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  1. Heading to North Bay tomorrow for a business trip. Planning to drag the sled along and get a few hours riding in the afternoon. Thinking a loop around Verner on the green. I assume they expect people to park at the arena if the trail starts there? Anyone familiar with the community?
  2. Thank you. You all are a super helpful bunch! Appreciate it.
  3. Thank you for the insite. You just confirmed what I feared most, now we do have to go buy a second sled lol I don't see us trailering very far, at this point we will wait and see if we get any snow in D9 before adding much more to this one. I'm hoping I can get it out in the grass field yet this week to see how it runs, almost enough cover now for that.
  4. Thanks for the lead. I think likely just a strap on deal. Not familiar with what is available but I was looking at the dual exhaust system wondering how a 2up even works on there.....
  5. Hi guys, first time poster. Just got talked into buying a 2008 Apex from a friend of a friend. Never owned a sled before. Have done a bit of trail riding with rented sleds. Would like to find a 2up seat, not planning to buy a 2nd machine and my wife is happy to ride double for the local riding. Might still rent a second sled for a wknd or 2. Anyone have connections to something? Thanks!
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