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  1. Totally agree regarding the Tem Rose. I was just thinking that If Gadgetman has 3 trucks and trailers to leave for a few days that it might be an issue at the Tem Rose.
  2. Is the parking lot at the corner up by the Auberge Canadian still available for trucks and trailers? There was lots of room at it.
  3. If you haven't ridden it, trail 93 and other local trails north of LaSarre are worth the ride.
  4. Sorry to hear that Rev. We will miss your input. Hope we are able to enjoy your posts soon.
  5. I had read number of times that it was due to logging and a concern for safety where the trails used the many logging roads. Not sure if you were thinking of La Verendrye for a lunch stop but I believe it was closed last season and there was some discussion as to whether it would reopen.
  6. I was watching the operation and he didn't use the amount originally in the pail. I think much of the excess would run out the bottom at the overlap between the lower side panel and the front of the chaincase. I would be more worried about water getting in around the breaker panel and freezing. Our group took turns passing their group that day on the way to Mattagami and they didn't seem to be having any issues.
  7. Very little waste of time on many Yammie models 9-10 years ago at Lac Faillon (southeast of Senneterre). As soon as the 1st guy came in to the lodge to get a hair dryer, the owner told him to go back outside and he would be there in a minute. The owner got a small pail of hot water, went out and pulled the lower right rear panel (above right footwell) back a bit and poured the water in. Waited about 5 seconds and the sled started.
  8. So, I believe they can haul that in a 53' tandem van which should give them the best opportunity to get a back haul into Montreal and areas beyond.
  9. Do your shavings arrive bagged or bulk?
  10. I think that was the case for many decades but trucking is adapting to change quicker in the last decade than ever before. Fuel is the second highest cost for truck operators after driver costs. Companies are looking for cost savings wherever possible and because fuel is such a big part of variable costs it is a target for cost reduction. Fuel economy has been on a relatively steady increase over the last number of years. Speed Limiters are part of that increase but fuel saving devices have also played an important part.
  11. Up Nord they call it Careless Driving or Dangerous Driving depending on how fancy you put her over LOL
  12. Damn! I have to learn to resd all the posts!
  13. Not that late TD. Ayear ago this morning we had 61/2" of snow on the ground in Heidelberg.
  14. That's a good question. I've been involved in clubs in Ontario for over 30 years and I have never heard anyone quote a figure on out of province or out of country permit sales. Maybe another club member has and can chime in.
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