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  1. Where do you do most of your snowmobile riding?
  2. I think there are many people with not much green in the wallet.
  3. Boating is a choice not a necessity and at our marina/park last weekend, there were many boats that would normally be in the water now that are still dry. The launch ramp is way down on usage as even the fishermen aren't too plentiful.
  4. Thank you and Happy Fathers Day to you as well oldslowsledder.
  5. Thanks for the info. That is good to know and is the way it should always have been. Personally I have never agreed with the decision to get in bed with the MTO but that's another story.
  6. Sorry signfan but I believe the AGM vote is for the following year's permit prices. I just don't think that in 2-3 weeks the government can do the approval let alone the OFSC having everything in place for October 1st permit sales.
  7. QUEBEC PERMIT PRICES FOR 2022-2023 SEASON: For those that don't read French well, early permit is$405.00, After Dec. 9 $490.00, sold on trail $800.00, antique $325.00, rental sleds $610.00, 7 day permit $260.00, 1 day permit $85.00
  8. I think you are right in that Canadians have to to be double vaxed to go to the USA and yes gas prices suck here. We are approx. $8.00 / US gallon for regular gas now.
  9. Tomorrow the Canadian Government are apparently changing some of the Covid travel restrictions Ox. Below is an explanation of the changes: The federal government will announce tomorrow that COVID-19 vaccine mandates for domestic travel on planes and trains, as well as outgoing international travel, will be suspended as of Wednesday, senior government sources have told CTV News. Foreign nationals coming to Canada will still be required to be vaccinated. (Sorry Ox)
  10. Earlier this week they extended the same travel rules until the end of June Ox. No indications of changes at that time. Still need to be double vaxed to come in as a tourist.
  11. Good luck with that thought. It would be a great thing if the roundabout designers took a half day and did a ride along in a tractor trailer so they would have an idea of the room needed for them to maneuver. I have to say that the St. Jacobs roundabout (one of the earliest new style in Ontario) has greatly improved truck traffic flow and the accidents that do occur are not as severe as when there were stop lights.
  12. I think the only issue to fixing it will be getting the pre-painted aluminum with the ridged (for lack of better word) pattern. I haven't seen any new trailers now with that on them for quite a few years. The only alternative would be to re-skin the whole trailer with smooth material.
  13. You mentioned in a previous post that the trailer is insured. Wouldn't the insurance company be responsible for getting the repair done or writing off the trailer?
  14. For your reference there are two Easton Clamshells advertised on Kijiji. One is a 12' in Kingston. Might help with vlaues if nothing else.
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