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  1. UPDATE FROM TIMMINS S C FACEBOOK PAGE ON A111C RE-ROUTE: Good News, we have successfully re-routed the closed section of the A111C and have been able to get land use permissions. Please use caution on this new section of trail and follow all posted signage. Big thank you to all the landowners who were able to quickly grant us permission for this re-route. The ITG is getting updated to reflect this change in the trail. Refer to the ITG for trail updates.
  2. Can't speak for last 24 hours but we rode from St. Clements through Atwood to Blyth then to Wingham and home via Listowel on Tuesday. It was rough due to past traffic and hard drifted snow everywhere other than Listowel trails which were stellar. No sign of groomers out working anywhere else. Some of the trails we rode are now back to yellow. More snow the further west we went.
  3. Awesome. The one we get food from has good food at reasonable prices.
  4. Rockies from your base at ELWR is 250 km. one way and you would likely return the way you came for a 500 km. day. Not all fast trail. You could go to Kirkland Lake via Elk Lake then south to New liskeard via A108 and back to your base. There are some choices for trails to use so length of day can be adjusted up to approx. 330 km. You could also ride up the A trail to Rollies (if open) in Ramore for lunch and return to base. 240km. These are all based on trail availability. Hope this helps.
  5. Hope you are trailering based on all the red down in your area now.
  6. Not sure where you were but the only dead end I know of on their trail system is a short trail that goes east to sideroad 18 near the Hamlet of Holden. I believe it gives the cottagers on the west and north side of the lake trail access. It shows on the ITG.
  7. The following was posted on Timmins SC Facebook site one hour ago: *TRAIL CLOSURE NOTICE* A111C from Timmins to Iroquois Falls is closed. (February 24, 2021 @ 7am). HydroOne has given us notice that they are removing unsafe structures from the trail and could last up to 3 weeks. We are trying to find a possible re-route. Refer to ITG for updates. That will affect anyone riding north to Cochrane on the A trail from Timmins and anyone looping to Timmins from Cochrane.
  8. We rode up to the Blyth/Wingham area yesterday. By the time we got back into St.Clements trails the drop in snow amount just from morning leaving to afternoon was evident. I left the sled on the driveway in the sun when I got home and the undercarriage was mostly melted off by the time I put it away. There was activity in a number of sugar bushes we went through along the way.
  9. I believe it does go under the 401 on township road 8 Nick. I haven't ridden it.
  10. 2 friends of my youngest son rode from near Elmira to Haliburton 472 km. on Saturday. On Sunday they rode to Pleva in the Renfrew area which was another 250 km. My son said they told him they used a GPS or they would have been in big trouble. They took wrong turn a couple of times. The real tall guy (Beaner) has a 2020 Doo mxzx850 black/red/silver with a Doo spare gas tank on the back and I think Aaron has a black Doo but I could be wrong about that one. Just spoke with my son and his friend Beaner confirmed about the guy they met saying you can't get there from here. LOL
  11. I don't believe that travel was ever banned or illegal during Covid times in Ontario (other than some reservations) unless people from more than one household were travelling in the same vehicle. Snowmobile trails are open and although trails between health units are closed per OFSC requirements, the only thing I think you could be charged with is tresspassing if you were travelling on a closed trail and thats a longshot in my opinion. Cleaning the roof of your cottage off should be considered essential I would think as your cottage could be in danger if it isn't done.
  12. Sled builders will always try to cut costs where they can as any well magaged company normally does although some cut quality to accomplish the goal. I think Ski Doo has dropped those 129's for 2 reasons. Firstly there seems to be more demand for 137's. Secondly, while I'm not familiar with the exact specs for the 129 Doo chassis vs. the 137, on my Yamaha the only difference is about 6 inches of aluminum tail on the tunnel, longer slide rails and a longer track. Not a lot of total additional cost involved but if they can get an extra $1200 to $1,500. at point of sale then they will m
  13. Take a look at the ITG. 5-77 crosses the 401 heading south at an overpass about 5 km. from the truckstop.
  14. Just west of hwy 401 on Drumbo road there is what was originally a truck stop. Trail # 5-77 runs out of the back of the lot there.
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