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  1. According to the ITG it is 249 km. You can use the trip plan feature on the top left of the map to find that type of info. out.
  2. He has tin foil so no need of the hot dogger. Just find a hot spot to set it on and don't wait TOO long to take it off.
  3. Not as much of an issue with "winter tires" but it certainly is with real "snow tires"
  4. No doubt that you are correct in what you posted but like Ski said and as you know, my Blizzaks don't like these high temps we've been getting.
  5. I understand that. If you look at the 14 day forecast for our area, there are 2 or 3 days with a max of 1cm. of snow and 2 days with less than a cm. There's also a day forcast with 1-3 cm. of snow. I have no reason to be driving that day anyway. No days with freezing high temp. I normally never go anywhere until after 10 AM so roads will likely be melted themselves by then and if they aren't I live a quarter mile from a regional yard so we get more than our share of salt. Oh, also the average daily high forcast for that 14 day period is 4.92 degrees. I rest my case LOL
  6. Was just thinking about doing that this morning but will wait till the rain is done.
  7. You are having success so keep doing what you are doing. Personally I drain the tank as low as possible add Stabil and run engine for 20 minutes then fog the 2 strokes. Been doing that for over 35 years on all sleds with no fuel or storage related issues so I'll keep doing it. It's a similar procedure for all my small engines.
  8. I see what you are saying now but unless MacPhersons Esso pay to advertise on the map it won't likely happen. I guess they figure they dont need to be on the map when the club maintains the trail for them and they can have a sign at the trail intersection. I wonder if the groomers fuel there?
  9. Put the stabalizer and the new fuel if thats your thing) in before you ride it. then you don't have to run it on the stand.
  10. That is the club's responsibility to get their District office to add the trail I believe but the trail has to be GPS'd with the system the District uses before it gets on the ITG. Need a tecky volunteer ready and able to spend their time and fuel to do the job.
  11. "Revrnd" drove to Cochrane yesterday but decided to continue driving to Hearst instead of riding based on comments from Mrs. Turbo Doo who rode the corridor this past weekend.
  12. I have always been under the impression that restaurants, hotels etc. paid for being on the map. It would be nice if it just took the local club's passing the necessary info to their District office to get businesses added.
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