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  1. All the guys in our riding group have ski wheels. They work perfectly loading and unloading the trailer as long as you have put a filler between the ramp and the trailer floor. We also use them when we have to ride on bare gas station lots and on longer bare bridge crossings. They sure save from marking up my concrete driveway at home as well. If you would like to see more info about them google ski wheelz or rollerski
  2. I was looking at the brochure on line. One thing that I noticed is that it says 6 tiedowns are standard. It doesn't mention what type of tiedowns they are and it says nohting about clamp type tiedowns or track in the floor for clamp type ski tiedowns. It does mention in the options section that Transport Canada Certified Tie Downs are available . No standard vent either. You might want to inquire about the above.
  3. Rest in Peace Dave. Although i never met you in person I felt like you were a good man from your posts on the forum and your willingness to help anyone on OC with a question or a problem. My condolences to SJ's family.
  4. Is the enclosed you had a few years ago for sale? I have a buddy looking for a used one.
  5. I understand now. Its actually 475 km. Wawa to Kap but 413 km. is your limit.
  6. Wawa to Dub would be the shortest part of the ride at 63 km from the motor inn via Wawa 5.
  7. my mistake. I meant to say Hearst to Wawa
  8. One day from Hearst to Wawa. The longest stretch without fuel right on the trail is Hearst to Hornpayne which is right on 100 miles. If you can't make 100 miles then you can go off the A trail about 7 km. up into Calstock for fuel.
  9. Yep. We did it as part of a 1500 mile loop in about 2001. Started late from the Companion (Polaris repair) Got to Dubreiville and decided to ride the reservoir to the Northern Lights Motel. Got stuck in slush but stayed away from the deadheads. Got to Northern lights about 7:30 PM.
  10. I'm feeling pretty guilty today! I received a $30.00 cheque in the mail from TD Insurance for a good customer "Covid Rebate". I cancelled the sled policy that it's based on 2 weeks ago. I'm starting to feel better now. Yep, I think I'll be OK!
  11. I'm guessing the trailer was a Triton not a Titan as stated in the story. Used Triton clamshell is worth at least $1500.00 around here and it states that the sleds were used for "island jobs" and appears to be a carpenter that owned it per the pictures. Probably $4,000.00-$5000.00 for the sleds based on the picture of the Cat. Probably more valuable to the owner as they were tools of his trade so to speak.
  12. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Sledjunk! You can beat this.
  13. I disagree with your viewpoint on this issue. In our area we have a lot of winter crops planted. We try but cannot keep people from riding on them when they shouldn't be. If the trail status is not live on BRP and Polaris screens it is going to provide another excuse to those who ride closed trails and we will more than likely end up loosing more landowner permissions.
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