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  1. 3 in our group had electric visor failures on their Missions. I think it comes from the locking connector being yanked when you get off your sled without disconnecting
  2. Wow. Different speeding penalties in Quebec
  3. Thanks Steve. I went to their website. Interesting that no earphones are needed.
  4. I think I’m ready for some tunes while I ride. Maybe some AC/DC. Any recommendations for a sound system in my Mission helmet?
  5. I would say go to Quebec. Can start at Maniwaki just north of Ottawa. Short drive
  6. Don’t put your mission helmet directly over a heat source on your sled. Like behind the handlebars on a cat or sidewinder. Will cause shield to bubble. Doing that with a Modulaire will also cause it to lose its seal on the visor
  7. I take exception. We arrived late and the owner asked if we could fuel up in the morning so he could get our dinner ready. Lose the arrogance
  8. Oh yeah. Keep your Winder running until it is just over normal operating temp. Then shut down. . Relay should not freeze
  9. You will be back. Good luck
  10. So you wake up at your favourite poirvoirie in Quebec. It’s minus 30. Staggering to your sled you start it up and drive over to the gas pump. Fill up. Now it won’t start. Frozen fuel pump relay. How do we fix it? Let’s hear suggestions for different models. On my Sidewinder I breathe on it through cupped hands and tap it. Worked so far. Now I have a sealed relay from Yamaheater
  11. Yeah. My 88 MXZ had a primer. Better than the choke on the 03 Renegade. Now EFI. Thank you
  12. Great answer Dan. Thanks. We’ve booked Spectacle Lake in a week from now so hoping a link will appear. I guess it is Haliburton or E108. Fingers Crossed
  13. My brother and I have missions. He wears glasses with no trouble and finds the electric shield helps too
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