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  1. I picked up a 350 Raptor & want to see about adding Nerf Bars to it to keep my son's feet up & out of harms way. I'm having a hard time finding any, does anyone here know of a good place to deal with for aftermarket parts for quads like this. Royal doesn't carry anything
  2. I'm looking for a sport quad for my son, not looking to break the bank. I'd like to find a Quad 350 - 450 cc, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda etc.
  3. For sure it was Nunz, congrats & right at the start of the presentation!! The XCR with a 136" track & tipped up rails sounds like a great setup!!
  4. I have been wearing an open face with goggles since 2009. I have a 509 XL5 goggles with a 509 helmet, XL goggles have larger face foam to help seal the opening if you have a big head like me! I wear an Unwind balaclava under my helmet & tape a couple of the vents closed. I have worn this setup in -20 to -25 weather without issues, just make sure your goggles & bala cover all your skin. I learned the hard way in -20 weather & had a small piece of frostbite on my face where I didn't double check to make sure all my skin was covered. I find the helmet/goggle combo lighter & less r
  5. If I recall when OSM stopped being the magazine that went with your trail pass, they had a one time sign-up to receive the magazine for free. If it's attached to Royal at all I wasn't aware of this. I've been receiving OSM for years without spending a cent. I also receive the Supertrax & Go Snowmobiling with my trail pass. There were a couple of boxes to click when you bought your pass & one of them was an online only version the other was for the magazine.
  6. My stickers expired in August & I renewed online just after Christmas
  7. Not sure if it's exempt this year or not, but I renewed all of our sleds stickers online. The $15 isn't worth the cost of the ticket or inconvenience in my opinion if you go through a check this year. https://www.ontario.ca/page/renew-licence-plate-sticker
  8. Thanks Rev, but I don't have any of those. They're Snowsports, Snowgoer Canada, OSM, etc
  9. I have countless sled magazines that probably date back to the late 90's. My question is would anyone be interested in these or a place/dealer/museum that might want them. They need to go but I don't want to just take them to the dump if I can find a place/someone who would like them for display or something.
  10. RIP, condolences to his family & friends
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