI sled the relays acted up in Cochrane (not the 1st time the sled had been up there). We stopped @ Mikey's in Timmins to get a spare, they were out of stock & said that they'd had a run on them. I think we headed up to Hearst & I was able to get 1 there. There were 2 other non-SDI ZX sleds in the group that started w/o any issues. I'm guessing they didn't use the relays.
  9. Would Qwissy's have been open back then? I recall guts on the old TrailConditions.com message board asking about it. The place was closed up when we rode thru before D16 shut down.
  10. I got a PM on FS from the person & they were able to sign up!
  11. I was thinking the same thing Yes! LOL I don't think I've really changed in what I carry since running the 900 vs the 2 strokes.
  12. The power back that I've carried and fortunately haven't had to use yet. I have a few of the micro relays packed as well. I havent heard of issues w/ them, but I think the larger relays BRP used started to crap out after 3 seasons. BTDT (actually witnessed) an Apex that needed the 'hair dryer treatment' back in 2010. I don't know if the owner ever took any steps to rectify the cold weather starting issues. He still has the sled (40th Anniversary Edition) but for all intents is out of sledding.
  13. From what I've read it is. Guys have posted that riding on the ballast on stretches west of Pembroke was hard on tires. I know it likely would be difficult to bike on it unless you were on a fat bike. I MTBed from near Dranoel (south of Bethany) up to Lindsay several years ago. They had spread crushed stone along 1 stretch & it was like trying to ride thru the ball pit @ McScrawny's.
  14. https://www.pembroketoday.ca/2021/05/31/21km-section-of-algonquin-trail-between-renfrew-and-cobden-to-be-stone-dusted-this-summer/?fbclid=IwAR3AICnGJN-Ablmw3DjEh5N7kAtIzOMQsSIFPjq4ZU5p0hYLh3z1QplvWqI
  15. I got a message from someone that has been trying to sign up on OC the last few weeks and has been getting this message: I had sent him the link to the sign in, but that doesn't change anything. If anyone can suggest another link for him try, please post it here and I can pass it on to him.
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