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  1. Did the Vectors have power steering? l also recommend putting on Snow Trakers for easy steering and no darting. Put Snow Trakers on my 900T. My wife rides my 850 with with adjustable skis. We switched machines one day and she didn’t want to give me my 900 back because it steers so much better.
  2. Muffs like Signfan showed and thinner gloves works the best. Better heat transfer from the bar warmers with thinner gloves. Choko and Klim make a muff with the window similar to the ski doo muffs. l bought a pair of the Choko ones couple years ago. Think l bought them at the Arctic Cat dealer in Springfield.
  3. On the map see small section trail closed at Cloyne. Signfan are you saying trail runs along the road so if you started out at Kaladar would be able to pass through Cloyne with not problem and continue north?
  4. l just got this one and it works really well, just need to be on cement or asphalt. Made by Quali Pieces in Quebec. Bought online from Peakboys.ca. Wasn't cheap for all it is. $230.00 Nice thing when not using it takes up very little space. l bought one of the big black lifts that wrap around the back of the sled couple years ago from princess auto. Don't like it, geometry is wrong on the wheel location. All the weight is on the front, not balanced very well when in raised position. Plus when not using takes up a lot space. Sure if modified it and moved the
  5. Anyone ride this area recently? How are the trail conditions? ls the parking at Cloyne on the east or west side of the road?
  6. Went to the FMQC website and there is no notice there that the free weekend has been cancelled. Wondering if the local club is trying to discourage the influx of Ontario riders for the weekend?
  7. We went to the Forest today (Thursday). Conditions were way better than last Saturday. Groomers are getting on top of things again now the traffic has reduced this week and the colder temperatures are really helping . Groomers have been over some of the side trails now once. First pass didn't make them perfect but not the sno-cross bumps they were last weekend. Looking at the trucks in parking lot today l estimate they were at 50% capacity today.
  8. Can usually access and fuel 2 machines from the man door. Like Turbo Doo's trailer there is only need for one fuel door.
  9. We booked 5 days at Mekoos for late February a couple months back because saddle bagging looked like it might be a challenge. Emailed Rabaska twice and never received a reply. Now l'm concerned if we will get to ride Quebec at all this winter. Bought my permit a few days ago. It may end up being a donation.
  10. Had 4 place trailer since 2006, usually hauling four sleds. 2006 trailer was 7.5 wide, 19 +5 v nose. Last year bought a new 7 wide 20+ 5 v-nose. Over the years it's very seldom ever use the front door. When hauling 4 sleds we stagger, load from back, drive first machine in, back in next and repeat for last two. Can load quicker and easier from wide back door. Coming in or out front door usually have to hop off machine and pull front of machine over once part way out door. Especially with longer track machines. lf l was having a brand new trailer build l don't
  11. I stopped in yesterday as l live nearby. Had lots of helmets, few racks of Polaris coats and bibs. Skid of oil and few other things. I’ m not a Polaris guy so l didn’t look at the price of anything. Mostly stopped in to see if a friends new 850 was there . Only a few new sleds there, couple new side x sides. Can tell sales have been good very little new inventory of any type of machines. There is a new 850 VR? Maybe a 137 or 144 on display.
  12. Flexible on the meals. Meal package would be fine or we can do meals on our own. Priority is a comfortable place for group guys to sit around in evenings, wood fireplace would be nice. Something better than 7-8 sitting in one motel room every night socializing. Other option is go to Mekoos (Mont Laurier, QC) for 4-5 days. Ridden here several times.
  13. Never rode this area before. ls there enough loop options to ride 4-5 days out of one location. What are the trail conditions normally like for this area and grooming frequency. Any suggestions for lodging? Prefer cabins or chalets for 7-8 guys. TIA
  14. Like Piston Lake Cruiser said big difference in the various regions of Quebec. April 15 l’m not sure you could even count on Mont Valin still having trails open. Need to know what type of riding people prefer when looking for Quebec suggestions. Some like the flat and fast , not much to see of western Quebec. Others prefer more scenic regions of the province. Lots of regions to explore, once a person experiences the trails and snowmobiler friendliness you will want to continue going back
  15. Mont Valin, Saguenay likely has the best chance of snow and riding mid April. The mountains would be a much more scenic spot to spend your honeymoon. Beautiful log cabins at the ski hill. Check out: https://www.passionquebec.qc.ca/en/c-our-cottages-in-mons-valin/log-cabin-12676
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