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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/153652745777205/ 2020 Indy XCR 850 - 2800 miles- 4500kms -153 studs 3 per bar with tunnel protection. - linq brackets. - hand guards mid shield. - cover. -spare belt. - warranty till Dec 2023 In excellent condition and serviced at dealer. $14000 obo
  2. Zero chance I stay at that filthy disgusting place again. Glad you had a good experience.
  3. Yep. I did 80 miles bouncing around in the 80s and D Monday. 37 was mint to just that 2 km or so of road. Might be rough now though.
  4. I packed down the top of the snowpack yesterday and alot of it was already. No lol. 50 has lots of rds and 88 is worse. Unload at the tourist centre and go over to parry sound and back and down the D to aspdin and do the 84 loop.
  5. I wouldn't be taking 88. Do 37, D up to Seguin and over to 83 then down to 82 then do the 84 loop. That's a good afternoon ride for you old boy.
  6. I went down 37 then went to take a peak at lone pine dr. Ugly for sure, turned around and back up a perfect 37 then into muskoka fries.
  7. I waited for you at Muskoka fries this morning. I asked the little sweetie if Blake was in yet? The chubby old guy she said?
  8. Steve we got a ride planned if you want to meet some fine folks at muskoka fries sunday morning then shoot up to my place and ride north a bit.
  9. I hear good things about muskoka fries. Think I'll head there Friday or Saturday.
  10. I seen people eating meals at the bar and the restaurant/dining area is definitely licensed I can vouch for that.
  11. That's no good. We always have good luck and great food at Cindy's. Not much for serivce as you have to order thru the window. Glad she had pantyhose for us the 1 time too.
  12. Dont see me whining about the same guy in every other post. I've done more for sledders and clubs then you can imagine.
  13. How long you going to let your butthurt and let the other old coot stay rent free in your head for?
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