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  1. The Cochrane side is green all the way up now.
  2. It is the OFSC on line trail map. https://ofsc.evtrails.com/#
  3. Build date and date shipped can be very different. Built "short" vehicles get put in a waiting area until the parts needed arrive and only then get slotted into get them installed at somepoint then logistics gets them into a load being built for a particular geographic area. When they have enough for a full load then it will get loaded on a trailer. Then the paperwork goes to dispatch. It all takes too much time.
  4. When you're hundreds of miles from home and crap happens it is not only holiday ruining for you but also for the people with you. Seems very simple to take some very simple precautions. Each to their own.
  5. We stayed at a motel in Lac Etchemin one night. The following morning 2 sleds outside a room down from ours were gone.
  6. We have never had an issue either however we have puller the breaker a few times over the years when we were in areas for the fist time that we had never been before and that had widely publicized theft issues.
  7. I think that most often on an aluminum trailer it isn't the fastner that fails. it's the aluminum around the fastner. If you want to do the job right, when you replace fastners you need to put some plastic between the aluminum and the steel. Cut up anything, a dish soap container will work. Just so the steel isn't directly against the aluminum. The bolt shanks are hard to do but at the least put some silicone sealant on the bolts and let it dry before assembly. Put honeygoo or similar all over the bolts/nuts and washers when you complete assembly and clean/ respray regularly. I have been told by a gentleman at a metal fab and fire truck repair shop that stainless hardware will rot unprotected aluminum faster than regular steel hardware.
  8. Where do you leave your trailer? Would it not be better locked to the truck and backed into the bank? Do that and take an ignition breaker out of the fuse panel under the hood. Easy Peasy!
  9. They will have packing and then grooming to do as well as sign inspections and sign off before the trails can be opened.
  10. Totally agree TD. That said, until enforcement is stepped up it will get worse.
  11. While I agree with most of what you said, I do not think that the District should be making decisions for club issues. The district might want to help to get the 2 clubs and the Base Camp together to hammer the issue out but the clubs have the boots on the ground and should be making the decisions that affect them in terms of their trail sections. The 2 clubs involved have done pretty well at making decisions over the years and should be allowed to do so now. JMHO
  12. Pretty certain that it's been a private residence or non restaurant business for a number of years.
  13. Condolences to the family and friends involved.
  14. The groomer that burned was from Club Echo which serves Earlton, Englehart and Charlton. The post I saw last night said Tri Town. It was apparently grooming a Tri Town trail south of the A trail at the time for some reason. A comment from the operator in the post last evening said he had a very cold walk as he didn't get his coat out of the groomer. I'm glad he and his daughter are safe.
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