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  1. 100%……Can’t sell enough merch to cover overall cost of hauling all the inventory, pay staff, and end up with ski kickers all day…. Especially if it was only going to be half capacity!
  2. T bird


    Love stopping at that clubhouse!
  3. I’ve actually already been talking with him. He reached out to me from another post I had. Thanks tho Nunz. I appreciate it.
  4. 850. I just edited the post. However I could be persuaded into 4 stroke side of life I suppose
  5. Hi y’all! I’m on the hunt for a 19-21 xrs renegade 850. Must be low kms and taken care of. If anyone has any leads or knows someone considering selling, please contact me here or pm me. Thanks in advance.
  6. I rode that area for a few days last season w my better half. We throughly enjoyed it. Was highly recommended to check out the clubhouse. (Very nice btw!) Met a very nice group of locals and had a nice chat about the area….. fast forward about a month or so and I run into them at base camp at Abitibi! What are the odds??
  7. I would like to join as well. Not a big contributor but always reading every post
  8. He was my go to guy for many years as well. Was sad to see him pack it in but understandable when the dollars don’t make sense.
  9. I could be wrong but I thought there was some sort of falling out with Polaris. I know when he was in London, he was pissed bc Polaris gave dealer status to Inglis cycle which was only a few blocks from his location. That prompted the move to Dorchester I believe. Perhaps someone else knows what actually happened
  10. Very nice combo! Love the looks of the XCR!... and VR1. Kinda liking the purple!! Seen a few purple ones in smooth rock a few weeks back and and I thought they were very appealing! .... and everyone thought I was crazy buying an orange Polaris back in 04!!..... wish I didn’t wreck that one!
  11. Go performance all the way!! Todd was/is the man!! Great guy all around!!
  12. We were 10hrs each way. Worth every minute if it!
  13. @ecarnelli couldn’t agree anymore with your comments above! Alamein all another gear day!!
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