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  1. Omg. Let them groom. Pay people who groom. Look at Quebec
  2. From yamaheater.com. Brand new with remote adjuster. Paid $329. Sell for $250. Supposed to transform the terrible Apex headlights. Bought it for our Apex then decided to sell the sled before we had a chance to install them
  3. This was dirt last week. Has it become passable?
  4. Has b and e improved over to Haliburton Lake? How about the Hydro Line to Whitney?
  5. Any updates on B and E over to Haliburton Lake?
  6. Does anyone know if this section has been groomed through its closure? Hoping it opens soon. Also is the B trail toward Whitney in reasonable shape?
  7. I don’t imagine it’s staked yet
  8. Nice first day out on Wed. Flat lakes through Pigeon, Big Bald and Little Bald. Sunshine all day. Chemong was fast and fun. Lower Pigeon River a bit thin where the current is. Miss stopping at Sip n Dip at the causeway in Bridgenorth for food. No one else out. Today was cloudy and everyone was out. Nice to see families using our sport to spend spend quality time.
  9. Try travelling with a sled trailer. Beacon to the cops to pull you over. Non essential travel. Results probably in a ticket.
  10. Not enough said of the Ski Doo Modulaire 3. rode everywhere all temps. No electric shield. Love my helmet. Use mini pads in the breath shields. lol. Works great.
  11. I’ve seen some of my buddies go down and a few at Dorset. I came close once but I m glad it was never me
  12. Been there. Done that. Good times for sure watching the divers pull up the sleds
  13. Merry Christmas to fabulous community. Good stuff happens here. All the best everyone
  14. Anyone know anyone who sold their sled this year because of COVID? Going to be tough to find one if they change their minds
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