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  1. Here’s some pics of the trailer . Don’t find it slippery at all. And after a full season of sleds in and out lattice has held up very well. l do like the Calibre 90 degree bumpers for the ramp to avoid hooking the ramp cable when backing sleds off trailer.
  2. Will take some if l get to the shop today or tomorrow.
  3. Mine is the small holes. Sweeps out easily. Read on a forum guy uses his leaf blower. lf anyone does install the lattice leave a full inch of space between walls and lattice and between each sheet of lattice. I didn’t leave much of a gap and in the summer heat the plastic really expanded and bowed.
  4. 5 panels of 4'X8' plastic lattice fence panels. $250.00 of material and one hour labour to install.
  5. Quebec free weekend is January 14-15. Subject to change if lack of snow. Email response l received from FCMQ
  6. I use the Quali’s mounted on their special bottom shock bolt. 900T cooling is very seldom an issue so seldom need the scratchers. This keeps them up out of the way. lf l do need the scratches have to use two 14 mm wrenches to loosen jam nut and turn the scratchers down to contact the trail.
  7. Nunz you riding the week of Feb. 26 or March 5th. We are travelling to Edmunston on the 25th. First say riding the 26th
  8. Yes buy both ON and Quebec passes. Not sure about the NB pass yet. $140 for 3 day pass or $205 for season NB pass. Might buy the season pass for more flexibility. Have ridden very little in ON the pass 5 years. Fortunate the ON pass is cheap. The same group of guys been going to Quebec for 14 years now so we usually go the same week. Getting a lot easier to plan as fellows retire or others self employed so easier to get commitments early. l haven’t seen anything about the 355 this year. I think it was logging last year keeping it closed sometimes? For passes it’s my second machine that my wife or one of my sons may ride that it gets tricky to know whether to buy season pass or not as never know for sure in the fall who might go to Quebec. Last year didn’t buy the season pass mainly because of the uncertainty due to Covid. Ended up machine went to Quebec 3 times. Mont Laurier and Gaspe with my wife two different trips. Once with my son to NB/Gaspe. Spend $600 buying 3 day and one week passes.
  9. 1. 6 Day New Brunswick/ Gaspe trip. Will spend 3 days in each province. We did this trip last year. Same loop this year with different group of guys. 2. A five day loop, Saint Raymond, Lac St Jean, Mont Valin loop. 3. Another week during March Break couples trip. Haven’t decided yet where we wil spend this week. Will be Quebec or possibly NB
  10. Was no obvious reason what was wrong with the moose. He just laid there as we rode around it. There was some blood on the trail. Another group of sleds came from the other direction so we didn’t have much time to access the situation as they were waiting for us to clear. They been having problems with moose the past couple weeks.Snow getting so deep moose won’t move off trails when sleds come along.
  11. Warming hut on Chic Choc trail between Murdochville and LaCache Warming hit trail 587S 5 day loop we did averaging approx 220km per day. This distance worked out perfect for our wives that both ride their own machines. When doing Gaspe with the guys we usually aim for 300-350 km per day. Because of the great topography and winding trails a lot of it is not fast riding. Don’t make the miles per day you can do in lots of the other areas of Quebec.
  12. Home from our Gaspe trip with my wife and another couple. Had a great trip riding 1,220 km in the Gaspe. We start from the Mont Joli Motel which is about an hour drive past Rivière du Loup. We leave our truck keys with the hotel, if you have a machine breakdown they offer a rescue service. Will bring your truck and trailer and pick you up. In previous years on 2 different trips had machine in our group breakdown and had to be picked up. Once in Murdochville and once in LaCache. We departed home Saturday morning. Gaspe was getting a major storm Saturday and high winds on Sunday so knew it would be a mess for a few days. So we stopped in Princeville which is hour and half east of Montreal. Sunday did a 240 km loop around the Thetford Mine area. This is in the Chaudiere Appalaches region. Also a beautiful area with a mix rolling farm fields and sugar bushes. Monday drove to Mont Joli and did a short loop after arriving. Tuesday started our saddlebag loop heading south going counter clockwise. Went this way so there was more time for the groomers to get the north shore back in shape after the storm on Saturday. People that were on the north shore said drifts were 4-6 feet deep on much of the trail. lf you haven’t done the Gaspe put it on your bucket list. The scenery is incredible. This was my second time there this winter, in early February we did a 6 day Gaspe/ New Brunswick guys trip. Will be back again next winter. When we departed Sunday morning they were getting another 6 “ snowfall. Looking at the weather they will have another two weeks of ideal conditions. Sunset at Motel Nanook, Cap Chat Lookout Mont Saint Pierre Mont Saint Pierre Murdochville, our Airbnb is under the drift Church on top of Mont Saint Joesph, Carleton Ser Mur Moose calf on trail 587S. We thought it was dead when first come up on it, did start to move its head. Wasn’t obvious what happen but it wasn’t long for this world. Mont Joesph lookout, just north of the Carleton clubhouse on the south shore Lodging in the village of Matapedia on the 587S trail Over looking St Lawrence on north shore Picture is sideways for some reason. The house in Murdochville with front door open, not BBQing tonight Trying to find the house number on our Airbnb in Murdochville Mont Joesph Lookout
  13. If the main motivator is a sled retreat then think have to stay north of Mont Laurier if you want a lengthy season. Anything south of there is more like southern Ontario with unpredictable snow each year. The Mont Laurier- Saint Ann du Lac- Chute Saint Phillipe area would be ideal. Challenge is finding something close to the main roads. If l was looking for property l would consider New Brunswick. North east of Edmunston towards Moose Valley and Saint Quentin. Beautiful trails and scenery in this area and property is still relatively cheap compared to Ontario and central Quebec. Can ride directly to the Gaspe from here also. 10 hour drive to Edmunston from Bowmanville.
  14. https://westcarletononline.com/worlds-longest-snowmobile-bridge-open-for-business/ An article here but you have to register to read it. As Big Pete stated looks like it’s ready to open.
  15. Quebec rules allow people from two house holds to share room. We were two couples sharing a cottage these past few days with no problems. lf you had multiple guys sharing a cabin l’m not sure that will fly everywhere. I would want confirmation from each place May stay. Think some businesses are interpreting the rules differently. Both Rabaska and Mekoos allowed you to go inside and warmup while you waited for food order. Once received your food you were asked nicely to move outside.
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