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  1. Wow! Second warning on monkey barrel for something posted on OC.
  2. Not sure if this might work: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-farming-equipment/stratford-on/36-bucket/m1810995?undefined
  3. The only unknowns are this years permit sales number and how much the expenses will have increased this year. I'm guessing the expenses will be more than 2.6% increase.
  4. We have parked at a couple of places in North Bay. Most recently would be the Airport Travelodge 3-4 times as well as Pinewood Park. Both those would have been pre-covid. Never tried parking at Homestead as there is good parking available in Tiveotdale or Mount Forest and no need to drive further.
  5. Interesting, we've done 4 Rap tours with Dwight as a base and various trips from a North Bay base and never had a problem with parking the rig or with security.
  6. Or the product price is too low
  7. Can you please explain to me your rational on the above. I have been thinking about it over a bud light and I'm stumped. Thank you in advance.
  8. Wondering why they would not " build" (not sure what that means as they are supposedly built when received ) the sleds they have received in advance of the missing parts arriving and then just install the missing parts when they receive them? I understand that means investing $$ well prior to receiving payment but it would most certainly make their customers happier as complete delivery would hopefully take place sooner and the dealer would have full payment sooner. JMHO
  9. A past president of our club always said that the big decisions were made before the AGM so there was little sense in spending the money to attend.
  10. Looks like you guys got some nasty weather in the last hour or 2. Hope everything was Ok.
  11. Thats good enonomy on your new truck however old school Cats(3406's at least) were more about power than economy and old school Cats didn't survive to 2010 emission levels. I think a fairer comparison might be your new 15 litre Detroit compared to a 2005 era Detroit for economy? ;
  12. From the comment above and the price increase being $5.00 it would seem that he was "conservatively" figuring 80,000 permit sales.
  13. As I understand it, the MTO has last say on permit pricing. They seem to be frugal only when it comes to sled permit pricing.
  14. Pretty sure you won't be in Kap often TD since there will likely be less traffic on L123. If the clubhouse is closed, we usually have a late breakfast at Smoothies and get a snack when gassing in the afternoon when we're heading west. Heading east we take on a fried bologna breakfast at the Companion so no one feels like eating lunch anyway LOL
  15. In the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Crown Land Atlas it shows the Jeep Lake area where 1/2 way is located as being "Enhanced Management area" so I'm thinking it would be a crown land lease.
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