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  1. The worst situation in the area is Dr Cheerios himself.
  2. Went from Port Sydney to Baysville and back plus a bit of d102b and 50 late Tues aft. They must have groomed Monday at some point as trails could not have been any better with very few sled tracks on them. Managed to get a quick 58 miles on to end the season unless i can talk my wife into going out this morning one last time.
  3. comfy to ride but look like a down syndrome barney the purple dinosaur.
  4. Still have an 07 barney that i won't part with just for the fact it is so comfy but no top end by any stretch of the imagination, but on the trails i usually have friends trying to keep up to the old slug. Also has just under 33000 miles on it.
  5. Sold the wife's sabercat on Monday and got exactly what i paid for it 7 years ago, i wish i had a doz more to sell.
  6. zx7rr

    trail 33

    Does anyone know why muskoka sno bombers trail #33 is closed to 3 mile lake?
  7. Just drove that stretch in the truck and does not look good sled wise, will be taking the lake crossing later this aft for sure. The lake still has not been staked but is well beat down with sled tracks, as for the thickness of the ice ???????????????
  8. Still looking for my first person yet alone second.or third time
  9. No s@#t, i added a comment but doubt they will put it up.
  10. You should have tried from mary lk to baysville this aft bumpy would have been considered smooth.
  11. Went from my place in port sydney '' where you dropped the honda civic off'' and went to Baysville and back and only seen 7 sleds and that was around 1.30 in the aft. Now even with the whu hu flu i expected to see more sledders out then that.
  12. It is not full on nazi Canada as of yet, so load up the sled and go north for a ride just avoid the Parry Sound/ North Bay PHU.
  13. How would they know the snowmobilers are from out of town?
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