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  1. I’ve been following this journey for a while now as well. Quite the trek for sure. The one gentleman, Rex Hibbert is brother to Kirk Hibbert, Tucker Hibbert’s uncle
  2. From the reports I’ve seen… things look dam near mid season Elk Lake area! Can’t beat staying/staging from elk lake wilderness resort!
  3. Oh I’m certain of that! Lol!
  4. Myself as well. Totally worth it from all reviews I’ve read from here. My brother now lives out there and says it’s a must!! … he also said make sure your ready for a work out! Nothing like the trail riding we do Here!
  5. Only way to break em in!!…. Or so that’s the way we use to do it with the ol dirt bikes…. Could basically rebuild between moto’s! Lol!!……I remember a friend of my dad telling me a story at his funeral about how they rebuilt the top end of an old 340 polaris in old hunt camp they were staying at. Picked it up and turned er sideways through the doorway and set er down beside the wood stove….. they had parts bc their bud owned/operated Polaris dealer.. circa mid to late 70’s..early mid 80’s
  6. I remember that place. Definitely lots of cool units through there over the years. Always remember seeing your ads in auto, boat/bike rv trader. Every time I made it to Stratford I’d stop in and have a gander.
  7. That didn’t take long. Seen it on marketplace. Beautiful machine and very well priced.
  8. Did that back in the day after Owen sound snow cross!…great ride up!….. not so great going home…..more like muddle jumping!
  9. They all cut costs wherever they can. Only us as avid real time users notice the deficiencies
  10. Love that sign! Took pics last year when I was over that way on a day trip. Want get some to incorporate into our trail system here in the tail end of D5….. should be distributed throughout all of OFSC
  11. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve turned a lot of miles pulling trailer’s of all variations over the years, and maybe just the way I was taught and told, but for me, if there’s more than one axle, I want want the brakes. Just nice to have the extra help if you find yourself in quick jam.
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