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  1. Hello all, I need to do some work (spring is broken bellow the deck and has to be changed along with bolts , one of 2 shocks is gone ...) on my tilted Triton snowmobile trailer. Do you guys aware of any reputable trailer repair shop near Newmarket, Ontario? thanks
  2. thanks for the replay with few valid points. I will take them into the account.
  3. I am looking for the sled for my better half. So, she will ride trails only; moreover, i will be riding that sled time to time to entertain myself, (I do have doo 1200 4tec). basic requirements: easy to ride corner handling light good suspension wind protection quiet reliable 3 sleds are on the list at this point. POlaris indi 850 with 137 track. Polaris indi adventure 850 with 137 track. SKidoo renegate 900 with 137 track. I haven't ridden any of above; however, Polaris looks better but doo has 4 strock engine, that i like LOL. So, what is your opinion, based on requirements (above). or You are welcome to point me to the another sled as an alternative option. I am at the research phase at this moment .
  4. Hi sledders, I am planning to complete RAP in few month and looking for the place to park my truck and trailer for few nights. So, being said that, i will start from Barry's Bay and found that parkin (picture is attached) on the OFSC website. Has anyone used that parking for few nights? Is it safe to leave the truck and trailer? Is there any other parking i can use? I will stay at Pinewood inn night before i start; however, they don't allow to leave track/trailer at their property. thanks in advance.
  5. Hello sledders!!! Do you guys wear any protective gear during the trail riding? I am thinking of the tekvest ; however, haven't tried it as of yet. What is ur experience and or recommendation?
  6. volsla


    thanks for the input. I always park with respect to others ))) Yes, i am planning to start Sunday or Monday. Is there any difference to ride clockwise or counterCW?
  7. volsla


    thanks guys. my biggest concern is where to park the truck and trailer, for few days. Thieves have been very active for the last few years.
  8. volsla


    thanks for that info; however, the search didn't return any good info. don't refer me to google, man
  9. volsla


    Hey sledders!!! i hope that u are all well. The winter is coming and i have started dreaming of the RAP (never done it before). Could you guys tell me what is the best direction (clockwise or counterCW)? How many days should i plan for it (not to fast not to slow)? Where i can leave my track and trailer (to be sure the place is safe)? any advice would be appreciated. thanks and see u on the trails.
  10. volsla


    hello all, I am planning to have trip near Owen Sound next weekend; however, have no idea where to park. Have anyone parked around that area? There is a parking listed on the map but don't how accurate is it.
  11. hello sledders, What type of helmet you prefer and why? I do have modular; however, looking to get open face with goggles. i would like to read some opinions from the PROs before getting crazy and spend good chunk of money ))).
  12. not much difference but some, there are roads in my health unit for biking but not snowmobile trails at all.
  13. well ,looks like the sled season is gone ((( I hope that 2021 motorcycle season will survive .
  14. friend of mine is going to do some sledding in Haliburton this coming Saturday. I hope that he will not be stopped by policy and ticketed for that.
  15. it is so confusing. snowmobiling is permitted , no question asked; however, traveling from your area to another is not
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