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  1. I’m hoping lodges will be open in Quebec and Northern Ont. a good breakfast in one followed by dinner in the next. Take some snacks for during the day
  2. Let’s all go to the go fund me page and donate. Omg. I showed my wife and she cried. So did I
  3. So how are you all making out? We have self isolated now for 2 weeks. Lucky to be in the country
  4. Bored at home. Thinking of getting a quad. Used to have a Grizzly. Maybe settle for a Kodiak. Run down to the park with a cooler
  5. Sorry to hear. The overall experience there has us buying 2 passes every year. Great choices re cancellations tho. Helps everyone
  6. Great choices. Helps everyone
  7. Stay safe everyone. Don't hesitate to stay at home.
  8. Have a great trip. Whitney and back?
  9. There is a Bay on the East side of Pigeon Lake immediately south of Gannons Narrows. Follow the tracks over the little causeway, stay near shore and go up the boat ramp at the Marina. Follow Rd to the highway. Cross highway and follow ditch up to Buckhorn Lake. Through a little Park and follow the shore and tracks over to Harrington Narrows and into Chemong. Re the dam. Once you go under the second bridge in Little Bob Chanel turn sharp left along the side of the bridge and exit near the shore. You need to run hi way 24 to Birch Point Marina as it is too thin to travel Sturgeon where it meets Little Bob
  10. Yeah. That is my Lake gauge. Not my River quage you know the river best. You live there. We are riding Wed. Can you join us?
  11. Well the thread was started to warn of increased enforcement and a rude cop. No attitude about it
  12. Absolutely. My tell for a solidPigeon Lake is when the river freezes under the bridge at Emily
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