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  1. 50 % or more farm crop fields in Ontario now have systematic drainage systems. Thats why the farmers can be working on them within 2-3 days of rain. The water is mover to a drainage ditch or creek in most cases.
  2. I might if your statement made any frigging sense.
  3. As per normal you are spouting facts that are not correct. Dave K is correct. It was Windsor Salt NOT Sifto that was on strike last year. Sifto was extremely busy last year because of the Windsor strike. They were so busy that they ran straight through in stead of closing for their annual 3 week maintenance shutdown last August.
  4. Actually sanding is coming back in style for some rural townships for gravel roads. Salt has gotten so expensive and eco unfriendly that sand is looking better. The largest salt mine in the world in Goderich laid off 87 of over 400 workers a few weeks ago due to low demand for salt in the US and Canada. I'm sure the mild winter had something to do with it. They have gone from normally loading 5 Algoma ships a week at this time other years to 1 or 2 ships a week this spring.
  5. The "new" Canadian generation of truck and car drivers
  6. I believe the pre -October 31 is a first this year but then there is a second discounted time until Dec. as well.
  7. Quebec Permit Fees for next winter. Ontario is way too cheap.
  8. It's great to see you are still hanging around here. I can't help with a proper value but would suggest putting it on Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji as well. Marketplace really seems to work well for reasonably priced products that I've sold.
  9. According to the ITG it is 249 km. You can use the trip plan feature on the top left of the map to find that type of info. out.
  10. He has tin foil so no need of the hot dogger. Just find a hot spot to set it on and don't wait TOO long to take it off.
  11. Not as much of an issue with "winter tires" but it certainly is with real "snow tires"
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