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  1. Crazy times now, I ordered a new Ram on March 30th, it still hasn’t showed. In July it was flipped to a ‘22 and they provided me a new vin. 22’s started being built this week, and Canadian orders that were flipped to 22’s seem to be being produced first this week, hopefully my truck arrives early October. 6 plus months after I ordered it, lol was told 8-12 weeks when I did. Luckily I was able to purchase a very low mileage F150 for precovid pricing in June to hold me over until the Ram arrives. Plan to trade it in for a slight profit. Best of luck to all waiting on anything these days!!
  2. Awesome pics!! Glad conditions worked out for everyone, trails look amazing
  3. Looking back at the pics of the ride two weeks ago I can’t believe I didn’t ask you about the mount and bags you use. Are you happy with the UNT mount?? With the SR21 bag alone can you still use the med tunnel bag in front of it??
  4. Great pics @revrnd!! And a good season too! Is that the SR21 LinQ bag you have? How do you like it, thinking of running that bag on the Cat next year instead on the large Cat tunnel bag.
  5. @revrnd we must have just missed you, stopped to have a bite to eat at the Top A and L123 near Moonbean right around noon... I guess those were your tracks we saw
  6. We are planing to take the L123 to the TOP A towards Opaz from Moonbeam and continue on to Hearst tomorrow, I’ll keep an eye out for you guys.
  7. Awesome fresh snow, still coming down to the East of you. Made for a fun ride today.
  8. Thanks Fab! We hoped that you would have been able to join us, next season!! I agree with TD, with the snow they’re getting this week, next week will be good to go!
  9. Weather is looking great for the week....
  10. Does anyone know if the L138 in Kap that is showing red is passable?? I planned on staying at the Super 8 that is at the end of that trail. Also any suggestions for other places to stay that they prefer over the super 8?
  11. Saw this on Instagram, things are heating up.....
  12. Cable activated iTC, and I’ve read that there is a de-tuned 900t @ 130hp that may be in the MXZ, just not on the site yet?? It was in the Snowgoer article
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