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  1. Been there and done that. Not a lot of fun.
  2. I’ve been riding cats for last 11 years. Was Solely Polaris before hand. Only reason I switched was my poo dealer had moved and became too far to drive to. Made the switch to cat as dealer opened just up the road from me. I’ve got 19,000kms on my 2012 f800 and motor hasn’t been touched. Was hoping to upgrade last year but ex’s cost a lot of money! Lol!! Hoping to upgrade for the upcoming season and I’ll be likely making the switch to doo as I’ve never ridden one
  3. I feel your pain. I’ve had multiple bowties lifted from my lane over the years. Just can’t bring myself to drive anything else!
  4. And last week they were saying they were done April 1
  5. Is halfway as remote as base camp? I’m dam near certain that base camp is coming out on top with prices up to and north of 6$ per litre. Perhaps they are finding more and more are not stopping for as much fuel with newer sleds getting quite a bit better mileage?
  6. We come home on Friday. It was pretty much a convoy of trucks and trailers heading north, all the way back past London.
  7. Funny you say that. Mine did the same thing last week. Didn’t have any new batteries w me and wasn’t going to get any, so I swapped the ones from the remote at the cabin we had rented!
  8. It’s the light from the helmet. The BV2S has a light on the back like many other helmets
  9. Think we met each other several different times over the course of the week. Was a great week of riding!
  10. Also if your on Facebook, check out this page. Very up to date info and if you message them, they usually respond in good time
  11. I just got back from that area. Was there for a week. Trails were fantastic all week. Except for the Englhart area. Was beat up pretty bad by Wednesday. When we left yesterday, everything in the area had been groomed or working at it. Some trails could be a bit beat up after the weekend, but you should be fine!
  12. T bird


    Thanks @Turbo Doo. I’ll follow that page and keep updated.
  13. T bird


    Just noticed on the ITG that there is a section of this trail closed. Did I miss something?? Was certain it was green the other day?? Heading that way next weekend. Just curious if anyone knows what’s up? Was planning some loops around there. May have to reroute. Tia.
  14. Well this could be part of issues. Smooth rock had a groomer stuck and some breakdowns. Also there is hydro working on west side. As for east side, there is logging at one part. And on top of it they’ve got lots of snow so likely trying to keep ahead of the already busy flow of sleds in and out of town. Furthermore after the lil debacle that ensued earlier in the season between everyone, they likely aren’t going to rush to do the canyon tour.
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