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  1. revrnd

    Are you getting the storm

    Still snowing in Apsley @ 12:30 AM.
  2. revrnd

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

  3. revrnd

    Apsley Area 2020 Season

    Rode down thru E107 yesterday. I saw south of the McKay Lake Road that the snowfencing has been knocked down and the TRAIL CLOSED sign has been ignored. The landowner is aware of this. THE FORMER PTB 632 TRAIL IS CLOSED! ANYONE USING IT TO ACCESS THE RESTAURANT IS TRESPASSING. THIS MAY AFFECT EFFORTS IN THE FUTURE.
  4. revrnd

    Are you getting the storm

    Yep. Four sleds have gone thru. Riding thru will be OK until the township works their magic... They are well aware of the grumbling from sledders about the access to get gas (brought up in a discussion after the TOP E resolution was passed w/ the mayor and former carpet salesman). You all can pretty much guess their response.
  5. revrnd


    That route is the same loop I'm doing. I'm peeling off from SJ's group @ Timmins to return to Cochrane. They're looping down towards Elk Lake & Gowganda.
  6. revrnd

    Are you getting the storm

    Snowing all day. 2" of packing snow so far. Chilly had settled down to 12" yesterday.
  7. revrnd

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    SRXChris, my sled is an XS chassis 'doo which has been replaced by the Gen 4. The 2S version looks OK to my eyes, not keen on the 4S hood styling... A lot of newer Poos the days I've seen other sleds. Yesterday must've been antique Yammi day. In the morning I saw 3 SX chassis sleds & a pogo stick went by the house. Then at the E109 intersection a new Poo & 2 SX Yammis. One white, kind of painted like a 40th Ann' (I dont think 1 existed) & the other maroon 1 that didnt sound so good when the rider (Team Carhartt apparel) shut it off...
  8. revrnd

    Floor Pads

    When I was over to see irREVerent, I noticed he had rubber pads for kneeling on the floor in his shop. I thought that was a good idea as we've had some larger thinner rubber pads for our shop over the years. They're available @ Princess Auto: 15 x 20 inches & an inch thick
  9. revrnd

    6 drowned in Quebec!

    I think the motor had been worked on too LOL I was talking to Gary Potyok (an associate of Henry) @ C&H Dyno in Batavia NY around the same time. I know they had a sled in there after me (I had the '85 Formula MX @ the time). I'm not sure if it was a watercrossing sled or a sled that they had just got in @ the dealership (a Plus?).
  10. revrnd


    That is a LONG day. C101D is not like the 'Corridor' so you don't want to dilly dally. Mind you if you only have to drive to NL after loading up in Cochrane, that's not too bad. I wouldn't attempt it if a person was heading further south. Denis, they may be trying to avoid the road running on TOP A in the Matheson & Val Gagne areas by staging in Cochrane.
  11. revrnd

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    I always thought they did the west side & the PBR sid the east side. I think we've only done the 'complete' A103 once, from SRF to Cochrane. The other times we just ran up & back from Cochrane.
  12. revrnd

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    A late start today so I didnt do a loop. Apsley up to the TOP E and E109 intersection between Harcourt & LSP. Quite a few sleds out & trails were in decent shape. 143 klicks for the day. Memories of Timmins in Harcourt... Fishtail Creek on TOP E
  13. revrnd

    Whats Your Definition Of Too Fast??

    Out riding today. Glanced down @ the dream o meter a few times. There were a few sections where I was travelling @ a speed that I thought was comfortable/prudent for the trail and/or conditions. I was doing 35 to 40 kph. I thought 50 would be a struggle to keep a sled out of the trees. Saw a couple of offs near Harcourt, 1 was after a SLOW sign & before the arrow...