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  1. You can ride east as well. Its a nice daytrip from Val D or out to Lac Faillon for lunch via Louvicourt and the club trail that runs east off 386 south of Louvicourt . After lunch, west to Senneterre then decide which way back to Val D Or.
  2. I'm around the Marina in Goderich all summer. There were lots of day trippers out and about in July and August but a good number of power and sail boats that are usually gone for 1-4 weeks through the summer didn't seem to be doing those trips this year. I included sailboats since when they are heading to Tobermory and the north Channel often use engine power on the long parts of the trip.
  3. Ski wheelz! They work for more than just gas stations.
  4. You should buy full season permits by end of day Dec. 1 /22 to use for your 7 day trip. The price until then is $230.00 for a full season permit (after that the price is $280.00) . If you buy 7 single day permits it will cost you at least $315.00.
  5. There are no weekly passes per say. There are what is called multi day permits with a minimum purchase of 2 days. It appears that they are not available for purchase until December 2nd and no prices are on the website yet. You should be able to pre-buy the permits for the dates you want on line before you leave home. I believe you can print the permit purchased off and put a copy in a plastic baggie to attach to the windshield of your sled. The most likely website to purchase them will be: https://www.ofsc.on.ca/permits/ Hope this helps.
  6. What kind of riding are you looking for? Cochrane/ Hearst style or more twists?
  7. Welcome to the forum Pigeon couple. Lots of good info. and fun around here. Your cottage must be close to Happy Days by your description. Beautiful area summer and winter. Below is a link to the OFSC on line trail maps. Its an easy way to find out what trails are open or closed in the province. I find its easier to learn how it works on a laptop but there is also phone app that works well when you are out sleddin. Don't be afraid to ask forum members if you need any info. https://ofsc.evtrails.com/#
  8. We are talking about enclosed trailers here but even so, I'm not sure why they would have to haul without strapping down the sleds just because of the lattice on the floor???
  9. None of the people who have posted that they are using this system have complained about studs causing a problem with the lattice. AC+YA has been using it for a number of years and talked about it on here a number of times but hasn't mentioned any issues.
  10. There are 2 different types of lattice. In layman terms either big holes or small holes. I know a number of members on here have used lattice. Which type are you using? Is it a problem cleaning the floor with the lattice?
  11. Welcome to the forum BerkPeng. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. Post on F/B this morning with pics of rebuilt Wawa Sno Riders warm up shack on the D south in Berry Lake area. Great job by the WSR crew on the new outhouse and refurbishing the old warmup shack 70 km down the D south towards the Sault/Chapleau. Shout-out to Evolugen (Brookfield) Power here in Wawa for the donations that helped make this possible!
  13. Algoma Snow Plan takes care of the Searchmount to HH section of the D trail. Below is a copy of a post that 1049 posted on October 28th. I haven't read anything about the Wawa section of the D to HH or the Chapleau section of the C101D to the D. We have recently been notified that Halfway Haven will not be open for the 2023 Snowmobile Season. Rest assure for riders that we have been planning over the summer and fall for this possibility and do not anticipate any impact to our trails at this time. We remain hopeful that Halfway Haven will be back in future seasons and value their partnership over the years. We will provide more information as we get closer to the season. This is from the Algoma Snow Plan
  14. Check out the Halfway Haven thread. That's where any available info has been posted this fall.
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