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  1. You and your dad must have ridden very fast. I'm thinking Elk Lake to Chapleau is a 12 hour trip if you don't stop to eat and Hearst to Elk Lake is a 10+ hour trip with no stopping to eat.
  2. Have you ridden the loop you are suggesting?
  3. This was posted on the Bridgeport Snowmobile Clubs FB page: For Immediate Release Snowmobile Club Volunteers Work on Re-Routes as Snowmobile Trails Not Allowed on GRCA Property for the 2021 Season: For decades, six of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) member clubs have enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership with the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) - Arthur Snowblazers, Elmira Snowmobile Club, Fergus Elora Belwood Snowmobile Club, Hillsburgh Snow Roamers, Lake Conestoga Snowmobile Club, and the Orangeville Snowmobile Club. Through this partnership, club volunteers have built and maintained snowmobile trails on GRCA managed lands for the recreational enjoyment of riders, as well as for the economic benefit to their small local communities. Unfortunately, it now appears club volunteers will have to re-route their trails around the GRCA for the second season in a row due to the inability to obtain an appropriate land use agreement with the conservation authority. In July 2019, clubs became aware of clauses in GRCA’s land use agreement that could expose them to personal uninsured risk and began reaching out to the conservation authority to discuss changes to the annual agreement. After months of conversation, it was determined last November that an agreement could not be reached for the 2020 snowmobile season. Both sides decided that the partnership was important and agreed to continue to work towards a solution for the 2021 winter season. Many meetings took place over the summer between OFSC member clubs, district representatives and GRCA staff. Unfortunately, the meetings and discussions were unsuccessful at producing a new agreement. The OFSC, on behalf of their member clubs, carries Commercial General Liability insurance that will respond on behalf of its clubs, its volunteers, and its landowners in the event of any claim arising from activities that are usual to a snowmobile club. However, for a number of years the GRCA agreement has contained clauses that have been putting clubs and volunteers at personal uninsured risk. Specifically, their agreement required that the clubs also ensure the safety of the other user groups that GRCA invites to utilize the properties on a year-round basis, as well as indemnifying and holding harmless the GRCA for other liability that has nothing to do with the operation of a snowmobile trail. OFSC District 9 expressed that club volunteers were extremely disappointed with the most recent decision from the GRCA. OFSC District 9 expressed: “It’s heartbreaking that clubs and riders will not have access again for the 2021 snowmobile season. This is about more than just user fees and risk management programs. This is about the thousands of hours our dedicated volunteers have spent tending to GRCA managed properties over many years. It’s also about the many riders that will not be able to experience the winter beauty of these properties and the small local businesses that will suffer”. Its also worthy to note that well over $200,000 of snowmobile permit money and club fundraising dollars have been spent over the years to upgrade infrastructure (bridges, culverts, damns), complete brushing projects, and renovate/improve out buildings on these GRCA managed properties. The local clubs have been researching potential re-routes around the GRCA managed property all summer in the event that a suitable agreement could not be reached. These plans will now start to be implemented and the volunteers are confident that, although GRCA lands cannot be used, trail connectivity will continue to the best extent possible. The clubs and districts are committed to continue discussions with the GRCA in an attempt partner with them again in the future.
  4. I would think that Earlton would be a better spot to start loops from as there are more trails in that area than Elk Lake. Are you looking for a place to rent with no meals included?
  5. Still illegal just like your your last idea. Sled clubs are trying to do it legally. I'm done with this now. Bye Bye.
  6. Unorganized versus organized. What you are saying is correct but incomparable in size and nature.
  7. What you are talking about is illegal use of GRCA property if what you are saying is correct. What the snowmobile clubs were trying to do was the legal way. Not comparable at all. JMHO
  8. Interesting regarding boating as the last time I put the boat in Lake Belwood I had to pay to do it. Maybe that has changed.
  9. The Laake Conestoga club did a stellar job of rerouting ssome of their trails off GRCA land last year and I'm sure will do it and more again this year. Negativity will not help as much as volunteering would.
  10. People pay to boat on GRCA waterways one way or another so it cannot be compared to the snowmobile issue. The GRCA is not the only " landowner" who had issues with snowmobile clubs last season..
  11. If you have any doubt about the season not opening then you can wait to buy your permit until after it happens. Your choice, its a gamble like many other things in our lives.
  12. I don't believe they are worried about a lawsuit. I think they want to assure riders that if the trails have to be closed early due to an unknown like Covid that permit purchasers will get some value back for their shortened riding season.
  13. According to this Gov't of Canada site https://iaac-aeic.gc.ca/050/evaluations/proj/80151 the project would take 30 months and started in mid June 2018. That would put completion at the end of this year if on time however it ddidn't likely take Covid into consideration. It does state that it is still "in progress". Another site https://www.quebec511.info/Mobile/EtatReseau/Region.aspx?Id=7000&lang=en says there is still alternating one lane traffic and a reduced trackwidth of 3.03 metres. So I guess the answer to your question is no it isn't finished yet.
  14. Picture from Wyoming 10 hours ago:
  15. Get ready guys and gals! Its started: Winter Storm Warning in Southeastern Wyoming Active for next 12 hours · National Weather Service This alert has been updated. Posted 1 hour ago ...PERIODS OF MIXED WINTRY PRECIPITATION EXPECTED ACROSS MUCH OF THE AREA THROUGH EARLY WEDNESDAY... ...WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 6 AM MDT WEDNESDAY... * WHAT...Periods of mixed precipitation. Additional snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches and ice accumulations of a light glaze. Winds gusting as high as 35 mph. * WHERE...Interstate 80 Summit and Foothills between Laramie and Cheyenne, Interstate 25 between the Colorado State Line and Glendo. Cities or communities impacted include but are not limited to Cheyenne, Chugwater, Wheatland and Glendo. * WHEN...Until 6 AM MDT Wednesday.
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