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  1. reevester

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    Dont see me whining about the same guy in every other post. I've done more for sledders and clubs then you can imagine.
  2. reevester

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    How long you going to let your butthurt and let the other old coot stay rent free in your head for?
  3. reevester

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    I'm still exhausted lol.
  4. reevester

    D201F Question NW of Elliot Lake

    Windy lake motel in Onaping is where we are staying on our loop.
  5. reevester

    Are you getting the storm

    Good thing your retired or you'd look real silly walking into work tomorrow.
  6. reevester

    Seguin Trail

    Judging by the FB post by SSSC they wont be opening anything until they get more snow. Hopefully that happens this weekend.
  7. reevester

    District 7 trail conditions update

    Went from my place across Seguin to d101b and down to dwight. Turned at that crap plowed section. Back up to d102b and to 95 and back to Seguin. All good.
  8. reevester

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    You'll hear it when your side panel comes popping off or the belt guard banging around in the cowl lol.
  9. reevester

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    I'm sure all the ones in the mountains will see that code several times a day.
  10. reevester

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    Smart move Doo. The 850 E-Tec Turbo has a sensor intergraded in the CVT cover, this will take a reading in the CVT area when the heat is too high, this will send a signal to the ECM and set off a notification in the cluster. There are two levels of functions one is a belt overload condition and the other is a belt overheat condition. Note: You may see belt temp in the cluster if it’s selected (A) Belt overheat condition: If the belt temperature reaches 75 Celsius/167 Fahrenheit a message will appear BELT OVERHEAT + 2 beeps every 10 seconds and once the belt temperature becomes lower then 75 Celsius/167 Fahrenheit the message disappears. Belt overload condition: If a critical condition is detected over 1 minute a message will display BELT OVERLOAD + 2 beeps every 15 seconds, if the rider reduces critical overload style of riding the message disappears. If it’s still in a critical condition for over 10 minutes the BELT OVERLOAD appears + 2 beeps every 10 seconds, the message will not disappear until engine shutdown. This will not reduce any power lost but will advise the rider to ease up to help save the belt. This will also resister two codes in BUDS: Level 1 = P3311: Overload with Warning in the cluster Level 2 = P3312: Overload with Warning in the cluster but rider continue to run hard.
  11. reevester

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    Hey turbo doo farmer, settle down. It's only a turboed sled at elevation.
  12. reevester

    Kinmount Haliburton area

  13. reevester


    Turbo Doll.
  14. reevester

    Holiday place to stay???

    Active on FB. I think we'll be there when we are up next week-weekend for some eats.